What Carpet Freshener?

One of the most common problems with carpet use is bad odors. The reason for bad odors is generally insufficient cleaning and long-term use. However, this problem may also be caused by organisms like mold and fungus.

To prevent your carpets from smelling bad, in addition to cleaning them regularly with a vacuum cleaner, it is also advised to send them to professional carpet washing companies every six months. But even if you do all of this, you may not be able to prevent the formation of bad odors as a result of long-term use.

So what can you do at this point? How can you save your carpets from smelling bad? The answer is simple. You can use carpet fresheners. Carpet fresheners are generally used after cleaning operations by professional companies. But you can buy one for yourself and use it at home as well. In fact, you can even make your homemade carpet freshener!

In this article, I am going to get into detail about carpet fresheners like when and how to use them, as well as the contents and the permanence of this carpet perfumes. Then, I will explain how to make a homemade carpet freshener. After that, I will give some information about the
sources of bad smells. Then I am going to mention the moisture-bad odor relationship, and acquaint you with all you need to know about better-smelling carpets. You will also find useful tips about how to make your home smell nice at the end of the article.

What Is a Carpet Freshener?

Carpet freshener is the general name given to the carpet perfume varieties, generally used after the application of industrial carpet cleaning to maximize customer appreciation, or after manual carpet cleaning to prevent bad smells as well as provide a nice smell.

The most important substances used in the manufacture of carpet fresheners are fragrance essences and ethanol, ie ethyl alcohol. Essences can be extracted from the flowers, roots, stems, leaves or barks of various plants, or they can be produced chemically at a laboratory as synthetic products.

The fragrances are first produced in an essence form and then converted into a perfume after being combined with ethyl alcohol and a few emulsifiers. Fragrances may be in the form of a single fragrance, for example, the smell of jasmine, but can be produced by mixing more than one smell as well. Among the fragrances commonly used in carpet fresheners, there are ginger, rose, cardamom, tarragon, pineapple, cinnamon, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, and tonka bean.

So what kind of fragrances should be preferred in the carpet cleaning sector, how should they be used and what should be considered when choosing a carpet freshener? In this respect, we can clearly say that for the carpet cleaning sector, customer pays for the cleaning of the carpet in the first place. Therefore, a carpet freshener must reflect the smell of cleanliness. For this purpose, generally fresh fragrances are preferred.

How to Use Carpet Fresheners

We have learned what is a carpet freshener by far. So how are we going to use it? If you buy a carpet freshener, those products are generally sold in a spray bottle. So you just spray it onto your carpet. But if you make your own carpet freshener at home, it may be in either liquid or powder form.

If you make a liquid carpet freshener, you can use it with the help of a spray bottle, as well as a clean cloth which you will soak in your homemade mixture. If your carpet freshener is in powder form, you may just sprinkle it all over your carpet and then sweep your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

The most important thing you should not forget before using a carpet freshener is that you must use it after cleaning your carpet. Professional companies do the same. They first clean your carpets, then use a carpet freshener to add a good smell.

Permanence of a Carpet Freshener

The most important issue about the permanence of a carpet freshener is being careful about the drying process of washed carpets. Moisture in a poorly dried carpet absorbs the odor of perfume and causes the carpet not to smell good. You are not able to obtain an effective fragrance from a damp carpet no matter how much carpet freshener you use.

Another important aspect of freshener use and permanency is the perception of habituation. Habituation is a decrease in response to a stimulus after repeated occurrences. In short, because you use the same carpet freshener (so the same fragrance) constantly, your nose gets used to it and at some point, you can’t smell the fragrance. Even before the end of the same bottle, you can experience this perception.

As a result of this scientific fact, people generally tend to think that the performance of the fragrance has decreased. To smell the same odor as the first time you smell it, you should not smell that odor in any environment for at least two months. You can prevent the perception of habituation to some extent by choosing high-quality brands.

The third and last important point is using the carpet freshener 1 month after you bought it if possible. If you wait 1 month before using the carpet freshener you bought immediately after production, its composition will be more stable and it will smell better. In fact, if you can keep the carpet freshener in a glass or aluminum container, the smell will become even more perfect.

Making a Homemade Carpet Freshener

If you want your carpet to smell nice, you can prepare a homemade carpet freshener yourself. Especially if you have pets in your home then carpet freshening may become a necessity beyond pleasure. A homemade carpet freshener gives your carpet a refreshing fragrance for a long time.

Formula 1:

Materials Required:

1/2 cup borax
1/2 cup carbonate powder
30 drops of essential oil(s)
1 teaspoon cinnamon or clove


Start by combining borax and carbonate in a glass or plastic container. Add about 30 drops of your selected essential oil(s). If you don’t have any essential oils available, you can add a teaspoon of cinnamon or clove instead. (Or you could do as we did, and combine them! We used about 20 drops of wild orange essential oil and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon)

Mix until the mixture is lump-free. Then, transfer the powder to an empty shaker container or jar with a dispenser top.
Sprinkle the powder thoroughly onto your carpets and leave for 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming.

Tip # 1: If you have a light colored carpet, DO NOT use cinnamon or clove because it may cause discoloration. If you still want to use their fragrance for the carpet freshener, use cinnamon or clove essential oil!

Tip # 2: If you wish, you may use just carbonate. Carbonate can effectively absorb odors on its own.

Formula 2:

This time you won’t need borax or essential oils. Baking soda is the only indispensable ingredient for this formula. However, if you want to add some fragrance to your carpet while you deodorize it you will also need some herbs.


Baking Soda
Dried lavender, rosemary, or other herbs


Put the baking soda to a mixing bowl. Then, add the powdered lavender or other aromatic herbs. Mix them together. Sprinkle the carpet freshening powder thoroughly onto your carpet. And vacuum it to have a newly freshened carpet!

How Can I Both Clean and Deodorize My Carpet Naturally?

When you clean your carpets with synthetic, chemical-containing products, your carpets may wear out after long-term use. In addition, there will be the smell of heavy chemicals after cleaning. Instead, you can make your own carpet cleaner-freshener with natural materials.

Let me first remind you, since every carpet does not have the same characteristics, start using the mixture after applying it to a very small area in your carpet first. Now, let’s see how to make your homemade carpet cleaner-freshener!

Materials required: Spray bottle, 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1 cup warm water, 1 teaspoon carbonate, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, clean towel, clean scouring pad.

To prepare the carpet cleaner-freshener, put all the ingredients in the spray bottle and shake. When the vinegar is combined with acidic structure, carbon dioxide is released and cleaning is inevitable.

Spray the mixture to the dirty area of your carpet. Then rub with the scouring pad and wipe away the excess detergent with the clean towel. Continue the application until the stain is removed. After it is completely gone, you will notice the good smell of your carpet as well.

My second formula which you will find below, the carpet cleaning spray, is also effective in cleaning the stains on the carpet. It is a very useful recipe, especially for carpets that you cannot wash continuously. It can be easily applied whenever it is needed.


  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 2 glasses of water
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 15 drops of lavender essential oil or any different essential oil you want

Properties of materials used

White vinegar – White vinegar has deodorizing properties and removes hard stains. Vinegar is used safely in most fabrics and is effective against many stains.

Salt – Salt is used to bind stains. If you have a really hard stain, such as red wine or cranberry juice, you can pour some salt on top of the spot to absorb the liquid. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes and then take with a vacuum cleaner. Then use the carpet cleaner spray.

Lavender essential oil – It leaves a pleasant fragrance on the carpet and effective in the destruction of bacteria and viruses on the carpet. Safe for children and pets.

So how will you prepare it?

Add vinegar and water into a large spray bottle and mix thoroughly by shaking. Add salt and lavender essential oil. Mix again by shaking. Spray the prepared carpet cleaning spray onto the carpet, especially on stained areas. Then let it dry and sweep the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. For harder stains, apply the mixture directly on the stain (not with a spray bottle).


Never wipe liquid stains. Absorb the liquid and then use a carpet cleaner spray. For solid stains, remove all stains from the carpet before using the carpet cleaning spray. Some essential oils may cause decoloration. Therefore, be careful when choosing essential oils.

Overview Part 1: Getting Rid of the Bad Smells of Your Carpet

The question of how to remove the bad smells of carpets concerns many of us because we all get new carpets to our homes and they have a great place in our lives. As such, we would like to be satisfied with them. We don’t want to experience any stains or smells on our carpets. Here under this title, you will learn how to remove the bad smells on your carpets.

Unfortunately, there is something called air pollution. No matter how much we clean our carpets, we can’t defeat air pollution. It’s permanent. So, the smell of the carpet cannot be completely removed but can be minimized.

In fact, the most useful method is to do maintenance on the carpet. Wash your carpets once a year. If you can’t wash them yourself, you should have it done by a company. It takes 3-4 days in summers, but it may take as long as 10 days in winters for cleaning companies to clean your carpets.

If you want a homemade carpet cleaning method to get rid of the bad odors, you can use some soft soap foamed in hot water. Wipe your carpet with a clean cloth just using the foam. After that, prepare a carbonate-water mixture and wipe your carpet gently with a clean cloth soaked in that mixture.

To get rid of bad smells caused by mold you can use borax. Mix the same amount of borax with half a glass of water and sprinkle this mixture onto your carpet. After about 2 hours, sweep the carpet. In this way, you will get rid of fungi and mold living inside your carpet.

As you know, vinegar is an excellent stain cleaner. Therefore, you can rely on the vinegar to clean your carpets’ surface as well as their base. To do this, pour vinegar into the stained area of ​​your carpet and gently wipe the carpet with a clean towel. This will help you get rid of the smell as well.

If you have a baby crawling on your carpet at home then definitely do not clean your carpet with carpet shampoo. If it is winter, you can use snow. It can kill bacteria and has antiseptic properties.

If you are using a liquid cleaner, take care not to soak your carpet with too much liquid. Because, if the base of the carpet gets wet, the germs and stains can hide in the depths of the carpet.

Why Moisture Causes Bad Smells: The Molding Problem

Mold loves moisture. Any water leaks, flooding, or high humidity levels may cause molding on your carpet. It is important to check your carpets to see if they are wet or not regularly. Also monitoring the amount of humidity in the home, especially in basements and bathrooms will help you to prevent molding.

The smell of mold is often noticed before its visual presence. It may be hidden everywhere, especially deep into your carpets. So, the important thing is to know what mold smells like in the first place. If you can smell it, you can find it and remove it as well.

Many people define mold smell as an unpleasant musty odor. It resembles the smell of rotting material, especially a plant. It also reminds the smell of soil after a rainy day.

How Do You Remove Moisture out of Carpet?

In order to remove the moisture out of your carpet, you need to dry it completely. If your carpet is wetted, or you’ve just washed it, you need to act fast to dry it. Within 24 hours, mold can begin to grow and destroy your carpet.

First of all, you should remove all of the furniture from your carpet. Otherwise, mold can spread over your furniture as well. Secondly, if it is not a wall-to-wall carpet, you should hang it outside to dry.

If it is winter or a rainy day, you should soak as much of excess water as possible by blotting up with a clean towel. Then you can use a wet vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining water.

If you are trying to dry your carpet indoors, you must open up all windows. Air circulation will be very helpful for the drying process. You can also support this circulation using mechanical fans and a dehumidifier.

Overview Part 2: Making Your Carpet Smell Better

What can be done to clean the carpet and, more importantly, to make it smell nice? I advise you to wash your carpet at least once a year. Of course, washing is not important for the carpet to smell nice, but at least it is extremely important for it to be clean. Regular cleaning of the carpets will at least eliminate bad smells.

Of course, your biggest assistant will be a vacuum cleaner. It will be a good option to sweep your carpet with a vacuum cleaner regularly. You can definitely use carpet shampoo at certain intervals to make the carpet smell good. At home, I don’t often have carpet shampoo, so I use regular shampoo, but you buy one.

You can get help from old carpet sweepers to clean your carpet as well. Because no matter how strong the vacuum cleaner is, it will not clean as well as a carpet sweeper. After using a carpet sweeper, you will see very clearly that a large part of the dirt in the carpet will disappear.

Although carpets are usually given to professional companies, there are many options available at home. It should be noted that carpet fresheners are only used for masking purposes and you should be open to trying different methods. You can take a more detailed look at “how to make homemade carpet cleaner-fresheners” to take advantage of these options and opportunities.

Additional Information: 8 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Nice

Each house has its own smell. When a guest comes to your home, the first thing that this person will notice is the smell of your home. Of course, because you live in your own home, you get used to this smell and you can’t realize it. I do not say that this smell is good or bad, but there are some methods to make your home smell nice.

So how can you refresh the smell of your home with natural, cheap and practical methods without needing the synthetic room perfumes? Let’s look at 8 practical ways to make your house smell better.

1) Put some essential oil in the air filter

Drop a few drops of oil on the air filter to make your house smell like a flower garden. In this way, with the help of the air entering the house, the fragrance of flowers in front of the filter will spread to every corner of the house. Chemical and synthetic substances are not found in essential oils. They are derived from the essence of different plants and flowers. Lemon, orange and lavender fragrances will make your home smell as beautiful as spring gardens.

2) Boil fruit peel in frying pan

If you put some orange peel, banana peel, apple peel, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and water into a frying pan, boil for a while and put this pan inside your room, it will smell like a jam shop.

3) Clean sink drain frequently

Sometimes cleaning up the source of the bad odors will also refresh your home. Especially, the sink drain is something that is often clogged. For this reason, you should clean the sink drain in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet at regular intervals and eliminate the things that cause bad odor and blocking.

4) Put vanilla into the oven

Your guests will come after 1 hour and you are not satisfied with the smell of your house? No problem, there is a very practical method you can benefit from. Put two tablespoons of vanilla into a bowl. Then place this bowl in the oven and run the oven at 150 degrees for about 1 hour. Who doesn’t like the vanilla smell?

5) Cook cokies

You can cook cookies if you don’t want to waste your vanilla! Such a nut, chocolate chip, raisins, apples, a cinnamon cake or cookies inside the house smell really delicious.

6) Decorate your home with eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a plant with both beautiful appearance and a fresh fragrance refreshes the air of the house. Eucalyptus, which you place in a vase, will prevent the heavy odors in the environment and provide a spacious home environment.

7) Put candle inside coffee beans

Everybody loves coffee. There are no people to resist the smell of freshly ground coffee. For this reason, by placing a small candle in a bowl full of coffee beans and lighting it, you can spread the smell of coffee all around your home.

8) Place soap in various parts of the house

No matter what anyone says, even the smells of most luxurious shampoos cannot be the same as the smell of soap. You can put a bowl full of soap in each room of your home. On top of the showcase in the hall, on the drawer in the bedroom etc. The soap bowls will emit light but pleasant smell into the house.


Carpet fresheners can be bought or made at home. Either way, using a carpet freshener after cleaning your carpet is the best way to provide a good smell to it.

There are many options which are affordable and effective, but if you want to stay out of chemicals, there are also a lot of alternatives that you can make at your home!

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