Carpet Seam Iron (Information Guide and Products)

Do you know that it is possible to iron your carpet? Not the same way you would iron the clothes, of course, but ironing the carpet does have its place and no, not to get the wrinkles out. There is a tool for that obviously, and it is used for also different purposes. The tool is a carpet seam iron. Now, we will try to explain what it is, what it is used for, how to use and Amazon products.

What Is a Carpet Seam Iron?

Creating a good carpet seam is up to the technique that you use while seaming. So, a carpet seam iron is one of those tools that you will have to use when seaming carpet together. This tool provides seam the carpet quickly and safely. Most of the time, it lets you join your carpets easily and efficiently due to its low profile design. It has an easy temperature adjustment wheel in order to control precisely.

In other respect, everyone does not have to have a carpet seam iron in order to install carpet in your home. If you are doing that and you do not have a carpet seam iron at home, you can use a regular clothing iron in a pinch for the same usage. Regular clothing iron is shaped a little differently than carpet seam iron obviously and it is not as heavy as it. However, still, it will melt the seam glue at its highest heat setting and provide the same function as carpet seam iron.

A carpet seam iron is an alternative way to seam adhesive. You will still need to follow the same preparation and positioning steps as using seam adhesive, however. Use a special seaming iron and press the carpet into the seaming tape. Work your way down the entire seam.

How to Use a Carpet Seam Iron?

As you install carpet in a larger room in your home, chances are good that you are going to have to seam it with seam tape. On the contrary to general belief, it is not a difficult task to heat seam carpet. You just need to take your time a do it right. You want to minimize the appearance of any carpet seams in the room by placing them out of the way of the main light sources, such as windows and doors.

You should start by preparing the seam. Before using the carpet seam iron, it is needed to make sure that the seam is ready. There should be overlapped two pieces of the carpet by a few inches. After that, a straight edge and a utility knife should be used in order to cut down through both pieces of carpet at the same time. This step will give you a perfectly fitted cut for both pieces of carpet. During this process, plug in your seam iron and let it warm up. However, please be careful about that your cord is long enough in order to reach the entire seam.

Then, it is time to iron the seam. You should place a strip of carpet seam tape under the edges of the carpet. You have to make sure that the seam iron is on the designated temperature that is necessary. If you are sure about the heat, then you can press the tool directly onto the seam tape. You can go from one end of the seam to the other until you are satisfied with. While you heat up the tape, you should press the two edges of the carpet down into it and up against one another.

If it is time to use a carpet seam iron at your places, there would be some other things and tools that you would need. They could be chalk line, straight edge, carpet cutter with clades, straightedge tool, tape measure, seam tape, carpet roller or rolling pin, weights, rag, and obviously a carpet seam iron. Some of them would not be necessary but some of them are definitely necessary. While using a carpet seam iron, you should be careful about its heat.

While carpet seaming irons are not expensive or hard to find, using your own clothing iron saves you an unnecessary trip to the hardware stores or spend money, especially if you already have everything else that you need. When finished, your carpet’s seam will be secure and you will be ready to complete your carpet installation.

Amazon Products

If you need a carpet seam iron, you can purchase from stores or online. You can find the best one according to your budgets, its features, size, design or whatever you want it to have on Amazon.

TruePower 709-1254 10-Inch Carpet Seaming Iron, 800-watt

It is a highly recommended and preferred product that you can find on Amazon with reasonable price which is around 55 dollars. It works great. There are 4 heat settings that you can arrange the designated heat which is 147 Degree-190 Degree-F; 230 Degree-298 Degree- F; 311 Degree-349 Degree- F; and 374 Degree-442 Degree- F.

It joins the carpet fast and efficiently due to its low profile design. When you figure out the correct speed to move and wait, it glides effortlessly. Deep grooves on the underside help you stay straight. So, it means less effort needed to be paid to pushing it along and more on making your joints as tight as possible.

Heatshield protects carpet backing from overheating. You only use the iron on the seam tape (glue tape) on the backside of the carpet to glue the seam then take a roller and work the carpet at the joint into the tape underneath real good and Make the visible joint go away. So you only need to iron underneath the carpet on the tape.

Even heat distribution facilitates melting and smooth seams. Heated up glue strips quickly. That’s why you should be careful while using. There is 5 convenient position front thermostat switch that makes easier to use. Also, the handle is tall enough that neither the sharp carpet edges nor the molten glue ever touches your hands. It stays cool and comfortable to use.

Roberts 10-282G-2 Deluxe Heat Bond Carpet Iron with Non-Stick Grooved Base

It has 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which means customers are very satisfied with this product. It comes in around 75 dollars, the only negative thing about this tool. Especially for a do it yourself carpeting project, it works great, heats fast, and slides well.

Its low profile design provides even heat distribution for thorough melting and easy carpet seaming. There are an adjustable thermostat and an insulated heat shield that provide ideal heat for adhering seam tape while protecting the carpet from high temperatures. The tapered base plate design joins the carpet easily for faster installation.

Thick sole plate retains heat and maintains even temperature for thorough melting during carpet installation. There is a contoured and stay-cool handle which makes this iron safe and easy to use. The grooved base forms ridges in adhesive for stronger carpet seams. Also, there is a non-stick coating for fast and easy clean-up.

Crain #905 Heat Iron for Carpet Tape, 120 Volt

It is one of Amazon’s choices. It has 4.7 out of 5 stars. Even though it has a high price which is around 100 dollars, customers are very satisfied with this product and it is highly preferred. It works very well, great and perfect according to customers’ reviews.

It is designed for building in heat shield protecting sensitive pile finish and synthetic bearing. It has a grooved button to make the usage easier. The thing you will like most is the on the light so you do not waste your time when you switch plugs and realize the iron is not on.

Pro Glide 3″ Carpet Seaming Iron

You can find this product on Amazon with around 75 dollars. There are an adjustable thermostat and a protective heal shield. With those features, this carpet seam iron creates even heat distribution in order to ensure thorough tape melting. It provides even and steady heat disbursement. There is a non-stick grooved base plate for quick and easy cleanup.

Its design which is cool top design protects the carpet against delamination and distortion. There is a 3-way guide which keeps the cord out of the way and it makes work easier. The heat ranges from 135° to 425°.

Chicago Heat Bond Carpet Seaming Iron with Heat Shield, Grooved Nonstick Teflon Base, and 9 feet Power Cord

According to customers’ reviews, it has 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The product does what it is supposed to. It comes in 70 dollars. Due to its low profile design, it lets you join the carpet easily and efficiently. It has even heat distribution that allows thorough melting and easy carpet seaming.

There is an up-front thermostat adjustment wheel which allows for easy tape melting and it protects the carpet from high temperature. Max heat with this product is 420°. Also, there is a heat shield that prevents backings from overheating. A grooved nonstick Teflon base that it has makes for fast clean up.

Traxx TTX-6251 6″ Blue Fin Carpet Seaming Iron

This product comes in around 100 dollars. It is a perfect tool if you are a DIYer. It has been designed in order to evenly spread heat over the entire iron base for uniform and professional results. The internal heating element is embedded in the thermal gel for faster and more even heating. Its features a unique temperature-controlled heat shield, which stays cooler in order to ensure optimum performance with today’s softer and temperature-sensitive carpets!

It provides even heat over the entire iron base. There is an internal heating element embedded in it. There is a fully grooved non-stick heating area for easy clean-ups. Fluctuation is in minimal heat. There are a reliable thermostat, larger temperature dial, industrial internal wiring, a heat shield, a LED indicator, and a 15 ft. Power cord in it.

Crain 946 Electronic Iron Kit

This kit comes in around 180 dollars. It includes en electronic heat bond iron which features a precision electronic thermostat for consistent heat and uniform melting, a rotating cord and an ultra-low profile base. The kit also includes a steel carrying case and a 25′ 3 prong extension cord.

Taylor Tools 890L Lighted Premium Carpet Seaming Iron

This product comes in around 165 dollars. You can find this one on Amazon or other online websites. This could be by far the best low profile seaming iron you have ever used make great seams and it has a long cord.

It includes a powerful, new 900-watt heating element and a 24 ft. cord. There are some important safety features while using it. Red light means that “caution, power on, iron is hot!” The green light means that “selected temperature has been reached!” There is a temperature control knob on top of the handle for easy adjustments and usage. It has a super cool handle features unique setback design for easy seaming under toe kicks.

This carpet seam iron includes a valuable handle label that tells you how hot your settings are. So, if the carpet manufacturer or installer recommends a certain heat, you will know exactly which setting to use.

The lighted handle option which it has helps prevent seaming errors by providing illumination to the most critical area of the seaming operation. This combination of floodlight and spotlight built into the handle is powered by the iron’s current and automatically lights up when the iron is plugged in. It is ideal for closets and other poorly lit work areas. This light lets you clearly see the smallest details.

As additional features, there are patented Teflon carpet guard system in order to prevent distortion of action bac, an exclusive heating area which pre-heats carpet backing, a super slick and super tough base coating, a heavy-duty iron tray with reinforced iron rests and 24′ cord, and 2-year warranty.

KoolGlide Pro Seam Iron

This product has a very high price which is around 625 dollars. It gives you the ability to seam carpet from the top. No longer do you have to place a hot seaming iron under the carpet hoping to position your repairs or seams perfectly.

No carpet damage from too hot of iron, as well as not having to worry about the tape moving out of position. Even if it is your very first repair of a seam, it will look like a pro did the work. There would be no smoke or odor after using it. No melted adhesive on iron left. There is no distortion to sensitive face yarns. It includes both 25′ cord and metal carrying case.

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