How Disinfect Carpet?

Nobody can imagine a home without good carpets. In fact, carpets are the ones making decorations enchanted with their adorable patterns. It is one of the vital parts of your home since you can not fly, you need their surface to step on every single day.

Because of this reason, you should keep it clean for your health. Yet, although the vacuum can remove surface debris easily, it is not possible to keep it clean with a vacuum cleaner every time.

There will be even times that you can not realize the fact that your home carpet is full of harmful bacteria, germs, and allergens. Therefore, you need to find another solution to kill bacteria and disinfect your carpets easily.  

There will be even times that you can not realize the fact that your home carpet is full of harmful bacteria, germs, and allergens. Therefore, you need to find another solution to kill bacteria and disinfect your carpets easily.  

There are some steam machines and sanitizing products for your good despite the fact that not everyone is very willing to use it for several reasons, and because of that, some people prefer some home-friendly practical ideas. By doing so, your pig bank should not hurt at the same time.

If you are also looking for a low-priced cleaning product on the market to disinfect your carpets, and if you wonder how to deal with an unexpected vomit on your carpet, you are in the right place now!

Homemade Carpet Clean Solutions

1.Vinegar Cleaning with Steam Power

Some soaps and detergents might not be budget-friendly every time. Due to this, you can prepare your own mixture with basic ingredients like white vinegar as a natural disinfectant safe at home and enjoy the cleanness of your carpets.

There are 4 basic steps for you to reach your sanitize dream carpets as soon as possible!

  • All you need is to take 2 cups of white vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. This bottle helps you to keep your hand cleans and mist the mixture over your carpets equally. After that, it is time to mist over the carpets. The key here is not to pour too much vinegar on carpets. And then you need to let the vinegar air dry.
  • Take your steam clean now. You will fill the fluid compartment with three parts water to one part white vinegar. When you clean the surface of your carpet and see how easy for you to sanitize your carpets.
  • It is time to make your steam cleaner by plugging it. At first, you need to wait for 5 minutes to heat up. And then you can push across the carpeting. By doing so, it is better to push the steam trigger every 30 seconds to shoot out a blast of steam. You will see how fast the steam power mixed with the vinegar work well together.

  • You need to wait to let the carpet air dry after steam cleaning. It would be better for you to choose relatively dry weather when having this process so that you can get the result quickly.

2.Vinegar Cleaning Without Steam Power

A mixture easy to prepare might help you to disinfect your carpet quickly as an alternative other than a steam cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners work for daily using and they are successful for it but we need another formula to sanitize our carpets and make them free of bacteria.

In this section, I will mention some mixtures with white vinegar that will help you to kill ant dirt or bacteria on the carpet and you will not need any steam cleaner at the same time.

You will not have not only cleaner and free of bacteria carpet, but also an amazing workout without spending more money.

Your mixture should contain equal parts of cold water, white vinegar, and a little bit of liquid dish detergent. Apart from these, you will need also a bucket, a scrub brush, and an old rag.

Here are 6 steps to disinfect your carpet with this mixture:

  • Your carpet should be removed from all irrelevant pieces of stuffs. After removing all the furniture off, it is time to vacuum to remove germs and dirt that can not be seen with naked eyes.

Now, you need to sprinkle the carpet with the baking soda and keep it here about five minutes. You can use this time to make your mixture.

Stir it until you see a foamy consistency. You will see in the end how successful these ingredients are with their cleaning properties.

  • Take your bucket and add the ingredients one by one. It should include equal parts of cold water, white vinegar, and a little bit of liquid dish soap.

I do not recommend you to prefer delicate fabrics made from organic materials such as wool or silk rugs.

  • This part is probably the most trying part. After dipping your scrubbing brush in the foamy mixture, it is time to scrub your floor. You should get it wet just at an optimum level. It is enough to get a little bit wet, not saturating the area.

It would be better if you start from one of the corners of the carpet and continue through the other corner of the carpet. When needed, you should dip your scrubbing brush again in the foamy mixture.

When you are done, you should wait for more than five minutes. After that, you will realize the differences!

  • To rinse your carpet, you will take a rag and dip it cold freshwater. The dirt and bacteria now inside mixture will be removed.

The rota you used when scrubbing again will be same for the one of rinsing. When needed, you should again make suck the rag. You can change it if you feel like it does not work anymore.

  • If you have a chance, you can let your carpet dry with a fan or any other device. Yet, for every condition, it is better to do this process on a dry day or on a low humidity.
  • Now you can vacuum the carpet to clean from the mixture that might be left a little bit. After it, now you are done without using any other things outside your home.

3.Homemade Detergent Cleaner

Here is another technique that uses a vacuum cleaner together with a mixture. This mixture is made of baking soda or dish soap only. For tools, you will need an old toothbrush, a brush, a clean rag ,and a bucket.

  • First of all, you need to clean the area you will disinfect with the vacuum so that you get rid of dirt and dust.

  • You need now a bucket of warm water. Other tools should be ready, too. It is recommended to sprinkle the stain until completely covered when using baking soda.

For dish soap, it is better to use 1 tablespoon 8 inches of stain.

  • Now, you need to mix the dish soap or baking soda inside warm water. You should stop it when you see bubbles.

  • You can scrub the stain with warm water gently with your tools; an old brush toothbrush, or a clean rag.

By doing so, you should make it wet enough to scrub away with warm water, not more like completely soaking the floor.

  • The last step is to make it dry. You can use any fans to make it dry. Or you can prefer to open your windows to allow the carpets to air dry in time.

After drying all areas of the carpets, you should vacuum again to sanitize it totally and get free of all bacterias and germs.

Those are solutions used generally dry air to let the carpet and room dry easily but what about winter? You may need to clean your carpet during the winter months.

Here is an option for you :

4. Disinfecting Carpet with Snow

Snow as a natural cleaners helps you to see brilliant carpets at home after your children pour orange juice to the carpet or your pets poop on the carpets at home.

The best result you can take with this technique is with small rugs made of antique wool or handmade ones. Yet, it also works for large and heavy rugs if you give more efforts.

I recommend you to use dry and powdery snow in order to take the best results.

We have 6 steps to clean your carpet with snow easily and here are the tips for you:

  • You need to clean your carpets first. You should take it outside and clean it. For example, you can shake it to get dirt free.
  • Now, it needs to get used to the temperature outside. To provide an optimum degree, you should sit it almost 30-40 minutes so that it acclimates to a lower temperature.
  • Take a broom in this step and spread some snow on your carpet. You should distribute to snow equally in optimum level.

If you put snow more than enough, the technique would not work. What is worst, it might damage your carpets.

  • Your carpets have some snow on it now. With a flat tool ( it can be also the flat side of your broom), you need to beat the snow so that the snow will penetrate deeply to your carpet.

  • Just wait for 20 minutes now to make your carpet rest with snow on it. Then, you should make it upside down to apply the same process the other side of your carpet.
  • You will hang your carpet after finishing all the steps. You should be sure about that you remove as much as snow you can do.

You will see the remaining part of snow will evaporate and your carpet again become dry.

This technique might be seen to you like it is impossible to disinfect carpets because there is no detergent or any other cleaning products. However, the reason behind this to clean your carpet is about the components of snow.

Snow includes ammonia and it helps it reach with the cold air resulting in the dirt hidden deep in the carpet to solidity. For this quality of snow, be sure that you will get good results with this method!

What About Cleaning Vomit out of Carpet?

Let us imagine a guest coming to your home suddenly vomits or your small kids keep vomiting when they get ill. I am sure not only the stain you see but also the smell would be enough to make you crazy about it.

There is no need to get worried about this issue anymore! I will give some tips on how to clean vomit out of your carpet easily.

I have three suggestions to rescue you from this disaster you might unexpectedly face within your daily life.

Here are three main conditions that you need to clean vomit out of the carpet and my quick solutions for you:

A) Instant Cleaning

The biggest problems here is to be quick when it comes to clean vomit. Otherwise, it might spread more area and then things would get worse uncontrollably.

Also, it might be impossible to get rid of the smell because the vomit indeed will set deeper into the carpet fibers. To prevent all of these bad scenes, I have a solution for you.

Here are 5 steps to follow:

  • Prepare tools such as a trash bag, a spray bottle, a spoon, microfiber cloths or an old dish towels, and white vinegar (or you can choose hydrogen peroxide).

Vomiting is not something to be planned. Therefore, you can prepare some of those tools in a corner of your bathroom so that you do not waste time when preparing and finding these tools in emergent times.

  • Before starting, it would be a good idea to put dishwashing gloves on and then start to work, so your hands will not be dirty and you feel more comfortable.

And then, take the spoon you have in order to scrape the vomit out of the carpet. Put the things you collect into the trash bag.

  1. This is the step you need you to decide if you use hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar. Using both of them at the same time is not something preferable, so choose only one of them.

After that, dilute it with some water. Then, add this mixture to the spray bottle.

  • It is time to spray the solution over the dirty area. The carpet is supposed to be damp, and then you should stop spraying the solution over it.
  • Take your towel and make the area dry. Do not forget to change and replace your towel when it gets saturated.

See how new your carpets look like now as the first they you buy it!

B) Stubborn Stains

The former method is for the one when you immediately someone vomited just there. Yet, there might be times that you did not realize; for example, your cat got sick and you will just realize it weeks later. This method will be your wick solution to clean vomit out.

Your business will not be as easy as the first one because of the dried vomit but I have a suggestion for you now as a small tip that will rescue you to damage your carpets:

You should moisten the area with the vomit before the second step which is to remove the dried vomit by using a spoon so that you can prevent your carpets to be ripped.

C) Set-in Stains for a Short Time

It is not possible every time to clean the vomit immediately. Sometimes you need something else to do before cleaning.

For the stain waiting a bit in the area, all you need is a towel, baking soda,  a trash bag, a spray bottle, a spoon, white vinegar, microfiber cloths or an old dish towels, and a vacuum cleaner.

Let see together what you need to disinfect your carpet and get free of the vomit:

  • Take baking soda and pour it over the area you need to clean on the carpet. And put a towel on it.

You should wait for 20-30 minutes. By doing so, there should not be any pets in the room as it might be harmful to them to touch the area.

  • Time to remove the towel when you see the stain there. You can throw away or wash the towel. You should vacuum up baking soda.
  • Now you already remove the baking soda from the carpet. Put your gloves on and take the spoon to scrape the vomit and stain on your carpet.

The things you collect should be put into your trash bag now.

  • You can use white vinegar here to get total disinfection.

Mix it with some warm water and put the mixture to a spray bottle.

  • After that, you can start to spray the solution on the area you work on. When you realize that the carpet becomes wet and moist, it is time to finish spraying the mixture on your carpet.
  • You need to take again a towel to make the area dry. You should keep doing this process until you feel like the area totally become dry.

And now, you can enjoy with your new looking carpets at home!

What Not to Do?

Things to consider before using white vinegar:

All the techniques given above will help you to disinfect your carpets easily. Lastly, I want to give you some additional tips when disinfecting your carpets with white vinegar.

To begin with, you should take into consideration the type of strains your carpets on. Not everyone knows the chemical ingredients but at least we should know that when cleaning, what we do is to neutralize the impact of the substance’s pH.

By doing so, we need to know if the substance we use is alkaline or acidic. For instance, it is better to use the alkaline agent if it is an acidic substance. In other words, if it is an acidic agent, we should take an alkaline substance to clean it.

When it comes to using white vinegar to disinfect carpets, what we should know is that vinegar is highly acidic with a pH of 2.4 and so has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. That means, white vinegar has acidic properties, and it can only clean alkaline stains.

Alkaline stains can be listed as pet urine and wine, for example. On the other hand, if you have ketchup or soy sauce stains, white vinegar would not be a good choice. In fact, it will make the stains harder to remove other times.

Apart from the type of strains, the second thing you need to consider is the carpet material. It is vital to figure it out because the wrong choice can damage to carpet fibers permanently.

The carpet material should be different than natural fibers, silk, and wool can be cleaned with vinegar as these types are too sensitive to touch with white vinegar.

The last thing you will take into consideration before disinfection your carpet with white vinegar is the cleaning technique so that you will increase the efficiency you take from cleaning.

There are some certain situations that you need to move consciously. For instance, if the stains on your carpets are wet, you should blot it with paper towels. Only after that, you should spray the mixture of white vinegar on the area with strains and blot it again until you see no strains anymore.

Time to apply your favorite methods to disinfect your lovely carpets!

So, now you have no reason to be afraid of any strains of your baby’s vomit, your dog’s poop or your husband’s vomit with bad smell when he is drunk even during the winter. You know that to do now when you encounter an unexpected situation or just regular disinfection of your carpets.

After making a decision on the type of your carpets and the types of stains, it is time to use one of the ways to handle disinfection your beautiful carpets that make your home decorations better and shine your room.

Have fun with the disinfection of your carpets when having budget-friendly and easy solutions at home!

Happy carpets, happy family!

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