You Might Give up Using Carpet Powder: Why Is Carpet Powder Harmful?

Carpet powder might seem like a perfect solution to clean your carpets, at first sight, However, when you think twice, you will realize that there are many reasons not to use carpet powder full of chemical ingredients. For instance, carpet powers might prevent breathing because of allergies for you and your kids.

It is also possible to face the risk threaten your health-related to lung damage, kidney damage, nervous system damage, hormone disruption and blood disorders such as carcinogens. 

Besides, carpet powder might affect the health of your children and pets negatively, and result in facial and skin irritation. The things to change your mind about carpet powder is not limited to the effects on human.

It is also risky to use carpet powder together with vacuuming cleaner because of the damage to the belt, motor, and filter especially when you do not use them together carefully and meticulously.

What Is Carpet Powder?

When you go to a supermarket or search on the Internet for products about cleaning the carpet and floor, you will see carpet powder products.

Your carpets have not endless life; they become dirty, they become useless one day. To clean your carpets and make its longevity extend, carpet powder is used after daily vacuuming. 

Needless to say, carpet powder helps to clean your carpet for the part your vacuum machine can not make well. Especially for those who have a lovely pet at home, carpet powder might seem like a good alternative to clean and to smell very fresh your carpet as well as your room.

To make it shorter, a carpet powder can work as deodorizing your carpet to make it smell better and cleaner than before. You can buy this product online or from a supermarket near to your home.

Is It Recommended to Use Carpet Powder?

Many housewives and people who are meticulous about cleaning to home and carpet are a fan of carpet cleaning products such as carpet powder. It is hard to deny the effectiveness of carpet powder in cleaning but there is a vital problem using it.

Although carpet powder used for many years to neutralize smells solution to clean and wash your carpet might be seen as a good alternative at the first glance, it is suggested not to use carpet power because of its bad side.

  • Carpet Powers Might Prevent Breathing Because of Allergies 

Carpet powders are one of the chemical products to clean your carpets because it includes a variety of chemical substances. They result in cleaning effectively. However, it might be harmful and have some bad effects on those who have seasonal nuisances. 

If you insist on using carpet powder, you might prefer the types of hypoallergenic carpet powder to prevent allergic problems. 

The harmful side of carpet powder can be listed under seven titles of carpet powers might prevent breathing because of allergies, carpet powder might affect the health of your children and pets negatively.

Besides, the rest is related to that carpet powder might have gone other parts unintentionally, the disadvantage of using carpet powder with vacuum cleaners, carpet powder might be a risk threaten your health, carpet powder might result in facial irritation, and carpet powder might result in skin irritation.

You should be careful about using carpet powder especially if you have serious symptoms of allergy, and consult with your doctor just in case.

  • Carpet Powder Might Affect the Health of Your Children and Pets Negatively

Many children love to play by laying on the floor and carpets. Not using carpets is impossible as a parent with kids at home especially if it is winter season.

The chemical features include carpet powders will surely affect your children and pet since the carpet powders are popular with having toxic side. 

Besides this health effect coming directly from chemical features, carpet powder has a strong affection on your kids and pets when they roll around on your carpets cleaned with carpet powder. 

It is also possible to have some bacteria that tends to grow as a side effect of carpet powder. This situation may result in allergies negatively with air quality in a home.

  • Carpet Powder Might Have Gone Other Parts Unintentionally

Your purpose is to fight with stains when using carpet powder during your washing and cleaning but it might go other parts of your room even without being aware of.

As a result of this, carpet powder might also cause wicking, crocking, and therefore it may be a reason for ruining ruin your beautiful carpets.

Also, at the end of the day, you will realize that carpet powder will not work in a long process since they have no function to remove the source of the smell; they mask the odors, and the effect of it is just short time and so-called outcome especially for the ones that are not qualified.

  • The Disadvantage of Using Carpet Powder with Vacuum Cleaners 

Carpet powders which are tiny particles mimicking dust have a high potential to clog filters in bagless vacuums. It happens especially when you use this combination regularly.

Needless to say, if your clogged filter gets damaged, it affects negatively your vacuum cleaner by not picking up. It also ends up with not cleaning well. It is better if you clean your filters after each using carpet powder no protect your vacuum cleaner.

Secondly, carpet powder might be dangerous for a clogged bag of your vacuum cleaner in many ways. When it is used with a bag of a vacuum cleaner that allows air to circulate through it, the bag might tend to be clogged with carpet powder.

This situation will have an influence on the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner suction in a bad way.

If you still want to use carpet powder when cleaning your carpets, it is recommended replacing the bag of your vacuum cleaner after each use of a carpet powder.

Last of all, when you use carpet powder with a vacuum cleaner having a belt, your carpet powder may begin to slip. 

As a result of this, the belt might get harm in terms of overheating. Therefore, it might probably stretch and finally even break at the end. You should be very careful when using it together with a vacuum cleaner with a belt. 

The same situation as the filter is valid for motor problems of your vacuum cleaner. Carpet powder likely clogs the cooling filters around the motor. You should clean these tools and part regularly to prevent any worse conditions related to this.

  • Carpet Powder Might Be a Risk Threaten Your Health

Carpet powder can be seen as a threat to your health since it contains many unsafe ingredients. As a result of this, it causes some health problems associated with lung damage, kidney damage, nervous system damage, hormone disruption and blood disorders such as carcinogens. 

Apart from that, the terms called fragrance comes here to protect you from the negative effects of carpet powder. It is an ingredient that is very toxic and dangerous since it has never been tested for your safety. 

It is also possible to experience cancer, birth defects, infertility and disrupting the body endocrine system. Especially for those who use carpet powder regularly and a lot, it has a high risk that is supposed to be taken seriously.

  • Carpet Powder Might Result in Facial Irritation

Because of the chemical ingredients, it is very possible to irritate when carpet powder is contacted with your nose and your face. Moreover, it will go beyond with stinging and burning eyes. As well as, it is possible to experience a runny and burning nose, which is related to your medical condition. 

You might think you are very careful when using carpet powder, sometimes you can still have facial irritation. Also, for your children and pets, if you have, it is possible to experience irritation since they play laying on your carpet mostly. 

You can use gloves if you insist on using carpet powder despite the bad side effects. It might provide the chemical part of carpet powder to spread all around your face and other parts of your skin.

  • Carpet Powder Might Result in Skin Irritation

You can experience skin irritation because of carpet powder chemical ingredients. Just like facial irritation, skin irritation is also more likely to be experienced by your children and pets. Yet, it does not mean you are not under the risk of skin irritation unless you are not sitting or laying on your carpet

You should notice that if you do not have any specific allergic condition, the skin irritation part because of carpet powder is usually temporary and therefore it a not a serious issue in many cases. However, it is still needed to consult with your doctor to take some precautions and make the healing process shorter.

An Alternative to Carpet Powder: Homemade Carpet Powder with Baking Soda

Because of the bad sides of carpet powder or its cost, you might think of preparing your own handmade carpet powder with baking soda.

Baking soda itself is okay but it is better to mix it with some herbals such as dried rosemary, lavender, or other herbs (approximately 30 drops). You can also add 1/2 cup borax and teaspoon ground cinnamon or cloves.

Rosemary and lavender are the common ones to prefer due to its smell spreading your room and your carpets after the cleaning for days.

What to Prepare Handmade Carpet Powder with Baking Soda?

You should know the steps before preparing your handmade carpet powder with baking soda and apply each carefully to have the best result.

First of all, you need to mix all the ingredients by adding the baking soda to a mixing bowl. It is better to be about the right amount for your freshening carpet in a small to medium-sized room with furniture in it as you wish.

You can use a spoon to shake the mixture back and forth.

After that, it is time to add in powdered rosemary or any type of aromatic herbs you prefer. After mixing all the ingredients together, you can sprinkle the carpet freshening powder evenly across your floor and vacuum your freshened carpet. 

To make it clean more than one time would make you feel happier about the cleanness level of your carpet.

If you want to store your carpet powder not to prepare every time again each time you need, you can store it in some sort of shaker bottle like a recycled Parmesan container or a large-sized spice shaker.

Is There Any Harmful Side of Handmade Carpet Powder with Baking Soda?

Carpet powder with baking soda is not innocent at all as it seems. It has also some bad side effects like the carpet powders you buy from a market shelf.

Yet, you should notice that despite the disadvantages of handmade carpet powder with baking soda listed below, it is still better than the products you buy from a supermarket since this one does not include any chemical ingredients but only baking soda and some herbals.

  • The first one is about the particles of baking soda. Yes, this one has no chemical ingredients but its particle size might be a problem. They might remain on your carpet fiber because they are so small.

It is also a risk to sift beneath your carpet and pad to your floor. Clogging the pores of your vacuum bag might be in the case if you use it with vacuum cleaners.

You should not underestimate these side effects since some dust can even escape the filtration system of your vacuum cleaner motor.

  • Carpet powder with baking soda might go a long way if you over-saturate the odor area. This condition happens when you pour too much from the mixture.

As a result of this situation, it would make messy much the are you were supposed to clean and wash. Apart from that, it may possibly be a reason for a bad smell in your room and home, which will result in other bad effects such as breathing very hardly.

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