Which Carpet Is Best: 7 Best Type of Carpets

Decoration has hidden heroes; they give the place its soul and color. Carpets are one of them. For this reason, it is important to know how to use which carpet in which room in your home, and what to make your choices according to. But more important than that is the quality of the carpet you will buy. So which carpet is the best? In this article, I will give you information about the 7 best types of carpets.

I give 7 answers to the question “Which carpet is best”. The best carpets include leather carpets, bamboo carpets, shaggy carpets, patchwork carpets, wool carpets, plush carpets, and vintage carpets. Let’s examine these best carpet types together.

Splendor and Beauty: Leather Carpets

In the previous years, leather carpets were generally used in office furniture since real leather created a heavy and prestigious atmosphere in decoration. Nowadays, we see furniture with leather upholstery, leather rugs and accessories made of leather in homes. Especially in places that are decorated in an industrial or eclectic style, we often encounter them. The use of real calfskin skins as a carpet for decoration dates back to the 1960s. In this period, which is the golden age of Scandinavian furniture, tanned downy cowhide skins were used as carpets under the furniture. In the years that followed, these leather rugs were used quite a lot, especially in country-style houses that refer to farm life. In the early 2000s, small pieces of leather were combined and patchwork leather rugs were produced, so leather carpet models in different colors and patterns were obtained.

The areas where leather carpets are used the most are halls. It looks very stylish especially in places decorated with industrial style wood, raw iron, or marble. One of the places where these carpets are used frequently is reading and working rooms. The decoration of these rooms can be completed, especially with an iconic Eames or Barcelona single sofa. One of the most difficult areas to decorate with carpets is office areas. With its fine texture and prestigious appearance, leather carpets can be used comfortably in offices. Consumers who want to buy a rug made of genuine leather, whether patchwork or plain, usually have two basic questions in mind. Smell and molt problems. These problems are completely related to the process of leather processing. There is no odor and molt problem in quality processed leather. These problems do not occur as lamb and calf leather carpets are tanned with vegetable tannins. Of course, you need to pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning instructions of the carpet.

The most important point that separates these carpets from other carpets is their cleaning. Leather carpets should never be washed. The natural leather that comes into contact with water will harden and lose its softness in a short time. Leather carpets can be wiped periodically with a damp chemical-free cloth. Also, dust can be removed from the carpet with a weekly vacuum cleaner. In the case of tea or coffee stains on leather carpets, you can absorb the stain on a napkin by using a damp cloth without using detergent. If the carpet stains when dry, you should get professional support. Since leather rugs will dry the leather, it is not suitable for use in heated areas. Also, if your carpet gets accidentally wet, it should also absorb excess water with a napkin and dried without using a heat source. The process until the real leather becomes carpet is quite difficult. For this reason, leather carpet prices are higher than other carpets. However, when leather rugs are used in accordance with the maintenance instructions, they are very long-lasting like all-natural products.

Natural Material: Bamboo Carpets

Due to its softness and brightness, bamboo carpet is also called bamboo silk carpet. Bamboo carpets are woven from bamboo fiber, which is a natural fiber. Bamboo is a plant that grows in tropical regions and grows in a very short time. When the plant reaches maturity, its body is turned into a paste after being wetted. By spinning from this pulp, bamboo yarn is obtained. Carpets are produced from bamboo yarn, usually by machine weaving.

The bamboo yarn has a natural luster and creates a feeling of coolness. Due to its brightness, additional processes such as mercerization and finishing are not required after touching. Therefore, bamboo rugs have a very similar texture and appearance to real silk rugs. Carpets produced from this yarn have natural antibacterial properties. Therefore, it can be preferred in the baby room and by those who are allergic to dust. Since bamboo is a light thread, weaved carpets are medium-thin and light. The bamboo carpet models, which are produced from bamboo fiber, which absorbs the paint very well, look rich and saturated in color. It feels cool when pressed on it with bare feet, helps to remove negative electricity in your body. Due to this feature, bamboo runners can be used in bedrooms. It has high resistance against sunlight. Even if it is used for a long time in rooms with a lot of sunlight, its color will not fade.

Complementary to your decoration, these carpets are useful. However, due to the fact that it is produced from natural yarn, care must be taken for its maintenance. It is suitable for the living room, baby room, and doorways. They are not very suitable for places like kitchens with high traffic and the possibility of stains. In bamboo carpet models, color tones such as beige and gray are generally used. Therefore, they do not show much stain and dust.

The bamboo carpet should be vacuumed weekly with a vacuum cleaner. It is important to note here that the yarn of the carpet is swept in the direction it lies. Swept in the opposite direction may cause the deformation of the image of your carpet. For stain removal in these carpets, when the stain occurs, you should immediately intervene in the stain and buffer with a napkin that absorbs the stain without using chemicals. If you try rubbing the spot where the stain is formed, you will experience spotting shadowing in your state. While wiping the bamboo carpets, attention should be paid to the direction in which the yarn lies, and it should be wiped in one direction. These carpets should be washed annually in places that are hand-made carpet washing. Bamboo carpet prices are not very cheap as these carpets are produced from natural yarn. However, it is more suitable than hand-woven carpets and more expensive than machine-made carpets such as acrylic. The price does not determine the weight, size, and weaving frequency of the carpet. Bamboo is a sustainable ecological fiber. You can contribute to protecting your environment and the world by choosing bamboo carpets.

Feather Balls: Shaggy Carpets

Shaggy carpets are fluffy and hairy carpets as everyone knows. These carpets, which bring the spaces to a peaceful and warm atmosphere with their long hairs, take their name from the word “shaggy”, which means hairy and not combed in English. If you want to have a bridge that carries the tradition of your space to the future with its tulle name that accompanies the traditional touches placed in the patterns, then it is time to choose a shaggy carpet. Shaggy carpets are a solution for small spaces as well as small spaces by touching them in many sizes. A shaggy runner can also be evaluated for sequential use, with patterns that can be added side by side when used in entrances and corridors.

The shaggy carpets that fill you with peace by wrapping your feet while walking with its long pile structure add a soft atmosphere to the environment with its appearance. You can find the model that suits every decoration with very rich colors, or you can choose to start decoration from the carpet. The contribution of decor created with warm colors to your family environment is great. By using gray shaggy carpet in the study rooms, you can increase your motivation by providing confidence with “gray” and seriousness with “shaggy”. With the bond you will establish between the patterns and your decoration, you can both sit with peace and happiness in your home, room, hall, and office, and offer the warmest welcome to your guests.

If you have decided to choose a shaggy carpet, you will have a hard time choosing the most beautiful among the many models. The large collection consisting of beautiful patterns creates a lot of alternatives for you. From the catalog with carpets of different sizes, you can make appropriate selections for any size of space and go to pattern selection. With their motifs reflecting the traditions coming from centuries, the following carpet models are waiting to settle in your place like a storyteller. If you want your room to tell which table you want, you can complement your ambiance by choosing a suitable song.

Due to their long hairs, it is necessary to take care to clean the ‌shaggy carpets. Since every carpet has a different yarn structure and texture shape, the cleaning of each carpet is also different. Therefore, you can keep the form and colors of your carpet by paying attention to the instructions on the label of the carpet for cleaning and maintenance. During shaggy carpet care, chemicals, detergents should not be used, which should lead to deterioration of the structure and naturalness of the hair, should not be washed in a washing machine and carpet brushes should not be used with hard bristles. So how should the shaggy be cleaned? The most effective method of removing shaggy carpets from daily dust and dirt is their whisk. When the carpet is hardly whipped, the dirt and dust settled between them are removed. Repeating this as often as possible will delay the carpet’s need for a major cleaning. You can get good efficiency with a high vacuum cleaner. Using an apparatus that does not cause the hairs to stick together will provide effective cleaning.

You should definitely prefer professional carpet cleaning. Whisking and vacuum cleaning, daily cleaning, and professional washing at certain intervals bring carpets to the first day’s freshness. Wiping with soap or detergent cloth: ‌Shaggy carpet can be wiped with soapy cloth for stains and instant needs. However, after wiping, you should make sure that it is free of detergent and dry it quickly. Shaggy carpets, with their TUV certificate, document that they do not contain any carcinogenic substances and can keep their colors for many years like all other carpets in the collection. Shaggy carpets, which are hand-woven carpets, are woven with hand knots. Shaggy carpet prices seem relatively high due to this situation but are quite economical considering their longevity. If you want to host one of the love and longing stories told with old motifs, you can immediately choose your favorite shaggy carpet from the carpet collection.

Art on the Floor: Patchwork Carpets

Patchwork rugs are very popular in decoration in recent years. The most important feature of the carpets, each of which is carefully handwoven, is that the stitches and finishes are also made by hand. These works of art, which praise the tradition, reflect the positive energy of colors and patterns in their environment. The recycling mission of patchwork carpets, which is a piece of art that consists of carefully mending and combining old carpet pieces, also stands out. It is one of the biggest trends of recent times to evaluate it by renewing and using the old by transforming things. Patchwork carpets are preferred for creating characterful areas in homes and social spaces as well as in homes. Because they are very colorful, patchwork carpets easily adapt to different decoration styles from classic to minimalist.

The rich combination of hand-sewn textures also highlights quality. The carpets, each of which are inspiring, have the feature of being complementary elements of the decoration with their original models. The patchwork that retro vintage style enthusiasts have not given up on today; As a trend that has succeeded in influencing the home textile and fashion world from the carpet, it is on the rise. Not every piece needs to be compatible with each other; Experience the joy of merging pieces that reflect your own style where you live.

The strong color tones captured with natural dyes increase the effect of these increased carpets in the space. Being unique with their perfect workmanship enables them to be among the most preferred in living spaces. The extraordinary pleasure of bringing antique embroidery art to your home with a specially sewn patchwork carpet is invaluable. Each of these unique designs that combine cultures amazes with their current interpretations. These carpets are seen as symbols of adherence to our traditions from the past to the present. They carry precious memories to the future. Patchwork series, which have many collections and diversity bearing the traces of cultures, offer different size options to living spaces as well as color and pattern alternatives.

You can take advantage of the dynamic effect of patchwork carpets to add vitality to a single-color or monochrome modern style space. For those who cannot give up white, your only focus on decoration might be a stylish patchwork carpet with a black & gray transition. Let it speak, everything around you stay calm. We recommend you to try a vivid red, blue, turquoise patchwork carpet accompanying your neutral L wide sofa in the living room. You can decorate the sofa with pillows in matching colors and create a lively effect. Reward the sitting corner with a dark wooden seat, a patchwork rug that emphasizes the nobility of brown and beige tones. In a rustic themed lounge with antique white wood furniture, a monochrome patchwork/vintage carpet with vibrant turquoise transitions will complement the perfect elegance.

Patchwork fashion doesn’t just stay on the floor with carpets; it is also reflected in home textile. Placed on a plain turquoise carpet, the colorful patterned patchwork upholstered pouf witnesses a stunning atmosphere in the space. You can emphasize a noble harmony with its brown shades. The carpet, which has beige velvet upholstered sofas and leather seats, exhibits the harmony of different pieces in brown tones and completes the decoration. There is no limit to creativity in the use of Patchwork carpets! The magnificent welcome area, which is formed by laying different patterns on each step of the stairs like a painting, is an ambitious application example. In a modern & classic environment in a masculine style dominated by black, you can consider the patchwork carpet with a simple texture in shades of gray as a calm yet assertive piece. The dynamic combination of fuchsia and red works wonders on the ground. It is possible to achieve an extremely striking effect, especially in a place with white furniture and natural stone applied walls.

Top Quality: Wool Carpets

Pure wool carpet varieties, which have been an indispensable item of houses since ancient times, are preferred not only for elegance but also because of the usefulness of wool material. In recent years, a large number of wool woven carpets are produced, which can be used in harmony with modern pieces in different decoration styles. You can choose wool carpets in your home because of its healthiness, durability, dirt-repellency, and insulation ability. Although it is not known exactly where and when carpet weaving first appeared in history, it is generally thought to be based on Central Asia. During the migrations to the west of Asia, the nomads who were exposed to severe weather conditions started to use goat wool to protect their tents. Goat wool, which is much tighter and longer than sheep’s wool, was used for the first time in nomadic awnings with a weaving technique. Covering the holes on the surface of the tent and providing the tent with a waterproof feature, wool is also used to protect the soil ground of the tent from moisture.

The majority of plain-woven motifs of the carpets produced at that time contain pagan symbols. With the development of the art of weaving, the nomads have started to use wool material as a saddlebag, tent compartment, and blanket with different weaving techniques. Therefore, the use of wool in weaving is related to the fact that wool is a quality material that provides healthy, natural, and thermal insulation. Wool carpets absorb high humidity if there is too much moisture in their place, and if there is low humidity, they restore the moisture they trap. In this way, balance is provided in terms of temperature and humidity. This situation causes wool carpets to be preferred as a healthy option. In addition, the wool carpet is also safe because it is difficult to ignite. It can even extinguish itself when the flame source is gone. The matchstick or burning cigarette butt goes out when it is on the wool carpet and usually leaves no traces. In addition, wool carpet has anti-static properties due to its natural structure. Conditions such as headaches and stress caused by static electricity can be eliminated with wool carpet.

In addition, wool rugs perform quite well in terms of heat and sound insulation. Therefore, it is an ideal option to use both in summer and winter. Wool carpets can be laid on the floor of the spaces to provide sound insulation. Wool carpets, which are also very good in terms of color retention, have very vivid colors when painted. Moreover, they maintain their aesthetic appearance by preserving these vibrant colors for many years. One of the most distinctive features of woolen carpets is their high flexibility and upright ability. Thanks to this feature, the life, and durability of carpets are increased. Wool carpets; resists stains, dust, and dirt. As long as they are maintained on a regular basis and with the right methods, they retain their appearance for the first day for many years, so they look like new even after many years.

The carpets, the content of which is completely or to a certain extent, can be produced as hand-woven wool carpets or machine-made carpets. Root dyes are used for dyeing yarns for wool carpet models produced in handlooms. For this reason, carpets keep their liveliness on the first day of color even after many years. Handwoven wool carpet prices are slightly higher than machine-made carpets. Rugs produced in ancient years are called antique wool carpets. In washing processes, a slightly different path is followed than machine-made carpets. Generally, cleaning is done in professional washing places by using acid-derived substances. Soap and vinegar are used for washing at home. The carpets produced in the machine using wool blend yarns are called machine wool carpets. These carpets, which are not as durable as traditional carpets, are preferred due to their affordable prices. Synthetic dyes are used in machine-made carpets, the yarn of which is a mixture of wool and acrylic. Wool carpet prices vary according to the size, form, material, quality, and properties of the product. You can easily choose the carpets that are suitable for your needs and tastes and complete the elegance of your home from the stylish and comfortable wool runner or wool living room carpet models in the carpet collections.

The Softest: Plush Carpets

Plush carpet, which creates a remarkable visual on the carpet, with its long and soft feather texture, creates a natural feeling when stepped on with bare feet. The anti-slip feature of the special fabric used underneath ensures safe use on any kind of ground. Besides its soft surface, it has a bright appearance depending on the yarn feature. It can be used as decor or in normal carpet form with different size options.

Plush carpet models can be used in any area you want in your home with its variety in size and sliding features. You can use small size plush post options for decorative purposes in front of the fireplace or in bedrooms beside your bed. So, instead of looking for slippers while waking up and getting out of bed, step up to your warm and soft plush skin. Plush carpet options are suitable for use in kitchens according to hallway, vestibule, and size. In addition to the dimensions you can use as a doormat in bathrooms, balcony entrances, or street gate entrances, you can also consider the options of flat cut, large-size plush carpets and plush rugs for your living rooms. Flat models, from soft colors that are appropriate to suit all tastes to eye-catching vibrant colors, and different patterns that can be considered geometric or more authentic are other alternatives within the plush carpet models.

The yarn feature and tactile technique of the plush carpets are important in terms of not shedding hair. For this reason, your priority should be product features and quality. Quality products combined with quality materials and craftsmanship ensure long-term use and do not shed. As with every carpet, it provides you with clean use after the molting which will be experienced when first taken. After this stage, it is time to choose a plush carpet model according to your taste, which is the most enjoyable part of the job. First of all, you should think about which part of your home and for what purpose you want to use the carpet. For decorative use, you can choose from smaller sizes, such as plush mats and hides. The colors and patterns of the area you will use are another detail that you should consider. You can add a dynamic atmosphere to your environment in vibrant colors such as turquoise, fuchsia, or if you are for simplicity, you can take a look at gray plush carpet or white plush carpet models. Of course, you should also consider that light colors such as white, cream requires more frequent cleaning. If your furniture is simple, you can add a different atmosphere to your home with patterned models.

Plush carpets not only create a different atmosphere but also offer many advantages. With its soft structure and warmth, the non-slip floor texture of the plush carpet, which you can easily step on with your bare feet, provides the advantage of being comfortable to use in any space. This gripping feature of the sole is also safe. Providing many options from the size of the mat to the alternatives you can use as a living room rug gives you the freedom of use wherever you want. Another advantage is that it is lighter than other carpet types depending on its material. Although it appears to be a disadvantage in terms of cleaning due to its long pile structure, it provides a very practical and effortless use when proper cleaning is applied. Unless otherwise stated in the washing instructions of the model you purchased for plush carpets, the correct methods to be applied in general are as follows:

  • Plush carpets are washable.
  • Models of small sizes, in the form of mops or hides, can also be washed in the washing machine at the program and degree specified in the washing instruction. Thus, practical use is provided for light colors.
  • By applying a buffer in any stain formation, you can easily prevent the stain from entering the texture of the carpet and then wash it properly.
  • You can eliminate the worry of dust accumulation between them due to their long hairs by vacuuming them regularly with a vacuum cleaner.
  • As long as your plush is washed in accordance with the instructions, it continues to retain its unique voluminous texture.
  • To give the fluff a more fluffy form, you can brush and fluff the hairs with a brush after waiting for them to dry.
  • With the brush, you can comb the hairs in the opposite direction first, and then, without pressing too much, this time you can comb in the direction of the hairs.
  • For the long life of your plush carpet, you should not use bleach and bleach chemicals, be careful not to lay the carpet on damp floors that are not fully dried.
  • Plush carpet prices; varies according to their size, cutting shape, yarn, and weaving properties. You can add a pleasant atmosphere to your home by choosing the most suitable models for your budget, taste, and usage area among plush carpets.

Thinking of The Old: Vintage Carpets

The term vintage has been mentioned recently in all areas of fashion. The most popular effects on social media platforms like Instagram are Vintage filters. Stores that sell vintage clothes and accessories are now open. The old-fashioned furniture becomes vintage furniture by changing the upholstery and painting it in new colors. In this trend, vintage carpets took their place. Vintage products are not considered ancient. In order for a product to be considered an antique, it must be over a hundred years old and, if possible, before the first world war, that is, before the mass production period. Contrary to what is known, only products belonging to 60-70 years are not called Vintage. Products of this period are mostly considered Retro. In order for an item to be vintage, that product must belong to a certain period. A product produced between 1930 and 1990 that reflects the spirit of the period it was produced can be described as vintage. The concept of vintage was first used by collectors in the 19th century.

As it is known, hand-made carpets were woven in the past. Especially in nomadic villages, people have handed the wool they cropped from the livestock they feed and turned them into yarn. By boiling the plants they collected from nature, they dyed these threads with root dyes and weaved carpets. They transferred their geography and moods to carpet motifs. While some motifs belong to a region, improvised patterns are found in many carpets. Many carpets have the signature or name of the weaver. A woman whose husband did not return from the military weaved a carpet of meters long or wanted to describe that everything did not go very symmetrical and straight in life by not finishing the pattern at the end of the carpet. Carpet and rug weaving was not only a source of income and pursuit for people of that period but also a kind of therapy method.

Developing fashion and industrialization has shown itself in decoration as well as in every field. People have started to pay attention to colors and patterns in home decoration and to renew the decoration more frequently within their budgets. Handwoven carpets from the past years have been removed to a corner because they do not fit in new homes and lounges. These rugs, which people could not throw, could not be evaluated. As of 2000, old woven hand made carpets started to be collected from all over the world. These gathered carpets have been treated like shaving, washing, dust cabinet, sunbathing, bleaching, and dyeing and started to regain their new identity. Thus, Vintage carpet models emerged. Of course, not every carpet can be subjected to this transformation. Many factors need to be looked at, such as the condition of the carpet, its weaving type, and the yarns used in weaving. The carpets, whose long hairs are shaved on the surface, are lightened and natural tumbling air is obtained as the cream-colored cotton warps on the floor become evident.

These carpets, which are painted in colors that are up to date and suitable for decoration fashion, take their place in homes with their experiences and stories. Vintage carpets with rare patterns are only aged without being painted. One of the elements that make vintage hand-made carpets different is that each carpet is unique. In other words, the exact match of a carpet cannot be found. Vintage carpets are painted in popular colors, especially gray, turquoise ice blue, and water green. You can also find neon colors such as fuchsia, green, and pink. Patchwork carpets are made by cutting damaged carpets that are too defective from vintage carpets and combining them with hand sewing. In addition, more colorful models of vintage carpets produced in 1960 and 1970 are called Retro carpets. Vintage carpets can be used in places decorated in styles such as country, eclectic, modern, and retro. As long as color and pattern harmony is provided, it will look stylish in all places. Vintage carpets do not show dirt and dust because they are aged. With these features, it is also suitable for use in offices.

There is also a misconception about vintage carpet prices. Especially customers think that these carpets should be very affordable because they are old. However, the truth is that the prices of the new vintage carpets made mainly determine the transactions. Due to these aging and washing processes, the prices of these carpets are somewhat high. However, the prices are quite reasonable compared to new hand-woven imported carpets. Hand made carpets, which were woven in many parts of the world in the ’60s and ’70s, come to life with their new faces. The selection made among thousands of carpets belonging to this period is prepared to take its place in modern houses by painting them with vegetable dyes, so to speak.

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