Dirty Carpets and Health Issues: Why Dirty Carpets Are Unhealthy and How to Prevent It

Have you ever think it is possible to be unhealthy for your carpets? Carpets might decorate your home perfectly but you should not ignore the bad sides of dirty ones. If your carpets have some dirty carpet allergens, this might be very problematic to accumulate bacteria colonies, chemical irritants, and microorganisms like mold.

This might result in mycotoxin Overgrowth, some rashes and fungal infections, allergic conditions, and other problems triggering asthma attacks such as sneezing, stuffy, and runny nose.

It is also inevitable to experience irritated skin, frequent headaches, persistent cough, sore throat, fatigue, irritated eyes, difficulty breathing, and lastly irritation of the nose and throat unless you take into consideration the cleaning issue of your carpets. You will find some tips to prevent mold and other bacteria under your carpet below, too.

How Can a Dirty Carpet Be Problematic for Your Health?

This may not something you did not accept but carpets become dangerous some items when they stay dirty for a long time. As one of the unhealthy environmental factors, carpet dirty has a lot of negative effects on your health by contributing to indoor air pollution and many more.

Here are the possibilities that you can encounter if you keep using dirty carpets at home.

1. You May Face Mycotoxin Overgrowth Because of Dirty Carpets

It is quite possible to have some dangerous mycotoxins if you have dirty carpets at home. Especially if you become exposed to this dangerous issue for a long time, it might end up with some problems in your immune system.

To illustrate, it may affect your stomach so bad because of the weakening immune system. It is even possible to face death but of course, it is an extreme condition.

2. You May Face Some Rashes and Fungal Infections Because of Dirty Carpets

Not only about breathing issues but also this condition might affect your feet. For dirty carpets accumulating more dirt in time, you can experience health issues on your feet such as fungi. 

The microorganisms like fungi that are continuous foot traffic can also result in stubborn skin problems. How can you understand you have rashes and fungal infections? When you feel the sense of itching for a long time, that is possible that you have a rash start to appear. 

It is generally because of the parasitic elements and irritants appearing in your body through breaks, foot cuts, and abrasions.

3. You May Face Some Allergic Conditions Because of Dirty Carpets

Dirty carpets include dust for sure. In time, it is quite possible to encounter the presence of bacteria, fungi, and dead skin cells because of these clouds of dust.

Irritations together with allergies affect health issues, which come from bacteria, fungi, and dead skin cells. Regardless of alive and dead for these organisms, all is so dangerous as a threat to your health which may lead to some inflammation, skin rashes, itchiness, stuffy nose, sneezing from time to time.

Moreover, germs and organisms that will not make you please make a perfect home in your dirty carpets. Not surprisingly, the first thing affected by this condition is human skin and pet hair. It makes into trouble since the dirty places are a good one to make those organism bleed regularly.

It will end up with a runny nose and a cough in the first place, which produces a problematic atmosphere for asthma sickness, breathing issues and other serious medical conditions.

4. Your Asthma Attacks May Have Under Risk Because of Dirty Carpets

Dirty carpets are not only included bacteria, fungi, and dead skin cells but also its condition affects indoor air quality.

By reducing indoor air quality, dirty carpets become a threat to asthma attacks. It is also possible to have some other serious respiratory issues alarming and exhausting from time to time.

In addition to asthma attacks, you may have eczema and rhinitis problems because of dirty carpets. Trapping allergy inflaming proteins will lead to trigger eczema and rhinitis attacks. 

You should take these problems into consideration as they are serious health issues especially for those who are already experiencing the diseases.

5.List of Other Health Problems Because of Dirty Carpets

Together with some allergic symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy, runny nose, and itchy eyes, the other health problems can be listed as such: irritated skin, frequent headaches, persistent cough, sore throat, fatigue, irritated eyes, difficulty breathing, and lastly irritation of the nose and throat.

How Can You Understand There Is Mold Under Your Carpet?

There are many ways to realize when your carpet has mold or not. It will help you to take precautions to understand the situation beforehand.

Bad smell can be a sign for you to understand whether or not there is mold under your carpet. You may think it just smells bad you have daily but it is probably molded especially it looks like some bad stench all over the place. 

Secondly, if your carpets are old enough, it is quite possible to face black mold. It is because these types of carpets have a high risk in terms of vulnerability so that you will probably have black mold under your carpet.

Smell rust is the next sign of growing black mold on your carpet so you should be very careful about the changing in your environment. Not only about the bad and unpleasant smell but also the color can be a sing for you. 

To illustrate, any discoloration on your carpet’s surface refers to a mold colony. This color-changing might be kind of various shades of green and black. 

Usage of carpet and the way you clean it might result in mold. If you do not make your carpet dry after cleaning and washing it, these wet conditions lasting more than one day would be mostly linked to a high risk of growing black mold. You certainly need a proper drying after cleaning your carpet just in case.

Furthermore, you can understand if your carpet has mold or not by looking at the stains on your carpet. If your carpet has brown, green or black stains on the carpet, unfortunately, it means your carpet has mold. It is also an option to have mildew. You should take your precautions before it is too late.

Ultimately, your body might speak when it comes o mold under your carpet. when you experience bad side related to bad allergies, you should check the condition of your carpet.

The mold can produce allergens, and your body will react by experiencing excessive breathing problems. You should not neglect your problem and take into consideration for your health.

What Should You Do to Prevent Mold Appearance in Your Carpets?

It is not your destiny to live with dirty carpets forever. By following some tips written below, you can prevent your carpets from having mold in advance.

  • It might be a good idea to replace your carpets in bathrooms, kitchens, basements where it is likely to have moisture, wetness condition, and dampness from time to time.
  • If you realize mold in some part of your carpet, you should immediately remove that part of the carpet by replacing it with a new piece of carpeting because it will be getting bigger in time for sure.
  • What if you face mold in big parts of your carpets? It might be your favorite carpet but still, you have to remove and throw it away not to experience side effects on your health.

  • The next one is about your carpet type. The quality of your carpets is significant not to face mold and other antimicrobial stories. You may thing good and qualified carpets are expensive, but the truth is that it will save your money in a long time. 
  • The air conditioning system in your rooms might be a good idea to regulate humidity levels and the temperature around.
  • Here is an alternative way to get rid of mold under your carpet. To begin with, you need to take your carpet outside so that you can hose it down with clean water you prepared in advance.

After that, you need to spray on cleaning solution with a mixture of baking soda. In addition to baking soda, you will need vinegar, and water to spray in the infected area. And then, it is time to scrub the area. You will need a brush and rinse in this stage.

Lastly, it is time to use a wet vacuum in order to hasten the drying process, and then you can vacuum your carpet. Now you have a carpet already removed from the mold spores.

Other Disadvantages of Carpet Flooring

The disadvantages of carpet flooring are not limited to health effects such as allergy and fungal infections for you and your other family members. Here are other cons you may encounter when using carpet flooring.

  • With the feature of being too sensitive for a floor covering material, it may bother you because many carpets are always realized to easily attract dirt and stains.
  • Apart from mold, other allergens are possible to have when you use carpet flooring. For example, it is possible to have dust mites and pet dander, too.

For those who have respiratory problems may not stand carpet flooring condition. In this case, you may prefer other flooring types such as hardwood and tile.

  • Unless you care a lot about cleaning your carpet, maintenance of your carpet would not take long. Depending on the type of carpet and your lifestyle differently, each carpet flooring requires deep carpet cleaning and regular vacuuming.
  • Sometimes you may feel out of trend with your carpet. The reasons behind this carpet flooring sometimes lose its place in trend list among other types of flooring such as hard-surfaced floors. That is why some carpet types are likely to have a shorter lifespan than other flooring choices. 

Some Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean Better

Keeping your carpets clean is not hard at all. If you follow the instructions when using and installing your carpets, the possibility to encounter bacteria and mold conditions will decrease. Here are some tips for you to keep your carpets clean.

  • For clean air circulation, you should air out the carpet before you install it in the first place. To provide this, you can have your carpet unrolled outside. It is also possible to keep your carpet in one of the well-ventilated rooms at home.
  • You can use some tools for emissions. It varies from the brands and types of carpets so you should search for it carefully. The best option is to have one of the low-emission or green carpets since they have only fewer health influences.

  • Alternatively, you can use some adhesives when installing your carpet, which is powerful to tacking down your carpet without any need for glue or any type of glue.
  • Before installing your carpet, there must be a guide you need to follow. You should read proper standards which are needed for your own carpet and follow it.
  • It is better not to stay at home during installation and cleaning your carpets. At least your kids and pets should stay away from the room cleaning happened.

  • In order to prove clean and fresh air, you should open your windows when you get up. It is also okay to use fans or alternatively an air conditioner but please do not forget to get opening windows is always better than an air conditioner.

Hence, mostly you should use windows and just like two or three days you can use other options to clean the air.

  • The next tip is about cleaning your carpet with vacuum tools. When vacuuming your carpet regularly, you should not forget not to vacuum your carpet on the bare floor setting but you should save it for the bare floors as the vacuum instructions indicate.
  • The most important part is the cleaning of your carpets, needless to say. You need to follow instructions that tell how to carry your carpet in terms of cleaning to remove allergens and contaminants.

It is also important which brand of detergents you use when cleaning and washing your carpets.

Here are three options from the Amazon website to help you when keeping your carpet clean.

1.Bissell Pet Stain Eraser 2003t Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner

With two trial size formulas, this product will help you with the daily cleaning of your carpets. You can easily remove pet stains and messes from the carpet, as well as stairs and area rugs.

The charge takes 4 hours to use and there is no need to mix formula with water. You can easily find its formula in stores selling machine products.

For stains like vomit, mud, dirt, coffee and cole, and motor oils, it is a perfect option for daily usage.

The price of this product is $84.99.

You can visit the website for more information:https://www.amazon.com/BISSELL-2003T-Cordless-Portable-Cleaner/dp/B07FFJB75H/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=carpet+cleaner&qid=1572247188&sr=8-10

2.Bissell Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine and Carpet Shampooer

In addition to cleaning, this product will help you to wash your carpets with its tank capacity of ½ gallon and cleaning path width 9.5 inches.

To clean your carpets and rugs, it is a great choice working by removing tracked-in dirt and stains with two-tank systems that work well to keep clean and dirty water separate.

This product is just famous for being convenient, and collapsible handle for daily usage in terms of easy storing.

The price of this product is $109.99.

You can visit the website for more information:https://www.amazon.com/BISSELL-Turboclean-Powerbrush-Shampooer-2085/dp/B074L775XC/ref=sxin_3_ac_d_rm?ac_md=3-3-Ymlzc2VsbCBjYXJwZXQgY2xlYW5lcg%3D%3D-ac_d_rm&keywords=carpet+cleaner&pd_rd_i=B074L775XC&pd_rd_r=351388d9-3c01-44cf-917e-c6f68ce5e727&pd_rd_w=wFr3E&pd_rd_wg=4ryMs&pf_rd_p=983984df-2ad2-4c97-ba7f-4c5a90291c2b&pf_rd_r=Y8NZS804K1CAZXMPNAQ2&psc=1&qid=1572247188

3.Nature’s Miracle Deep Cleaning Pet Stain and Odor Carpet Shampoo

As a carpet cleaning shampoo, I can recommend you this perfect product. It has a low-foaming formula. Therefore, it helps you yo use any water-based carpet cleaning machine. It is also possible to use a steam cleaner.

By penetrating deep into carpet fibers, this product works well when it comes to the extraction of new and old stains, odors and allergens. It will surely decrease the risk of health issues coming from dirty carpets.

The price of this product is $6.98.You can visit the website for more information:https://www.amazon.com/Natures-Miracle-Cleaning-Carpet-Shampoo/dp/B001K5E6BI/ref=sxin_3_ac_d_rm?ac_md=1-1-Y2FycGV0IGNsZWFuZXIgc29sdXRpb24%3D-ac_d_rm&keywords=carpet+cleaner&pd_rd_i=B001K5E6BI&pd_rd_r=351388d9-3c01-44cf-917e-c6f68ce5e727&pd_rd_w=wFr3E&pd_rd_wg=4ryMs&pf_rd_p=983984df-2ad2-4c97-ba7f-4c5a90291c2b&pf_rd_r=Y8NZS804K1CAZXMPNAQ2&psc=1&qid=1572247188

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