What Carpet Colors?

Carpets are among the most important accessories of houses. Especially the color of the carpet to be used in decoration is of great importance. In the carpet selection, the color of the floor and wall, as well as the general color of the furniture is of the utmost importance.

In rooms with light colored walls and floors and with furniture in beige, cream or light pastel tones, to attract attention on the carpet, bright orange, brown, red or green tones can be preferred.

Rooms with plain furniture can also benefit from patterned carpet models. In the places where white is dominated, you can use black and white, leopard patterned, zebra patterned or geometric patterned carpet models.

If you want your carpet to get lost in the floor, you can choose its color close to the color of the floor, or if you want to show the room wider, you can use light tones. If your flooring material has a dark color, it will be very elegant to use a carpet with patterns.

If you want to draw attention to your accessories in the room, you should always choose your carpets in plain, simple and light tones. In this way, your colorful objects will attract more attention.

If you want a room with warmer energies and your walls are light colored, with a vibrant selection of accessories you can change your room’s mood. If you have very large rooms, you can also prefer several pieces of patterned carpets.

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Carpet Color Selection

There are many things to consider when choosing the color of your carpet that will greatly affect the atmosphere of your home. Among these, the most important ones are wall color, curtains, color and material of the flooring, furniture, the size of your room, the amount of light in the room, and the frequency of use of the room.

You can provide color integrity in your home with a carpet that is compatible with these all, or you can highlight the item you want with the contrast you create.

You can create a more natural background with creamy, beige and earthy carpets. Light colors show your room wider. Families who want to provide a friendly atmosphere or having small children can try dark tones.

Yarn type also gives you some hints about color selection: Polypropylene yarns are matt, polyester yarns are bright and lively, bamboo yarns are pastel, and woolen yarns offer natural colors.

For the decoration integrity of your house, the pattern, and texture of your carpet are as important as the colors. Various weaving techniques such as Cut & Loop, Shaggy or Chenille have all unique looks and are determinants in the quality and design of the carpet.

It is very important to choose a high-quality carpet that will maintain its color and texture for a long time for the areas you frequently use, such as living rooms, corridors or stairs.

Carpets produced with wool and polyamide yarns are ideal carpets for such areas with their non-staining and wear resistant properties. Carpets woven from acrylic yarns are also used as an alternative to wool and polyamide yarn.

Bright carpet materials may cause fluctuations in color over time. Therefore, in areas where they will be exposed to frequent use do not prefer bright carpets.

Polypropylene, polyester acrylic, and bamboo yarn carpets are more suitable for outdoor use or damp rooms, thanks to their moisture and mold-resistant structures.

How to Choose the Right Carpet Color

The carpets, which are not only used for covering the floor, but also as a complement to the decoration, are chosen according to the area of use and decoration style. The preferred carpets for a kitchen and a living room can never be the same.

It may not be easy to decide what kind of carpet to use. Using a special patterned carpet to create a focal point in the room, or a carpet that adapts to the room is your decision. You can decide on the right carpet color by paying attention to the points such as the floor color, other colors in the room or what the colors stand for in particular.

When choosing the carpet color, the first step is to decide the area of use. If you want to buy a carpet for your living room, you can be as creative as you want.

In the interior design, the lightest colored carpets are often used in living rooms. This is because we generally don’t eat in living rooms. The most appropriate color for the living rooms is cream, regardless of the general decoration color.

The cream color can sometimes be used in cream-powder, cream-honey or cream-black pairs, depending on the dominant color in the living room. According to the weight of your living room carries, you can also prefer tufted carpets.

A patchwork carpet, which uses pink, yellow and blue at the same time, suits the living rooms. A carpet of purple and pink-powder blend gives your living room energy. In modernly decorated living rooms, carpets with a geometrical pattern rather than floral patterns can be preferred. Geometric patterned carpets can be used with the combination of desired colors.

The choice of color in children’s rooms is unlimited. Since the place is quite colorful, any color can be preferred for the carpet. What is important is the age of the child to use the room. If it is a very small child’s room, the light colors will be difficult to clean. Again, choosing antibacterial carpets is another important detail.

For kitchens which are generally the most used part of the house, attention should be paid to the fact that the carpet is useful along with the visuality. A very light carpet should not be preferred because it can’t hide even a very small stain dripping on it. Carpets that are easily swept, can hide stains to some extent and easily wiped, are the ideal carpet types for kitchens.

Color Harmony in Carpet Selection

One of the most important elements is that the colors used in home decoration should be in harmony. The walls and floors covering the widest part of the house should match the carpet and furniture colors and reach the complete integrity with the remaining accessories.

There are some points to consider when choosing the carpet color. These include functions such as the size of the room, the amount and the direction of the light it receives. For example, dark colors should not be used in small rooms, and light and pale colors should not be preferred in rooms receiving low light.

The choice of carpets for narrow and low lightened spaces will turn into fresh environments with very light tones and vibrant colors in contrast. Especially, the accessories should be chosen among vivid colors.

It is useful to choose at least 3 color tones when decorating. With one color decoration is impossible, as the two colors will be insufficient. As much as the choice of color, the extent to which colors are distributed within the space is also a remarkable issue.

There will be a great harmony if 60% and 30% of the house is decorated with two close tones, while the remaining 10% is selected as the dominant color and distributed to accessory weighted objects.

It is inevitable to reach the correct result and create a visual feast by using appropriate tones and making good observations. For this purpose, the point to pay attention when choosing the carpet is to add color to the place with small or large accessories in contrasting colors.

Importance of Carpets in Home Decoration: Carpet Choice and Carpet Colors

If you know the basics, it is easier to decorate your floor with the right carpet. Do you want your carpet to be an elegant background element or the venue of attention? This is actually the first step to start the decoration.

If your preference is an elegant background, then you have to choose one of the natural color groups. Earthy tones, beige, and grays will be in accordance with your wishes.

Eye-Catching Carpets

If you want your carpet to attract attention or to have a predominant effect in the room then it will be beneficial to choose among the colors like a dark green or a pleasant burgundy. Whether your furniture is old or new, it plays an important role in your color selection.

If your furniture is dark, for example, black leather, coffee suede, dark oak or cherry wood, you should better prefer lighter carpet colors in order to feature your furniture.

If you use a dark carpet with a dark furniture set, this is not right. Because it will not exhibit any visual contrast. Light colored furniture sets are more compatible with a dark carpet to create the contrast. In the same way, the color of the carpet should also be selected changing from the middle to dark tones.

The Effect of Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is another important element in your choice. For example, having children or pets at home will affect all these decoration decisions closely. If you have children and pets, you will probably prefer to stay away from light-colored carpets. With these living conditions, the cleaning of your carpet will certainly be difficult.

However, if you still insist on using light colored carpets, or if you have to use them, then you should prefer a more complex patterned carpet or a Berber carpet.

In some cases, you may also want to choose your carpet color based on another decorative point or object in the house or room. This decorative object can be a window ornament, a fabric on furniture or a bedspread. Nevertheless, don’t forget this; if you choose the color of your carpet to match another object that is not a fixture in the home, in other words, not something that you will use forever, you may have difficulties adapting and arranging the colors of your room in the future.

Carpet is a kind of investment tool. The carpet is not an item that can be easily or quickly replaced, such as bedspreads or other disposable objects. Carpets also add some degree of warmth to the place and serve as an insulator against extreme heat and cold.

In addition, since carpets generally constitute the basis of the decoration and covering a very large space in the house, they have a very important place in the overall color and fabric arrangement. A carpet can provide simplicity, comfort, softness, and livability in a place and it can be one of the easiest ways to personalize the environment.

Optionally, a background color can be arranged to create a vibrant focal point. So, think thoroughly about how you live and how you want to feel like you’re at home to find the most suitable carpet for your lifestyle.

Single Colored Carpets

Carpets are important for both health and decoration. They provide the integrity of the decoration of the living area. Carpets, which have been found in people’s lives for centuries, have gained different designs with the development of production systems and their alternatives have increased. Even though carpets have more patterns in the past, it is now possible to find single colored and plain carpets.

Why Single Colored Carpets Become Popular

Recently, single colored carpet models have increased their popularity. Combined with simplicity and elegance, these carpets are seen as the most suitable alternative for capturing a modern image. Especially for mixed colored sofa sets, carpet selection can be difficult. Single colored carpets transform this difficulty into an ease.

Those who are tired of complex colored rugs and who want a more plain image began to prefer single colored carpets. They are not only produced for living rooms and halls. These carpet options include hall rugs. In addition to their simplicity, their elegance also creates an advantage. The choice of those who prefer the simplicity of the single colored carpets can easily be spotted even in a flashy decoration.

Choosing a Single Colored Carpet

When choosing a single colored carpet, different yarn and weaving samples can be preferred. As with long-haired carpets such as shaggy carpets, there are also short-stranded hand-woven carpets in the market. Machine weaving options can also be chosen.

The preference of single colored carpets varies according to the individual’s own tastes. There is almost every color, from blue to red, from white to black.

Recommendations on the Home Decoration Colors

There are a few important details to consider during the decoration. First, you need to decide what kind of style you want by thinking about your tastes and usage habits. Then you need to clarify how you want to create a space by taking into account your personal interests and hobbies. And lastly, you will need to choose your furniture, accessories and similar items considering the color and style you will apply by taking into account the architectural features and the illumination.

You don’t have to have an innate ability to choose the right colors during your home decoration, with a few small pieces of information and more sample designs that you’ll be looking at, you can create unusual combinations or provide color balance to the place you’ll decorate.

Living room, bedroom, study room, dining room, kitchen, briefly no matter which room you will decorate, having information about color balance will be very useful.

Ideal Color Distribution

There are many formulas that you can use to choose the colors of the background, furniture, and accessories that you will use in the room. One of the most common formulas is the color balance formula, also known as the formula 60-30-10. In short, you have to choose three colors to apply to the room, two of them close to each other, and the other to be the opposite color.

Then you use the lighter color on the walls and the darker one on the furniture. And the opposite color is used as a highlight color on accessories. Thus, in a most practical way, you achieve a balanced coloring that does not strain the eyes.

Combination of Different Textures and Colors

Let’s talk about the color circle. The color circle (aka color wheel), which is easily accessible by searching the Internet, is a circle with the primary colors such as blue, red, yellow and the intermediate colors formed by the combination of these.

Opposite colors in the color circle are called contrasting colors or complementary colors. When the opposite colors are combined, the line between the colors will be sharp and contrast will occur. Contrasting colors such as green – red, blue – orange, purple – yellow, when combined with a light background, create a balanced combination which does not strain the eyes.

On the other hand, the colors next to each other in the color circle are similar colors. Colors like yellow-green, blue-purple, red-orange, are harmonic and create a relaxing, calm environment when used together. Particularly in the form of color triads, the recommended harmonic colors can be combined with two dark, one light or two light, one dark tone. If you use three in light tones, you create a soft decor, if you use three in a dark tone, you create a tiring color and you may not like it very much.

Combination of Different Colors and Patterns

You can also make arrangements with decoration inspired by nature without the need for any formulas that can be applied to the color balance. More specifically, imagine nature; ground, ie the earth evokes the dark colors, furniture, and walls, ie trees and plants evoke intermediate tones, and ceiling, ie sky evokes light and bright colors. If the vertical color scale of your house goes from dark to the lighter tones, you will achieve a very successful color balance.

Accessories That Go Beyond the Decor Color Scale

In addition to the formula mentioned above, if you use different shades of the same color in your décor, ie monochromatic colors, you will need a strong highlighting to revive the decor. You can capture this by contrasting a bright color on any accessory with the monochromatic color you use for your decoration.

Soft Colors

Soft decors created by combining harmonic colors or color triangles in pale and non-glossy tones are the most popular choice for many areas. This color style which is especially used in the bedroom, study room, dressing room, children’s room, and has a very relaxing, serene structure, is often used as the main element of vintage and avant-garde style.

The Use of Pattern Contour and Border Colors in Decoration

There will be many elements that you will use in decoration. From seats to carpets, curtains to wallpapers we can see patterns in almost every detail. Pattern creation has a color balance formula in itself. Briefly; if light colors are used on the ground, the contour colors must be opposite and dark, and the fill colors must be light tones of the contour colors.

If dark colors are used on the floor, the contour colors must be opposite and lighter, and the fill colors must be dark tones of the contour colors. If there is any border or frame in their pattern, their color should be used frequently in motifs.

If you are going to use a patterned object that is prepared with all these details in your decoration, you can provide a perfect color balance by using the contour or border colors in these designs in any other object of decoration.

White Backgrounds

The definition of the background in the decoration is used to define the basic color, including the ceiling, floor, wall and sometimes the main furniture. If your ceiling, floor, and walls are white, your design will be shaped on a white background.

The advantages of decorating the white background are countless. The application is easy, practical, compatible with any color, light, spacious, compatible with every style and very popular.

Choosing the Right Color for Stunning Homes

The most important element in the decoration is the harmony between the objects. You can create stunning houses with small color tricks.

One of the most important elements of decoration is the harmony of the houseware. In the color matching in decoration; carpet, walls, furniture, and accessories complement each other.

Using the same color for the floor as well as the wall is one of the harmonies to be provided. The use of the same color for carpet as the color of furniture is another harmony.

Carpets do not always have to be used in home decoration. Carefully selected flooring materials that is used instead of carpets is helpful to create a different ambiance.

Dark Colored Furnitures

If you want to choose dark colored furniture in your room, you can make a good combination with light colored carpets and curtains. Or if you are planning to buy furniture with intermediate tones, you can prepare a beautiful decoration by choosing your curtains a bit darker and your carpet lighter than your furniture.

Accessory Choice

If you plan to buy furniture in the same color as the walls, you can achieve a different harmony by using a combination of cushion, carpet, wallflower, table and lampshade, all in the same colors and patterns.

Color of the Floor

If the flooring of your house is decorated using lighter tones, it will be more pleasant to prefer dark colors than to use light colored furniture. You can catch harmony with floral or simply light tones on the cushions of your furniture. What is important is to create a pleasant space by making use of the contrasts of the colors and the differences between the tones. If your floor is in dark colors, you should prefer light colored furniture.

Wall Colors

People’s homes are the most pleasant and most private living areas. For this reason, it is everyone’s desire to prepare house decoration that will be comfortable and enjoyable. However, you cannot easily have an idea about how to do this. The most commonly used source for catching this inspiration is the Internet. Because everyone’s budget may not be enough to work with an interior designer.

Many people start by choosing the color of the wall while decorating their home. However, the last thing to do in color selection is choosing the wall color. The easiest part is painting the walls. Wall color should be selected after the determination of household objects such as furniture, carpet, and curtains.

Determination of Colors in Interior Decoration

In the interior decoration of the house, it should be determined what kind of color will be used first. Will the opposite colors be used or there will be a contrast? It is very important to make this decision. In addition to the three primary colors, yellow, blue and red, it is important to use intermediate colors, orange, purple and green. Many different decorations can be made by using the main, intermediate, adjacent and contrasting colors.

Choosing Furniture Colors

When choosing furniture colors, the first material that comes to mind is hardwood. Hardwood is a highquality material and it has a high resistance to disasters such as fire. Therefore it is the most expensive furniture material.

Furniture and Wooden Color

Hardwood is derived from many different trees and has a rich color scale from dark brown to light beige. The choice of these colors is very important in decoration. Because the use of dark and light colors will affect the size, smallness, and spaciousness of the place, and that is an issue to be considered.

Due to the minimalist approach in small rooms, there may not be much decoration material. However, the colors of the furniture will change the aura and color harmony in the room.

Wooden Furniture Selection

Furniture colors are named according to the type of trees used. There are many different colors and they are all shades of brown. Although the trend has shifted to more beige colors in recent years, the colors of furniture in traditional style are still in demand in the market.

Hardwood is a natural material and adapts to all kinds of houseware. For this reason, if you want to have quality furniture while making a choice, make sure to choose its colors from mid-tones. Mid-tones will always be fashionable and elegant colors, as very light colors can be eye-catching.

In a room, use of more than one wooden color may not look nice. Use of up to two different colors will be sufficient.

Importance of Furniture Colors

Since you understand that the colors of furniture affect the environment of the house, we need to look at this from a decorative point of view, and in this respect, when you create a positive ambiance, it will be a spiritual booster.

Since the furniture is in the shades of coffee, they blend perfectly with white and green colors. For this reason, these colors are preferred in modern designs and used in nearly every color of furniture.

In classic furniture, darker colors dominate. The choice of furniture colors from dark to medium dark is complemented with the dark or patterned satin-like colored fabrics.

In kitchens and bathrooms, generally mid tones are used. Dark colored furniture is very rarely preferred. The popular colors are therefore always light colors and mid tones like white, gray, beige, cream and so on. This is because they match nearly every color.

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