Have You Ever Thought of Why You Should Have Carpet over Hardwood?

You may have some dilemma to use carpet over hardwood or not. The thing is that you have many reasons for why you should have a carpet over hardwood. For instance, it can help you not to feel cold during winter seasons in terms of money related issues, or you can have a more colorful floor with a beautiful patterned carpet in your living room, which is under the title of aesthetic and decoration related issues.

You will also find some tips on how to install your carpet over hardwood and some tips associated with installing it. To illustrate, before starting to install your carpet over hardwood, you should not forget to clean hardwood because even a single grain of sand trapped beneath the hardwood and the padding would make the process ruin.

This piece of writing will make your daily life and home decoration easier!

How Can Carpet over Hardwood Benefit You?

Carpet over hardwood would benefit you in many ways. Here there are four main subtitles about how you can benefit carpet over hardwood in your house, which can be listed as money-related issues, daily using issues, health-related issues, aesthetic and decoration related issues.

1.Money Related Issues

Just like everyone, you should also take consideration of economical issues when decorating your home. When you compare the cost of carpet and other floor types, you will easily realize the fact that carpet is significantly less expensive than other types of flooring.

Taking into consideration other benefits listed below all together, you will notice carpet over hardwood costs less than other flooring types with the same space requirements.

Apart from that, carpets, especially colorful ones, are popular for being warmer than hardwood floors. Those features give you a great opportunity to feel hot in the winter season so that you can reduce your energy cost and pay less for the bill. 

2.Daily Using Issues

Carpet that you step on it every day and every minute would offer you a more comfortable atmosphere than you have imagined with its feature of being warmth and softness. 

Indeed, carpet over hardwood is softer and therefore you can feel more comfortable and relax during the day unlike the condition when you step on any type of floor like hardwood without carpet.

Especially for your children and pets, playing on and sitting on the carpet for a long time would be easier with a soft carpet on over hardwood. It prevents your ankles and knees to feel aches because of hardwood flooring when you have carpet over it. 

At the same time, it prevents your children from fall on hardwood and then broke some objects and bodily injuries. When it comes to noisy parts, carpet offers you a quiet space compared to wood or other types of flooring. 

For example, if you use wood, you already notice that it is usually noisier than a carpet and echoes more loudly.

However, when it comes to carpet over hardwood, it easily absorbs noise much better than hardwood or wood floors. You can sleep easily if you have some people who do not sleep during the night at home!

3.Health-Related Issues

Because of the cold-hot condition explained details above, carpet over hardwood seems more health than the floor itself. For the cold seasons like winter and fall, carpet over hardwood helps you and your children to avoid getting sick.

In terms of better air quality, carpet over hardwood floors has more advantages by trapping and immobilizing allergenic particles.

Of course, it is not enough to be safe in terms of health so you should be very careful about the cleanness of your carpet and wash it regularly with a vacuum machine and other carpet products.

4.Aesthetic and Decoration Related Issues

For the carpet options, there is a variety of options from its color to its pattern. You can decorate your room however you want. Yet, if you keep insisting on using hardwood without carpet, you have only one choice that is hard to change.

The next thing making some housewives happy is that carpet does not last as long as hardwood so you will need to buy a new one.

It makes you decorate your home regularly according to your wish so you will not get bored with your current home decoration. 

The Reasons for Having a Carpet over Hardwood

Hardwood flooring might make you encounter some problematic issues unless you have a carpet over it. 

Here are some advantages of having carpet over hardwood so that you can change your habits about decoration floor accordingly.

  • For those who do not love noisy things at home, flooring without carpet would make some serious problems.
  • If you do not have any carpet over hardwood, it might be very loud because carpets are the things with a function of absorbing noise.
  • Carpets will give you a great opportunity to feel hotter during cold weather and winter times. If you do not have anything to cover your floor, you and your children might tend to get easily sick since your feet are not strong enough during winter months. 
  • Compared to many flooring types, carpeting over hardwood is much more affordable and effective to make your family members feel hot and comfortable when walking on. In fact, if you think of long term advantages of having carpet over hardwood, you will realize that it is more profitable.

  • Wood might be noisy so you need to have a carpet over hardwood so that walking on will be easier. To illustrate, if you have pets or children, they will feel more comfortable and silent with your carpet’s function.
  • Being more softer to stand on the hardwood itself, carpets have many advantages for your family members including your kids and pets, and your guests. Apart from that, your carpet will make you feel a dense layer of pad topped with soft fiber depending on its type and brand.
  • If you want to protect your floor from high heels, your children’s toys, and animal claws, carpeting is the right option. The possibility of getting damage to your floor with a quality carpet is so unlikely.
  • You can easily clean your carpet which is safe with being soft and having the cushion. Sometimes you may need some carpet cleaning tools. They will help you to have more hygienic conditions for you and your family.

Some Tips to Install Carpet over Hardwood Flooring

First of all, here are the things you need when installing your carpet over the hardwood flooring. Being prepared with the tools will help you to make it quite easy and fast.

The things you will need can be listed as broom or vacuum depending on your preference, tape measure, hand saw, shears, tackless strips, masonry nails, hammer, carpet padding, a duct tape and a utility knife, staples, staple gun, knee kicker and transition strip as your preference, stair tool, scrap carpet, power stretcher, and carpet trimmer.

  • You should nail the strips as a first step around the perimeter of your room. You can make it by using masonry nails so that you can leave a space between the tackless strip and the wall. That distance should be almost equal to 2/3 of the thickness of your carpet.

  • When doing so, it is important to be pretty sure about the tackless strips. They should join together at the corners and the pointed pins which are in each strip are facing the wall.
  • Subsequently, it is needed to cut your carpet padding in strips long enough. By doing so, you will fit the length of your room. Measuring part might be even the hardest one but it is a critic and vital step as it will be more problematic if you measure wrongly.

  • In this second step of installing your carpet over hardwood, you should make sure the padding is long enough. Otherwise, it might not cover the tackless strips on all the walls.
  • Furthermore, you can layout the padding waffle side up now. It is important to have dry flooring for the rest of the installing process. 
  • It is needed to staple it along its edge every six inches but the padding should not overlap in order to form a clean seam. after that, you need duct tape to cover the seams with.

  • After measuring the length and width of your room, you can cut the carpet. It should be cut as four to six inches longer than your room’s dimensions.
  • You can take a utility knife to cut your carpet from the backside. And then, it is time to overlap each piece of carpet at the edges.
  • This step will help you to trim in the former step. You should be very careful about the size of the trimming part.
  • If you do not want to face any problem after installing your carpet, you should notice that the pile of your carpet should face the same direction. In the step of cutting and laying your carpet, you should check the direction.
  • Here is a point you should think of very carefully. In order to join the seams, you need to make the edges of your carpet overlap It should leave about two inches of excess your carpet at the wall. 
  • It is time when you can use now seaming tape so that you can join the seams. It is okay to use a seaming iron if you want to melt the adhesive by slowly pulling the iron down the tape. 

  • It is needed to press your carpet edges together over the tape when the adhesive is melted. After that, you can rollover the seam with a rolling pin.
  • Apart from that, you need the knee kicker so that you can hook your carpet to the tackless strip in one corner. Do not forget that you have an option to rent a carpet knee kicker instead of buying one because of its cost.
  • After that, it is time to use a power stretcher to stretch your carpet to the opposite wall and repeat this step for each corner.
  • Although you follow each step carefully, still you might have some excess carpet part to trim. To adjust the wall trimmer to the carpet thickness and trim the excess carpet at each wall, you can use a stair tool to push the edges of the carpet between the wall and the tackless strips.

  • Trimming your carpet at the doorway will allow you to place it center at the end of the carpet under the shut door. After that, you can install a gripper edge and nail in a metal strip to hold the carpet in place as the last step.
  • Before starting to install your carpet over hardwood, you should not forget to clean hardwood. It is because even a single grain of sand trapped beneath the hardwood and the padding would make the process ruin.
  • It is recommended to always work from room to room while carpeting over hardwood flooring for the best result and efficiently without giving your focus on one place.
  • Cleaning the floor does not mean that it should be wet. On the contrary, you should make sure that hardwood should be dry before getting started to install your carpet. Otherwise, you might have some serious problems with wood protection.

  • You can prove cleaning by weeping your floor to remove any debris, or alternatively by using a broom. In addition to a broom, you can use a vacuum machine to clean your carpet before installing it over hardwood. 
  • Alternatively, it is a good idea to wear protective gloves not to harm your hand when installing your carpet over hardwood.
  • You can use tackless strips with a number of pins and short tacks by implying it without any sharp points.
  • Pins and short tacks should be embedded along the length so that they hold the carpeting in place. This rule will make efficiency higher in the end.
  • The tools you need are listed above but you do not have to purchase all since it might be expensive especially if you use it one time. That is why you can search to rent some of them online.

Some Amazon Products to Help Carpets Stick the Hardwood Floor

For those who are looking one some additional carpet products to make life easier when installing carpets over hardwood, here are some Amazon products to help carpets stick the floor.

1.Veken Non-Slip Area Rug Pad 

This product made in the USA will help you to stick your carpet on the floor after installing it over hardwood. By doing so, you will enjoy more with non-slip protection so that it can prevent your children and pets from bunching and sliding.

Because of its constructed of premium material, you can trust its strong character and durability. It will help your carpets keep staying in place on your hardwood floors for years.

The price of the Veken Non-Slip Area Rug Pad is $43.98.

You can have more information by visiting its website on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Veken-Non-Slip-Gripper-Surface-Floors/dp/B07GV9XW42/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Veken+Non-Slip+Area+Rug+Pad&qid=1571992222&sr=8-4

2.YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Heavy Duty Tape

Alternatively, you can use carpet tape that a super-strong double-sided tape heavy duty on the market when installing your carpet over hardwood.

It is also okay to use this product for area rugs, long or short pile, as well as hardwood floors. 

Applying this carpet tape will provide you and your children safe by preventing them from slipping suddenly. Cleaning your carpets also will be easier.

The price of YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Heavy Duty Tape is $11.97, together with a $13.87 shipping price.

You can have more information by visiting its website on Amazon:


3.Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad

This carpet pad product made in America is quite durable and strong with constructed of premium materials for long-lasting quality helping keep rugs in place on hardwood floors.

The feature of open grid construction will provide your carpets to breath and to protect your floors from any damage coming from your kids and pets if you have. 

It is always better to lean hardwood and dry floor smoothing wrinkles before installing your carpet.

The price of Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad is $11.49 and $20.55 for shipping.

You can have more information by visiting its website on Amazon:


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