Which Carpet Cleaning Techniques to Use: Steam Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpets hold all the dust and dirt of the house and outside, so one of the most polluted household items is carpets. And over time, the dirt penetrates deep into the carpet fibers. Mites, dust, particles, and stains settle on the carpet floor in a short time. Spilled beverage and food crumbs also cause permanent stains and bacterial growth over time. Carpets get dirty very quickly, but they are very difficult to clean. So do you know which carpet cleaning techniques are most efficient to use?

The most efficient carpet cleaning techniques are undoubtedly dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. These two methods are advantageous in many ways when compared to other carpet cleaning techniques. They provide practical and deep cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning machines utilize hot steam power to clean the dirt and dust which are penetrated deep into the carpet. On the other hand, dry carpet cleaning is done with purchased or homemade cleaning powders. Let’s analyze these two best carpet cleaning methods together!

Which Carpet Cleaning Technique: #1 Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, tried and proven for years on carpets covered in commercial areas all over the world, is recommended by almost all carpet manufacturers in order to preserve the appearance of the first day for a long time, to prevent the carpet from aging or looking old before its normal life, and to provide a healthy working environment. It is the most preferred carpet care and cleaning method all over the world.

The main material used in dry system cleaning is obtained by making sawdust obtained from the tree root highly absorbent like a sponge after a special process. The solution obtained with the mixture of 19 different biodegradable (water-soluble and biodegradable) active chemicals is mixed with this sponge-like absorbent sawdust pulp, which has been brought to consistency with a special method, and when it comes into contact with the carpet by mechanical methods, it can absorb all kinds of stains and dirt from the carpet yarn surface and the bottom part and cleans the bottom as well as the surface.

There is also carpet cleaning with dry foam. Especially in places where the floor is covered with carpet on the wall, it takes a lot of time to wash the carpet with plenty of water and then draw the water out of the carpet and dry it. It is a special state-of-the-art washing system that facilitates cleaning, which is preferred due to its fast drying feature in places where pedestrian traffic is very intense and continuous. Carpet washing with dry foam is an effective and practical solution, as there will be no pleasant smell if moisture remains on the carpet.

Completely Dry and Natural Carpet Cleaning Using Household Materials

Carpet is one of the indispensable items in the home of many of us. However, carpets are much more polluted than all other home decoration materials, and cleaning is often a hassle. Especially in homes with wall-to-wall carpets, this is even more difficult. You have several options for cleaning carpets:

You can collect the carpets and hand them over to a cleaner. This method may be the choice of most women. However, this option is not suitable for those who consider confusing issues such as how carpet cleaning companies clean the carpets, where they dry them, and whether the cleaning materials are healthy or not.

You can clean it with a carpet washing machine. A carpet washing machine is a device that has a place in everyone’s home, especially for a while. Almost every housewife bought a carpet washing machine for her home, but they are rarely used. The main reason for this is that cleaning carpets with a carpet washing machine can only be done by those who have the time.

The options above show the cleaning methods we usually know and apply. However, there is an alternative to all of these and, above all, a much healthier method. The most important feature of this method is that all the materials used are natural and healthy. So, after cleaning your carpets, your child or cat can easily spend time on the carpet. In addition, since it is a dry system, you can start using your carpets as soon as the cleaning is finished. For dry system carpet cleaning, you will need the following materials:

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • ½ cup cornstarch
  • ½ cup cornmeal
  • 4 dried bay leaves or powder
  • 1 tablespoon of cloves
  • A blender
  • A large salt shaker-like container

While baking soda, corn flour, corn starch, and cloves, among the materials on the list, work for cleaning your carpets, bay leaf undertakes the task of emitting a pleasant smell. After thoroughly mixing all the ingredients in the blender, place them in a perforated container and sprinkle them on the carpet you are going to clean.

After sprinkling is finished, wait at least two hours. In this process, the carpet will absorb the cleaning material you have prepared. If possible, sprinkle the material on the carpet before going to bed at night and start cleaning in the morning. After the carpet has absorbed the material, vacuum the carpet thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Your carpet is now cleaned. If the carpet has very large and long-standing stains, homemade cleaning material may not be able to remove these stains. However, it will be an adequate solution for the cleaning that a normal carpet would need.

Which Carpet Cleaning Technique: #2 Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is a reliable cleaning method that provides much more effective and most importantly more hygienic cleaning than common cleaning systems. Without the need for detergents and similar cleaning products, you can clean your carpets in a very practical and fast way with ionized dry steam at a temperature of 150 degrees and above, depending on the product used, and provide hygiene at the highest level. At the same time, you protect yourself and the environment from the carcinogenic effects of chemicals, and you save your budget from the financial burden of chemicals.

In general, carpets are cleaned with the help of water and detergent, and this method causes our carpets to deform in a short time. It is tedious, drying is a problem, and takes time. Undesirable microorganisms reproduce on our carpets that remain damp during this process. It becomes a nest of bacteria. Carpets that we think have been cleaned scatter germs and become unhygienic. On the other hand, steam carpet cleaning is a very practical method.

In order to clean the very dirty carpet surface with steam, first of all, it is necessary to vacuum all visible dirt using the vacuuming unit of the steam cleaning machine. Apply steam by wiping a microfiber cloth to the brush attachment included in the standard accessories. And run it on the carpet. You can easily do this without using a microfiber cloth with the carpet cleaning apparatus or upholstery cleaning apparatus in the wide range of accessories of steam cleaning machines.

When you have a new baby your house can look a lot dirtier than before. This is one of the main reasons for using steam cleaning at home. Major household cleaners can affect babies’ eyes, airways, skin, and more. There is good news. By making simple changes and implementing a child-safe cleaning, you can keep your home clean without exposing your baby to unnecessary risks. There are several reasons why steam cleaning is good for use in your home:

  • Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly – ​​no chemicals included.
  • Steam cleaning uses heat to disinfect or sanitize nearly any household surface.
  • Steam evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry faster than those cleaned with water.
  • Steam cleaning is great for hard-to-clean crevices.
  • Steam can dissolve difficult-to-remove substances such as ground wax, glue, and gum.

Information About Steam Cleaners

The products that offer user experience beyond the usual experience are developed by considering each detail. Steam carpet cleaning is one of the new generation products that deals with all the relevant dimensions. These products clean the surface by giving high-temperature vapor with high pressure and performing the cleaning process. The main factors in the success of this system, which provides extremely effective results, are heat and pressure. Water vapor, which is not even noticed at room temperature and pressure, turns into an effective cleaning tool thanks to its high temperature and pressure.

You can use steam cleaners for surfaces of different qualities as well. These products, which make carpet cleaning extremely practical, provide easy, fast and effective cleaning on surfaces such as tiles, parquets, sinks, stoves, ovens, and walls. Steam carpet cleaner varieties, which offer the most superior features in design and technology, find a place more and more at home. Cleaning is a largely associated concept. One of the main objectives of cleaning is that there is no risk to health. So, can the main purpose of the cleaning process, which is to protect health, be harmful to health?

The detergents which easily extract dirt and stains contain hard chemicals. The contact and inhalation of them with skin can cause serious dangers. The subject is more serious for people with allergies to detergent. Steam cleaners do not require detergent. You can reach the same result with a detergent containing hard chemicals with steam cleaners, in a way that does not have any harm in terms of health. The lack or decrease in the use of detergent is of course a positive situation for the budget as well as for health.

These products, which make cleaning extremely practical, allow purifying surfaces from dirt and stains without spending muscle power. In addition to facilitating stain and dirt removal, high-temperature steam allows the death of bacteria and especially allergens found in carpets.

Why Should We Choose Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning has been an effective alternative to traditional cleaning methods for a long time. With steam cleaning, you can use the power of high-temperature water practically and quickly. With steam, without the addition of detergent, you can effectively remove even the most stubborn and difficult stains with the least effort, by saving the environment and invoices. If you are planning to buy a floor cleaner for your home, I have compiled several good reasons for you to choose steam cleaning and say goodbye to traditional systems.

  • In-depth hygiene throughout the house

Natural steam produced by water at high temperatures has strong cleaning power. One of the main advantages of steam cleaning is the certainty of perfect cleaning and deep hygiene: a large number of tests performed by independent laboratories have shown that bacteria, fungi, and molds can be eliminated up to 99.99 % on the carpets.

  • Say goodbye to mites and allergens

Dust, mite, molds, and animal feathers are among the basic enemies of the air quality in your home. Unlike traditional systems, steam cleaning allows the effective removal of dust mites and other allergens. Some of the best vapor cleaners on the market are specially designed for those with allergies, which helps to make the air healthier and more breathable for the whole family.

  • Superior cleaning of oils and stains

Cleaning carpets requires more effort and certain chemical cleaners. With a steam cleaner, difficult stains and oil residues can be solved in a short time without the need for detergent or lime-soluble products.

  • Ideal for cleaning all surfaces

According to traditional methods, among the good reasons for choosing steam cleaning, is the ability to effectively clean every surface in the house, even the most difficult to reach. For example, the additional places of flooring and tiles, drainage, shower cabins, stove, mirror, curtain, and other fabrics are just a few of the surfaces that you can sterilize with the steam jet of your cleaner.

  • Eliminates bad odors

A clean house is also a fresh and fragrant house.

  • Budget-friendly

Cleaning the floors and other surfaces of your home may include a large number of products and cleaning tools. One of the main benefits of steam cleaning is that it provides significant cost savings thanks to reduced water consumption without having to use detergent and chemicals.

  • Environmentally sensitive

Less waste of water and zero chemical substances means further care for the environment. In addition, the new generation of steam cleaner models is specifically designed to reduce energy consumption to 25% and water consumption to 30% compared to previous models.

  • Less laborious

Use steam cleaner for special cleaning and daily cleaning; With less effort, it gives you unrivaled cleaning and hygiene.

  • Speed

Cleaning stubborn stains? Rubbing the greased surfaces? Put the water in the tank and wait a few minutes to obtain a steam jet that can clean each surface of the house very quickly and without effort.

  • Practicality

It will only look like a small advantage for some, but it can be important to you. You should know that the steam cleaner models that are currently on sale are designed for the comfort of users: Ultra-light and easy to use.

Where Else You Can Use Your Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaners are versatile cleaning tools that can be used for countless cleaning tasks in your home. The high temperature of the steam is perfect for sanitizing surfaces and removing grease and grime. Better still, cleaning with water alone is also of great value in terms of financial and environmental protection. Here are our top ten uses for your steam cleaner at home and beyond:

  • Cleaning the carpets

The best tool for cleaning large areas of carpet is a special carpet cleaner, as it removes embedded dirt from deep within the fibers without the need for high temperatures. They are also very fast and efficient for use in large areas. However, your steam cleaner can be effective for spot cleaning and fluffing smaller areas of carpet and rugs. You should always test a small hidden area of ​​carpet before using your steam cleaner, as not all carpet types are suitable for cleaning at such high temperatures.

Many steam cleaners have a special carpet nozzle that can also be used for carpets when a large cloth is attached. If you have a mobile steam cleaner, use the upholstery nozzle with a small cloth. Move the nozzle over the carpet and avoid overwetting by pressing any area.

  • Cleaning your stove and oven

Everyone hates cleaning the oven – it can be really hard to remove frozen grease and food residue. There is plenty of strong oven cleaning sprays on the market, but they are often quite toxic and fill your kitchen with a strong chemical smell. Using a steam cleaner instead is more environmentally friendly and does not produce bad odors. Be careful not to use your steam cleaner close to the cooking elements inside the oven, as this may cause your oven to malfunction.

For best results on glass oven doors, first, use the steam cleaner on a high setting with a brush attachment attached to remove any residue and grease left in the oven. Then finish cleaning with a window wiper to get a streak-free finish on the glass. A brush attachment is best for cleaning metal shelves, stoves, and grill pans, but be careful not to use it on surfaces where it can scratch. If you’re unsure, test a small, hidden area first to make sure it doesn’t damage the area you’re cleaning. If you have a scraper tool with your steamer, it’s also useful for slipping off burnt layers of food.

  • Cleaning your barbecue

A steam cleaner makes cleaning your barbecue or grill wire much easier. Because steam cleaners are not designed for garden or wet weather use, be careful not to use them outdoors if there is a risk of rain, or move the barbecue under a patio. To clean your barbecue, remove stubborn grease and burnt-on food residues using the cooker’s wire brush tools and scraper tools, just as you would an oven.

  • Defrosting your refrigerator

If you’re in a rush to defrost your freezer, using a steam cleaner is a much safer option than attacking the ice with kitchen appliances. The heat of the steam also sterilizes the surfaces, so you don’t need to use any detergent to clean them after the ice is removed. First, remove the drawers, place a bucket or bowl under the freezer to collect the ice, and then point the nozzle of your steam cleaner at the ice. Although you can use your steam cleaner’s scraper tool (if equipped), large chunks of ice will easily come into your hands. Finally, dry all surfaces with a cloth.

  • Cleaning the windows

When using a cloth to clean windows, liquids can often run off the surface and leave even more stain marks. A steam cleaner is great as it keeps the water on the window away from you, leaving a dry and streak-free surface every time. Most steam cleaners have a special glass cleaning accessory for this job. Simply plug in this tool and work straight in strips, changing direction from top to bottom to avoid overlapping and streaking.

For best results on dirty glass, the best tip is to run a microfiber cloth over the fiberglass and use the steam cleaner on a low setting if you are going to run it on the glass for the first time. Then go over it again without the cloth and with the steam set to a high setting. It is recommended that you place a towel under the window before starting to catch any drips.

  • Cleaning hard floors

Steam cleaners are great for cleaning the upholstered kitchen and bathroom floors because they help kill bacteria that cloth and detergent can’t always penetrate, providing a completely hygienic finish. The high-temperature steam is also very useful for cleaning the joints between tiles. Many great steam cleaners have a special floor cleaner that you should use without the cloth for the best results on hard floors. Move the floor nozzle and do not keep the nozzle in one area for a long time as this may damage the joint.

  • Cleaning armchairs and sofas

Most steam cleaners will have a specially designed upholstery nozzle for this job. Clip this cap and cover it with the supplied cotton cloth. Then apply steam to the tiled surface and allow it to move around so that the material does not get wet. The heat of the steam kills dust mites and helps remove stains. It is recommended that you test a small, hidden area of ​​the material before you start steaming to make sure the color does not bleed.

  • Ventilation of curtains

The upholstery nozzle and cloth of your steam upholstery can also be used to clean curtains. Just be sure to check the care label on the curtains to make sure they’re suitable for steam cleaning.

  • Disinfecting your bed

The high temperature of the steam produced by the steam cleaner kills dust mites, making it the perfect tool for cleaning your mattress because mattresses are known as dust mite dens. Therefore, this method is recommended especially if someone in your family suffers from allergies. Be sure to move the tool over the surface of the bed, using the upholstery with the upholstery head and the additional cloth so that you do not overwet the bed. After complete steam cleaning, leave the mattress if possible for a few hours to allow it to dry completely before putting on the bed linen.

  • Cleaning the fixtures

Cleaning the little bits of limescale and grime that settles around kitchen and bathroom faucets can be a daunting task, but a steam cleaner is perfect for the job. Use the detail nozzle to apply the most detailed burst of steam. Wipe clean with a cloth.

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