What Carpet for Living Room?

Carpets have the first priority in giving personality and spirit to our living spaces. The main factors that will give you insight when choosing a carpet should be the colors of the furniture, curtains, wall paint and accessories used in the room.

It is necessary to start with the determination of the room and the floor where the carpet will be used. First of all, you should determine how large a carpet you need in which room. Carpet selection can really be challenging.

Nowadays, many factors such as different designs, sizes and weaving techniques of carpets and their effects on human health increase the product range of carpets but make it difficult for us to choose the right one.

Things you need to pay attention to when choosing a carpet for your living room are basically: the size, color, shape and the material type of the carpet.

In general, I can say that the material should be durable because of the high foot traffic, color should be darker because of the high possibility of spilling but also it should match your furniture and curtains, and size and shape should be determined considering your room’s size, furniture style, and other decorations and accessories.

Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Living Room

In recent days the number of carpetless living rooms is increasing, but when selected correctly, a carpet can still be a very elegant and functional decorative element. A carpet to be laid in the living room is still an indispensable element for many families in terms of design and aesthetics, as well as the extra warmth and comfort it provides, especially in winter.

But what should you look for when choosing a carpet? How should a living room carpet be like? Of course, there are many factors, but the most important ones you should consider are:

  1. Does the carpet match the current decoration of the living room?
  2. What format do you like? Rectangle, square, oval, round?
  3. Will you put the carpet under furniture, or will it lie independently?
  4. Size and color of the carpet: Will the carpet you choose be complementary or will it take the leading role?

Of course, as in all areas of decoration, personal tastes are the most important factor in carpet selection as well. But still, if you pay attention to a few basic rules, it will help you to choose the right carpet for your living room.

For example, if your living room is small, stay away from the dark colors, and avoid using white and creamy tones if you have a child or pet at home. But other than that, after answering the above questions, you can find the carpet that suits your living room. Here are some examples of living room carpets I’ve compiled to inspire you.

Serious colors

If you have a serious color palette in your living room, it is very important that you choose a carpet within the same color range in order to match the atmosphere of the room. For example, in a room with brown furniture and floors, choosing a carpet in earthlike tones prevents the carpet from being the dominant element and contributes to the harmony of the room.

The horizontal stripes that you may prefer on your carpet, the color of your sofa and the patterns on it and even the pillows with different colors and patterns are the other elements that can support this harmony.

Sometimes selected carpet may cause an overly busy and crowded image in your room, so remembering this example and choosing a little more pale colors may not be a bad idea.

A Carpet Reflecting Your Personality

If you want your living room to be seen as a reflection of your inner world, the choice of carpet is very important in creating this effect. The carpets people choose are the elements that give us hints about the personality of the host and give us an idea about them before we actually meet them.

It is also necessary to make sure that the colors of the carpet match the general color palette of the room and of course the furniture.

Shaggy Carpets

One of the latest fashions is ‘shaggy’ carpets with thick, soft and fluffy yarns. Shaggy carpets look so simple and enjoyable to fit into any living room. Both the advantage and disadvantage of such a carpet is that it is highly energetic.

Therefore, for a serious living room, it has the potential to disrupt the atmosphere, but it can raise a more vivid living room to the next level. Also, comparing with a normal rug, it is much more convenient to lie down and read books or watch television.

Fur Carpets

It’s a bit risky, but for those who like this look, animal fur can be an interesting choice. Fur-carpets are particularly well suited to aged wooden furniture and add warmth to the room.

But don’t forget to use artificial fur instead of real fur!

Rustic Carpets

Although modern carpet fashion is often preferred, you can choose rustic carpets if you desire a more classic, elegant and luxurious look. Turkish and Persian carpets, which Europeans have used for centuries with admiration, are still a decorative element that can change the look of a living room and add value to it.

Of course, detailed patterns and figures don’t match every living room, but with the right color and pattern selection, they can convert your room into a palace.

12 Different Carpet Models for Your Living Room

The living rooms where we welcome our guests should always look stylish and beautiful. Carpets along with a sofa set or coffee table also play a major role in decoration. When choosing a carpet you should first pay attention to the location of the furniture and the space available.

The second point is the style of decoration. If you buy a classic carpet for a living room decorated in a modern style, it will look disharmonious. In short, while choosing a living room carpet, many criteria such as the size of the room, decoration style and the furniture in the room are taken into consideration.

Here are 12 different carpet models that you can use in your living room.

  • Classic Carpets

If you have two sofas standing in your living room, you can use a classic carpet model in the middle of them. Classic carpets, complementing the wooden floors and furniture, are suitable choices for the peaceful atmosphere of any living room. I recommend you to prefer soft colors in classic carpets.

  • Patched Carpets

Another model is a colorful carpet model named as patchwork. This model, which can be called patched carpet as well, has become quite popular in recent years. It can also match the furniture with vivid colors.

  • Contrasting Carpets

If you have dark colors in every corner of your living room, from furniture to walls and even to the floor, you can create a contrast with the darkness of the living room by choosing a light colored carpet.

  • Ethnic Patterns

Living rooms with a contemporary and creative style look very impressive. For living rooms where original pieces such as mysterious wallboards and labyrinth-like coffee table designs are used, you can build a bridge between the past and the present by choosing a carpet with ethnic patterns.

  • Round Carpets

The carpet you choose for the living room does not necessarily have to be rectangular. Round carpets can also look very aesthetically in accordance with the orientation of your furniture.

  • Large Carpets

The dimensions of the living room directly affect the carpet model. Choosing large carpets for large and big living rooms would be a better choice. On the contrary, if your living room is small, minimal carpets will look better.

  • Modern Carpets

Large patterned or colorful carpets which are suitable for modern living rooms make your living room more cheerful and attractive.

  • Black and White Stripes

Black and white colors have always been popular. You can also create contrast using these two colors. Carpets with black and white stripes are often preferred in minimalist living room designs.

  • Asymmetric Carpets

Asymmetrical carpets with three sides are smooth and one side is indented are good examples of modern carpet models. Asymmetrical carpets are suitable choices since the living rooms are usually furnished with a modern style.

  • Carpets with Pixel Patterns

In contemporary carpet models, there are so many pattern choices that even the motifs that will not come to your mind can be designed. Pixel patterned carpets are among these models.

  • Dark Colored Carpets

We have seen the example of a white carpet on a dark background for contrast. You can also use a dark-toned carpet to highlight the color of your light-colored furniture and walls.

  • Velvet Carpets

Our last carpet example is a feathered and velvet carpet. It is a model that can fit well with both light and warm colors such as cream.

Carpet-Furniture Harmony in the Living Room

For home decoration, you want to find a concept that reflects your inner world. So if you want to create a classic atmosphere in your home, you should choose classical carpets, curtains, and furniture, or if you want a modern line, the items and accessories should be selected accordingly. Then you can start decorating.

Color harmony is very important in decoration. The preferred colors on the floor, walls, and furniture should be in a certain harmony. According to the colors of these three items, the rest of the houseware and accessories should be selected. If the decoration progresses in this order, the desired result can be obtained.

Without choosing furniture, you should determine which colors will be used. After that, walls, carpets, curtains, and furniture should be selected. Briefly, furniture, curtains, carpets, and accessories should be selected according to the color used on the floor and walls.

Size of Your Furniture

The main element of the room decoration is furniture. The biggest furniture of each room is the most dominant product in terms of color and style. Carpet furniture harmony, from the living room to the kitchen, sometimes to the bedroom and even to the bathroom, is a harmony that must be well considered.

This harmony which seems to be most important in halls or living rooms can also be quite important in other rooms. Our carpets and furniture should match each other in terms of color as well as style.

For example, using a round fluffy carpet next to a piece of classic Chester-style velvet furniture leads to an excessively mismatched appearance. If your rug has a sporty style, your furniture should also have a sporty style. Similarly, if one is classic, the other should be the same.

In recent years, the floor tiles which are carefully assembled are started not to be covered with carpets. Not using a carpet provides a simpler atmosphere. However, there is a considerable amount of people who still use carpets.

If you want to catch the carpet furniture harmony in your living room first you need to pay attention to the color of the floor. For example, if you use a carpet similar in color to the floor, you can create a simple image. But if you choose rugs with colorful patterns, you can create a more lively room.

The carpet you choose here must match the furniture, too. Instead of having the same color, you can also use a set of different motifs and colors. If your furniture is burgundy, you can choose a creamy carpet. As a matter of fact, it would be nice to have burgundy embroidery on the carpet as well. It is possible to create regular and characterful rooms with such small tricks.

Carpet and Furniture Colors

So which colors match which ones? Take for example the green color. One of the most popular color tones of recent times is dark green, which we generally call mold green. You can complete this color with cream and beige tones. Light colors are very easy to get dirty in carpets, so they are not preferred much. For this reason, the right thing here to use green for the carpet and creamy or beige for the furniture.

Let’s take a look at the gray shades. Black is a suggestion that will make your living room super cool. You can choose carpets with black, smoked, dark smoked and dark blue shades and use them with grey furniture which is one of the most trendy colors of modern times.

Harmony between kitchen furniture and carpet is different. Even if we do not use as many carpets in the kitchens, we may still use them occasionally. Those who want to emphasize their style in their kitchen can prefer carpets in shades of gray. As for furniture colors, it is preferable to be patterned or brown.

If you have dark colored furniture, you should buy a lighter colored carpet. This situation will prevent the intensity and will make the furniture more prominent. In fact, the most important triple in the living rooms is known as the furniture, television and the dining table. If you choose any of them as a center and pick other colors according to it, you will not have problems with placement and color matching. You can also make a choice of curtains or accessories considering this triple.

If you have a light color furniture set, it is better to have more colorful carpets. Lately, the wicker details attract a lot of attention. You can choose a carpet having wicker tones. If your furniture is white, you can add different colors to the pillows. You can create a pleasant atmosphere with wicker, white furniture, and colorful pillows.

Harmony with Ornaments and Accessories in the Living Room

The dark-colored living rooms are decorated with certain accessories. On the walls, larger paintings are generally preferred. It is known that the chandelier choices are often chosen among shaky models. You can also decorate your dark colored living room with large vases and candle holders.

In colored living rooms, many ornaments can be used. Trinkets or frames can be put on the coffee tables. With these details, design halls are created.

Pillows are among the indispensable accessories used in the living rooms. From red to orange, many colors of pillows can be used. You can choose contrasting colored cushions on white furniture. It is useful to have simple carpets without any patterns in this type of living rooms. In this way, the pillows are more prominent and the room seems more colored.

You can always create nice designs with color matching for curtains, carpets, and furniture. But it would be useful not to use very different colors here. Because this would make your eyes tired and make the room look smaller because of the detail level. I recommend that you select a small number of items and accessories to avoid this kind of situations.

Concordance Between Carpet and the Curtains in the Living Room

Curtains and carpets, together with furniture, are indispensable parts of home decoration. When buying curtains before furnishing your house, attention should be paid to the color of the walls and the colors and textures on the ceilings and floors.

In fact, the most important point in home decoration is the harmony between curtains and carpets. It may seem easy to decorate a house, but it often become challenging. Kitchen cabinets and curtains in kitchens complement each other, while in other rooms the harmony between carpets and curtains adds a very different atmosphere to the environment. Any accessories or furniture used in the rooms should match the color tones of other houseware in the room. No matter how perfect the prepared decoration is, if an ordinary accessory has a contrasting color, it may cause the entire harmony to be disturbed.

Imagine a place where there is no carpet or curtain. You feel the cold weather, right? Today, curtain types and carpet models have many variations in pattern, shape, size, and color. If you are designing a modern style home, you may prefer roller blinds or zebra curtains. If you’re thinking of a country-style house design, a rustic curtain or floral curtains will create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Carpet

One of the most important points is not to whelm the living areas by laying carpets in every free space. Classic and geometric patterns in dark tones reduce the effects of spilling and stains. Wool or Kasmir carpets are aesthetically more advantageous.

What Carpet Size Should I Choose?

Carpet dimensions vary according to the place where it will be used. A modern line can be captured by choosing geometric patterns. In bedrooms, you need to use a carpet according to the size of the room. In the living room, carpets suitable for the area left after the furniture is placed should be preferred. You can keep two places apart from each other by laying a carpet between the dining set and the sitting group. In children’s rooms, hard floors can cause dangerous situations and injuries, so the wall-to-wall carpet can be preferred for the safety of children.

Curtain Colors

If the color and patterns of the furniture are darker, lighter color curtains should be chosen to highlight the furniture and curtains. If you want to create a calm and regressive atmosphere in pastel tones, furniture, walls and floors in pastel colors should be preferred along with darker colored curtains to create a balance by creating a contrast.

Different Styles

For a beautiful and distinctive home decoration, you can capture a classic style using modern styled curtains and carpets with geometric patterns, simple lines or even detailed patterns. You can create a certain balance by using common colors for furniture, carpet, and curtains by catching the right harmony. If you want to have a minimalist style, the colors of the furniture should be simple and the patterns should be preferred in plain lines. Carpet and curtains should be preferred in the same way.

The color of the sofa set, the tones of walls and floor surfaces and the colors of carpets and curtains are very important in interior design. The choice of colors, patterns, and textures in the living room will also directly affect your choice of carpet. However, care should be taken when using different colors and patterns together. Combination of different patterns and colors with no similar characteristics creates a risk.

If simplicity is preferred in the design of your sofa set, the harmony of the patterned curtains and carpets must be chosen in such a way as to find the balance. When neutral colors are used, carpets and curtains with more vivid colors should be preferred in the interiors to ensure the balance.

Living Room Color Match

Old, ornamented and classical living room designs are started to be replaced by the innovative, modern and aesthetic designs. With the renewed decoration habits, we are all trying to apply these radical changes in our living rooms. However, since making changes in these rooms are difficult and expensive, we sometimes need to find different solutions.

In other words, it is quite expensive at the moment to get rid of your living room sofa set and replace it. But if your sofa or dining sets are still usable, they can be replaced by less than half of the money.

First of all, you should ask yourself, how should the living room color harmony be? So I’m going to renew my living room, but what should I do to keep the peace and calm air I like in it? After finding the answers to these questions, send your old furniture and get new ones. Furniture that comes with new, crisp, glittering surfaces that catch up with the trends of the day will completely change the atmosphere of your home. Let’s decide on the colors before you change the seats.

Color Harmony of Seating Groups and Their Effect to the Living Room

The most important factor that will affect the general ambiance of the living room is the seating group. The color, pattern, and model of the seats directly affect the appearance of the room especially if you would like to use large furniture. That’s why we start from seating group when deciding colors.

Nowadays, natural, lively and bright colors such as green are very fashionable. Designers who want to add color to our lives have produced lots of seating groups having bright yellow, bright green and similar shades. The color most adapted to green is brown and yellow. Again, if you can choose from the colors in natural tones, you will maintain the dynamics of the room in the most beautiful way.

When deciding which color to choose for the living room decoration, remember that only one color should be remarkable. In the room where there is a couch with vivid color tones, a purple or red carpet makes the atmosphere look strange.

How to Choose Carpet Color

Some interior designers advise starting by choosing the carpet first and then choose all other items in the room to complete the carpet. This advice shows how an important role the carpet plays in decoration. So, how you going to choose the color of your carpet?

Single Color or Patterned?

There are multiple options waiting for you when it comes to carpets. In order to avoid getting lost, you have to decide whether to choose a single color or a patterned carpet. If multiple patterns are used together in your room on the furniture upholstery, curtains, and cushions, it is better to choose single color carpets to reduce complexity. You can prefer self-patterned monochrome carpets having very close shades and neutral colors.

If your furniture has a single color, and no patterns are used in accessories such as cushions and curtains, you can choose a patterned carpet. When choosing your patterned carpet, you should pay attention to the fact that it should have the same color as the most dominant or secondary color on your furniture upholstery.

Choosing Between Hot, Warm and Cold Colors

To create the desired effect in the rooms, colors undoubtedly are one of the most important factors. The use of warm colors in northern and eastern cultures is common. In the south and the west, the choice of cold colors stands out. Colors like yellow, orange or bluish red should be chosen to make the room look warmer. In contrast, to make it colder you can prefer blue or yellowish green.

When a room is can be seen from another room, you have two options. These rooms will either be connected using common colors, or they will be decorated with different colors. If the carpets on the floor of these two rooms are chosen differently, it will help to separate them.

If you have a pet and it is constantly losing hair, the carpet of the room should be the same color as the pet’s hair, thus you don’t have to constantly sweep the carpet.

Furniture in the room is also important in choosing the color of the carpet. Wooden tones never fit with some colors. For this reason, when you go to buy carpets, compare the colors of the carpets with the color of your furniture.

Preference of Light, Medium and Dark Tones

Light colors give a refreshing effect. The effect of dark colors is soothing and hot. Medium tone shadows do not create any difference in our perception.

Reflection property of light colors will make the rooms look lighter, while the absorbing feature of the dark colors will give the room a darker look. On the other hand, the most important feature of midtones is easy cleaning. The white colors show the dirt immediately, while the hairs on the dark carpets appear more clearly.

A large carpet always looks darker. The carpet covering the entire floor intensifies the color. For this reason, there is always a difference between the small sample of the same carpet and the large one in terms of darkness.

Dull, Softened or Bright Colors?

Bright color carpets give the room some sort of mobility and are not suitable if you want to provide a calm environment. Colors softened by the addition of grey may be preferable in the rooms you spend more time. If the room is used very often and the carpet is being abraded, the choice of neutral, dull or soft colors is required, since these colors camouflage the dirt.

The Energies of Colors

When you want to add some spice to a room, changing your carpet is an easier option rather than changing the color of the walls. You can choose a vivid color that you like as well as matches your furniture as a highlight color, and buy a carpet with this same color, along with some accessories. Warm colors like red, orange, yellow are high energy colors.

The wine color, orange or hunter green carpets are generally classic and traditional. Bright blue, yellow, red and light green carpets may be suitable for the Scandinavian style. Black, gray or white carpets are generally preferred in contemporarily decorated rooms.

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