What Carpet Is Best for Bedrooms?

When it comes to home decorations, I am sure your bedroom is the most special one you care about. Walls, types of furniture, objects you use to decorate, the location of the mirror, and the curtain pattern are so significant and vital for you. But what about carpets?

Choosing which carpet is the most suitable for your bedroom is not that easy. Your decision affects the appearance of your bedroom more than you think.

While Saxony type of carpets gives you a great opportunity to feel a dense and firm one, plush style offers you a velvet appearance and super soft touching.

However, is it enough to know about the materials and types? It is the time that you should decide the pattern and colors according to functions of it and the matching rules behind it. If you want to know more about the details of what carpet is best for bedrooms, here is the article that will lighten you!

Eco-Friendly Carpets

The prices of carpets vary from the style to the another, so you should take into account your budget when choosing a carpet for your bedroom first. I think this should be the first step to consider because if you can not afford the one you like, your efforts on deciding, for example, the color and texture, would be just a waste.

For instance, frieze carpet costs are generally lower than the price of a Saxony carpet.

Apart from the carpet style, the square footage of the room is also one thing determining the carpet price. Therefore, I suggest you measure the space you are looking for a carpet before shopping so that you have a certain idea in your mind there and so you will save time at the shopping center.

If your budget is limited but your space is just small, and then you may think about some luxury types. Yet, if your space is large, it might be very costly for you to buy a spurge carpet.

Carpet Material

You might want to choose your carpet accordingly your favorite color or the best matches with your pieces of furnitures and room walls, but unfortunately not all carpet materials will give you the same variety of colors.

While nylon is quite durable with its plenty of color choices, polyester is seen more like less durable preference. Yet, I need to note that polyester is one of the soft and stain-resistant choices. As I said above, all fibers have different features when it comes to the carpet material.

Also, there are other choices such as wool, wool-nylon mixes, and myriad synthetic fibers. If you are looking for a carpet with a remarkable price, you can choose wool because it is not that expensive and it makes you feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

Different Types of Carpet Texture

I am sure that you are looking for a soft and comfortable underfoot carpet in your bedroom. You can have this by choosing the right texture.

You can also have a more attractive appearance with the right texture as aesthetics view.

Saxony pile carpet is always considered as one of luxurious choice but please do not force yourself to buy an expensive one since there are other good choices.

For instance, velvet pile has also soft and comfortable usage, which will suit well to your bedroom. You will have a different looking with velvet pile in your bedroom because unlike Saxony pile, velvet fiber carpeting has short and dense piles.

Carpet Styles

There are many types of carpet file. I will mention shortly about some of them below so that you can have some information before choosing your favorite one.

If you want a dense and firm one, Saxony type would be good for you. Moreover, it might show footprints and brush mark with its fibers going in the same direction. You can find saxonies in every quality which is from the lowest to the highest grade.

Plush style offers you a velvet appearance with varying fibers, colors and pile constructions. In fact, generally people like this time for its visual appearance. They are also super soft models but you should consider the fact that this style also shows footprints.

Bedroom Carpet Colors

After choosing the type of carpets and material according to your budget, you will face another important thing to decide now. It is the color of your carpet!

To make this decision, you need to know about the color of the room, and then your items of furnitures.

However, for bedrooms, it is generally suggested to use more neutral colors or at least a blend of neutral colors so that you can feel the warmth there. Adding beige or tan hue is also good choices.

What else you should know for your bedroom is that darker colors make your bedroom appear cozier whilst lighter preferences make the room appear larger. Therefore, if you want to sleep in a large room, you should think about light carpets.

Another tip about colors is about stubborn stains. It is inevitable to have some stains on your carpets, but you can hide it by using neutral blend carpets.

The Importance of Color in Your Lovely Carpet

The taste of color may vary from society to society. While Chinese people love red color and tend to decorate all rooms including bedroom with red color, Turkish families generally prefer another safe option: neutral-colored carpets such as gray.

Although it matches good with many colors, it is problematic when it has too light tones as it shows very obviously dirt.

When it comes to the importance of color in the carpet, it is because you definitely do not feel comfortable with the colors you hate. This must be the first thing you need to consider.

And of course, good matching with your wall and types of furnitures are necessary, but you can only understand it when you bring it to your bedroom.

Therefore, it is better to avoid some predictions about fitting each other when shopping in order not to face any big surprise at home.

Apart from your taste of color, and the matching part, there is a logic behind colors. That means every color has a meaning and function that might have a big impact on your daily life.

How to Choose Carpet Color in Your Bedroom According to Its Functions

There are many functions of color in our daily life even if we do not realize it. Did you ever realize that much fast food restaurant’s walls colored with red? Or you must realize that many schools prefer to use blue and tones of blue for walls and other decoration stuff.

It depends on what you expect from you carpet. The priority for your is to hide stains or make your bedroom bigger? You will decide according to after reading this section.

How to Use Carpet to Make Your Bedroom Bigger

Just like I mentioned above the preferences of Turkish families, those who use lighter color carpets will win in this section because lighter color carpets tend to make bedrooms look bigger while darker options have the opposite impact.

Yet, unlike bedrooms, some people would tend to use darker ones in other rooms to feel cozier as sometimes being small means to feel more comfortable and to have sincere and close conversations with your guests.

Best Carpet Color to Hide Stains

Here the thing you need to consider is not lighter colors, but darker color carpets and multiple colors. You might have children or pet at home, and so it is inevitable to have some stains on your carpets.

Those colors will work well. Colored carpets with some patterns are also good options to hide stains if it serves to your taste.

You will also see that it will work on dirt on your carpets. In fact, multicolor and flecked carpets make it less obvious, so you can also take some more days to take off from cleaning.

Psychology Behind Carpet Colors

Today, everyone knows that colors have some psychological impact. So, who can deny that there is no psychological effect of your bedroom carpets to determine your mood when you wake up or when you return to home from work?

Let us see one by one the effects of some colors together.

Red carpets might have a strong influence for your bedroom because when you encounter with red color everyday and every night, it is indeed that it makes you feel stimulated and will make you show physical signs of stimulation, which may increase your heart rate and breathing.

It may also trigger love and hunger. For both of those reasons, it might be better to avoid a carpet full of red color in your bedroom since probably its influence is more than you expected.

After red, here it comes to orange color with its function of warmth, energetic and welcoming vibe. Although this color is not as intensive as red, it might still result in making you feel too energetic and emotional if you use it in your bedroom carpets.

In fact, it is not so common already to see orange color in any carpet except the carpets for children room and maybe for kindergarten design.

What comes to your mind when you think of money and luxury? Especially nowadays it is so common to see everywhere some items with gold color. As well as gold, yellow is connected to money and sometimes prestige and status. Because of its symbolic aspect, people generally use in their office rooms.

Also, yellow generally symbolize the cheerful and energetic mood. Therefore, it promotes energy and motivation. That is why I think it would be better this color not to use in the bedroom but the places you want to be fun and feel more energetic.

There is another color making people remind of money, which is green. At the same time, if it is not dark but lighter, green represents nature and health.

It depends on from which perspective you look at. That is why some experts recommend using green in bedroom carpets because it makes you both natural and refreshing.

grey carpet textures for background

There is one point there to be careful about. If you use green and yellow together, it generally reminds people of sickness and jealousy. That means it might affect you or your children negatively if your bedroom carpet has some patterns matches green and yellow at the same time.

The next one is the one that you generally see in elementary schools or course centers. Yes, this is blue! Blue is known as the representative of loyalty, wisdom, and trust.

It is also associated with the sky and sea. Rumors say that seeing blue when studying helps students to trigger in their discipline.

Apart from this, unlike red, it has a characteristic that slows the body functions and makes calm and soft. This is another benefit to students in order to make them focus on their field.

You can use blue carpet in your bedroom, which will promote relaxation after a very tiring day. However, you should avoid to use this option in the bedroom and also dining rooms and kitchens because it increases appetite and makes you eat more and more.

When you mix red and blue, you will take the purple color. It is associated with luxury, watch, and power. Generally, it is the favorite color of girls.

Yet, there is more about purple. While the dark version is about some negative feelings making people sad, lighter purples may represent nostalgia and romance.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to use the correct tone of purple for your bedroom and your children especially the girl’s bedroom so you can feel your power and wealth.

Although black is seen as dark and depressive feelings like evil, it also represents power and mystery.

Yet, if you use so intense black in your bedroom, it may seriously make you feel depressive and pessimistic so use the black color for your bedroom carpets. Using it with other colorful options would have no this kind of effect.

Same as black, brown is also a color that you should avoid to use in bedrooms. In fact, people generally use this color of carpets for high-traffic areas.

At least, it is what it should be because some mothers prefer dark colors to stay clean longer and make dust unseen for a longer time.

Using white will makes you feel clean and innocence in time although the majority of people do not prefer this type of carpets because it becomes so easily dirty and there is no way to cover dust on it. Yet, it is still the color of perfection.

Beige and gray as neutral colors are the options people generally prefer to use in bedroom carpets. It might be because it does not represent any emotions including negative ones.

In time, it gives you kind of calming feelings.

Choosing a Carpet for a Child’s Bedroom?

When it comes to the decision of choosing a carpet for your children’s bedroom, you will consider some different factors. The characteristics of colors written above will help you a lot to control the psychology and mood of your children.

Every child is willing to play from the sunrise to sunset, and they generally love to eat and drink in their rooms, which is a big potential risk to make it dirty. That is why you should think differently for their bedroom and your bedroom.

Shortly, you need a carpet which is durable and stain resistant against your children behaviors and routines. The type I suggest you here is a polypropylene carpet because it includes some hard wearing material and it let’s stain resistant.

It can also be cleaned with some solutions. Or another option is that you can use two or more pieces of carpets of a twist pile so that you can wash it easily and you would remove the risk of the toys of your children snagging on a loop pile.

How to Match Carpet Colors and Wall Colors

Your work is not done by choosing the material, size, and texture type of the carpet.

Moreover, you need to think about the good match with your carpet color and wall colors since it may deceive you; for example, it may make your bedroom look like a bigger room than its normal size. After finishing this article, you will see how they are related to each other.

Here are some examples of carpet-wall color relations:

Gray Walls and Darker Color Carpets

Generally, people prefer to use dark tones of carpets although gray goes with about almost anything including neutral colors.

Actually gray represents the freedom that makes you feel free and gives you freedom. The best option with your gray walls would be cream and multi-colored carpet, but you still can choose a navy blue and black one if you are a fan of them.

Beige Walls and Bold Carpet Colors

Beige walls are one of the most common choices of the family to color their bedrooms. Beige walls generally work with bold carpet colors but not turquoise, light blues, and sometimes pinks.

Therefore, you will make your bedroom decoration in contrast with neural matching. Like other types, you can use multicolored and multi-patterned types, if it serves your taste and preferences.

Is There Any Cons of Bedroom Carpeting?

At first, everything looks like you as if you have to have a carpet ( maybe even two pieces) for your bedroom. However, did you ever realize that some families do not have any carpet in their bedrooms? The reason behind this might be some cons of bedroom carpeting.

Let us see one by one the cons of bedroom carpeting.

  • You may face with some snags if you use loop pile carpets. It is problematic in a way since snags may lead to the carpet starting to unravel if left untreated. You should be careful about it by observing in order not to make it bigger before realizing it so that you can solve the problem easily by detecting earlier.
  • Do you have a cat or dog? If yes, you know what having a pet at home means: they might react to carpeting in a negative way and damage it. Apart from this, the stains on your carpet would be more when you cat.

Yet, do not forget that you can discipline your lovely cat with a little training and do not give up!


In conclusion, when choosing a carpet for your bedroom, you should consider its durability by choosing the correct material for you. There are many types of material for carpets, and a little information would help you to decide the most suitable one for your bedroom.

For instance, if you can afford the cost, you can use polyester, but if the thing you are looking for is to make you feel cool in summer and warm in the winter, you should focus more on the wool options.

The next thing you should take into consideration is the number of your family member. If your family is an extended family with many children or pet, now it is time to consider more about stains.

Choosing a suitable type of carpet for your bedroom will help you to get less stress when you see coffee or chocolate stain on your carpet.

The last and most important part is to decide the color of your bedroom carpet. It is the most vital aspect of choosing what carpet is best for bedrooms because the pattern and the color you choose may have potential to deceive you about the decoration of your room and the size of this.

I can think about this kind of illusion. Colors matter more than you think.

I am sure these pieces of informations would be very helpful for you to have better decoration and a colorful bedroom with good memories waiting ahead of you!

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