Why Carpet Is Bad: Disadvantages and Health Risks of Using Carpets

The most dangerous health risk of using carpets are dust mites. Carpets, whether hand-woven or woven in the factory, synthetic or wool, are an important habitat for house dust mites. House dust mites are invisible microscopic organisms that feed on human waste, love warm and humid environments. When the body particles and feces of these organisms mix with the air, they cause allergies. Mites are not bacteria. Therefore, anti-bacterial carpets do not protect against house dust mite.

Since the house dust mite particles are heavy, they cannot remain suspended in the air for a long time. While the child is walking or running on the ground, he/she gets up, reaches the child’s respiratory system, and then quickly collapses on the ground. For this reason, air purifiers are not beneficial in removing house dust mites. Washing carpets with a vacuum cleaner while standing on the ground does not help to remove the allergen and also moistens the carpet and causes mites to live more. Steam cleaning robots kill mites at high temperatures; however, it is insufficient to remove fecal particles.

As a result; The only way for children with house dust mite allergy to stay away from mites is to remove carpets from the house. Thin knitted rugs that can be washed in the washing machine should be used instead of carpet. When the rugs are washed at 60 degrees, both house dust mites die; and fecal particles of mites are removed with water. It is possible to wash rugs that are not suitable for washing at 60 degrees at 40 degrees and to be used in areas outside the patient room.

Another important contribution to house dust measures is the use of quilt-proof mattress pillow covers. Studies have shown that children’s contact with mites develops mostly during the night’s sleep through the bed quilt and pillow. Allergy covers prevent the passage of mites on the bed, quilt, and pillow to the child. These covers are produced from very special woven cotton fabrics.

Disadvantages of Carpet Flooring

Carpets are a durable, attractive and flexible upholstery option ideal for many commercial projects. However, it is not suitable for all installations and it may be difficult to identify the highest quality carpet. Here are 3 most prominent disadvantages of carpets:

  • Hard Flooring Can Be More Comfortable

In some environments, hard flooring is a much better option than carpet. No matter how well your floors are cleaned, hard flooring will always be preferred because of the ease of cleaning in health care environments. Some organizations may prefer the aesthetics of hard flooring.

  • Carpet Prices Are More Expensive

Some of the carpets may be more expensive than other floorings.

  • Carpet Damages in Humid Environment

Carpets may not be preferred because they will cause molding in humid environments.

Experts Warn: Remove Carpets From Your Home!

Are you aware of the danger in your home? No matter how much cleaning you do, the germs called ‘mite’ are not going! House dust mites are small organisms that belong to the arthropod family and are invisible but can be selected by microscope. They are mostly found in the home environment. They especially love hot and humid environments and multiply rapidly. These mites, which cause allergies in humans, feed on people’s skin rash.

These are Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus (DP), Dermatophagoides Farinea (DF), and the depot mites fed with grain residues. Mites often collapse on the ground and walk and move easily into the air. In the case of inhalation of mites and allergens causing allergies, symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as itching, congestion, sneezing, itching in the eyes, watering, redness, and swelling may occur. In asthmatic patients, asthma attacks (coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath) can be triggered.

How to Prevent House Dust Mites?

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate mites that can be found almost everywhere in our daily life, you can greatly reduce your exposure by some precautions:

  • Eliminate the vital conditions of mites
  • Ventilate your home frequently (in dry weather, none of the house dust mites can survive, especially if the humidity is below 50%).
  • Never use steam engines.
  • Repair any fluid leaks anywhere in the house.
  • Change and wash your bedding at least once a week.
  • Reduce the vital areas of mites.
  • House dust mites can live in all types of fabrics. They are especially found in household items that can easily hold dust such as beds, pillows, duvets, carpets, thick curtains, and furniture. The mattress, pillow, and duvet used should not be made of wool or goose feather, and if possible, they should be covered with special medical sheaths that are impervious to mites.
  • Remove the carpet if possible. If you cannot remove it, use a small thin rug instead of a wool carpet.

  • Prefer thin tulle or roller blinds instead of thick or heavy curtains.
  • Keep as few items in the room as possible. Store items such as books, bauble, toys in closed cupboards. Remove plush and fluffy toys where mites can live intensely.
  • Clean the entire room at least once a week with a vacuum cleaner or a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. During cleaning, the allergic person should not be in the room, after cleaning, dust should be removed with a slightly damp cloth.
  • House dust mite allergens can be removed with the vacuum cleaner. But living mites cannot be eliminated. With the HEPA filtration method, the feces of house dust mites remain in the bag of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Care should be taken not to keep pets at home and especially in the bedroom.

Replace Carpets with Rugs

To live a healthy life, living in a hygienic environment is a must! If you want to create a hygienic environment in your home, you need to pay attention to the furniture you use. For example, you can place rugs on the floor instead of carpets that hold too much dust and use parquet instead of wood that is difficult to clean. If you want to get the right hygiene at home, take a look at what experts say about healthy home tricks:

When laying out your home and preparing room for your child, be sure to choose healthy ingredients first of all. Due to the intensive and unconscious use of chemicals today, even the furniture, carpets and kitchen utensils we use at home can seriously threaten our health. First of all, all materials used should be selected as healthy and especially easy to clean. Wooden flooring is not preferred because it holds a lot of dirt and it is difficult to clean. For this reason, it is useful to prefer flooring types that are easy to wash or wipe (eg parquet). However, when choosing parquet, make sure that they are health-friendly.

Use Rugs Instead of Carpets

Laying carpet on the floor, which is a frequently preferred method, may also cause some drawbacks. Carpet can become a home of dust and microorganisms, causing microbial and allergic problems. In addition, carpets and carpet-like materials can also absorb moisture in the room, making it difficult to breathe for allergic family members. Carpets can be replaced with washable rugs. In addition, it is useful to vacuum the rugs frequently. Particular attention should be paid not to have large metal furniture in the bedrooms. Because according to the research; metal materials can adversely affect the human organism by generating magnetic fields.

Therefore, the metal objects in the room can cause the person to feel tired and consequently sleep disturbances. Curtains are another important issue at home. Make sure the curtains are as simple and light as possible. Light color rests the person. Its simplicity both creates a relaxing atmosphere and provides ease of cleaning and reduces the risk of germ and pollen retention.

Again, the furniture in the bedroom should be made of wood, but prefer to be furniture that uses non-toxic paints. Make sure that there are no sharp protrusions on the furniture, especially in the room of infants and children. Unhealthy dyes and substances can have hazardous health consequences. These products have an allergy, long-term cancer, asthma, and chronic bronchitis.

Pet animals are also a major cause of allergy. Animals’ hairs, feces, urine, saliva and food used in feeding can cause allergies. Keep your pets away from your bedroom and where allergic people spend a long time. Wash your hands after handling and feeding your pets.

Get Your Baby’s Room With Window

According to researches; an ideal baby room is 12-15 square meters and has at least one window, creating a healthier environment. The rooms that the sun does not enter and is not ventilated, can adversely affect the baby’s health. In addition, the rooms in the southern part of the house can be very hot, especially in summer is not recommended as a children’s room. Instead, the children’s room should be located in the north-east or north-west of the house.

Every morning, we need to ventilate our house for 5-10 minutes and get rid of carcinogenic gases, especially radon, that accumulate during the night. You should also ventilate your house when cleaning. This is one of the most important points. While cleaning, some of the ingredients that you breathe from the cleaning agents (especially hydrochloric acid and bleach) used may harm your health. Therefore, leave the windows open until cleaning is finished, even if the weather is very cold.,

Is Carpet Cleaning Harmful To Health?

All dust, dirt, and debris formed in living spaces are trapped in carpets. No matter how powerful a vacuum cleaner is used, these deposits stored on the carpet will not disappear unless carpet washing is performed. Carpets may contain mold, fungus or bacteria due to air circulation, humidity or temperature. Especially in a humid environment, such pests that breed easily pose an enormous threat to human health. In order to avoid such problems, a thorough cleaning is required. This can only be carried out by persons skilled in the art.

Carpet cleaning can be carried out at home facilities as well as in professional facilities. Washing at home is usually a more superficial and simple cleaning. Carpets can not be said to be sufficiently cleaned in this way. It is best performed by using special machines in the carpet washing centers. The cleaning materials used are effective products which are specially prepared according to the structure of the carpet. However, thorough cleaning is provided when such applications are performed.

Carpet cleaning process using the best quality cleaning materials suitable for the type of carpet and drugs that fight against pests, pests such as mold, fungus, and bacteria are eliminated at maximum level. This shows how healthy the procedure is. On the other hand, facilities that employ untrained and unqualified personnel to reduce costs and use cheap, poor quality cleaning products cannot do the same cleaning. Again, a superficial cleaning can be qualified and the pests remaining on the bottom of the carpets are not cleaned. This shows the harmful aspect of the carpet cleaning process.

Carpet Recommendations for Asthma Patients

In households with asthma, it is generally suggested that carpets are removed and parquet, wood or PVC floor coverings are sufficient. However, it is known that asthma-carrying bacteria circulate more easily in homes without carpets. In particular, antiallergic carpets keep these bacteria inside and prevent them from mixing and breathing into the air. Those who are allergic to house mites should prefer antiallergic carpet models instead of removing the carpet from the house.

  • Antibacterial Carpet Models

Antibacterial carpets are produced by injecting or spraying acrylic absorption-based chemicals that prevent microorganism formation on carpet surface after production. This application ensures that house mites and allergies are permanently kept away from your carpet. Bacteria that cannot find a living space will move away from the house when you ventilate the house.

  • Antiallergic Carpet Models

Carpet models known as antibacterial carpets prevent house dust to accumulate in your home. Yet, house mites living between the carpet feathers may still live and block your bronchi by rushing from the carpet as soon as you step on it. However, anti-allergic carpet models prevent these house dust from being kept in your carpet and ensure that they are easily removed after the proper ventilation.

  • Things to Do to Avoid Asthma

Asthma is often triggered by cold. Therefore, it is natural that your child’s feet get cold when you remove the carpets in the house. Carpet should be used to prevent the cold which is the trigger of asthma. According to 2009 data, there were 300 million asthma patients in the world. With the increase in air pollution, perfume use and smoking, this number is thought to exceed 400 million by 2020. If you are not genetically inclined to have asthma, you should make a few sacrifices to prevent your baby from having asthma. First of all, you should not create a home to the house dust that causes asthma. The anti-allergic carpet models will help you to meet the necessary conditions.

Likewise, do not choose wool and feather when choosing a duvet cover. Ventilate your home frequently, if you do not have a security problem, make it a habit to open the windows when leaving the house. Prefer vacuum cleaners with a water tank, not a dust bag. In this way, you can avoid as much dust as possible. In addition, cooperation with the doctor must be made. Saying “I’m not disturbed at this time,” and quitting medicines guarantee asthma will come back tougher.

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