What Type of Carpet is Best with Cats?

Are you also one of those who loves cats at home? It must be impossible to control your cat where it should stay, or from which room to which one it should move on. As a result of it, you might probably face some problems like your carpets might pull with its claws. Cats are wonderful, but sometimes they can do a number on carpets, so it’s ideal to select a carpet that will co-exist well with your cat. You can solve your problems easily by choosing the correct type of carpets for your cat.

Do you know what type of carpet is the best with cats? Cut carpets with dark or multiple colors might be a good idea with your cat. Apart from this, you should choose polyester and solution-dyed products with great stain productions. Finally, nylon fiber carpets would be a budget-friendly alternative among synthetic fibers alternatives, according to your taste and home decoration.

Here are some solutions against your problems of claws, hairballs of your cat, vomiting issue, spraying, and urine problems. You need to use colorful one or multiple colors for your carpets. 

Cut Pile Carpet vs. Looped Carpets 

Looped carpets might seem to you better for home decoration but unfortunately, it does not work very well if you have a cat. In fact, cut carpets will hold up better than looped carpets with cats because cats love scratching and stretching with their claws when playing. 

Doing this intentionally or accidentally is not important as the result will not change: looped carpets have pulled the loops out and this makes your carpet unravel partly. That is the main reason why you should choose cut carpets compared to the looped carpet if you do not want to encounter some disaster scenarios. 

Koeckritz 6’x9’ Purple 25.5 oz 1/2″ Thick Plush Cut Pile Indoor Carpet Area Rug 

It is one of the great carpet choices for home decoration with cats that you can find on Amazon. There are many sizes available according to your choices. Also, custom cutting is available which means you can order in any sizes and if it does not fit you can cut accordingly. This is easy to vacuum but it does tend to collect lint and pet hair quickly. 

This carpet is made of polyester fiber. It is a thick cut pile carpet. The edge of the carpet is a bond with a matching fabric tape. It has a perm shield advanced stain protection that allows the removal of most household stains. Padding is recommended for all area rugs and carpet as it will prolong the rug’s life. It is easy to clean the carpet.  


Carpet Colors: Too Light Color vs Dark Tones 

The color of your carpet should choose depends on the color of the cat. Is it surprising? Yes, you should choose the color tone of your carpet color accordingly because it will do the trick to get a mid-toned neutral carpet. 

Apart from this, you should avoid preferring too light colors so that the surface of your carpet will not seem like dirt and fur. Lastly, some cats might tend to get caught in their claws when they see kitty litter in the room. To prevent yourself from facing this kind of condition you can take the gray tones of carpet colors into consideration. 

ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Modern Shag Area Silky Smooth Fur Rugs Fluffy Rugs Anti-Skid Shaggy Area Rug Dining Room Home Bedroom Carpet Floor Mat 4- Feet by 5- Feet (Grey)

It is one of the most preferred and recommended products for home decoration if you are looking for something cat-friendly that you can find on Amazon. It is very soft but also very thin the fibers are spaced quite far from each other so if you are to run your hands through it you could see the mat underneath. The material is super soft and it is thick enough to be bouncy when you step on it. It has grips at the bottom so it prevents slipping. 

It is made of synthetic. It is a 4.5 cm thick, soft and comfortable carpet. It is mostly suitable for home to decorate, children play, women yoga and so on. The carpet is machine washable, please air dry it and try not to use the machine to dry. It is easy to install, use, and clean. It is ideal to keep warm during cold winter weather and a Great decorative rug for any room. There are many colors available that you can choose. For example; gray, black, blue, brown, coffee, green, hot pink, khaki, navy, orange, pink, purple, white, yellow, White trellis, grey trellis, grey & White. 


Neutral Colors vs. Multiple Colors 

Your lifestyle or your tastes are important here but it can be said that if you choose multiple colors, it will hide the dirt and messes coming from your cat. Also, a pattern would help you with this issue. For example, if the pattern of your carpet has some flakes of color on it, the outlook would seem different.

As an alternative, you can also select solid color types of carpet to have the same result. However, take into consideration the fact that the cost of carpets with patterns is higher.  

Well Woven Art Deco Geos Multi Cubes Yellow Orange Blue Modern Abstract Shapes Colorful 5×7 ( 5’3″ x 7’3″ ) Area Rug Easy Clean Stain Fade Resistant Contemporary Art Boxes Square Geometric Thick Soft Plush

It has 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Excellent value for the price point. The carpet is of great quality and the colors are vibrant. It is multicolor which includes yellow, red, blue, green, orange, pink, black, and white. It is an ultra-modern, contemporary and abstract geometric pattern woven in bright and vibrant colors. It is perfect for cat owners. The size is 5’3″ x 7’3″. 

This carpet is thick, plush 0.5″ pile height. It is 100% polypropylene power loomed in Turkey. Also, it is stain resistant and fades resistant. 100% jute backing is safe for wood floors. Extremely durable and very easy to clean, made to last for years. This carpet is a handmade feel at machine made prices.


nuLOOM Tammara Hand Braided Area Rug, 4′ x 6′, Multi 

It is both in a colorful way and texture way perfect for homes with cats that you can find on Amazon. Awesome price, beautiful colors. It is ivory in color, hand-braided in India, 100% cotton (no synthetic materials or weird chemicals), quite thick, with lovely bright colors braided in green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, red, dark purple, brown, some black (not much). It is made in India and imported from India. This carpet is crafted with sustainable 100% Cotton, a fiber that perfects a coastal-cool look. It does not obstruct doorways and it brings elegance to any space. The hand-braided weave adds uniqueness that makes it so special. It is very comfortable to walk on, it does not show dirt, and it has been durable. 


Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet Fibers 

There are some carpets with great stain protection. These types are good for your cats because they include the fiber and protects from root to tip. Apart from this, you should choose polyester and solution-dyed products to hold the color better. You will see the best result if you consider this rule of selection a carpet with stain protection and polyester and solution-dyed products. 

Wool vs. Nylon Fiber Carpet 

Wool carpet is a good choice for cat owners but its price a bit higher for a regular budget but there is no need to worry! There is an alternative type of carpet for you which is nylon fiber carpet for some budget-minded consumers.

The reason why nylon fiber is a good alternative to wool is that it has a high degree of fiber in it. With its durability, it can handle a feline’s nails. Also, nylon fiber is good for stains. Man-made fiber elements in it can result in a pet-friendly environment. However, the only problem with nylon fiber carpet is about its elements. 

Although wool is a natural fiber, the former one includes a man-made fiber, which makes some environment-friendly people avoid choosing this selection. 

Softlife Faux Fur Sheepskin Area Rug Shaggy Wool Carpet for Bedroom Living Room Home Decor

It is a wool carpet that perfect for homes with cats. Also, there are many colors available that could be good for those homes such as white, beige, black, burgundy, lavender, light blue, pink, royal blue, white with silver glitter, white-brown tip, white-grey tip, and coral. 

The features 2.6in high and thick pile, shaggy rugs are a great way to insulate the cold floor. Keep warm in the cold winter weather. You can place it in the bedroom or living room so as to have a soft spot for kids to play and for your cats to play. It has eco-friendly material. Eco-friendly artificial animal wool goes through a sanitation process that makes it non-toxic, no smell and noshed, fade-resistant, which means it has that much more inviting for children and pets to cuddle on. 

Faux fur rug easy way to spruce up bedroom, children’s room or pet house. You can add style to any room. Best uses are perfect on the end of a bed or a rug at the bedside; floor rug put in the living room, reading in study, and so on. Fur area rugs are easy to wash. You can add a small amount of mild or all-natural detergent to wash it by hand with cold water (less than 30 degrees). Do not wash it by machine. 

Synthetic Fibers vs. Natural Carpet Fibers 

It is obvious that your cat does not put its fur intentionally but it is normal that you might want a carpet that is able to discard fur and spills. For this aim, you can choose the synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene (Olefin) as they are very good at resisting stains. 

Also, the compounds low outgassing helps it to make the room tidy and clean. Therefore, it is a quite good choice for you and your kitty’s health. The level of the loop or pile tightness determines the resistance of the poop. 

Berber Carpet 

This type of carpets works well on shedding issues and stains because it is a tightly-looped classic. Yet unfortunately, the loops might make your cat scratch more. To avoid this behavior, you can use a cut pile style such as plush and freeze so that your cat has less passion for claws. 

Saxony vs. Frize 

Both types have some advantages to use. 

While Saxony is a durable carpet style with its great feature of pile concealing marks and stains, the frize type of carpet is wirier than the former type and it is possible for it to hide wear and stains due to its frenetic patterns. It can also improve the durability characteristic with its being tightly woven carpet style

Why Do Cats Scratch the Carpets? 

The irresistible feature of carpets makes cats scratch more and more since fibers of carpets are easy for cats to dig their clays so that they can easily remove the dead claw husks. Therefore, this innate behavior of cats to scratch some places including carpets regularly is something indispensable for cats.

If you know the reason why your cat scratches your carpets, you can find the solution easily. Here are some reasons why your cat scratches your lovely carpets:

  • As a kind of claw sharpening act, it is important for cats to groom. Scratching also helps remind the outer husk of the claw showing a harp and new surface underneath 
  • Scratching may be the way your cat talks with you because by doing so, cats sometimes show a marking behavior and try to make a communication. 

There is also another meaning behind it: when your see claws scraping down a surface, you should understand the fact that the scent is deposited and the discarded claw husks, and the smell provides a strong visual message for other cats if your cats are more than one.

  • It is also kind of a sign that your cat wants to play with you. Or if you have more than one cat, it might be mean of calling other cats or pets to play together. 
  • In fact, when your cat feels alone and needs to get attention, this scratching behavior might be more fluent. 

For this kind of condition, you should understand that your cat wants to receive more attention from you and it might even have some psychological problems.

Let us make your cat find any other target to scratch so that it will not ruin your carpets anymore. 

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching the Carpet? 

Playground: One of the reasons to scratch is to mark the territory for cats. Therefore, if you prepare a special and attractive territory to play for your cat, there will not be any other reason to scratch other places like your items of furniture and carpets. This place will be the most comfortable area for your cat to be able to relax and feel safe.

Muscle Growth: The biological purpose of scratching for your cat is about muscle growth. Your colorful carpets work well for this purpose. However, if you give the opportunity your cat to active its muscle and make it rest well with enough sleep, it will not find an alternative to get ready for action. You can also prefer some kitty furniture for this purpose such as a horizontal scratching pad to make your cats their own individual scratching pad with personal choices of patterns and preferences.

A Sisal Scratching Post: You can use a sisal scratching post to cover up the spot where your cat scratches. Actually, you can also move some pieces of furniture but it is not a practical way. Therefore, covering the area by using a thin mat would be easier for you.

Claw Husks: This part of the body is not comfortable. In other words, it is quite a stressful procedure for cats. Scratching prevents the claws from becoming too big and annoying. If you do not want to find any dead claw husks all over your carpet, you should prepare a good place to let your cat do this process there. There are also some toys and other things for cats selling pet shops for it. Also, you can use slippers not to get damages because of the plenty of claw husks especially the first time when you have a cat in your house. 

How to Satisfy Your Cat with Its Need to Scratch and Knead? 

Despite all your efforts and meticulously selection of carpet types at home, your cats will still need to scratch naturally. It is just a natural need in order to groom their claws. Also, their claws are normally extended when stretching after a long nap. 

What you need to here is to offer some alternative ways to your cat. For instance, you can give a scratching post so that your cat satisfy with its need for digging. You might also need to knead even for their entire lives. You should not see this behavior weird but should help them to feel comfortable.

Other than those, you should vacuum carpets frequently. This is actually good advice for all carpet owners regardless of whether they have cats or pets. Frequent vacuuming will get rid of dirt, smells and also help with cats. It will really help make your carpet last longer and make your home nicer and neater. Also, getting your carpet cleaned professionally on an annual basis will also help. But, you should be sure to inquire about stain protection when you do this. Some of the steam cleaners extract the stain protection, so be sure to reapply topical stain protection afterward and perform this annually.

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