What Is a Carpet Brush? (Intended Purpose, Advantages, Disadvantages, and Recommended Products)

Nowadays, carpets cover a large part of home and office decorations, and the cleaning and hygiene of these carpets, which are the most commonly used products are very important especially for ladies. There are many different points should be considered in the cleaning of these carpets. It is known that meticulous and clean housewives wash their carpets with their own facilities, especially because they do not trust the washing companies. So, in order to do these at home, they prefer to use a carpet brush mostly due to its cost-effectiveness and easiness to use.

Most people use handy carpet brush cleaners for cleaning because they are most anxious to clean their grimy carpets. You can buy those kinds of brushes from hardware stores or online. At the basic level, there are two types of carpet brushes which are for cleaning and for washing. Even though there are some drawbacks to using them, nonetheless carpet brushes are very effective to use nonetheless.

If your carpet is looking less than fresh, you can brighten it up in around an hour with a few low-cost items you probably already have around your home. You do not need a vacuum cleaner even. This process is affordable and easy, and all you need is a carpet brush and baking soda.

How to Use a Carpet Brush Properly

Carpet brushes are not very effective foolproof cleaners, so you will need to vacuum for deeper cleaning. They are useful for daily cleaning. Cleaning this way allows a carpet to retain its shine. While using carpet brushes, there are some points to be careful about.

You should start by lifting loose dirt of the carpet with a vacuum. Then, you can use dishwashing liquid and water, mix them up and dip your brush into the solution. You can clean a small area of the carpet with it. If there is excessive water, you can vacuum away. But, before doing this step, you should be careful about your vacuum cleaner can handle wet messes. If you finish with that area, move to the next are of the carpet  and repeat the process until the carpet is clean.

Cleaning the carpet or rug with this way can be exhausting, but it is also the least expensive way to thoroughly clean the carpets and keep them looking like new.

Types of Carpet Brushes

Rug Brushes

These types of brushes are especially very effective in small areas, even though they are considered old-fashioned. They are designed to fluff up fur and bring back the natural resilience and bounce of the wool. People swear by using hand-held brushes to clean their stubborn carpets. In order to use this tool, as a suggestion, brushing rug immediately upon arrival as the shipping will have slightly matted the wool. Just a few seconds of thorough brushing will help a carpet or a rug to look new and fresh. Also, rug brushes are suitable for brushing pet’s hair. 

Carpet Sweepers

It is the name of a type of mechanical carpet cleaner that was started to be produced in İzmir/Turkey in the 1960s and will be given to the tool afterward. It is a manual household implement used for sweeping carpets, consisting of a metal case enclosing one or more rotating brushes and a receptacle for dust and dirt. The brushes sweep dirt and dust from the floor into the container. Even though they easily trap dirt, they require routine cleaning in order to function properly and effectively. They have a height adjustment that enables them to work ın different length or carpets or bare floors. Also, rug brushes are used in carpet sweepers.

Lint rollers

Lint rollers are exactly as their name suggests. A lint-free roller or lint remover is a single-sided adhesive paper roll on a cardboard or plastic barrel mounted with a central handle. The tool facilitates the removal of lint or other small fibers from most materials such as clothing, upholstery, and linen. Lint rollers pick up dirt as you roll them across the carpet as well. It is like pulling up crap from the drain, but without the wetness, so it is satisfying, without being viscerally disgusting. Specifically designed for using carpet cleaning is hard to find, but any type of lint rollers can be used on the carpet because their functions are almost the same.

Rotary Brushes 

Rotary cleaners are made up of nylon brushes. These are circular and they have several layers to lift grime off the carpet. They allow for superior cleaning and ease of machine operation. These types of brushes maximize the efficiency of a carpet cleaning floor machine. A unique, adjustable glider supports the weight of the machine and reduces friction, making the floor machine glide easily over the carpet. They are designed in order to enable maximum coverage and effectiveness. 

Drill Brushes 

It makes cleaning carpets a breeze. The drill attachment will help you get out those tough stains. It is easier, faster and quicker to use compared to regular carpet brush. It is used like a polisher which means you should clean from side to side with this tool. While using it, make sure that drill is tightly held on the machine. Because if it is a highly powerful drill, it can hurt you and cause bleeding. So, be careful while using it. You need on both knees down to control drill. You should apply some pressure to keep on track. The one limiting factor is just to make sure you have a good drill to use the attachment with. Also, it is hard to use the drill attachment in tight areas.

Pet Hair Rubberized Brush 

It is a tool that has rubber bristles that creates a static charge. You can drag the crush across the carpet, lift up the pet hairs or hair in general, and collect upon the brush. All you have to do is simply pull it off the surface or using a bucket of clean water to rinse it off and keep on working. Then, what you are going to do is take a vacuum cleaner, get the larger bulk piles of hair and get that all of your carpet. Basically, all you need to do is taking the brush and starting in a long sweeping motion. You are going to just pull and drag. While using this tool, it could be good to use gloves. Because of its material, it does not ruin your carpet. It just simply pulls all the kind of embedded hair out of the carpet.

Upholstery Brush

It has bristles to absorb and hold solution and it provides unequaled agitation without damaging delicate upholstery fabrics. This bristles could be made of horsehair, synthetic, velvet or plastic. When it is a horsehair form, it performs better.

The Benefits of Using a Carpet Brush

As it is mentioned before, carpet brushes are useful for quick and routine cleaning. They are not proper for deeper cleaning. They can become a big contributor to the carpet’s overall luster. There are some main benefits of including it into your own cleaning regimen.

  • They are not expensive compared to a vacuum cleaner. Handheld carpet brushes are far less expensive than many other cleaning tools, especially vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, if you do not want to clean them at home and want professional help, it becomes more expensive. So, while it can cost at least a hundred dollars, a simple handheld carpet brush is available for a few dollars.
  • With a carpet brush, you can clean areas which are hard to reach. They do what some type of vacuum cleaners cannot. They can get to the difficult to reach corners and areas and provide easy clean them thoroughly.
  • Carpet brushes are easy to carry tools. It takes no effort to carry them around. They are not cumbersome, especially the handheld ones. They are highly portable tools that provide them to be stored almost anywhere.
  • Carpet brushes work great with any type of vacuum cleaner by breaking up larger debris into smaller particles. So, we can say that they complement vacuum systems.
  • While using a carpet brush, it needs a little moisture to be more effective. All you need is a little washing soap and water, not much. Because with low cost aside, the carpet does not get soaked through.
  • A carpet brush does not remove the color from your carpet. After a time, if you use some chemicals while cleaning with a carpet brush, you should be careful about the number of the chemical because it may cause very little color fading on your carpet.
  • There is no need for training in order to use a carpet brush for cleaning. It is easy to use and it is appropriate to use for people of all ages.
  • Cleaning with carpet brushes do not require any special requirements besides the brush such as cleaning products or machine. If you want the carpet smell better, at that time you can use some cleaning product which is detergent.
  • A carpet brush can be used in order to remove soil, dust, and pollutants from the carpet. You will have to get on your knees and use some elbow grease in order to scrub and agitate the carpet.

The Drawbacks of Using a Carpet Brush

Using carpet brushes is not the first choice to clean carpets. Because as we all know, carpet brushes are not perfect cleaning tools and they should be used mainly for quick cleaning tasks. If you prefer to use them, it would be daily cleaning and done regularly. They are a great way to compliment the vacuum cleaning routine, but they should not be relied on as the main source.

  • Carpet brushes can potentially cause a lot of damage, it can depend on the amount of the dirt, materials of the carpet and hardness of bristles the brush has. Sometimes the hard bristles are rough on more delicate carpets. This is the reason why there is a need to break them in by soaking them in hot water and using a few drops of dishwasher soap.
  • Carpet brushes are not useful for deeper cleaning. Because of the fact that they may have trouble reaching the inner fibers of the carpet depending on the type of carpet. So, if you want to clean deeply, you should steam the carpet or you should use a dynamic vacuum cleaner. Carpet brushes are not as effective as much as a vacuum cleaner for deeper cleaning.
  • Using carpet brushes takes more energy compared to using a vacuum cleaner. Because it needs to brush manually. So, as a result, it can be tiring to use. Also, besides more energy, it takes more time to clean with a carpet brush. Again, it is because of using it manually.
  • When you use a carpet brush to clean the carpet, ridding the carpet of annoying allergens and bacteria trapped in the inner fibers is quite a task because the temperatures should be high in order to sweep them. However, with a carpet brush, it is impossible because the temperature is low all the time. So, allergens can still stay in the carpet even after you have swept over the area a few times.

What is Carpet Grooming?

It is the act of using a carpet rake or a carpet brush in order to move carpet fiber back and forth. It resets the fiber nap back to it is an original state. Even though it takes some effort, it will certainly extend the life and beauty of the carpet. It manipulates the nap or lay the carpet fibers.

A carpet cleaner may also use a carpet brush to loosen soils deposits during cleaning or to agitate a cleaning solution that has been applied the carpet fiber. Softer and loaded with dense bristles, a carpet brush is used for brushing a low-pile carpet nap. A carpet rake has fewer bristles but they are longer and more firm. A carpet rake is used to groom a shag-style or longer nap carpet. 

Recommended Products

Carpet brushes are products that you can buy from hardware stores and online. You can find the most proper one for your purpose on Amazon. According to customers’ reviews you can purchase. Mostly, the prices are very reasonable. 

Adam’s Cockpit Brush – Designed to Deep Clean Carpet & Upholstery, Leather Interior Without Harming Your Interior Surfaces – Durable Premium Quality Nylon Bristles

This product comes in around 15 dollars. It is one of the most recommended products based on customers’ reviews for carpet cleaning on Amazon. It has 4.4 out of 5 stars. It is an excellent brush for cleaning and makes the job of doing so much easier. The brush seems to be good quality and is worth the money. 


On the contrary to most carpet crushes, it is designed for deep cleaning. The soft bristles inside seams, creases and allow you to achieve a deep clean without harming the interior surfaces. This brush makes sure to remove dirt and grime. During the intervention process, the company wanted to create a carpet brush with nylon bristles and proven results. So, it is gentle, yet durable to handle premium quality leather, carpet for any car interior or shoe surface without leaving scratches. 

It has easy to hold size and it allows customers to easily maneuver through joints on carpet or whichever are you want to use on. If you want to use any chemical, you are certainly going to get better results. 

Carrand 93112 Lint and Hair Removal Brush

This product comes in around 6 dollars. It has 4.4 out of 5 stars. It is easy to use, easy to hold and easy to carry tool. It has electrostatic bristles that attract hair and fur like a magnet. The brush removes hair, lint, and fuzz from upholstery and carpets. This brush is made of natural rubber bristles and it will not scratch or scuff. It has a safety bumper too. Furthermore, it also works with clothes and home chairs.


FOCUSPET Pet Hair Remover Dog&Cat Hair Lint Remover Brush Reusable Cleaner Remove Hair from Furniture, Carpets, Bedding and More with 4.5 inches Clean Brush

It is one of the Amazon’s Choices. It is a very recommended tool and comes in around 15 dollars with shipping. This brush has very useful advantages that are reusable and durable. With this, the cleaning process is very simple, you do not need to tear off any fluffy paper. You just simply roll back and forth on the surface of the carpet or whichever area you want to remove the hair. Besides, it has better cleaning capacity than other lint rollers. 

There are no batteries or power sources required. Also, there is no need for sticky tapes or adhesive paper. It is very easy to use. It is reusable, highly efficient and saves money. Besides those, it is easy to clean. It is made of high-quality materials.


Chemical Guys ACCG25 Induro 7 Heavy Duty Nifty Interior Carpet/Upholstery Detailing Brush

It comes in around 8 dollars and it has 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is a comfortable brush to use. It has medium-hard bristles, not the hardest ones. It is good for seats and carpet but not for leather.

It scrubs intense dirt, stains, and debris from carpet, floor mats, and upholstery. It cleans dirty and filthy carpets and upholstery. It is made of rugged and durable materials. It has stiff bristles to break up stains, dirt, and debris. It is a versatile carpet brush for use on any carpet in the home, office, even car and more. Also, you can use chemical with this brush because it is a chemical resistant brush that works well with carpet cleaners.

It is made with an injection-molded plastic handle and tough synthetic bristles that stand up to years of heavy detailing use. It has super stiff synthetic bristles with an ergonomic handle which helps to transfer powerful scrubbing action into the toughest set-in stains and debris. It helps to break down heavy dirt, pet, mud, grass, and food stains from interior carpets, seats, and floor mats.


Chemical Guys Acc_201_Brush_C Carpet Brush with Hook and Loop Attachment

It is very reasonable to purchase a product that comes in around 13 dollars. It is not the best but works very well. It is a great attachment for agitating carpet and upholstery. If you followed instructions and sprayed the chemicals on the carpet and then used the brush on a drill and scrubbed, once dry almost all of the stains are gone. You should follow up on the initial cleaning one more time and the second cleaning will eliminate every stain.

It has a 5-inch diameter spinner brush for carpet and 1-inch bristles. It can remove stubborn stains and dirt easily and quickly. There are dual-action and random orbital polishers for rotary, which means to provide easy to use.

It can be used not only on carpet. Also, you can use this carpet brush to clean upholstery, fabrics, door panels, trunk, wheels and so on. High-quality short hair bristles clean and easily extract spots. Ultra-premium heavy-duty brushes are available in two varieties to suit your cleaning needs short hair bristles are ideal for surfaces that are dirty and need some strong scrubbing power.


CLEANOVATION Rug Renovator/Carpet Cleaning Brush

It is a little bit expensive product compare to others but worth it. It comes in around 25 dollars. Especially, if you can afford to have a cleaning crew come in with a commercial shampooer, it is well great. On the contrary to ordinary carpet brushes, there is no need to get on hands and knees to remove stubborn stain and embedded dirt. An adjustable handle allows the user to work at a comfortable and ergonomic operating position.

Also, there are side wheels give support to the brush block creating a constant angle for the brush to clean effectively. Furthermore, it is lightweight, durable and has a retractable handle for easy storage. It is a patented brush that combines the best cleaning features into a single versatile, effective and efficient cleaning product.


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