Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best: Steam Cleaning

The cleaning of the carpets we use in every room of our house has great importance, especially for our health. Especially in shaggy carpets, many bacteria settle between the hairs over time. Particular attention should be paid to carpet cleaning, especially in homes with infancy. The selection of the cleaning materials to be used in cleaning the carpets should be done hygienically as well as cleaning the carpets from germs and bacteria. The selection of cleaning materials and carpet cleaning should be done primarily according to the destruction of microbes and bacteria in the carpets. It is also very important to make these bacteria prevent them from settling on the carpets. The best carpet cleaning method that provides all this is steam cleaning.

The steam cleaning method is the best carpet cleaning method, as it can be effective in many applications. In fact, in the steam cleaning method, while washing the carpet, hot water is used instead of steam. The temperature of the water is usually between 65-100 degrees. High-temperature water is sprayed to the carpet with pressure to dissolve the dirt particles in the carpet. Then the dirt particles are drawn with the vacuum machine and trapped in the chamber inside the carpet washing machine. A detergent or cleaning solution is also added to the water used. Steam washing is a carpet washing process that gives results close to the deep cleaning of the carpet. Hot water also kills bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. Thus, after steam carpet cleaning, the carpet is free from allergens.

If you are interested in how to use the steam washing method, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional carpet washing company. In professional carpet washing factories, the carpet is washed mostly using a hot water spray machine with wheels. There are also steam carpet washing machines rented out. If you say that I will wash it anyway and want to wash the carpet yourself instead of the carpet cleaner, you can clean the carpet yourself with the carpet washing machines you have rented. The steam washing method is costly. The rented carpet washing machine prices vary according to the brand and model.

Generally, carpets are cleaned with the help of water and detergent, this method causes deformation of our carpets in a short time. It is troublesome, drying is a problem and takes time. In this process, unwanted microorganisms reproduce in our carpets that remain moist. It turns into a bacterial nest. The carpets that we think are cleaned spreads germs, they are not hygienic. In order to clean the hardly dirty textile surface with steam, it is first necessary to vacuum all the visible dirt using the vacuum cleaning unit of the steam cleaning machine. Apply steam by buffing a microfiber cloth on the brush attachment in standard accessories. And move it over the carpet. You can easily do this without using a microfiber cloth with a carpet cleaning apparatus or floor cleaning apparatus in a wide range of accessories of steam cleaning machines.

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

You can get a steam carpet cleaning service for your carpets that get dirty during the day. Bacteria will also play an important role in the environment created by dust and microbes. This is enough reason to reach the point that will threaten your health. Even if you wash your carpets yourself, some dirt will come out, but the actual dirt will still remain on the carpet. Special machines are needed for adequate cleaning. Professional carpet washing companies come to your place and clean your carpets with special latest technology machines and save you from this trouble.

When you choose a steam carpet cleaning service, your carpets will get their old look and you will live in a healthy environment. You will also experience high-quality carpet cleaning service in steam cleaning service applied with special machines. The biggest advantage of steam carpet cleaning is that it ends in an average of 3 hours and the carpet dries quickly. Unlike normal carpet washing machines, it dries pretty fast, water does not flow from your carpets and you will get your dry and clean carpets in a few days. In normal carpet washing services, your carpets dry within an average of a few days, and this may cause the environment in which you are to be watered.

While cleaning is the most important factor for people, the dirt on the carpets sometimes escapes the attention of people. Carpets are among the products that look the cleanest but actually contain the most dirt and bacteria in their bottoms. For this reason, carpets should be cleaned frequently. You should do this work with a specialist hand and ensure that your carpets are completely free of bacteria and microbes. You can rely on carpet washing companies that take your carpet from your door and leave it to your door after cleaning and drying. If you have a wall-to-wall carpet, the cleaning service is completed without damaging your carpet by taking a steam carpet cleaning service in place.

Professional steam carpet washing companies provide you with a quality service that can be used within a couple of hours. Moreover, in this process, where you can have affordable prices, the latest technologies are used in addition to quality elements. With the steam system, your carpets are cleaned in a way that bacteria cannot survive and deep cleaning is provided not only on the surface of the carpet but also on the bottom of the carpet. In addition, this service, which is provided not only in homes but also in hotels, workplaces, nurseries, increases the importance of steam carpet washing. As long as you have experience with so many years of experience and people who are experts in their business, your carpets are never damaged and they are delivered to you like the first. With affordable prices, you can clean your carpets in the best way and protect both you and your loved ones for a healthy future. You can contact a carpet cleaning company to get on-site steam carpet cleaning services and you can get started right away by getting your carpets you want to be cleaned thoroughly or asking them to be washed in your own home.

Karcher, a brand of German cleaning machines, lists the 5 benefits of steam cleaning as follows:

1) Steam cleaning, which is a reliable method that provides much more efficient and much more hygienic cleaning than conventional cleaning systems, does not need detergents and similar cleaning products.

2) It cleans all the items in your home in a very practical and fast manner with the steam applied at a temperature of 150 degrees and above according to the product used.

3) While the chemicals used in cleaning are not used in steam cleaning, protecting individuals from the carcinogenic effects of these substances, chemical waste is not discharged to the environment.

4) Another advantage of steam cleaning to the environment is that it saves water in cleaning. Steam cleaning, which saves up to 50 percent of water, unlike traditional methods, also eliminates the use of excess water.

5) The high-temperature steam that exists in steam cleaning is much more successful and much more economical than all known methods in combating microorganisms that occur in homes which are known as mites in the folk language. The 100 percent effective solution against mites that cannot be cleaned with conventional methods is through steam cleaning machines.

Best Steam Carpet Cleaners: Innovative and Easy to Use

Are you one of those who prefer steam cleaning methods? You can learn steam cleaning techniques by reading our tips here! Did you know that you can clean almost every surface in your house with steam? Steam is the last point in cleaning technology: it disinfects, cleans, and removes bad odors. Why not try using this new method? In the following paragraphs, I will share with you the basic features of the steam cleaning method.

Steam cleaners can also be used on many surfaces, such as ovens, leather, tiles, mirrors, and windows, as well as carpets – but not all steam cleaners have been developed to perform the same function. To prevent accidents that may occur while using, you should use the manual of steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are the new cleaning method that is very easy to use – but many people wonder how it works. The explanation is simple: Steam cleaners work in two ways depending on the type of machine.

Dry steam cleaner: The way it works is similar to the steam cooker. The water reaches the boiling point and the machine starts producing steam. This process takes only a few minutes per liter of water. If you use hot water directly, steam cleaning will speed up.

Cold steam cleaner: These machines work without boiling water, so steam is only moist, not hot. The disadvantage of the cold steam cleaner is that it consumes more water than dry steam cleaners. Due to the degree of water, they cannot destroy mold and bacteria.

Steam cleaners are an innovative cleaning system, but this does not mean they are difficult to use. With this guide, you can find out which cleaning method is right for you with its pros and cons. Remember: Before using steam cleaners on a surface, try them on an invisible part of the surface. Remember to follow the instructions for the surface you want to clean and the steam cleaner. When using any cleaning product, you should always read the instructions for use. Test in a small, invisible area before trying any cleaning method. Check the wash label when cleaning your clothes. Of course, security first – always take the necessary safety precautions.

Advantages of Steam Cleaner:

  • They provide deep cleaning on all surfaces: floor, wall, clothing, carpet, window, car upholstery, bathroom, toy, oven, curtain, etc.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It disinfects surfaces, removes bad odors and degreases.
  • Eliminates mold and bacteria.
  • While some steam cleaners need detergent, mostly no detergent is required.
  • It provides effective cleaning by removing difficult stains.

Disadvantages of Steam Cleaner:

  • While steam cleaning is very effective on many surfaces, antiques, paper, cardboard, painted surfaces, and wood are sensitive to this cleaning method. Clean these surfaces using another method, as steam can damage and degrade.
  • Even if you successfully clean the surface with steam, you will need to use a cloth.
  • Steam can burn your skin: Always wear gloves and follow safety instructions to protect your hands.
  • It is less economical than traditional cleaning methods.

When you buy a steam carpet cleaning machine, you need to make sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Take all necessary safety precautions to prevent errors so that you can make the most of the machine’s disinfection and cleaning potential. If you have a carpet at home, having a steam cleaner can help you because that means you won’t need a professional cleaning service. Steps you can follow for carpet cleaning with steam:

  • First, vacuum clean to get rid of dust.
  • Fill the machine with hot water.
  • Add half a cup of sensitive liquid detergent.
  • Add half a cup of carbonate to better disinfect.

A Natural and Deep Cleaning Method: Details About Steam Cleaning

It is natural, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly. Steam cleaning is the most natural method of cleaning and is therefore an ideal alternative to conventional cleaning methods. Steam cleaning machines offer various application possibilities. In addition to cleaning, they provide striking results for ironing and fabric care. By using the power of steam, you save valuable time that you can use in another way. Whether large or small, using steam for housework has never been easier.

While people did not yet have enough awareness about cleaning, steam was rising from volcanoes and hot springs. However, in order to use steam in practice, it was necessary to come up to the 1700s. Steam cleaning is a modern form of steam power. No chemicals are used in steam cleaning. The combination of steam power and temperature is sufficient to remove stubborn dirt alone, cleaning agents are unnecessary. Thus, water, which is the basis of life, and the budget of your home are protected. Steam cleaning takes a load from nature and its resources and is also beneficial in other respects. For example; there is no need to use cleaning agents and their packaging. Thus additional resource and energy savings are provided.

In addition, water is more economical when used as cleaning steam. A single liter of tap water is sufficient to produce 1,700 liters of steam. This means steam cleaning for about 20 minutes. So enough to clean a small apartment … Also, electricity is required only during the heating of the water, so energy consumption is kept to a minimum. Steam cleaning protects you and your family. Unlike detergents, steam condensing on the cleaned surfaces leaves no residual substances that potentially trigger allergies. This is especially important for young children, who take everything they find into their mouths. Accidents caused by the use of the wrong cleaning agent, irritation of your skin, or negative effects on health will no longer be a problem thanks to steam.

People with allergic conditions also take a comfortable breath. Since the vapor traps dust into it and therefore does not spread allergens (such as dust mites and their secretions) into the air, the air quality of the environment in which it resides increases significantly. As a result, the effort you spend on steam cleaning is reduced; because steam works for you! The secret of steam cleaning is hidden in the spraying and temperature of the steam. Not only can you clean the dirt, but you can also reach hard-to-reach areas much more easily. So you can do a more detailed cleaning. Moreover, without using chemicals completely! In some cases, the cleaning power of the steam can be supported by mechanical cleanings, such as a brush or cloth. Since steam also removes minerals in the water, our devices do not leave lime residue or traces behind them.

Steam cleaning means fast cleaning. Even stubborn dirt and oils can be removed with steam in seconds. Time-consuming scrub is no longer necessary. Steam saves you time during ironing. The laundry does not need to be wetted and wrinkles open much faster. A single device that can handle every job for different cleaning processes meets all your needs. So you have time for your more important work in your life. The steam cleaning machine works on the same principle as a pressure cooker. The water is heated in a leakproof boiler until it boils, steam is produced. This process takes between 1 and 6 minutes for each liter of water, depending on the device.

Steam is better formed when the tank is not full. Otherwise, if there is a lot of water, the steam generated is absorbed very quickly. When the water boils, a measured amount of steam is applied through the steam gun. The higher the vapor pressure, the faster the steam sprays, and the better the dirt dissolves. Hot water speeds up the heating process. The pressure of the boiler can reach up to 4 bar, depending on the product model. The 7 reasons for steam cleaning are:

  • Steam is environmentally friendly – no cleaning agent is used and water consumption is low.
  • Steam provides hygienic cleaning – even in hard-to-reach places.
  • Steam cleans without tiring you – forget to rub and polish.
  • Steam is healthier – no cleaning agent is required.
  • Steam is versatile – for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, or windows; It can also be used on irons and fabrics.
  • Steam saves time – steam cleaning is faster.
  • Steam saves money – no cleaning agent is required.

Application Areas of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning machines have application features in various fields. In addition to cleaning, they provide striking results for ironing and maintenance of textile surfaces. Here you can discover various applications made with steam and be amazed by the wealth of use.

  • Cleaning of tiled floors

For intermediate cleaning and final cleaning, use a cloth that you can fold over the floor nozzle. You can also use the microfiber cloth (special accessory), especially for deep and detailed cleaning. After steam comes in, move the nozzle back and forth. It is not necessary to give steam continuously. To clean the joints, its head is not only at right angles; you also need to keep it horizontally between them. We recommend vacuuming the floor with a vacuum cleaner before steam cleaning. Use only on laminate surfaces that you know are professionally laid and glued.

  • Cleaning laminate coatings

You can clean laminate surfaces or polished parquet surfaces (not oily or waxy) by half the amount of steam. The amount of steam is adjusted via the steam gun. Use two clean cloths (= 4 layers), so that such surfaces have minimal contact with steam. Do not apply the steam to the same spot for too long so that the floor does not get wet. The remaining moisture will dry immediately and there will be no traces. We recommend vacuuming the floor with a vacuum cleaner before steam cleaning. Use only on laminate surfaces that you know are professionally laid and glued.

  • Cleaning of bathrooms and toilets

The spacing of wall tiles, glass and mirror surfaces, and installations, narrow spaces, etc. ideal for easy cleaning. Even stubborn dirt can be easily removed with the microfiber cloth kit for lime and soap residue bathrooms.

  • Cleaning the installations

Use the special detail cap to prevent scratches of chrome or stainless steel installations. Keep the hood close to the object to be cleaned and leave until the lime dissolves. If it does not work and there is a hard-to-reach point, a brush can be attached to the head. When applying steam vigorously, scrub the area to be cleaned. If the oils have been standing for a while, continuous rubbing and suppression is the only solution. When doing this, always apply steam.

Oil will slowly accumulate on the cloth. Therefore, the cloth needs to be changed occasionally. Complete the process by polishing the cleaned surface with a yellow microfiber cloth for a trace-free cleaning. Even stubborn, dried dirt can be removed when steam is directly applied and rubbed. Vinegar or lemon juice should be applied to the thick lime residue layers and they should be expected to absorb this liquid thoroughly. On top of that, the regular steam application will prevent re-calcification in the future.

  • Cleaning the windows and mirrors

Before using the steam cleaner for the first time, perform a thorough cleaning. Wipe the entire surface with the steam cloth and manual cap. Tip for the winter: warm the very cold sections first by applying steam from a distance of about 5 cm. Then apply steam from top to bottom on the glass surface using the detailed cap. Using a sponge, remove condensed water from top to bottom several times. Use a cloth to wipe off the water of the sponge periodically to avoid any traces. If a few drops of water remain on the chamber after using the sponge, this will not be a problem. Remaining water drops can be removed easily and without leaving a trace.

  • Cleaning the joints

The detail nozzle is suitable for cleaning joints and, if necessary, a round brush can be attached. Even stubborn, dried dirt can be easily cleaned when steam is directly applied and rubbed. After steam cleaning, the surface can be wiped dry using a cloth. Important note for silicone joints: Apply steam only for a short time to avoid damaging the material.

  • Removal of oil residues

Stainless steel is always preferred, but it looks good only when there are no traces of oil. On stainless steel surfaces with the power of steam; Especially good results can be obtained from the microfiber kitchen cloth kit with a soft velvety cloth and yellow microfiber cloth (special accessories). If the oils have been standing for a while, continuous rubbing and suppression is the only solution. When doing this, always apply steam. Oil will slowly accumulate on the cloth. Therefore, the cloth needs to be changed occasionally. For cleaning without a trace, complete the process by polishing the cleaned surface with a yellow microfiber cloth.

  • Cleaning the stove and ovens

Glass-ceramic hobs are the most problematic materials for many cleaning methods. But it’s no problem for steam cleaners! A stainless steel spiral scrubbing wire was added to the round brush. These are available from any store selling household items. There is no need to worry that scratches will occur on the glass-ceramic hob while steam is applied. During cleaning, steam creates a kind of lubricating layer. The edges and spaces of the hob can be cleaned without a lid, using a round brush (with the round brush attached to the head) with the detailed cap.

  • Renewal of clothes

With the textile cap, your clothes are like new, without tiring you! The optional textile cap cleans the hairiness and lint in your clothes. Wrinkles on curtains and clothing can be simply ironed without having to place the clothes on the ironing board. Odors are also reliably removed.

Other Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques

  • Manual carpet cleaning

Although we say it is out of date, this method is used in rural areas. With the help of a brush, the carpet is washed with the help of laundry detergent or dish soap. Then it is rinsed and left to dry in the sun. There is a lot of waste of water. The detergents used do not come off completely. It is very difficult to carry because the carpet is hung without squeezing. A great effort is required.

Due to the large residential areas and lack of water, carpets are washed on our balconies, and even on the roofs of our detached houses. This system has now disappeared due to urbanization. Pool system and carpet washing: This system, which is mostly used in villages, is the system that is washed by throwing carpets into common pools. It is very unhealthy as it is used jointly.

  • Machine wash manually

This method is currently used in many carpet washing companies. The biggest advantage of this method is that it does not damage the carpet. In the slightest problem, you can intervene immediately. Carpet is washed by hand with carpet washing machines. Rinse with plenty of water and proceed to the drying stage. This is the healthiest system. The carpets are washed one by one with a brush that rotates very quickly per minute. And thorough cleaning is done.

  • Carpet washing in automatic machine

Today, the number of companies using this system is increasing day by day. The carpet that is driven from one side of the machine, which is suitable for the carpet, can be washed out on the other. It has two disadvantages. Pool system carpet wetting is used, and when the damage occurs on the carpet, uninterrupted problems may occur as the response time is after washing.

With the developing technology, the carpets are left flat where we call the “mouth of the machine” and the machine washes the carpet. This system is also much better than other washing techniques. Information on carpet washing techniques has been given above. Among these techniques, hand washing and pool systems are no longer used. Very rarely, it is a very minority. Today, washing with the machine is done more frequently. Since it is a system that saves a lot of time and water, many carpet washing factories have been transferred to this system. Recently, fully automatic carpet washing machines are used frequently.

First of all, we should state that how to wash the carpet in a maximum way depends on the type of carpet. While the carpets woven in the machine can be washed in carpet washing machines, some sensitive carpets such as wool, antiques, and rugs should be washed by hand. For this, the carpet cleaner master must be trained and experienced. Shampoo used when washing carpets should be carpet shampoo and natural ones should be preferred. It should be rinsed with plenty of water and no water should remain the carpet. It should not be dried in the sun, it should be dried in a closed environment. Quality control must be done.

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