What Carpet to Buy?

A carpet has an enormous impact on the general appearance of the space. At this point, it is useful to consider some points when choosing the right carpet for you. When buying a carpet, it is reasonable to consider some important factors to a certain extent, and it will make it easier for you to choose a carpet that will help you in the long run.

When buying carpets you have a lot of options. Likewise, there are a lot of price ranges offered to you. In fact, the presence of all these options may make it difficult to decide at first glance. However, some important points will help you create a spectacular image in the place you want.

First of all, you will need to thoroughly evaluate the existing carpet styles and in which rooms to use them. For example, does your room have traditional or modern lines? Or do you have a room full of antiques?

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How to Decide What Carpet to Buy

Classic or Modern Carpet?

If your room is full of beautiful antiques, then it is appropriate to use a classic handmade carpet. One of the important factors in carpet selection is the area where the carpet will be placed and the colors around it.

Color directly affects the air in the room. For example, light colors will create a wider appearance. As the selected colors become darker, the room looks smaller but warmer.

Acoustic Features of the Carpet

Carpets also have some acoustic properties, because they absorb sounds and thus improve the quality of the environment in your home or office. Nowadays, due to the increasing vehicle and heavy machinery, we are experiencing noise pollution, in addition to the sounds generated from intercoms, faxes, computers, and air conditioners, we can easily see how important these acoustic features of the carpet play when choosing a flooring material.

Carpet Pile Type

The value of a carpet, depending on the height of its pile, is determined by the required installation method, such as curly or cut pile. As the quality of the carpet increases, the energy saving provided by the insulation properties that create a warm and intimate air in the room also increases. In spite of other slippery flooring and linoleum coatings, the carpet offers both non-slip and damper properties.

Short pile carpets are particularly suitable for wheelchairs. It also offers a very safe and non-slip flat surface for people with crutches or canes due to physical discomfort. A carpet’s general appearance, color, and aesthetic features are the factors that are attractive to many people. There is a great variety of colors, patterns, models and shapes that you can hardly choose from.

Style of the Carpet

Which style you choose will vary greatly depending on the room size and overall décor. In this respect, you can choose your carpet as the most noticeable element of the room or as a background which suits the overall appearance of the room. Although this is a choice that is entirely up to you, there is an important point to keep in mind; there is nothing to destroy the general appearance of a room more quickly than a carpet which is dominant, has wrong colors, and is quite incompatible with the general appearance of the place.

Durability of the Carpet

Durability is very important for the appearance of the carpet. Before it starts to look old and is replaced with a new one, it is important how rough or proper it is used. Is it stain-resistant, resistant to contamination, or moldless? Will it fade quickly? Or is it non-flammable? When buying a new carpet, you should ask the salesperson all these questions.

The other point to consider is how long the carpet you choose will keep its shape as its first day. If you consider that the colors are faded in a few years, it will be difficult to match the color of your new carpet with especially your old wall to the wall carpet.

Price of the Carpet

Price is also another important issue. First, learn how much the carpet will cost you. Do you need to use a mat for the carpet? Will there be problems with the joints? What will be the installation cost of the carpet? Find out all these details about the carpet you purchased. Also, for example, if your carpet is damaged and needs to be repaired, do not hesitate to ask what all these will cost you.

Comparing with Other Carpets

Therefore, if you want to install other rooms with the same carpet later on, doing this in many rooms at once will be the right decision not to experience problems in the future. Finally, don’t stick to a single brand or company in a market with so many options when buying carpets.

Choosing from more than one company’s products will help you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of all products and make sure you have a wider perspective on choosing the carpet that best suits you.

Details of Carpet Selection

Carpet use is one of the most basic ways of creating a warm environment in our homes. Previously, especially hand-woven carpets were used to provide heat insulation by hanging on the walls. Today, we still provide the perception of temperature in home decoration with the help of carpets. At the same time, it is seen that carpets are still included in the wall decoration with different styles.

In order to complete the decoration in carpet selection, it is important to have harmony with the furniture as well as make choices that are compatible with your style. It is more accurate to make carpet selection after choosing furniture and curtains. The purpose of the carpet you will use is also very important. In the room, you can choose the carpets that will be lost on the floor and you can also use the patterned carpets which will be the focal point.

With furniture having patterned fabrics, simple carpets are usually preferred. In order to prevent complexity, carpets such as beige, earth and cream tones are preferred because carpets are kept in the background in such decorations. The purpose of creating a background with light colored carpet models is more prominent in this type of decoration. At the same time, light colors are very successful in showing the room larger than it is.

However, in ambitious home decorations, you can choose darker colors such as black, red, burgundy, dark blue, dark green and brown. Especially in the rooms where sunlight cannot be used or used less, the choice of carpets in yellow tones will add a warm look to the decoration. In areas where carpets get dirty faster, such as door entrances and corridors, dark colors should be preferred.

With plain upholstery furniture, patterned carpets are preferred in order to add more color, create movement and increase visuality. In the areas such as kitchens, children’s rooms, and hobby rooms, figured and three-dimensional carpets are also used. The use of dark-colored carpets and dark furniture at the same time is not much preferred in decoration, because it has a feature of suppressing visuality.

In modern style home decorations and country/village style decorations, carpets with geometric patterns or single colored carpets are more preferred. In the Scandinavian home decorations, it is generally seen that hand-woven rugs and carpets are used.

Double-sided carpets having ease of use are also among the most preferred carpet types nowadays. You may prefer double-sided models, especially for quickly contaminated baby’s room carpets. At the same time, the choice of antibacterial carpets in child and baby rooms is a very important point in terms of health. You should also pay attention to the use of non-slip carpets in the corridor and doorways.

Patchwork carpets, preserving their position in current carpet trends as well. There are also different styles of hand-carved custom design carpets available. These carpets with modern lines and yarn weaving bring the latest fashion colors to your home. Nowadays, embossed carpets are designed in many ways. You can increase the visuality of the living room decorations by choosing the embossed carpets that fit your style.

The weaving frequency of a carpet is also among the factors determining the quality. Again, yarn quality is also an important factor in carpet selection. Carpets produced from the roots of bamboo and beech wood are bright, thick woven and have a thin look. You can also use authentic hand-woven carpets and rugs according to the decoration of your house. In some parts of the world, traditional hand-woven carpets and rugs are still produced.

Wicker carpets are generally considered as an alternative for those looking for different styles in winter gardens, balconies, and kitchens. Bamboo carpets are usually among the most preferred carpet types having lively and pastel colors. Nylon carpets are very difficult to clean. Therefore I recommend you to choose wool carpets.

How to Store Your Carpet

In order to prevent the formation of traces on long-stranded and hand-woven carpets, occasionally, the heavy objects should be replaced and the areas where the marks are formed should be brushed slightly with the help of a brush. It is also recommended to change the direction of the carpet at some intervals. Moist environments will cause the carpet to become deformed and will cause bad odors. For this reason, unused carpets should be rolled, stored away from moisture and kept horizontally if possible.

Points to Take into Consideration When Buying a Carpet

Carpet is one of the musts of every house and has become a very important decoration element with the development of today’s technological facilities.

There are a few important items that we should pay particular attention to when buying carpets. Now I will provide you with information in this sense.

Color Harmony

If our priority is aesthetics, our carpets should be compatible with the predominant color tones of the room. In particular, color matching with furniture makes a difference in view. On the other hand, even in your desired design, you can choose an industrial carpet model in any colors you want.

Importance of the Brand

Brand is very important. In fact, it is the most important factor that shows the quality of a carpet. For example, if we think of Turkish Carpets, there are certain brands that come to mind. Brands such as Merinos, Saray, Kashmir, and Royal have made a difference in the sector in a short time. Choosing quality brands always gives you advantages in terms of long-term healthy use.

Retro Carpets

Retro is one of the most distinctive carpets of our time. For those who love art and want to keep this kind of carpet models in their homes, retro products can now be improved. Retro carpets have tremendous carpet concepts with a full sense of visual and functional meaning. Of course, the colors and patterns of the new generation of carpets are also beautiful and attractive. Yet, handmade carpets are always of much better quality.

Handmade Tight-Woven Carpets

Carpets were made manually in general, but with the increase of technological possibilities over time, this situation has differed slightly. Handmade carpets make a difference if they are tightly woven. Persian carpets are considered the world’s highest quality and most expensive hand-woven carpets. Tightly woven carpets are easy to clean and never let you down for a long time.

What Carpet to Buy for Bedroom

The choice of bedroom carpet in bedroom decorations should be done according to the decoration style of your room. Bedroom, which is one of the most intimate corners of your home, should be adjusted to make you both comfortable and fit to your taste.

For a stylish and elegant bedroom view, a bedroom carpet should meet your needs, meet your eye pleasure and be soft enough to minimize the daily fatigue. When choosing the most suitable and correct carpet for you, you should pay attention to the suitability to the décor, the feeling it creates in the bare feet, the ease of cleaning and the quality.

Benefits of Using Carpet in Bedroom

Although not known by many, the carpet used in the bedroom absorbs unwanted sounds and promotes a peaceful sleep environment. In a room without a carpet, you notice that the voices are heard in a very echoing manner, just like the lack of furniture. If you want to take a calm and deep sleep in your bedroom, you can take into account that the bedroom carpet is effective not only for decoration but also for your sleep.

Did you know that your bedroom carpet, which is the first thing that your bare feet will come into contact with on the floor after waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, has a soothing effect on the human body? Soft and tight woven carpets give you comfort before and after sleep, and rest your mind. Also in the cold winter days when you barely leave your bed, it will be much better to press a warm carpet instead of an ice-cold floor.

Bedroom Carpet Models

The researches show that where more convenient and simple models are preferred in the rest of the house, the choice of the carpet model for the bedroom which has the least traffic area of the house is generally more expensive and stylish. If you want to experience a soft feeling under your feet, you can choose from the plush and woolen models. With tasseled and hairy carpet models, you can collect all the attention on the floor. The simpler carpets, which are preferred in plain colors and patterns, allow other accessories to be emphasized.

In addition to the materials used in manufacturing, bedroom carpets are also classified according to their different sizes and shapes. In some bedrooms, carpets are used to cover the whole room, where the window tulle meets the floor, while in some rooms carpets used in 2 or 3 pieces or purchased as a bedroom carpet set are used. This double and triple bedroom carpet models can be preferred in the same shape and pattern and can be chosen in contrasting colors and sizes according to the decor of the room.

As is often used in recent years, those who want to create a modern atmosphere in their bedrooms can place a single color carpet under the bed. This simple and comfortable carpet model makes the bedroom both comfortable and convenient while all the eyes are locked on the bed color and patterns.

Bedroom Carpet Dimensions

The bedroom is your own space, with night and day. While determining the size of the bedroom carpet, you can make a decision on a longer model and create artistic differences. You can determine the size of your carpet according to your intended use. A carpet of ideal size for your decoration and placed according to the layout of your room provides a very spacious and large room appearance.

You can put your bed in the middle of your room, and you can choose a bedroom carpet to lay in the area extending along the door. Optionally, you can prefer rectangular, square or round cut carpets. You can also get a modern look with a carpet that has the same dimensions as the width of your bed, which you can position at the feet of the bed, with patterns on it.

What Carpet to Buy for Living Room

If you spend an important part of the day in the living room, then you can choose a light colored carpet and create a more spacious and peaceful environment. Living room carpets are usually modern, small carpets. However, there are also those who prefer to fill the whole living room with a wall to wall carpet. Yet, if you think the carpet is too dusty or if you have a small baby at home, we recommend you not to choose wall to wall carpets.

If your living room is large, then you’re free to choose between colors, but if you have a narrow living room, then you should prefer a light colored carpet in white, beige, cream, turquoise or powdery tones, making the room look even larger. In recent years, for living rooms especially patchwork carpets come to the fore. Patchwork carpets, which I think they fit perfectly with light-colored fabric seats or leather armchairs, have become the most preferred model of the living room carpet selection of late years.

In addition to these carpets you can choose according to your needs in any size and shape, another preferred carpet model is bamboo carpets. Bamboo carpet models that can be used in the kitchen and living rooms are preferred by those who want to create a modern appearance in their homes.

If you want to have a vivid look in your living room, then we recommend you complete your furniture with a vibrant and colorful carpet and curtain. The colors of the season include burgundy and coral-like colors. If you think that the color of burgundy will come a little heavy for the carpet selection, then the coral color carpet will be the right choice to complete your white curtains.

If your living room is large, you can jazz the different parts of the room with carpets. You can complete the decoration of your living room which can be divided into different sections such as a reading corner, a sitting corner and a resting corner with 2-3 different carpet models. If you’re thinking of white decoration, then you should think of buying a white carpet as well. If you want to add mobility to white decoration, I strongly recommend the turquoise color.

The turquoise color, which is frequently seen in home decoration in recent years, stands out in accessories, curtains, and carpets. The turquoise carpets have a relaxing and soothing effect, especially within the modern home decorations.

In addition to all these colors, you can choose floral patterned carpet models in the designs. With the most beautiful and newest floral patterns of the year, global patterns or ethnic patterns, you will make a successful choice for your living room.

What Carpet to Buy for Doorways and Hallways

The doorways are important areas that give people the first tips about your home and your style. Now, I am going to give details about the carpet models that affect the style of a doorway to a great extent and how to choose a carpet for this important section of your home as well as what colors should be preferred.

In the first step you take home, it is very comforting and enjoyable to encounter a visual that reflects your style and taste. Impressive interior decoration is a very important topic for you and your guests. In this sense, it would be extremely wrong to think of the doorway and hall areas as the sections used for entrance only.

While decorating the hallways, carpet models are important parts where you can use the colors and patterns that fit the style of the house. The colors and patterns on the carpet you choose will help you to create a remarkable effect on the doorway. Of course, the important criteria to be considered when choosing any carpet will be valid for doorway carpets as well.

For example, the color of the floor covering, the length and width of the hallway, the amount of light received by the hallway and, of course, the compatibility of the carpet with the decoration style, should be considered when choosing a carpet for the doorway.

If you want to create a remarkable effect, you can choose between contrasting colors. If the doorway has a dark background, you can choose from bright, vibrant color carpet models that add movement and energy to this space.

If you are looking for carpets that will make a difference for doorway decoration, you can concentrate on the designs that will attract attention. For a simple example, it is possible to create a difference with doorway carpet models with curved edges instead of classic hall rugs.

If you prefer dim lighting in the hallway, your choice of carpet will be more important. Because in this type of areas, light-colored combinations should be preferred. An elegant carpet in white tones will be the right choice to show the hallway more bright and spacious.

I have mentioned that you have to choose carpets for your decoration style, but in some cases, you may want to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in the hallway. In such cases, I recommend to include patterned rugs and weaving carpets in decoration.

If you want to turn this area into a more dynamic style, never hesitate to use vibrant colors and patterns when choosing a carpet for your doorway. Carpets with this style of energizing colors warm you up and raise your energy in the first look. You can use colored stripes or zigzag patterns to add movement to the hallway.

What Carpet to Buy for Kitchen

The first point to be taken into consideration in the selection of kitchen carpets is the fact that the kitchen is a very high traffic area. Therefore, the kitchen carpet should be non-slip. When choosing kitchen carpets, it should be kept in mind that high quality, prominent and heavy carpets are preferred especially for the living rooms and bedrooms, while simpler carpets are generally preferred for kitchens.

If you choose a carpet that can quickly dry the water droplets dripping on it, you can prevent stain formation. In addition, the kitchen carpet should be selected considering the small house accidents. It should provide a feature that the stains on it can be removed by wiping. Particularly, hall rugs would be an ideal choice for the kitchen, because such carpets are more easily washed than others.

One of the most important criteria is the color selection. You should prefer carpets with darker colors or showing fewer stains for kitchens. The preferred carpet should be selected in a tone that will not fade on the kitchen floor.

What Carpet to Buy for Baby’s Room

Very hairy carpets may collect the dust and hairs flying in the room and therefore harmful for a baby’s health. These hairs may stick to the baby’s throat and make breathing difficult for her. For these reasons, it is very important to choose furniture and textile products which will not cause harm to your baby’s health.

Many brands include antibacterial baby carpet models with different colors and designs in carpet collections. The prices of antiallergic carpet models are slightly higher than other carpet models. However, the importance of carpet properties and selection are just as important as the heat, lighting and moisture balances in the baby’s room.

For this reason, you should prefer the antiallergic and antibacterial carpet models in the decoration of the baby room. It is also recommended not to choose carpets containing carcinogenic dyes.

What Carpet to Buy for Bathroom

The floor mat age in the bathrooms has already ended! Using a simple mat in an ornate bathroom with chandeliers, candles and assorted accessories weakens your decoration. Instead of this, oval and round shapes of wool rugs will be better choices. Ideal for wet floors, wool rugs can also be used on stairs, living room entrances and door entrances.

A small note: Where the oval carpet is used? To get the most out of the carpet, you need to choose the right one. Oval carpets which look nice in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and patios should not be preferred for living rooms, as it will narrow the space and create a whelming decoration. Oval carpets are the most preferred shape with its elegant look in bathroom carpet selection.

When choosing a bathroom carpet, you should first measure the dimensions of the floor of your bathroom. When choosing your carpet you should make sure that the carpet do not completely cover the entire floor. If it does, it will constantly get wet because it will be too close to the bathtub or shower cabinet. It will also make your bathroom look smaller than it is.

Apart from this, the structure of the carpet should be as dust-free as possible. For example a shaggy carpet in the bathroom would be extremely difficult to clean since it constantly accumulates hair. This is why bath carpets should be preferred from machine carpets with extremely flat top surfaces.

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