Shag Carpet Cleaner: A Comprehensive Guide to Clean Shag Carpets

Shag carpets are a type of carpet that resembles a fleece at first glance and has very long hair. These carpets, which have a very stylish appearance, are a type of carpet that is also difficult to clean because they are woven from long carpet hairs that can vary between 3 cm and 6 cm. At the same time, it has the feature of trapping the dirt inside the house very quickly. So how do we clean shag carpets? Which tool is the best shag carpet cleaner? Let’s take a look together.

There are several cleaning methods for long pile shag carpets that require great care and diligence during use. The most effective method for cleaning long pile carpets such as shag carpets is to clean the carpet by whisking. The dust and dirt that enters between the piles of the carpet will be cleaned as it is whisked hard. Vacuum cleaners are also an effective method for cleaning shag carpets. Care should be taken that the vacuum’s suction power is good and that it does not stick carpet hairs, because vacuum cleaners with poor suction power may not clean the carpet even though they are vacuumed every day.

Giving especially large-sized shag model carpets to washing companies at certain intervals will provide a more guaranteed cleaning. Since the dyes of shag carpets are the same as the dyes of other carpets, the same cleaning products can be used easily. Some ladies wash the small shag carpets in the washing machine. However, even if the washing machine adds a clean appearance, it causes the piles of the carpet to wear out and shorten its useful life.

Shag carpets can be cleaned by wiping with soap like other carpets. However, care should be taken not to stay wet or damp for a long time. Their feathers may be sticky and their structure may deteriorate. At the same time, bad odor and mold may occur. Hard brushes should be avoided in order to prevent the carpet from fraying and to have a long life. Since car wash brushes are of medium hardness, they give better results if they are preferred instead of carpet brushes.

Using chemical products for cleaning can cause permanent damage to the carpet. For this reason, you can resort to natural methods when there is any stain. The most commonly used products, which are white spirit, thinner, and vinegar, can be applied by mixing them with a sufficient amount of water.

Shag Carpet Features and Cleaning Tips

In recent years, we have seen that carpets with very different characteristics and colors have been produced besides traditional carpets. Shag carpet, which is one of the most preferred among them, is also known for its difficulty in cleaning. Because such carpets are made of long hairs, resembling fleece at first glance. As a result, cleaning is also difficult for housewives.

Due to its decorative appearance, most of the carpet selections in recent years have been in favor of shag carpets. However, the fact that it is a difficult type of carpet to clean causes, especially housewives to hesitate about whether to buy a shag carpet. The use of these carpets, especially in homes with small children, immediately raises the question of how healthy they are. Because, although the carpet surface is easy to clean, it is inevitable that the bottom layer will be filled with a lot of dirt and crumbs.

For this reason, those who will buy shag carpets should consider these details. The fact that it is not useful in terms of hygiene causes it to be dangerous in terms of health. In this article, I shared all the information about shag carpets and how to clean them. These methods, which you will make using the materials at home, will be very useful for you.

The fact that dust and dirt accumulated in the carpet piles cause bacteria production over time, which will invite many diseases. Despite all this, the fact that it is different and stylish from the classical carpet models causes shag carpets to be preferred in modern home decorations.

Carpets play an important role in making homes look stylish. For this reason, fashion designers who are devoted to home decoration also dwell on carpets. While it is possible to find carpets in many patterns and colors; There are also carpet types according to the thickness and length of the piles. One of them is a type of carpet with very long hair, which we call shag carpet.

At first glance, shag rugs, which resemble fleece, show a very stylish appearance. However, although they are stylish, shag carpets, which cause trouble for the users with their cleaning, are carpets woven from carpet hairs between 3 and 6 cm in length and have the feature of trapping the dirt inside the house very quickly. For this reason, women often prefer the whisking method in shag carpet cleaning or they prefer to get service from professional carpet cleaning companies.

Shag carpet, called fluffy and long pile, has an appearance reminiscent of post carpets with its soft appearance. Shag carpets, which can also be produced in large sizes, are woven in different sizes and models, contributing to a different atmosphere in homes. The fact that shag carpets are thicker and fluffier than other carpets used in homes causes the floors to be covered with these carpets, especially in winter. Shag carpets, which have different quality and features in themselves, are carpets that vary with the quality of the yarn used.

The long hairs cause shag carpet cleaning to be difficult and to show great care during use. For this reason, knowing and applying the most accurate cleaning methods in shag carpet cleaning will provide the pleasure of use with peace of mind. The most effective method for shag carpet cleaning is to clean the carpet by whisking.

Since the piles of the carpet that are whisked hard will be opened, all the dirt and dust that has entered between the piles will be cleaned. The vacuum cleaner is also largely effective in cleaning shag carpets. Despite being cleaned by sweeping every day, vacuum cleaners that do not have good suction power or cause the hairs to stick together require cleaning with whisking.

Especially if your large living room carpet is shag carpet, in addition to these cleaning recommendations, giving it to the washing companies at regular intervals will provide the most guaranteed cleaning. Since the paint of shag carpets is the same as other carpets, you can easily use the cleaning products you use on them.

Some housewives clean carpets that are small in size by washing them in the washing machine. They think that this way, a much more detailed cleaning will be provided. Yes, the washing machine makes your carpets look extremely clean, but; In addition, it causes the hairs of the carpet to wear out and shorten its life. That’s why we never recommend washing carpets in washing machines.

When you clean your carpet by wiping it with soap, be careful not to stay damp or wet for a long time. Because the hair will feel sticky and its structure will deteriorate. At the same time, you will not cause a bad smell and mold formation. Do not use a hard brush if you do not want the piles of your carpet to wear out, lose their properties, and be plucked. It will give better results if you prefer moderately hard products such as car wash brushes instead of carpet brushes.

If you use detergents with chemical content on your carpet, you may leave irreversible damage. For this reason, we recommend that you resort to natural methods when there is a stain on your carpet. In this context, the most used products are; vinegar, white spirit, and thinner. But instead of applying them directly, you should use a small amount mixed with the water.

How to Clean Shag Carpets?

Shag carpets definitely have a style of their own. However, cleaning can be just as difficult. However, they are relatively easy to maintain. Having a long pile carpet means creating a retro feel at home. A lush long pile shag rug in the living room or family room makes a great accessory in the room. Cool tiles look great on a laminate floor. It is also ideal for children who like to sprawl in front of the TV or prefer to play on the floor.

In addition to the difficulty in cleaning, there is a variety of shag carpets on the market. There are many different types and styles of shag rugs, and each needs to be cleaned and maintained differently depending on its material. This is one of the many reasons professional carpet cleaners charge much more to clean shag carpets than to clean more expensive low-pile carpets.

Shag rugs have long piles, which means they’re a lot of fun to lie on, but washing them can be a little daunting. If you’re wondering how to clean shag carpet fibers cheaply and effectively, don’t worry: they can be washed at home as long as you take great care. Be sure to check your carpet care labels first. Here are the shag carpet cleaning methods:

Dirt Loosening

  • Take the rug out. Hang it on a railing or suitable elevation.
  • Beat the carpet with a broomstick-like stick or whisk vigorously enough to loosen trapped dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Leave your Shag Carpet in a sunny location for a few hours. The sun’s warm rays help kill bacteria and dust mites that thrive on soft items like bedding and carpets.


  • Many everyday residues will come into contact with the shag carpet surface if used daily by children or pets, daily or rarely walked or played. Vacuum at least twice a week.
  • If your vacuum cleaner has this option, set the vacuum’s cleaning head to the high setting. If the cleaning head cannot be adjusted, it is recommended to use a broom with such an option to control the suction and allow the head to slide easily.
  • Thoroughly absorb the dirt, The remaining dirt to grind in the fibers of a shag rug will cause them to crumble or fray. Do not use the vacuum cleaner’s beater bar or powerhead on shag carpets. The rotating brush tip can snag, pull or tear.
  • Turn your shag rug over and vacuum that surface monthly or as needed, using the whisk tip of the vacuum to clean the underside of more dirt. Stand on one edge of the carpet and push the broom away from you. Adjust the suction power if it is too high.

Carpet Shampoo

  • If you have a household carpet washing machine for your shag carpets at home, you can apply a special granular shampoo cure to your carpets.
  • Before turning on your device, thoroughly rub the shampoo you poured into your carpet with a soft brush to clean your shag carpet. Let the shampoo sit for the time indicated on the label, which can be about an hour.
  • Then vacuum the granules well.

Steam Washing

  • It is recommended that you vacuum the carpet at least twice a year, when it gets dirty or stained, using a steam cleaner if available, hot tap water, and a non-foaming carpet detergent.
  • The shag carpet will take a few hours to dry. Shag carpets absorb a lot of water and can stay wet for a long time. To speed up this process, open room windows and, if possible, turn on a fan to speed drying.

Stain Removal

  • Shag carpets can be subject to occasional spills. You need to intervene in such spills immediately so that these stains do not cause trouble afterward.
  • Treat the stain immediately with a white towel or paper towel. Thoroughly absorb the staining liquid by padding the towel over the stain.
  • Rinse the cloths, wring out most of the water, and use them repeatedly to keep absorbing the spill.
  • Check to see if more color from the stain is still rising into the fabric. By using a white cloth, you will not have the risk of transferring any color from the cloth to the carpet.

Shag Carpet Cleaning with Natural Methods

Many people want to clean their carpets with natural methods without the use of chemicals. In this context, it is possible to apply natural methods to purify your shag carpet from bacteria. Let’s examine them now:

Carbonate Method: Baking soda is a very effective product for those who prefer to use natural disinfectant products instead of chemical cleaners at home. Carbonate, which gives the most effective results on carpets that are difficult to clean, such as shag carpets, ensures the destruction of bacteria and microbes that may be in the depths of the carpet.

If the possibility of your shag carpet being dirty bothers you, baking soda, which you will sprinkle evenly on the carpet the night before, will ensure that all bacteria and germs die. The next day, sweeping it in detail with a vacuum cleaner and going over it once with a damp cloth will ensure that the shag carpet is hygienically clean.

Soaking in the Sun Method: One of the natural methods of cleaning shag carpets is to soak them in the sun. The method of drying and waiting in the sun has been used since ancient times. For this reason, keeping your carpets in the sun for a while will also be effective in cleaning the bacteria.

Take your carpet to the balcony, garden or terrace and hit it with a stick. This way dust, crumbs, and dirt will fall off. With strong strokes, you can ensure that all dust is removed from your carpet. Then put it in the sun for a few hours. Of course, be careful that the color does not fade due to the sun.

Mop Method: Cleaning mops are also materials used in shag carpet cleaning. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, when you run a clean mop over your carpet, you will see that it starts to collect dust.

You can collect dust and crumbs with a mop that is not too wet. If your carpet is sensitive, run the mop over your carpet without pressing it too hard. You can also do this job without using a detergent. If you want to use detergent, you can choose soft soap.

Use Cleaning Companies for Shag Carpet Cleaning

The biggest handicap of our shag carpets, which impresses us with their beauty and stylish stance, is that they are difficult to clean. Such carpets are famous for their elegance, as well as the difficulty of cleaning them. It’s actually not hard to guess why. When we bring our shag rug right in front of our eyes, here is the answer. It is a fact that dust and dirt that passes through the hairs and settles on the floor of the carpet is always there, although it does not show the dirt very much due to its furry structure.

No matter how much we sweep and vacuum, it is almost impossible to get rid of dust and dirt that has penetrated deep. Even if we try to remove dust by shaking, it will not be enough. Because it is very difficult to get rid of all the dirt on our carpet with the force we apply. Although the accumulation time of dirt and dust in regularly swept carpets is longer than in carpets that are not vacuumed frequently, accumulation of dirt is still inevitable on the carpet floor.

Even so, we still see that shag carpets are used frequently in most homes. As a matter of fact, these factors are not an obstacle to the use of shag carpets. What needs to be done is regular cleaning. We should not only sweep the carpets that we vacuum frequently, but also send them to the carpet cleaning companies at regular intervals.

Thus, we minimize the number of dust and dirt accumulated on the carpet bottoms. It is also very important for our health to send our carpets to carpet cleaning companies frequently and regularly. This allows us to protect ourselves from harmful and allergy-triggering bacteria that accumulate on the carpet.

Shag Carpet Using Tips: Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent the dust accumulated on the shag carpet from settling between the long pile of yarns and on the floor. For this reason, the entire surface should be swept daily or twice a week, depending on the Tronic density on the carpet, with a powerful and preferably brushed vacuum cleaner. Sweeping should be done slowly and in the direction of sweeping the pile of yarn. While cleaning the carpet, processes such as beating and whisking should not be used.

Such carpets are decorative products. Carpets produced using fancy yarns may have yarn debris at the ends of the yarn and from the base of the carpet, such yarn spills are not a manufacturing defect. Due to weaving techniques and long pile yarns, there may be disassembly from the pile yarns, the pile yarns should not be pulled, and the long-looking yarns should be cut with scissors at the level of the other pile yarns.

In product preferences, carpets should be selected according to the needs and intended use, and the areas where the carpets will be used should be considered. Shag carpets, which are used in places with heavy traffic such as doorways, living rooms, corridors, etc., wear out and become felt faster than acrylic and wool carpets. Consumers who prefer a product that produces decorative polyester threads to be used in the entrance, hallway, and living rooms of the houses accept that they may encounter these problems and purchase the product. The products of the consumer who applies with the complaint of felting are not changed. Such problems are not manufacturing errors.

Over time, a difference in appearance occurs between the parts of the carpet that are constantly used and the parts that are not used and are under the furniture. This problem is not a manufacturing defect. Such complaints are considered out of warranty. Do not place items with pointed or narrow feet on the carpet. Regardless of the items on the carpet, change the location of the items or the carpet at certain intervals. Otherwise, the carpet will be deformed.

Do not scratch the surfaces of the carpets with sharp objects. Otherwise, deformations will occur in the piles of your carpet that will not be corrected. Footprints can be seen on carpets with cut piles. this may change according to the brightness of the fiber from which the carpets are made and the simplicity of the pattern.

The shading seen in carpets is not a production-related problem. Traffic differences on the carpet, humidity differences, and mostly unevenness on the floor can cause different reflections of light on the carpet surface and lead to shadowing. Keep the carpet away from stoves and similar heat devices, and do not contact the carpet surface with objects hotter than 70 C, regardless of the pile yarn type.

Since direct sunlight may damage the carpet, the carpet should not be left in such an environment for a long time. Carpets should never be folded while being transported and stored, they should be rolled in the direction of the wrap (short edge of the carpet) and stored and transported in a place where there is no moisture. During transportation, the carpet should be kept away from hard, sharp objects, and the carpet should not be allowed to get wet. In case of pulling out the carpets under the weight, care should be taken not to remove the overlock and its hard weave.

It is normal to shed some hair on carpets produced with cut fiber. On carpets that are regularly swept with a powerful vacuum cleaner, hair shedding will be reduced to almost nothing in a short time. In addition, in carpets with high pile density, some of the surface yarns in the carpet may come to the surface of the carpet. Not pulling these hairs or cutting them with the help of scissors does not pose a problem for the entire carpet. In carpets with high density, some of the surface yarns may come to the normal surface in the carpet. Cutting these hairs by pulling or with the help of scissors does not pose a problem for the whole carpet.

Shag carpet should never be washed. In case the carpet gets wet accidentally or is preferably washed, the carpet should be dried in the sun until it is ensured that the moisture is completely removed from both sides. Leaving the carpet damp may cause the organic yarns, which are used in the weaving of all machine-made carpets and form the hard structure of the carpet, to dissolve and cause the carpet to be completely deformed.

It is not possible to produce completely stain-free carpets. A stain that will occur on the carpet can only be removed if it is intervened in a timely and correct manner. The temperature of the water to be used for cleaning the carpet should not exceed 40 C. For cleaning purposes; Cleaning agents containing bleaching chemicals such as bleach, caustic, and washing soda should not be used. It should not be forgotten that when a stain comes off, the substance can never remove all stains without damaging the stained item. Damages caused by handling and cleaning practices may be excluded from the warranty.

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