Why Carpet Is Good: Advantages of Carpets

The carpet creates a safe environment for people of all ages thanks to its softness and speed-cutting effect. It is much safer to choose a soft and protective covering, such as a carpet, rather than a hard and cold floor, especially since it is difficult to control the movements of toddlers. Carpets and rugs, which have been continuously increasing in popularity in the last few years, have become one of the basic elements of decoration in home and office. With its softness, patterns, and colors, carpets and rugs are distinguished from all other flooring materials.

The carpet that creates a feeling of warmth with millions of yarns in its structure also provides insulation against extreme heat or cold. The carpet creates a more comfortable environment for users as it creates more stable air temperatures on the floor. In cold seasons or climates, the carpet maintains warm air for a long time. In our age, which needs careful attention on energy consumption, carpet provides a lot of benefits thanks to these features. It also forms insulation against extreme temperatures in hot weather.

Considering that a carpet is a decoration tool, the color and texture characteristics of this product, which covers the floors of our living spaces to a great extent, are very important. Carpets with their color and texture add simplicity, comfort, and softness to spaces and create a refreshing effect with the bright colors used. Carpeting is one of the most effective and easiest ways to personalize an environment. Also, safety features on the ground are very important for older people. Carpeted floors are much safer, especially for the elderly at risk.

Safety is a key issue to be considered, especially in areas with small children and the elderly. In this sense, a stable and non-slippery surface is preferred on the floor of the living spaces, which prevents slippage and falls or protects against injuries in the event of any fall. It is much safer to choose a soft and protective covering such as a carpet rather than a hard and cold floor like parquet.

Computers, phones, big-screen TVs and video games that have become a part of our lives with the developing technology make our living spaces become much more noise than they are. The simplest solution to this noise emitted by the air is the carpets located just under our feet. The carpet is not only a beautiful floor covering but also a sound insulation product. In addition, it increases comfort by providing an aesthetic atmosphere in the spaces. In recent years, construction companies have tended to combine all living spaces in the home with a large open space. However, this settlement plan will increase the amount of noise in the environment as there are more people in a single room. With the carpet on the floor, this noise will be absorbed instead of bumping into walls and furniture. Research shows that carpets produced with properly defined fill combinations provide sound insulation much more effectively. Carpet fillings increase the comfort and ergonomic properties of the carpet. Carpet fillings provide protection against wear and tear and extend the life of the carpet.

Simple but regular maintenance will extend the life of the carpet. In particular, areas exposed to heavy traffic should be swept every few days and the remainder cleaned weekly. Most of the carpets produced today are chemically treated against staining during production. However, this does not mean that the carpet will not be stained in any way. If anything is spilled on your carpet, you can clean it as quickly as possible to prevent staining.

Benefits of Using Carpets

Carpets are the most useful floor coverings in the world because of the beauty, comfort, silence, and security they provide. They are particularly reassured to provide a non-slip surface for the elderly, young children and pets described as vulnerable groups. Nowadays, it is very easy to find a solution that fits almost any budget and decor with the rich carpet types offered by the carpet industry to the consumer.

  • Creates style reflects your style

You can choose from the many carpet styles and colors available on the market. Your final choice will reflect your desire to personalize your living space. It’s up to you to choose vibrant colors and strong bold patterns or a neutral style. Carpets add beauty and style to your floor.

  • Improves Space Air Quality

Unlike urban legends, carpet makes a very positive contribution to human health and well-being. It acts as a fully passive air filter, capturing dust, pollen, and other particles and removing them from the breathing zone. Keeping clean and well-maintained, the carpet helps to clean the air by reducing indoor pollutants that can trigger allergies and asthma of vulnerable people. The surface of the carpet pile contains airborne powders containing allergens and absorbs contaminants from inside and outside the building, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

A large study by the German Asthma and Allergy Association (DAAB) found that the wall-to-wall carpet halves airborne dust on hard floor surfaces. Carpet has the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions of common upholstery choices. In fact, it is one of the lowest emissions products used in construction and renovation. By laying a fresh new carpet, VOCs have been found to be short-lived and almost disintegrate within 24 to 48 hours, which is further accelerated by fresh air ventilation.

  • Gives Warmth and Comfort to the Environment

You can experience the feeling of warmth with soft padding and underfoot comfort with carpet. The carpet provides a comfortable place to sit, play or work, and gives a warmer feel to a room. The carpet literally provides thermal resistance. Although the temperature in a non-carpeted room is a few degrees lower, people feel more comfortable in a carpeted room. The carpet is an extremely good heat insulator. Carpet insulation value is similar to fiberglass insulation and can be ten times higher than other floor coverings. When installed under the carpet, it increases the thermal insulation even further.

When there is a temperature difference between the carpet, the interior, and the subfloor, it can help to significantly reduce energy costs in heating and cooling and hence greenhouse gas emissions. Uninsulated floors account for 10 to 20% of heat loss from a home.

  • Reduces Noise

Large-screen TVs, speakerphones, computers, and modern sound systems make our homes noisy. Carpet helps to absorb these sounds. Adding a pad under your carpets further reduces noise. The carpet works as a sound barrier between the floors by preventing the transmission of sound to the following rooms. The carpet on the stairs helps to wrap the foot traffic continuously. The carpet is much more effective in reducing noise compared to other floor coverings. So everyone from employees to students can benefit from a quieter, more attention-grabbing environment where they can concentrate better and do their best.

The carpet and pad also help to control the sound reflection used to describe the degree to which a sound is experienced in a room. Restless houses are often noisy and speech communication, especially those over the phone, can cause some disturbance. Carpet and backing assembly reduce long reverberation times to acceptable levels. Although there are other sound absorption alternatives, such as acoustic ceiling tiles and panels, they do not reduce ground effects and therefore cannot achieve the same overall reduction in sound levels. So, another reason why carpet is an excellent floor covering, where functionality and fashion are important is the noise reduction method.

  • Make your home floor safe

The carpet, which is essentially a slip-resistant floor covering, reduces the risk of accidents due to slipping and falling, and the possibility of serious injury when slipping and falling occurs. Carpet pads for young children alleviate falls. For the elderly, slippery hard surfaces can be extremely dangerous. The carpet matching with a good underlay provides the best possible protection against serious injuries caused by slips and falls in the home.

The Benefits Of Using High-Quality Carpets In Houses And The Damages That May Arise When Not Using One

The use of carpets is very common in every place in the world, especially in homes. Although European countries do not give as much importance to carpet use as Americans do, recent research shows that carpet usage has increased in Europe as well. The carpets to be used in the houses are the items that should be examined in health care rather than decoration. A poor quality carpet to be used at home can lead to the emergence of situations that may cause many health problems.

You can reduce the quality of the air you breathe with the synthetic dyes and yarns used in the structures of poor quality carpets, and if the carpet selection is not done correctly, suitable living space can be created for many bacteria and germs unintentionally. However, it is possible to protect the air from dust and bacteria by providing the opposite situation with the choice of an accurate and high-quality carpet.

Effects of Carpet Selection on Health

There are many well known but uncertain ideas about the health effects of carpet selection. This confuses people and raises questions about the carpet. However, researches have shown that if the selection of the carpet is done correctly, it is not of the nature of triggering asthma and respiratory diseases and even prevents respiratory diseases.

The reason for this is the fact that long-haired and antibacterial carpets keep the dust in the room or house from the air and prevent them from entering the body. So contrary to popular belief, the use of carpets is not a threat to health but a useful tradition. For this reason, it will be very necessary and useful to use regularly cleaned carpets especially in baby and children’s rooms and kindergartens.

Carpet Selection by Venue

The widespread use in the world and the presence of carpets in almost every room in every house has led to the development of the carpet sector and the increase in options. For this reason, it has become possible to reach many carpet models with the desired structure and properties, which can be cleaned, dirt-repellent or antibacterial, without sacrificing their visual qualities. Carpet selection can be made easily by evaluating the options after determining the intended use.

For example, if the carpet you will buy will be used as a child rug or play rug in the children’s room, the qualities of the carpet you choose should be much different and improved. Again, the elements to be taken into consideration when buying a kitchen rug are quite different from other interior spaces. The most important factor in the purchase of kitchen rugs should be in favor of the preference of stain-free washable carpets.

Antibacterial Carpets

Antibacterial carpet is produced by spraying or injecting acrylic emulsion-based special chemicals that prevent microorganism formation on the surface of the product after production. This permanent application ensures that bacteria and microorganisms are kept away from the product for a long time. That is, this property is not related to the material from which the product is manufactured, but can also be gained afterward. It should be noted here that chemicals that provide antibacterial properties will remain stable for up to 6-7 washings.

As the carpets are washed with detergent and chemicals, antibacterial properties will decrease. Carpets that can be washed above 60 ° C have antibacterial properties since bacteria do not live due to high temperatures. Among the carpet types, only bamboo carpets are naturally antibacterial. No chemical treatment is required.

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