Carpet Edge Trim: The Intended Purpose

Carpet is a material that emerges as a result of people seeking a comfortable and warm floor. It has an important place in home decoration. It is one of the first products of human beings’ struggle against nature and adapting to nature. 

In today’s world, the carpet industry, which uses the unlimited advantages of modern technology, is constantly renewing itself. The carpet sector, where new trends and qualities emerge every year, continues to push the limits of creativity. 

Almost in every house, you can see the carpet on the floor or sometimes on the wall. For the ones on the floor, it needs to properly transition. For this reason, it needs carpet edge trim for good looking and for some security reasons. Carpet edge trim is mostly produced as a flexible PVC trim designed to run along the edge of the carpet in order to prevent frays and provide a clean and finished look.

There are several benefits which have been provided by using carpet edge trim when you finish a carpet installation project with it. For example; it gives a clean look to floor transition, even between two different floor types. Especially it gives a clean appearance when it is done between two unequal surfaces in terms of height.

It creates accessible spaces for wheeled vehicles such as wheelchairs and strollers. Moreover, it covers any dangerous edges on the floor, such as sharp edges. Also, it prevents the home from dust. Not last but least, it prevents any wear and tears on the flooring transition points. Thanks to edge trim, the carpet stays in good shape for a longer time. 

In addition to those benefits, we can use them not only at home. It can be used also in cars. Maybe not with the same purposes but still we can use it in our cars. 

Types of Carpet Edge Trims

At the basic level, carpet edge trims are designed in order to combine two different flooring surface. These surfaces could be hardwood, concrete, stone or simply both of them could be carpets but different types. After installation, it looks more elegant and cooler. 

A wide choice of carpet edge trims provides different profiles with a variety of width and top detailing. For example, it could be knurling, rounded edges or simply flat bars. They are being used for better fitting. Thanks to this variety, you can find the best one that adapts to any decorative environment and that congenial to you.

Among these types, aluminum models are the most preferred ones. These are mostly suitable for heavier transit areas. Aluminum models are intended for the final finish on the fitted carpet. The fitted carpet is secured by affixation to the hooks to be found at the profile base and the subsequent tension of the fitted carpet.

Besides the aluminum ones, obviously, there are other types of carpet edge trim. Nowadays, you can find many products on Amazon. You can find the best one based on your budget. Their prices range varies but they are mostly cheap. Now, here is a list of the most preferred ones on Amazon.

RB Rubber Black Beveled Rubber Flooring Edge Reducer- 12’ Transition Strip for use with 3/8” Thick Rubber Flooring

The price of this product comes to 60 dollars. It is a little bit expensive, however, according to customers’ reviews and rates, it is worth to that price. Also, again according to customers, it works well and looks very good, although it is a little bit hard to cut to size and little tough to glue down.

The edge trim is made of rubber. Length of the strip is 12 feet, the weight of strip is 6 lbs., and width of the strip including lip is 2 inches at the bottom and 2.5 inches at the top. The product is produced in designed to reduce flooring thickness to the level of sub-surfaces. Reducer strips are easy to install on 3/8” thick rubber gym mats, recycled roller rubber, vulcanize puzzle tiles and more.

It can be used for flooring areas in homes, in studios, and even in commercial clubs. They can be cut the size and adhered directly to the flooring edge. It is important to reduce the edge and remove any tripping hazards that could be created when transitioning rubber flooring to another flooring surface. These flooring surfaces would be concrete, ceramic, vinyl or hardwood.

M-D Building Products 43858 M-D Extra Wide Fluted Carpet Trim, 2 in W X 36 in L X 0.3 in H, Pewter, Pack of 1

It is one of the most recommended and useful carpet edge trim on Amazon which comes at 11 dollar which is very reasonable. M-D carpet trim is made of durable aluminum. It is extra wide, fluted, 2 inch in width, 36 inches in length and 0.3 inches in height.

It is designed for high foot traffic areas in the home such as for doorways, room entry ways or any other locations where two surfaces of flooring meet. Thanks to length measure that carpet trim has, it covers a gap between two flooring surfaces of unequal height easily. The extra height that it has, it provides even more protection.

M-D carpet trim prevents carpet edges from fraying, vinyl floor seams from curling. Moreover, it helps to create a smooth transition between two different flooring surfaces. Besides these benefits, thanks to material they made of which is aluminum, it is easily secured to wood and concrete floors.

The package has come with other materials that help to make trims properly. These fasteners are screw, nail, metal, and pewter. Some of them does not require because these are mostly present at every house, however, they are still in the package.

M-D Building Products 85357 Wide 1-7/16-Inch by 36-Inch Carpet Trim, Unfinished

This product comes with building materials and ladders, flooring, and household-carpeting with the 11 dollar price. The length of carpet trim is 36 inch, the width is 1-7/16 inch and the height is 7/16 inches. It is made of natural wood and, as a result, in medium brown color.

It easily covers a gap between two surfaces which have unequal height. For example, it could be doorways, room entry ways or other locations where two uneven flooring surfaces meet. Furthermore, it creates a smooth transition between different flooring surfaces.

According to customers’ reviews and comments, it is easy to cut and paint because the material is solid wood. Also for another one, the product is worked great to stain to color.

M-D Building Products 79244 Extra Wide Fluted 2-Inch by 36-Inch Carpet Trim, Satin Brass

The product is about 12 dollars and one of the most preferred products by customers. It is made of durable aluminum. The trim is extra wide and fluted. The width of it is 2 inches, the length is 36 inches and the height is 0.3 inches. It is in gold color. Different than other products in M-D Company, it includes satin brass plated.

According to customers, it is easy to cut to size and it is durable for walking over. The feature of the product provides that. Aluminum trim is easily secured to wood and concrete floors with provided screw nails. If you want to use that on concrete floors installation, you should use wooden pegs, but, they are sold separately.

SEAL RUBBER- Edge Trim Black Large, 1/4” Fits Edge

The price increases when the height increases. The height is from 1 feet to 250 feet. So, price changes from 5 dollars to 250 dollars. You can choose the one most proper for your disposal.  You can select the suitable trim seal by dimensions.

It is a high quality manufacture and made of high-quality materials. It is a very flexible product and this feature leads that to be used both in the home and in the car. It covers the sharp metal edges. In addition, it is not necessary to adhesive because of the fact that it is easy to install.

There is a customer who is very satisfied to use this edge trim. He says that he bought this product not only it looks great, but it serves the dual purposes of stopping the splashing and protecting the rim. He claims that it stays on where put but it can be removed with some effort. And also, he says that edge trim works great for protecting people against the sharp edges of sheet metal, its intended purpose.

RV Designer E325, Standard Vinyl Insert Trim, 1 inch Wide, 25 foot Roll, Beige

The price of the edge trim is about 12 dollar. This is the standard motel which is 1 inch trim used by most RV manufacturers. It can be used both indoor and outdoor, for example, both at home and in the car or even sometimes for windows.

Because of the fact that it protects against water damage. For this feature, it is designed long-lasting usage. It helps to replace cracked and stained trim for a better look and longer life. The one thing that makes the product very useful and preferable is that it can be cut with scissors.

Trim- Lok DDA1501-25 EPDM Dual Durometer Rubber/Metal Carrier Flap Seal, Fits Edge 0.040” – 0.100”, 0.523” Flap Length

The product’s price varies based on the display sizes, from 75 dollars to 690 dollars. It has 3 different display sizes which are 25 feet, 100 feet, and 328 feet. It is flexible and easy to install.

Trim-Lok, where these products are produced, is one of the well-recognized and well respected companies. It provides high quality, superior service, and competitively priced trim and seal products. For the company, the satisfaction of customers is the number one priority. They are continuously improving the manufacturing process, products, and service, without compromising quality.

As we come back to the product, it provides a secure seal for a variety of applications. It seals out moisture and dust. Unlike what I have mentioned above, this product simply pushes seals onto an edge to stop wind, dust, and water from entering doors. It has good weather resistance.

How to Use a Carpet Trimmer?

For making a good looking carpet edge, obviously, at some point, you have to use carpet trimmer. It does not have to be a perfect or high-quality tool. However, it is enough to provide what you need. It is needed to use a carpet trimmer in order to cut around the edges for giving the carpet a finished appearance. While doing that, you can use even a utility knife. On the other hand, carpet trimmer’s design makes it much easier to cut and it provides easy movement to one using it.

In order to use carpet trimmer, there are some steps to follow. First of all, you should slide the locating plate inside the carpet trimmer in order to adjust the proper height. Then, you should move the locating plate down from or move it up to the location that you adjust.

Secondly, you put a new blade under the spring club on the blade holder. After that, the blade holder should be slid into position above the locating plate. Then, knobs that secure the location plate in position should be tightened.

As the third step, turn the knobs counterclockwise in order to loosen them. You can adjust the handle knobs according to which position you are comfortable with, then turn the knobs again. After that, you should set the handle knobs to run parallel to the floor.

Fourthly, you have to set the carpet with glue or you can hold the carpet in place with tackless strips. Fifthly, you should push the carpet trimmer forward in order to cut the carpet where the floor and wall meet. While doing that, it can be needed that holding the excess carpet strip.

As the last step to finish your work, push the carpet trimmer backward. When you finish this one, repeat this process for each side of the carpet. And if there would be any loose thread remain, you should cut with a pair of scissors.

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