Shag Carpet Vacuum: Choosing Vacuum Cleaner for Shag Carpets

The type of carpet that is woven with long threads and gives the appearance of a hide is called shag carpet. Although the yarn size varies, there may be yarn sizes of 3-6 cm on average. In addition to the shag carpets, which are divided into short and long threads according to the length of the thread, there are also silk mixed ones. There are different methods of carpet cleaning due to the shape and texture differences of these carpets, which add modernity and warmth to the home. But the most important tool in shag carpet cleaning is a vacuum cleaner. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a vacuum cleaner for shag carpet cleaning?

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for shag carpets, the first consideration is the power of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner used for the average house cleaning will not cause any problems. However, there are also vacuum cleaner models with more powerful motors. The sweeping power of these models can be blocked by the fringes of the carpet. If you think that the vacuum cleaner in your hand is too powerful, you can reduce this power by opening the air channel on its pipe. Also, it is not recommended to use thin designs such as the powerhead as a vacuum cleaner tip. The pulling power created when these nozzles are attached can cause the fringes of the carpet to be pulled and blockages at the tip.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner for Shag Carpets

  • Engine and Suction Power

Choosing a vacuum cleaner with moderate suction power will make your job easier in cleaning shag carpets. Vacuum cleaners with moderate motor power will also have moderate suction power. Very high suction power is not always very beneficial. If a vacuum cleaner has too much suction power, it may cause the vacuum to stick to the carpet during cleaning. This can create a problem that will complicate your work during cleaning. If you prefer vacuum cleaners with adjustable suction power, you will not only reduce the engine power but also adjust the suction power according to you.

  • Dust Extraction Feature

In addition to the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, its ability to attract dust is also very important when cleaning shag carpets. Since the dust on the surface you are going to clean comes into contact with this point first, it is an important detail that will allow your vacuum cleaner to do a good cleaning job.

  • Choosing the Right Filter

Shag carpets trap many dust and allergens with their long hairs. Leakage of dust and allergen substances from inside your vacuum during cleaning is a factor that can cause health problems. To prevent this, you should pay attention to the HEPA filter option, which is widely used in the market. The HEPA filter is referred to as a high-efficiency particulate filter and is a filter assembly used in vacuum cleaners with dust bags. The HEPA filter has different filtration levels. As this level increases, the rate of particles filtered also increases.

If you have an asthmatic or allergy sufferer in your home, choosing vacuum cleaners with high-level HEPA filters is a useful option in terms of hygiene in your home. If you prefer a bagless vacuum cleaner, you can check the cyclone filter feature. Cyclone filter vacuum cleaners are tools with high suction power performance. However, as we mentioned before, the biggest problem with this type of vacuum cleaner is that the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned after each cleaning.

  • Pet Friendly

Now, many of us have lovely friends at home who share our lives. Although it is good to relieve our daily stress or share something with them, there are effects that require us to pay attention to the cleanliness of our home. Especially shag carpets trap animal hairs. In order not to have any problems with its hair, you should choose a suitable vacuum cleaner. The choice of a vacuum cleaner that will suck the hairs of our little friends without any problems and eliminate odors contributes positively to your quality of life. Our most important criterion while cleaning our house should be to provide deep hygiene. And the feathers of our little friends can easily spread throughout the house.

  • Silent Vacuum Cleaners

While cleaning your house, the biggest problem that disturbs not only our environment but also ourselves is noise. Also, if the cleaning takes a long time, it will be very difficult to endure this problem. In order to avoid such situations, vacuum cleaners that work with low decibels may be at the top of your preference order. Especially choosing one of the completely silent models allows you to clean even when someone is sleeping at home. Do not miss this detail when choosing.

  • Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

As we know, vacuum cleaners were used with bags for many years. One of the contributions of the developing technology was the addition of the bagless option in vacuums. If you are tired of the use and expense of bags, you can also consider the bagless option. However, you have to consider whether bagless vacuum cleaners have practical use. Because in bagless models, you have to clean the chamber where dust and dirt accumulate. And with shaggy carpets, that would mean a lot of work.

If this is not a problem for you, you can consider bagless models among your options. If you are in favor of more practical use, you can choose vacuum cleaners with dust bags. That way, when the bag is full, it’s easier to take it out and put on a new one after you throw it away.

  • Energy-Saving Feature

It is also very important that you pay attention to the issue of energy efficiency, which has entered our lives in electrical household appliances in recent years and has great importance. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, be sure to check its energy class, among other features. Choosing the most energy-efficient models such as energy class A is a useful feature both for your electricity bill and to protect our earth. Energy classes in vacuum cleaners are expressed with letters A to G. You should know that category G is the lowest energy efficiency. For a good cleaning performance, check the energy efficiency as well as the suction power.

  • Easy to Use

Technological developments in electrical household appliances are experienced not only in terms of performance but also in terms of design. In today’s world where everything is designed to be easy to use, the design of the vacuum cleaner you choose should also be an important factor in your choice. Its dimensions, grip, and design that will make you less tired during cleaning can provide great convenience.

  • Support After-Sale

Vacuum cleaners are household appliances that we will use in our homes for a long time. As with all electronic devices, after-sales support services are important when choosing a vacuum cleaner. When making your choice, you should learn about the warranty period and spare parts support offered by the brand. Choosing brands that have a long warranty period and can provide spare parts support for a long time will allow you to experience fewer problems in the long run.

The parts of the vacuum cleaners that you like may not be very high quality or their technical services may not be common. After a few years, you may have to work hard to solve the problem that will occur with your vacuum cleaner. Examine the after-sales support policies carefully to avoid such problems. Check if the cleaner gives a separate warranty for its apparatus. See also the extent of the technical service network and the prices of spare parts. If you consider these features while making your choice, you will feel comfortable after purchasing your vacuum cleaner.

Above, I tried to share information about the things to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner for cleaning shag carpets as much as possible. In this way, you can find an answer to the question of how to choose a vacuum cleaner and make more conscious choices when choosing a vacuum cleaner for shag carpets.

How Should A Quality Shag Carpet Vacuum Cleaner Be Like?

A quality vacuum cleaner purchased for shag carpet cleaning should offer many functions to the user, such as having different heads that provide high performance on different floors and having sufficient suction power which may vary according to use. The quality criteria of the vacuum also vary according to the needs of the buyer. Therefore, in order to choose the best vacuum cleaner, the features expected from the product should be taken into account. For example, household vacuum cleaner models are ideal for daily use.

Considering that the house is larger than the average or has stairs such as a duplex or triplex, it is necessary to look for quality in the weight of the product. Increasing the expectation about noise by lowering the expectation from the performance of the cleaner also changes the understanding of quality. In this case, it would be right to look for quality among the silent vacuum cleaner options.

There are many issues to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. First of all, the point that should not be ignored is where and under what conditions the product will be used. If it is to be used for a house, the size of the house, and if it is to be used for a workplace, it is very important what kind of work is performed in that workplace. It is the right choice to choose the most useful vacuum cleaner according to the needs.

The vacuum cleaner saves time in the cleaning area. Vacuum cleaners, which allow cleaning works to be completed quickly, should be able to easily absorb substances considered as dirt in the area where it is applied. For this, it should have sufficient suction power and a quality motor that provides this suction power.

There may be many different floors, covering materials, or carpets in the place where the vacuum cleaner will be used. This means surface diversity. A quality broom should have the variable suction power to clean different surfaces in detail. Choosing one of the best vacuum cleaner models makes things easier. These models have a dial that helps to adjust the level of suction power.

Each vacuum cleaner has one or more heads of its own. If a quality performance is expected from the cleaner, attention should be paid to the variety and functionality of these heads. Floors such as carpet, tile, parquet, as well as sofa surfaces, and under furniture are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. In order for the cleaner to show maximum cleaning performance, it must have heads suitable for this type of action.

In addition, small vacuum cleaners can reach points that larger models cannot reach due to their size and mostly cordless operation. Small vacuum cleaners are also very useful if used in suitable places.

Although quality is important in every product, it is more sensitive about quality in the selection of electronic devices. During the selection of the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to have information about the production materials of the main body and the equipment of the product. In addition, the high quality and healthy functioning of the electronic system means that the product has a long life. Considering user experiences while deciding on these details yields useful results.

It is also important to choose a vacuum cleaner that does not leak dust and allergens to the external environment during cleaning. Filter quality is a vital detail, especially for shag carpet cleaning, as well as for users with small children, pets, or respiratory diseases. At this point, the filter type and working principle of the vacuum cleaner should be considered.

Power consumption is the most important detail in the selection of electrical appliances and directly affects the quality. The power consumption of the vacuum cleaner and the energy technology should be studied carefully. Vacuum cleaners that perform higher with less power consumption also help save energy.

Selection of Vacuum Cleaner for Shag Carpet Cleaning

One of the most important tools in shag carpet cleaning is a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is a must for the carpet to be completely cleaned, to maintain the hygiene in the house, to clean the floor, air, and surface areas thoroughly, and to have the maximum cleaning possible. When buying a vacuum cleaner, if you pay attention to certain points and make your choice based on these points, it will definitely be a product that you will receive in return. First, you can start by choosing the type of vacuum cleaner you prefer.

The most preferred type of vacuum cleaner for shag carpets is the horizontal vacuum cleaner. Apart from this, you can also choose upright vacuums, cordless vacuums, models with dust bags, or water. Apart from that, secondly, you should pay attention to the energy level. The vacuum cleaner should work well on all surfaces. At the same time, of course, you can choose a vacuum cleaner with a low-decibel sound.

As in every subject, vacuum cleaners are also affected by the changing technology and reflect this on their products. You can choose your vacuum cleaner type according to the square meter area of ​​your house or the size of your environment. After determining this stage, decide whether your vacuum cleaner will be a horizontal vacuum cleaner or a vertical vacuum cleaner.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for shag carpet, pay attention to the width of the dust holding section in the machine and of course, that it is easy to clean. When the dust holding capacity increases, you will be able to use your vacuum cleaner for a longer time. Along with the increase in dust holding capacity in choosing a vacuum cleaner, another side factor is special fine tip brushes and turbo technology if you have a pet at home. Thus, you can easily remove hairs and dirt in the thinnest corner of your home.

You should prefer products with dust bags in order to gain the dust trapping feature of vacuum cleaners. Products with dust bags are hygienic and trap the dust inside. In bagless vacuum cleaners, the dust accumulated in the vacuum cleaner is a little more difficult to use because it is bagless.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, we should pay attention to the suction power. This feature is appreciated by us since the amount of dust in the environment is higher in vacuum cleaners with high suction power. When buying a vacuum cleaner, we should pay attention to the motor power. In cases where the engine power and speed are high, our machine will work better and more efficiently. Engine size is also important. The vacuum cleaner motor should be small, have moderate suction power and the vacuum cleaner should be quiet.

With the silent operation feature of the vacuum cleaner, you can open the vacuum cleaner at any time. Due to the fact that working life and working hours are longer in today’s conditions, users should be able to use a vacuum cleaner at any time in their homes. Vacuum cleaners with dust suction power and silence feature are preferred because they are portable and take up very little space.

The vacuum cleaner must have high power and these features affect the performance of the machine. The noise level of the vacuum is important because some household vacuum cleaners make an excessive amount of noise. This bothers us, so you should make sure that your vacuum cleaner will make less noise and have a low decibel. While the sound decibel level of a standard vacuum cleaner is 74 decibels, we can see the silent working style in the new models designed for this.

Another important feature when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the vacuum cleaner apparatus. The warranty scope of the vacuum cleaner apparatus, the warranty period, and the exclusiveness of the brand is also important.

Working Principle of Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner, which is indispensable for homes, is one of the most efficient electronic household appliances used today. Vacuum cleaners with a simple and effective design easily clean dirt, dust, and other small particles from surfaces, carpets, and seats. It allows house cleaning to be done more efficiently and quite quickly. With a simple definition, the vacuum cleaner absorbs the dust and traps this dirt in its dust bag or a hopper.

The electric motor, usually between 500 and 1000 watts, turns a turbine or impeller with curved blades to compress or move the air. More air needs to be sucked in to try to maintain a balance with the effect of the low pressure created. The sucked air is expelled from the bag membrane. The bag acts as a filter, keeping the dust and small particles in the chamber while releasing the air. The emptying of the said bag is done manually or by using a disposable bag, a change is made to the emptying place.

While there are different types of vacuum cleaners with different functions, most are now considered standard models. This is because almost all types of vacuum cleaners have models adapted for daily use. Each type of broom has some unique features. During the choice, it is necessary to turn to the variety that has the feature for the need.

  • Bagless Hand Vacuum Cleaner

The bagless handheld vacuum is more appealing to car owners. The suction power of this model, which is easy to carry and has small dimensions, is generally lower. While it can easily enter the hard-to-reach spots of some vehicles, it is also very useful for small offices.

  • Bag Vacuum Cleaner

Bag vacuum cleaner models cover almost all of the classic vacuum cleaners. These models mostly have their own bag and almost all of them are suitable for disposable bag use. When its own bag is used, it must be emptied if full. Externally attached disposable bags have the advantage of being replaced when full.

  • Silent Vacuum Cleaner

Silent vacuums are models that allow cleaning at any time of the day. Although the motor power was waived in order to reduce the noise in the old technologies, today there are also silent vacuum cleaner models with high suction power.

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