What Carpet with White Walls?

Carpeting can be one of the most difficult parts of decoration since there are so many things to consider and especially choosing the color of a carpet can be the hardest decision for decorating a room. Visualizing the carpet in a large area can be tough, especially when you need to choose from a small sample. The color of a carpet may have a huge effect on the final look. To simplify this hard decision I have made some research on choosing a carpet for a white-walled room.

So what carpet with white walls? When it comes to choosing the right carpet, there is no certain answer since there are multiple variables to consider. However, there are some key tips such as choosing your carpet based on the purpose and accessibility of the room. For example, a tan carpet might be more suitable for the living room than a bright colored one. Another point you need to consider is about the amount of light that comes into the room. For instance, a cream carpet may appear lighter if you have several windows that allow sunlight in your bedroom. If you have only one window and less lightning, a cream carpet may look more like a khaki. You can pick a light colored carpet in a dark room to make it look larger and cozier. But keep in mind that dark colors, tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller. Another key tip is picking a carpet color that complements your existing furniture and design. For example, if you have a sofa which you want to highlight, choose a neutral color for your carpet that won’t distract attention from the sofa.

First, I will start by answering the question ‘How to start decorating a room before choosing the carpet?’, then I will be focusing on the question ‘What color carpet goes with white walls?’. After these answers, the article will end with a discussion on choosing the wrong carpet and what to do in that case.

How to Start Decorating a Room Before Choosing the Carpet?

What should be your starting point, when you are beginning your room’s decoration? For the main rooms of your house, you should start from the sofa first. The reason is, the fabric color selection of sofas are more limited than the carpets. Usually, the color choices are limited to only four or fewer, if you are not getting a custom-made sofa. In that sense, if you do not choose the sofa first, you will find yourself in a difficult situation while looking for a style that matches your carpet color.

After choosing the sofa, you can now select your carpet. The key point here is that you need to start with the item with the most restricted in choice and select the item with the biggest selection at last.

You can apply this logic in other rooms as well, like bedrooms. In the case of a bedroom decoration, options for beddings are really endless. Also, it is easy to change the bedding so select the carpet color first and leave the bed covering to the end.

Choose Your Carpet Color Wisely! The carpet color can affect the entire feel of a room, so select your carpet color carefully. Keep in mind that trends of decoration may change over the years, as well as your tastes.

What Color Carpet Goes With White Walls?

White is a risk-free color for your walls, but the same is not true for a carpet color. There are lots of different colors, shades, and textures when it comes to carpets and it is hard to pick the most common type. It is clear that some carpet colors go better with white walls than others. So, how can you choose a carpet color which goes well with the decoration of your house? There are a few points you should know which will help you answer this question.

Pick your carpet based on the room. While choosing your carpet, you can base your decision with respect to the purpose of the room. Your way of life and the manner by which the carpeted room will be utilized are main determinants in the carpet color selection. For instance, a family with pets, kids or working parents should not choose white carpets since it can show dirt and spillings more than other colors.

Very dark and very light colors show more debris than other tones. Darker colors are great for hiding stains, however, it will show dust more than other colors. If you need to mask both dirt and dust, your carpet color should be neither too light nor too dark.

Neutral colors are better for living rooms, dining rooms, and offices. On the other hand, bright colors might look better in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Here are some examples;

  • A tan carpet may look more appealing in a living room than a bright colored carpet. The bright pink might be a good choice for a little girl’s princess themed room.
  • For playrooms, game rooms, and kid bedrooms, carpets in primary colors are great choices.
  • The color of the carpet may change due to the foot traffic in the room. If it is a frequently used room, the color of the carpet might look darker in time. If not, it will stay the same for a long time.
  • For a room with high foot traffic, go for a darker color so it will not show dirt that much.

Think about the amount of natural light coming into the room. If the room you are decorating is dark, the carpet color might appear even darker than intended. Here are some examples;

  • A cream carpet may appear lighter in color if you have several windows and lots of sunlight in your bedroom. If you have small windows, the cream color may look like khaki.
  • You can choose a light carpet color in a dark room to show it larger and cozier.
  • If you want to make a large room intimate, you may go for darker carpet colors.

Your carpet color should be in harmony with your furniture and general design of your house. Of course, this is about your personal taste in decoration. The color of your walls, furniture, art, decorations, drapes etc. are all parts of your decoration and they should complement each other. Choose a color which is in the same color family as these features and choose the features you want to be the main focus in the house. Here are some examples;

  • If you have a sofa that you want to highlight in the room, go with a neutral carpet color since it will not take attention to itself. If your sofa is red, the walls are white, and you have dark furniture color, you may go with a charcoal carpet.
  • If you change your carpets often, choose a neutral color. Avoid choosing a carpet color based on your decoration so you may change your carpet color easily.

What to Do When Chosen the Wrong Carpet?

Picking the correct carpet can be troublesome, for various reasons. It can be difficult to pick a shading from a small color sample, and some carpet sales reps out there are not exactly supportive. Or then again maybe you were trying to substitute your carpet in time for an up and coming occasion and were subsequently limited in your choices of what was accessible at the time. Whatever the reason, you have chosen a carpet that you don’t care for. What can be done?

Don’t Panic! The initial step is to resist the urge to panic. That might be difficult to do when you have ended up at a carpet that you don’t care for and when you’re thinking about the amount of cash you spent on it. In any case, take a full breath. It can be changed.

The possible options to change your carpet will rely upon the phase of the procedure you were at when you understood that you’ve picked the wrong carpet. Clearly, in case you’re feeling like you aren’t sure of the carpet, the best time to act is before the carpet installation

See the Whole Piece!  When you picked your carpet by using a sample and the retailer needed to order the carpet, ask for that the sales rep call you when the carpet lands at the retailer’s store or distribution center. That way, before the installation process, you can go to the store and see your carpet as a whole. Try not to be timid about requesting that the retailer reveal the carpet for you. A good retailer needs you to be content with your purchase, and will readily spend some extra time for you in order to make you happy with your carpet choice. You can take all your decoration parts other stylistic layout components, and perceive how everything goes together.

Since this is the easiest point for changing your mind, do not be afraid to speak up if you have questions on your mind about your selection. But even after this point, there is still hope.

Stop the Installation! At the installation time, make sure that you are at home. At first, installers will roll out the carpet to the room to trim the excess parts. Be there at that point, and ask them to wait for your approval to proceed
to the next step.

Take some time to examine when the carpet is rolled out in the room. Since lighting, wall colors and decoration is different from the store, the carpet will look different. You can still stop the installation process at this point, and call the store for other options.

Look Elsewhere! The key thing is to be transparent with the sales rep and talk about the choices accessible to you. In the event that the retailer can’t help, consider if any family or friends of you are searching for a new carpet and if your carpet would work for their home. Assuming this is the case, maybe you can work out an arrangement with them that would help you to recover a portion of the expense of the carpet, which you can use for the expense of the replacement. If none of these work, you may consider selling your brand new carpet online.

Learn From Your Mistakes! No matter what you experience, try to learn from your mistakes you made at your first carpet selection. For the next carpet shopping, make sure that the color and style of the carpet are appropriate for the rest of your house.

Related Questions

What is the Most Popular Carpet Color?

Even though it may be considered a bit dull, the most popular carpet color is beige since it compliments most other colors. Regardless of the colors of your room, beige will almost always go well enough.

Beige carpets can make a room look bigger than it really is. You can use beige carpets for a room with a limited area. Choose a high-quality beige carpet since it can also be used in a room with high foot traffic.

Can I Change the Color of My Carpet?

Changing the color of your carpet is dependent upon the fiber of the carpet. You cannot dye all fibers, only wool or nylon are dyeable. If you want to test the fiber of your carpet, burn a sample from it. If it is wool, it will burn slowly, it will smell like burned hair and its ash will be dark. On the other hand, if it is nylon, it will melt while becoming a light-colored fiber. The smell of burned nylon is like the smell of celery. Also, carpet fibers can be tested professionally.

If you are dying your carpet yourself, keep kids and pets out of the room you dye your carpet in. Carefully plan not to find yourself on the corner of the room. It is not possible to dye your carpet to a lighter color. Thus, choose a darker color than the original fiber color of your carpet.

How Can I Lighten My Carpet Color?

You do not need strong chemicals or to hire a professional to lighten your carpet color. While buying a carpet it is always hard to imagine how it will look at your house. You may want to change the color of your carpet because it looks darker than your taste or for surrounding decoration after the installation. In that case, you can lighten the color of your carpet yourself, instead of buying a new one.

Blend 1 glass white refined vinegar with 1-gallon warm water and mix well. Fill a splash bottle with that blend and shower the carpet evenly. Work left to directly forward and backward over the space to guarantee all the area is sprayed. Allow the blend to sit for 20 to 30 minutes or until the point that the carpet color seems lighter to you.

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