Why Rug Is Used: Advantages of Using a Rug

Rugs, which have been increasing in popularity for years, have become one of the basic elements of decoration understanding in homes and offices. Rugs differ from all other floor covering materials with their softness, patterns, and colors. So, do you know why rugs are used? I mean, what advantages they provide us? Let’s check it out.

Rugs are used because they create a safe environment for people of all ages in the home thanks to their softness and speed-breaking effect. Creating a feeling of warmth with millions of threads in its structure, rugs also provide insulation against extreme heat or cold. The rug creates a more comfortable environment for users as it creates much more stable air temperatures on the floor. In the cold season or climates, the rug keeps the warm air for a long time.

What Benefits Does Using a Rug Provide

Thanks to the softness of the rug and its anti-speed effect, it creates a safe environment for people of all ages in the home. Since it is difficult to control the movements of toddlers, it is much safer to choose a soft and protective coating such as a rug rather than a hard and cold floor.

There are many reasons for using rugs in homes and workplaces. There are a few important points to keep in mind in this regard. The rug provides warmth and insulation in winter. It retains warm air for longer, thus providing you comfort by separating the temperature between your body and the floor. Safety in a home is very important, especially for children and the elderly. The rug acts as a buffer for our steps and also reduces the risk of slipping and falling.

The rug is the basis of the decoration of our living spaces and care must be taken in its selection. The color and texture of the rug you choose determine the atmosphere of the room and express your personality. The rug provides sound insulation and helps reduce disturbing noise from outside. By preventing sound transitions between floors, silence and privacy is ensured.

Rug softens your steps and offers a comfortable walking area, so you can sit on the floor and spend time playing games with your family. When regularly cleaned with vacuum brooms, it increases indoor air quality by cleaning the ambient air. Here are all the advantages of the rug:

  • Comfort and Insulation

Creating a feeling of warmth with millions of threads in its structure, the rug also provides insulation against extreme heat or cold. As it creates much more stable air temperatures on the rug floor, it creates a more comfortable environment for the users. In the cold season or climates, the rug keeps the cold air. In our age when it is necessary to be careful about energy consumption, rug provides a lot of benefits thanks to these features. Likewise, it creates insulation against extreme temperatures in hot weather.

  • The Basis of Decoration

Considering that an aesthetic appearance rug is a decoration tool, the color and texture features of this product, which covers the floors of our living spaces to a great extent, are very important. With their color and texture, rugs add simplicity, comfort, and softness to spaces, as well as a refreshing effect with bright colors used. The rug is one of the most effective and easiest ways to customize an environment. Regular maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of your rug.

Most of the rugs produced today are chemically treated against staining during their production. However, this process does not mean that the rug will not be stained in any way. When something is spilled on your rug, look for rug washing companies without applying chemicals, by tamping it with a damp cloth as quickly as possible.

  • Safety Against Slips And Falls

Safety is a fundamental issue that needs attention, especially in areas with young children and the elderly. In this sense, a stable and non-slippery surface is preferred on the floor of the living areas that prevents slips and falls or protects against injuries in the event of any fall. Since it is difficult to control the movements of toddlers, it is much safer to choose a soft and protective coating such as a rug rather than a hard and cold floor. Thanks to the softness of the rug and its anti-speed effect, it creates a safe environment for people of all ages in the home.

  • Sound Insulation Properties

Computers, phones, large screen televisions, and video games, which have become a part of our lives with the developing technology, cause our living spaces to become much louder than they are. The simplest solution to this airborne noise is the rugs located just under our feet.

The rug is a product that provides sound insulation as well as a beautiful floor covering. In addition, it increases comfort by providing an aesthetic atmosphere in spaces. In recent years, construction companies have tended to combine all living spaces inside the home with a large open space. However, this settlement plan will increase the amount of noise in the environment as it improves the unity of the family.

Thanks to the rug laid on the floor, this noise will be absorbed instead of hitting walls and furniture. Researches show that rugs produced with properly determined filling combinations provide much more effective sound insulation. Rug fillings also increase the comfort and ergonomic properties of the rug. Rug fillings also extend the life of the rug as it provides protection against wear and tear.

Importance of Using Quality Rugs

The use of rug is widespread in all places, especially in homes. Although European countries do not attach importance to the use of rugs as much as we do, recent studies show that the use of rugs has increased. Rugs to be used in homes are items that should be examined carefully for health, beyond decoration. A poor quality rug to be used at home can cause symptoms that will cause many health problems.

Poor quality rugs can reduce the quality of the air you breathe with the synthetic dyes and yarns used in their structures, and if the rug selection is not made correctly, suitable living space can be created for many bacteria and microbes. However, with the right and quality rug preference, it is possible to provide the opposite situation and protect our air from dust and bacteria.

There are many widely known but not certain ideas about the health effects of rug selection. This situation confuses people and causes question marks about rug. However, research has revealed that if the rug selection is made correctly, it is not a trigger for asthma and respiratory diseases and even prevents respiratory tract diseases.

The reason for this is that rugs with long piles and antibacterial properties take the dust in the room or house from the air, thus preventing them from entering our body. Contrary to popular belief, the use of rug is not a threat to health, but a beneficial tradition. For this reason, it will be extremely necessary and beneficial to use regularly cleaned rugs, especially in baby and children’s rooms and kindergartens.

Where and Why Are Rugs Used?

The widespread use in our country and the presence of rugs in almost every room of every house have caused the rug sector to develop a lot and the options to increase a lot. For this reason, it has become possible to reach many rug models with the desired structure and features, which can be cleaned, dirt-repellent or antibacterial, without sacrificing their visual qualities.

Rug selection can be made easily by evaluating the options after the purpose of the use is determined. For example, if the rug you will buy will be used as a children’s rug or a game rug in the children’s room, the qualities of the rug you choose should be much different and developed. Again, the factors to be considered when purchasing a kitchen rug are quite different from other interior spaces. The most important factor in purchasing kitchen rugs should be the choice of washable rugs that do not stain.

Choosing a beautiful rug in these rooms of the house where we spend the most time and where we host our guests will both increase our eye pleasure by completing the decoration and will provide a much more comfortable home environment. Rugs are charged per square meter and are usually produced in certain patterns and presented to the market. When a little research is done, it can be seen that it is possible to encounter a very wide price scale for rugs with the same square meter size.

Although it may seem tempting to choose an affordable rug in the short term, it would not make any sense to make such a choice, especially in areas of the house where a lot of time is spent, such as the living room. Choosing a quality rug cannot be determined only by price, nor should it be decided only on visuality. Otherwise, a rug produced with useless and poor quality material that may have negative effects on health can be purchased and this may cause extremely negative consequences.

Kitchen and dining rooms are generally the places where rug choices are made in favor of more useful and unpretentious models. It is an absolute necessity to be extra careful in choosing a rug in environments where food is worked or consumed. Otherwise, bacteria, dust, and microbes spreading from the rug can enter our body by touching our food in some way and may form the basis for serious health problems. One of the most important features to be considered for the kitchen rug to be used in the kitchen is that it is washable. Washable rugs are nowadays easily available in desired sizes at extremely affordable prices.

Until they reach a certain age, children and babies become extremely curious and interested in everything and hardly ever standstill. This situation can bring with it minor home accidents and unwanted misfortunes. For example; It is possible to encounter dyes spilled on the rugs or food and drinks frequently. It is a common misperception to have situations where you think you have removed the stain on the rug with a superficial cleaning.

However, the absence of a stain on the visible surface does not mean that your rug is completely cleaned, and this may cause unpleasant problems in the future. For example, problems such as odor and bacteria silicate and pathogen formation may arise in your rug, which is an undesirable problem, especially for a children’s room. For this reason, the children’s rug chosen for the children’s room is in a situation that must provide the properties that can be washed easily and frequently.

Your bedroom may be at the top of the places where you want to feel quite peaceful and comfortable. Considering that the main items that make a home a home and make it warm are rugs, it is almost impossible to think of a beautiful bedroom without a comfortable rug. However, although the bedrooms are thought to be adequately ventilated, they are one of the rooms that remain closed all night and have a high temperature.

For this reason, the rug to be used in the bedroom should be a breathable and antibacterial rug. It is very easy to find long or short hair models that have these features and also look stylish and warm. You only have to choose the model that suits your room and taste, complete your decoration and enjoy your home.

With the decorative appearance of the rugs, it can be seen that the usage areas are not only in houses. In addition to this, rugs are frequently used in offices, work areas, shops, and stores, restaurants, and cafes for decorative purposes. However, the schools that are very open to the use of children are among the areas where the most attention should be paid to rug use and rug hygiene.

Kindergarten rugs are used especially in kindergartens. The reason for this is to protect children against hard surface impacts in possible accidents and also to reduce the risks of epidemic diseases by taking advantage of the dust absorption properties provided by the rug. If it is preferred to use rugs in kindergartens and similar schools, meeting and conference halls, cinema halls, or similar public areas, the size should be made in accordance with the characteristics of the area and rugs that can be adapted more easily to every area such as cut runner rug should be preferred instead of fabricated measured rugs.

Rug selection should be made with quality and functionality at the forefront, and long-lasting models should be priority choices considering the wear rate. The future renewal and cleaning costs of the rugs should also be taken into consideration, and the health of children and all users should be taken into consideration by choosing special quality microfiber rugs that can be easily washed and cleaned and should be prioritized above all else.

Why Wall to Wall Rugs Are Used

Wall to wall rug is aesthetic, beautiful, and warm looking. It offers color, pattern, texture, and comfort options that complement the preferred decoration style and provides an extremely pleasant sensual convergence. It creates a non-slip, soft, safe, warm and comfortable atmosphere. It provides insulation against the ambient noise level and heat loss.

A quality wall-to-wall rug is used, the dignity of the place increases. The total user cost of the rug is extremely low. It includes total user cost, product cost, upholstery cost, maintenance cost, and product life. Industrial studies have shown that the total user cost of wall-to-wall rug provides an advantage of up to 35% over other hard floor coverings.

A wall-to-wall rug can be easily laid and can be applied to all floor surfaces. This feature saves time and money in terms of finishing new buildings (especially in collective housing and cooperative applications) and redecorating the ones in use. There are special varieties for every place. Rug maintenance is much easier and cheaper than other floor coverings. Quality wall-to-wall rug saves up to 40% in maintenance costs.

Acoustic tests between the rug and hard floor coverings revealed that the rug absorbs (absorbs) 10 times more atmospheric noises. Rug eliminates footsteps, echoes, and hum. It creates a quiet, calm, peaceful, and more efficient environment. An average quality absorbs 30 decibels of sound. The rug is the safest floor covering. Hard floors (especially when wet) can be slippery and dangerous. Rug eliminates the possibility of accidents and the injuries that may occur due to this.

The rug is an efficient material in providing thermal insulation. Using wall-to-wall rugs can save up to 15% of energy. It is very easy to heat spaces with rug and to maintain ambient temperature. Bacteria and microbes cannot reproduce in rugs that are selected according to the purpose and that are cared for and cleaned with regular and correct methods. Atmospheric pollution dust particles (flying dust particles) in spaces with wall-to-wall rug is much less than half compared to hard floor coverings. Regular tests by international industrial research institutes have proven that the finished rug is free of harmful substances and residues.

A soft, flexible rug surface creates a cushion effect. Since it distributes the body weight in a balanced way, it offers a great benefit and positive contribution in the prevention of back and joint pain. Color, pattern, and texture gain importance especially on large surfaces and when used as a dominant decoration element. A light-colored rug will make the space appear spacious and airy. Strong and dark colors create a warm atmosphere. Color is very important not only for aesthetics but also for determining the dirt hiding level of the rug.

Solid and light colors show dirt more easily on the rug, while dark colors show light dirt and fluff. Mid-tone colors reduce the visibility of contamination most effectively. The pattern of the rug also plays an important role in hiding dirt. Gray mélange (mouline) and large patterned rugs (with a large floor space) reveal contamination. Regular (organic, geometric) patterns tend to show more dirt and risk, while irregular and multicolored patterns reduce the visibility of dirt and stains.

Wall-to-wall rug patterns divide the viewing areas of the interior. Large patterns provide a feeling of narrow space in a space, small patterns provide a sense of large space. Choosing the most suitable color and pattern for the traffic level and pollution density of the environment significantly reduces maintenance needs and costs. Maximum dirt hiding performance is achieved with irregularly sprinkled colors or irregular patterns.

Medium-dark rugs with as many colored and irregular patterns as possible provide the most balanced performance in places that will be exposed to heavy traffic. The rug surface absorbs or reflects the light in different ways, depending on the way it is touched and the finishing (giving the rug its final shape, painting, etc.). This feature can significantly change the appearance of the rug.

Why to Choose Wall to Wall Rugs

It can be said that the reason why wall-to-wall rugs are preferred in general is that they are affordable. It completely wraps and covers the floor where the wall-to-wall rug is applied. It prevents it from being open from wall to wall. Another good feature of wall-to-wall rugs is that they are easily laid on the floor. It saves space and cost as well as saving from cleaning.

The wall-to-wall rug is very easy to clean. The wall-to-wall rug is also stylish. Since it creates a very aesthetic appearance on the ground, it never disturbs people’s eye pleasure. It also contains polyester in its structure. It prevents sweating thanks to other fabric and fabric-derived textures. It is suitable for covering on the wall as well as as a floor covering. Apart from its aesthetic appearance, it also provides sound and heat insulation if used on the wall. Therefore, it can be said that it has many functions.

Wall-to-wall rugs are produced in many different types and colors. Therefore, it is very easy to find a suitable design for every home and wall color. The wall-to-wall rug is pre-cut and arranged. So each house is cut to size as much as needed. It does not cause problems such as excess or deficiency. This is another indication that wall-to-wall rugs are quite affordable. Wall-to-wall rugs are suitable for use not only in homes but also in all indoor spaces.

It is suitable even for mosques, cinemas, or shopping mall entrances. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, it creates a suitable and pleasant appearance wherever it is used. The structure of wall-to-wall rugs is anti-bacterial. In other words, it does not contain germs or harmful bacteria. In this way, it will be much more useful in terms of health in homes with babies. It does not hurt the budget. So it is sold at a very affordable price. It is very, very durable.

It does not wear out, cut or damage easily. It meets the needs at home for many years. Provides comfortable and peaceful use. In short, it can be said that it is extremely comfortable. The wall-to-wall rug has an acoustic structure. It also prevents the space inside from making eco. It does not shed. In this way, it does not require an additional cleaning service. As a result, the wall-to-wall rug has many advantages in every sense. It is preferred because it is easy to use and affordable.

Why to Prefer Non-Slip Rugs

The day-by-day growth of home textiles also enables us to find answers to everything we seek for our needs. Using the possibilities of technology in home textiles has brought beautiful products to both the sector and our homes. One of these products is “Anti-Slip Rugs”, undoubtedly. Particularly, the interest in non-slip-based rugs has increased one-click these days when we meet with the summer. The non-slip rugs, which started production with the slogan “Useful and practical”, was quickly adopted by everyone.

The users of the non-slip rug have a wide range. Rugs, which appeal to everyone, can be found in almost every home due to their variety of patterns and their reasonable price. The fact that you have the opportunity to replace the rugs you are using with non-slip-based rugs is an indication of how accessible the non-slip-based rugs are. So, what is the reason why non-slip rugs are preferred so much, although they are new to home textiles?

We can attribute the widespread use of anti-slip rugs to today’s conditions. The fact that our life flow is based on a lot of business in a short time has also affected our home textile products. In these times when we have made it a habit to include everything practical and useful in our lives, non-slip rugs have become an alternative. While this alternative provides convenience to our homes, it has also created peaceful and comfortable areas of use for us. The simple completion of the cleaning of non-slip rugs has been a priority product for both working people and those who like to use their home cleanly.

Especially if you have a crowded family or a family with children, anti-slip rugs are just for you. The non-slip structure of the fabric under the rug acts as a protection by preventing your children in motion from falling. Thus, by laying the non-slip rug in the room where your children are, you can prepare a safe playground for them without leaving your eyes behind. Apart from families with children, non-slip rugs are also preferred in homes or places with elderly individuals.

Since our older adults are likely to have balance problems, anti-slip rugs are an unmissable product for them to walk and move with more firm steps. In addition, those who do not prefer thick rugs in summer can also obtain rugs with non-slip soles. The presence of features such as fine structure, ease to collect and clean and machine washable have made non-slip rugs an indispensable product for our homes.

Apart from these, the use of non-slip rugs is also common in homes where visuality is important. When it is not possible for the rugs to change at any moment, you can replace the rugs you are bored with non-slip rugs. These rugs, which you will use alternately, are products that should be examined by those who love innovation at home. Both the affordable price and the appeal to your eyes with different patterns and colors make the use of non-slip rugs inevitable.

Why Rug Cover Is Used

Today, there are many home textile products that make our lives easier. One of the most popular of these products in recent years is rug covers. Because these covers are of great importance for the protection of rugs. Rugs that are used frequently during the day get dirty easily and need to be cleaned. Cleaning rugs at home by wiping or washing them is both laborious and time-consuming. In addition, these methods cannot provide sufficient hygiene.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect them as much as possible. One of the methods used to protect rugs from dirt and wear is to cover them. However, covers that are not specially designed for rugs slide easily over the rug and cause a bad appearance. However, the rubber rug cover models, which are specially prepared according to the size of the rug, completely wrap the rugs and provide full protection.

The most ideal way to protect rugs from getting dirty and deformed is to use a rug cover. Because, thanks to these covers, the washing frequency of the rugs is reduced and thus they can be used for many years without wearing out. In addition, the use of a rubberized rug cover is very easy. It only takes a few minutes to put the rug cover over the rug. However, this is not the only benefit of rubber rug covers in terms of usage.

Rug cover models can also be removed practically from the rugs and washed in the washing machine. In order not to damage the product, you should take care that the temperature of the water is 30 degrees. Again, the washed rug covers dry in a short time and become ready for use. Rug covers also support human health. These products, made of a fabric called Welsoft, allow the rug to breathe. In this way, bacteria formation in the rug is prevented. This anti-bacterial feature of rug covers is of great importance for human health.

Among the advantages of using rubber, rug cover is that they are not easily deformed. These covers, produced from Wellsoft or ultrasoft fabrics, do not get pilling due to use and do not wear out easily. In addition, Welsoft fabric does not catch fire immediately in the event of a fire and prevents the fire from spreading to larger areas.

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