What Rug Should I Get: Deciding on the Rug You Will Buy

One of the biggest mistakes made during home decoration is the wrong rug selection. Rugs can change the whole atmosphere of the house in an instant. Choosing the first rug and buying furniture according to the rug is one of the biggest mistakes. The most important detail you should pay attention to when choosing a rug for your entire home is that the rug should be easy to clean and stain-free. So, do you have an idea about what rug should you get?

You should get your rug considering certain factors. First of all, rug selection should be made after selecting furniture and curtains. If you decide to buy a patterned rug in the first place, you will restrict yourself and have difficulty choosing furniture suitable for the rug. Minimalist, geometric-shaped, or solid-color rugs should be chosen in modern style homes. In classical houses, it is useful to choose a plain rug as much as possible. Remember; patterned rugs make your home look more complicated than it is. For door entrances and corridors, you should definitely use non-slip rugs. Besides, care should be taken to use anti-bacterial rugs in children’s or baby rooms.

Things to Consider When Deciding on a Rug to Buy

Rugs, which are one of the decorative accessories of the house, become an essential decoration element according to the room in which they are used. While the choice of a rug is a matter of decoration in itself, some people do not care too much, and it can be seen as worthless as the trivial items of the house. There is a point that you should pay attention to when choosing a rug for your home. First of all, a rug adds value to your home and adds elegance and aesthetics to your decoration.

Rug models have a wide range like other furniture. Since the past dates back to very old years, the rugs that have been produced and used by many models and designs should be selected in a way that is compatible with the decoration of your home and adds a plus value to your home. Another important issue that you should pay attention to in choosing a rug is that the rug has the properties to meet its financial value, that is, it is not fake.

When choosing a rug, it is necessary to choose decorative rug models in order to make the decoration more decorative. Decorative rugs have the diversity and aesthetics that will offer you the opportunity to make a perfect and dazzling decoration, especially when you want to decorate rugs. Decorative rug sizes can have standard dimensions, or they can be sized according to the space left in the decoration you will make in your home. If you think about the size of the rug in the decoration, the dimensions one-fourth of the room sizes are ideal.

These dimensions may vary depending on the size of the living areas such as living room, bedroom, dining room, children’s room, kitchen, or corridor. However, in rooms with standard dimensions, the ideal dimensions are one-fourth. When decorating a rug, factors such as the pattern, color, shape, and geometry of the rug are as important as the rug dimensions. In modern rug models, you can now make a wonderful rug decoration in your home by choosing a rug with any pattern and color you want, as the color, pattern, picture, shape you want can be painted on the rug.

Getting a Rug Compatible With Your Furniture

When making rug decoration, it is very important that it is compatible with the furniture in the room, such as sofas, curtains, wallpapers, floor covering, television unit. Since the most prominent and occupying items in the room are the sofa sets, it will be beneficial for you to provide texture and color integrity in your home. You can decorate the living room more easily with rug models that are compatible with seat colors and patterns.

Since the harmony of your home furniture and the rug you choose will also ensure the harmony of the furniture, choosing a rug according to the furniture or choosing a rug according to the seat will create a fascinating harmony in the living spaces where you spend most of the time. It will be easier to create a decorative living space as modern rug models are designed in colorful patterns to have colors compatible with sitting groups, bedroom groups, or kitchen furniture.

When choosing a rug, the large area it covers should be taken into account, and the choice of color and pattern should be based on the large area it covers. By choosing a rug that is compatible with sofa set fabrics, curtain fabric and blended with the colors of these elements, you can make the living room decoration more colorful, more vibrant, and more energetic. You should also pay attention to the type of yarn used when weaving the rug you prefer.

You should choose wool rugs that are easy to clean and that will not tire your budget among machine rugs woven with different types of yarn such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, wool, and polypropylene. While decorating the rug, you can emphasize your interior architect spirit and your fabric expert personality, or you can choose a model that suits your style among the rug decoration models. When you think that you have difficulty with rug decoration, you can get help from professionals who can make the most accurate and elegant rug decoration for your home.

While choosing a rug, the decoration, visuality, and elegance of the living room should be taken into consideration and rug models that will add added value should be preferred. To make a decorative decoration, you should consider all the details from the curtain to the furniture. You can choose modern rug models with identical patterns that are compatible with the geometric shapes and patterns on the living room floor, and create pattern integrity in your home.

Color and pattern harmony are very important, especially for decorative rug models. You can create a special world in the living room with modern rug models in harmony with the seat colors and the intermediate colors used in the living room. Today, hand-woven rugs are very valuable as well as modern rug models. You can choose a decorative rug for the rug you will use in the living room or in the bedroom, or you can choose one of the modern rug models that are produced below standard sizes and amaze people with their colors.

You can choose one of the modern rug models to make private areas such as bedrooms a more attractive and romantic living space and to make narrow spaces such as corridors and halls look vibrant and colorful. Modern rug models with bright colors and soft wool fabric are among the models that will help you make perfect designs, especially in narrow and small spaces. Since it will be vital to scale correctly and use the right colors in small areas, modern rug models will be of vital importance in these areas.

It is possible to make more aesthetic and charming room decorations with modern rug models that you will use to show the corner areas in the living room entrance or the hall decorative. If you want to get different ideas for the decorations you will make in your home, you can examine the living room decoration models with special rugs.

Suggestions for Rug Selection in Home Decoration

We know that it is very difficult to achieve harmony in home decoration. As there are many options from furniture to accessories, from curtains to rugs, we have a hard time choosing. Rug selection is an important issue for home decoration. Rugs are key pieces that complement the home decoration. When you choose a rug that is compatible with your furniture, the stance of your room will also change. The choice of the rug also affects the room to appear larger and more spacious or even more complex.

When choosing a rug, you should consider its harmony with your home. It is necessary to decide the color, pattern, and style before buying a new rug. For example, you should avoid using dark tones in a small room, and if you have a dog or a child, you should avoid using light colors such as cream or beige. In addition, it would be right to choose plain rugs for your patterned furniture and patterned rugs for plain furniture.

  • Colorful Patterned Rugs

If your furniture and walls are in light tones such as cream, white and beige, you can add dynamism to your room with colorful rugs. You can achieve integrity in the room by using cushions that match the pattern colors of the rug. Those who do not like to use patterned rugs can catch the same mood with a plain but colorful rug. You can get away from the complex look by adding pastel tones or black cushions between the cushions.

  • Rustic Rugs

If you are one of those who love old-fashioned woven rugs, you don’t need to furnish your home with classical furniture. Rustic rugs are also frequently used in modern home decorations recently. All you have to do is match your furniture’s colors. A rustic rug can easily be used in harmony with modern home decoration.

  • Earth Tones

If you like earth tones in home decoration and your seats are in colors such as cream, cinnamon, beige, you should choose a light-colored rug to make your room brighter. At the same time, if there is not much mobility in your room, we recommend you choose your rug with a pattern. Although the patterns are not very intense, you can choose patterns that match the colors in the room. But if your room looks very active with accessories, cushions, and wall accessories, you should choose plain rugs.

  • Abstract Patterns

If you want your room to be bright and spacious, it is useful to use abstract patterns. You can create a bright room with light armchairs, a pastel, light-colored rug, light-colored walls, and white, cream, or powder pink curtains. If you like the pattern on the rug but do not want it to look too complicated, choose light color patterns instead of dark patterned rugs.

  • Rug recommendations

If you like the rug to stand out in the room, you should buy a colorful and large rug. You can collect the full effect of the room on the rug with a colorful or patterned rug that matches your furniture. The point you need to pay attention to here is that if you have preferred dark-colored armchairs and rugs if you choose light colors in your other furniture, your room will look more spacious. Otherwise, you’ll create a sultry dark room.

  • Rug decoration

It is possible to make a difference with non-patterned rugs! Flat rugs can be stacked on top of each other to create a different atmosphere. Depending on your creativity, you can make such combinations in your room. Do not forget to make sure that the rugs you choose are in matching colors with your furniture!

Tips for Deciding on the Right Rug

The utilization of a rug as a floor covering is quite possibly the most fundamental approach to establish a warm climate in living spaces. It is a key reciprocal component that makes a home look for floors and walls. With the various tones and examples accessible, picking the best floor covering for your home can be troublesome. A few fixings may require successive cleaning that doesn’t fit on a bustling timetable, others may have an exorbitant cost tag, and some may even influence your wellbeing. Poor quality carpets can get destroyed rapidly, start to blur, or show stains that endure notwithstanding cleaning works.

Where you plan to use your rug and how much durability it should have will help you narrow your options. You can pamper yourself with some luxury in the bedroom where a softer rug will lean against slippers or bare feet, but in areas with high mobility, you’ll need a dense, tight, low pile rug. First of all, you should evaluate the durability of your rug. You should look at the thickness, elasticity, material, and weight of your rug pile.

The density of the rug should be an important consideration, especially if you want to put it in areas with high mobility such as corridors or stairs. Density is determined by how close each fiber is knitted to another rather than the depth of the rug. You can look behind the material to see how much space there is between the tassels. Large gaps mean the rug will lose its flexibility more quickly. Buying a new rug can be very difficult because you may have to see too many options together. You have to take your time, do the proper research, and find the right store.

If you have a young family and pets, you can look for a textured loop pile or a solid dark rug in a quality hard twisted cut. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury, you can opt for a solid color plush rug. Rugs have the first priority in bringing personality and soul to the space we live in. The main issue that will guide you when choosing a rug should be the colors of the furniture, curtains, wall paint, and accessories used. It is necessary to start with the determination of the place and floor where the rug will be used.

First of all, you should determine where in which room and how big a rug you need in your home. Choosing a rug is really challenging. Today, the emergence of many features such as different design, size, and weaving techniques, sensitivity to human health, increases the product range in the rug and makes it difficult for us to choose.

Rug Types: Which One Should You Get?

Rug types and the type of fiber or yarn the rug is woven with are important. This is how you can decide which rug you prefer in living areas according to the conditions of use. Nylon is one of the most durable fibers today. Nylon, the most mainstream sort of string, is a material that is impervious to friction, adaptable, impervious to weight and furniture movement, and also can give lively colors.

Polypropylene, which is much cheaper than the other three fibers, has much more matte colors compared to other rugs due to its resistance to staining. Its softness is really impressive. However, it has little elasticity and is difficult to clean.

It can lose its original appearance very quickly, especially in living areas with high traffic. While purchasing a polyester rug, it is very impressive with its texture and appearance, but it is good to know that this appearance will deteriorate in a short time. Since both its costs and prices are very economical, polyester, which is frequently preferred, is actually not very easy to maintain.

We can say that wool is the best quality fiber. Wool fiber, which is almost as old as human history, is not resistant to moisture and moisture like synthetic fibers. It can also stain very quickly. You can use a wool rug for many years in line with the rug washing instructions. In addition, wool rugs are valued as they age. Wool fiber, where you can find natural color options, is perhaps a less useful but quality material.

Indoor rugs are normally rated between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest rating. 5-grade rugs are considered the best for heavy traffic areas. The 4-grades are considered outstanding and recommended for high traffic areas of your home. With proper care, you can easily extend the life of your rug. How often you clean your rug depends on pedestrian activity and the amount of dust carried from outside. Experts say that 80% of the dirt accumulated on the rug is dry and the remaining 20% consists of oil and soil.

You can easily clean dry dirt with a vacuum cleaner with high suction power. In the meantime, you can make your rugs less dirty by placing mats in all entrance areas. You may need to do a deep cleaning of your rug every 6 months or a year. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to deep clean your rug. You can give your rug to a rug cleaning company or clean it yourself with a steam vacuum cleaner. You can also clean it using rug shampoo or liquid soap. Remember, lighter products create a much better solution than heavy chemicals for cleaning.

There is a wide variety of colors and patterns available, so take your time to decide. With so many colors and designs available, choosing the right finish can be the hardest part of a rug buying decision. You can narrow your search by choosing shades that match the general mood or tone you want to adjust for each room. You can try cool blues or greens to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere, and warm reds or gold tones to make a large space feel more comfortable.

Light colors can make small rooms feel bigger and lighter, so if you’re feeling claustrophobic, you can try cream shades. Before decorating a zone, you need to choose whether you need the carpet to be the main focus or blur away from plain sight. If you only want walls, furniture, or artwork to be the focal point, you can choose neutral. Dim shades or motifs can conceal flaws, for example, tweed or finished floor covering plans. You can always ask for rug samples of any color you think of. You can try to get the largest samples available and take them home to inspect them in natural light before purchasing.

What Colored Rug Should You Get: Deciding on Rug Color

Some interior designers recommend starting the decoration by choosing the carpet first and then completing the carpet by selecting all the elements in the space. This advice shows how important the carpet plays in decoration. Of course, it is not always possible to start by choosing the carpet. Often times you have to choose a rug for your home or office that has already been decorated. So how important are colors in carpet selection, which is the biggest part of decoration with its dimensions? How should the carpet color be chosen? Here are tips to make it easier to choose a carpet color:

You first need to decide whether to buy a single color or a patterned carpet for the room where you will use the carpet. If multiple patterns are used together in items such as furniture upholstery, curtains, and cushions in your room, it is a good idea to choose monochrome rugs to reduce clutter. You can use self-patterned single-color carpets, carpets made of very close tones and where neutral colors are concentrated, with inner comfort in your rooms with plenty of patterns.

If your furniture has a single color density and patterns are used in accessories such as cushions and curtains, you can choose a patterned carpet. When choosing your patterned carpet, you should pay attention to the dominant or secondary color on your furniture upholstery. Colors can make a room look formal, energetic, warm, or cold. For this reason, it is useful to know the effects of colors in both decoration and carpet selection.

If you want to create a friendly atmosphere in your living space, you can use deep and rich colors such as burgundy, forest green, chocolate brown, purple, and bay leaf color. You should prefer to use light-colored carpets to show the small spaces wider. If you have chosen warm and energetic colors such as yellow, orange, or red on your walls, you can provide an impressive contrast with light pastel carpets.

Keep in mind that carpets with pastel colors add peace to the space they are used in and provide balance in rooms with intense colors and patterns. You can highlight cool colors such as blue, turquoise, green, and lilac both in the overall decoration of the room and in your carpet color selection in spaces such as bedrooms where you look for tranquility. If you want to create a formal atmosphere in your home or office, you should use heavily patterned carpets. You can easily choose Bokhara model carpets with colors such as emerald, jade, and ruby ​​for a serious decoration.

Remember that your floor color is as important as the color of furniture, cushions, curtains, and walls. If you choose a patterned carpet for your parquet, ceramic, or stone flooring floors, make sure that it is in a color that will contrast with the floor. For example, you can get a stylish look by using zebra or black and white zigzag patterns with dark brown parquets. If you want to highlight the furniture, cushions, or curtains in your room, you can make it invisible by choosing a carpet with the same tones as the floor color. Thus, by preventing eyes from drifting to the carpet in your room, you can draw attention to the piece you want to stand out.

When you want to add color to a room, changing the carpet is a cleaner and easier option than changing the color of the walls. You can choose a vibrant color that you love and match the furniture as an accent color and choose the color of your carpet in this accent color with a few accessories in the room. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow are colors with high energy.

Burgundy, orange, or hunter-green rugs are usually classic and traditional looking. Bright blue, yellow, red, and light green rugs can be suitable for Scandinavian or vice versa beach house-style rooms, depending on the style of the furniture. Black, gray or white carpets are more common in rooms decorated in a contemporary style.

What Sized, Textured, and Patterned Rug Should You Get?

For integrity in the decoration style, it makes sense that the items, curtains, wall color, and rugs are harmonious. However, what we mean here is the harmonious selection of the elements that complement each other rather than the use of the same colors. Depending on your living space, it is ideal to combine contrasting colors, maybe to use different tones from light to dark or from dark to light. For example, in a small room, if you choose the rug in dark tones, the furniture lighter, the walls lighter than the furniture, and the ceiling white, you create a spacious environment.

In homes where modern furniture and curtains are used, geometric patterns can come to the fore in rug selection. You can choose rug models with plain lines for classically decorated houses and dominant patterns such as flowers in avant-garde houses. You can also reveal your original style by choosing rugs in colors and patterns suitable for the fabrics of your furniture and the aesthetics of the decorative objects you use.

Let us also note that blue, dark green, and earth tones have come to the fore in the color palette as a reflection of the trend of a return to nature in recent years. In addition, thanks to the developing technology, cleaning of light-colored rugs have become much easier than before. Light-colored rugs, which were not preferred much due to the possibility of staining before, are more in demand today.

If you use more than one rug in a room, make sure they are not the same size, as the same size side-by-side rugs make space look smaller. If the rug does not completely cover the floor on which it is laid, the area looks wider. In this way, you will refresh the room. When you do not put the rug under the furniture, choose anti-slip rugs.

When taking measurements, it is necessary to measure by leaving a gap of 30 to 60 cm from the wall or baseboard. If your rug remains large compared to the area it is laid, the folded edges will look bad and wear out quickly. When choosing a rug for the dining room, remember to take measurements by calculating the position of the chairs along with the tables and how the rug will look when the chairs are retracted.

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