Considerations When Selecting Carpets According to the Place of Use

The use of carpets is one of the most basic ways of creating a warm atmosphere in our home. In previous times, especially hand-woven carpets were used to provide thermal insulation by hanging on the walls. Today, we still provide warmth perception in home decorations with the help of carpets. At the same time, carpets still appear in wall decorations with different styles.

In order to complete the decoration in the selection of carpets, it is very important to make the choices compatible with your style as well as the harmony with the furniture. It is more accurate to choose the carpet after choosing the furniture and curtain. The purpose of the carpet is also very important. In the room, you can choose carpets that will disappear on the floor or you can also use patterned carpets that will form the focal point.

Simple carpets are generally preferred for furniture with patterned upholstery fabrics. In order to prevent complexity, carpets are mostly kept in the background in such decorations, beige earth tones and creams are preferred. The purpose of creating a background with light-colored carpet models for decoration is more prominent in such decorations. At the same time, light colors are quite successful in making the area look bigger than it is. However, you can choose darker colors such as black, red, burgundy, dark blue, dark green and brown in ambitious home decorations. Especially in the rooms where sunlight can not be used or less utilized, the preference of yellow tones carpets will add a warm look to the decoration. In areas where carpets such as door entrances and corridors get dirty more quickly, dark colors should be considered.

For flat upholstered furniture, patterned carpets are preferred to add more color, create movement and increase visuality. Figured carpets and three-dimensional carpets are also used in areas such as kitchens, children’s rooms, and hobby rooms. When dark carpet and dark furniture are used at the same time, it is not preferred much in decoration because of its visual suppressive feature. In modern style home decorations and country style decorations, geometric-patterned carpets or plain color carpets are preferred. In Scandinavian home decorations, hand-woven rugs and carpets are generally preferred.

Double-sided carpets that provide ease of use are among the most preferred. You can prefer double-sided models, especially for quickly soiled children’s room carpets. At the same time, the choice of antibacterial carpets in children and baby rooms is an important point in terms of health. You should take care to use non-slip carpets in the corridors and door entrances.

Patchwork carpets will remain among the 2020 carpet trends, maintaining its position this year as in previous years. There are also hand-carved carpets according to the style. Featuring modern lines and yarn weaving, these carpets bring home the latest fashion colors. Today, embossed carpets are also designed to suit many styles. By choosing embossed carpets to suit your style, you can enhance the visuality of your living room decorations.

The frequency of weaving of the carpet is among the factors that determine its quality. Yarn quality is one of the important factors in choosing a carpet. Carpets produced from bamboo and beech tree roots are bright, often woven and thin. You can also use authentic hand-woven carpets and rugs according to the decoration of your house. In some parts of the world, traditional hand-woven carpets and rugs are still produced. Wicker carpets are generally considered as alternatives for those looking for different styles in winter gardens, balconies, and kitchens. Bamboo carpets are generally preferred in vivid and pastel colors. Nylon carpets are very difficult to clean. Therefore, when choosing carpets, wool carpets should be preferred. It is normal for wool carpets to shed to the first two or three washes.

Carpet Sizes and Layouts by Place of Use

Each room in your home needs different carpeting and layout. There are a few simple rules to consider when deciding on carpet sizes and placement. Here is a guide to carpet placement by room:

  • Living Room Carpet Sizes and Layout

You can make your living room look much larger than it is by using a carpet of the right size. When buying carpets for the living room, you should choose a carpet as large as possible. If you are buying a carpet for a small living room, you should at least buy a carpet large enough to come under the front legs of the sofa. When taking the size of the carpet, you should calculate the carpet area at least 15 cm out of the furniture. Another point to note is that carpets should never be closer than 15 cm to the wall. Ideally, a gap of 30 cm to 45 cm is left between the carpet and the wall.

  • Dining Room Carpet Sizes and Layout

The dining area is difficult to measure with high traffic. Therefore, you may be wondering if the carpet should be laid under the dining table. Our answer is yes. However, when choosing carpets for the dining table, you should be careful to choose a material that is resistant to friction. When measuring the carpet, a minimum of 120 cm should be added to the length and width of the dining table. This will provide 60 cm of space around the table so that the chairs can be easily removed.

  • Bedroom Carpet Sizes and Layout

If you want maximum comfort in your bedroom, you should use as large a bedroom carpet as possible. If such a large carpet exceeds your budget, it is a good alternative to use bedside carpets on both sides of your bed. For a children’s room with two single beds, you can place a single carpet between the two beds. You should keep a minimum distance of 15 cm and 45 cm between the carpet and the wall.

  • Doorway and Hallway Carpet Measurements

As most of us know, the best carpet alternative for corridors is the hall rugs. When measuring carpet size for the doorways and hallways, subtract 30 cm from the length and width of the floor. Thus, the carpet will remain within 15 cm of each edge. If your corridor is too long, you can use two hall rugs.


  • You can use newspaper papers to test how your carpet looks like before you buy it.
  • Pay attention to the front of the door when measuring. Be sure to select a carpet that is thick enough not to prevent the door from opening and closing.
  • You can add an artistic touch to your space by using your favorite carpets and rugs in overlapping layers or in an intersection with each other.

Considering the variety of rooms and furniture layouts, you may not find carpets that comply with all the above rules. But I hope that this article will guide you to buy carpets that are close to ideal.

Tips for Choosing a Carpet by Place of Use

Use of Carpet in the Living Room:

  • Place the carpet in line with the sitting group and in proportion.
  • If the shape of the room is rectangular, a rectangular carpet if it is square an oval or square carpet would be appropriate.
  • If your seats have high legs, you can extend your carpet under the seat. If you like neutral-colored, low-textured carpets and have a large living room, you can also choose a large-sized carpet to cover all the seats.
  • If your seat is short-legged or has the same level of design as your floor, your carpet should be small in size, with a space of 20-30 cm between the seats.
  • The fine detail of making your carpet valuable when choosing carpet according to corner sofa sets is to choose the right size of the long side of the seat. The carpet in front of a long corner seat can end without entering under the furniture. If you have a small sofa corner, the carpet should be centered on the furniture or lie under all furniture.

Use of Carpet in the Dining Room:

  • Is it rectangular or square or round? The choice of the shape of the carpet should be the same as in the living room.
  • You can choose according to your chair and space.
  • Your carpet should be chosen to be compatible with the chairs within the space occupied by the chairs.

Use of Carpet in the Bedroom:

  • When choosing carpets in the bedroom you should choose according to the position of the bed.
  • If your bed is adjacent to the wall, you should use a maximum of two small carpets, depending on the free space of the room.
  • If your room is not adjacent to the wall, you should place it at a proportional angle with the feet centered on the carpet.

Carpet Selection for Living Room

The decor of the living room where we welcome the people we value should be exceptional. The living room should always be neat, eye-catching and flashy, and admiring it when you enter it. The use of carpets in living room decoration is extremely important for the integrity and harmony of decoration. Living room carpet decoration is a very important issue. Because space is special, the living room carpet should be carefully selected and then carefully placed.

When choosing a living room carpet, the first thing you’ll notice is the location of the living room furniture. Yes, the layout of the living room furniture is the biggest factor in determining the size of the living room carpet you choose. You can make decorations in this direction by studying the tricks of perfect living room decoration. If your living room has a large square meter and there is a space between your seats and the wall, a large square meter carpet should be selected and the sofa set should be placed on the carpet.

You have a small living room and if you’ve positioned the sofa set against the wall edge, your carpet should not be laid under the seats. With this technique, your living room decoration will be more elegant and attractive. The second crucial answer to the question of “how to choose a carpet for the living room?” is that the living room decoration style should be known. If you do not choose a carpet that matches the decoration style in your living room, the result of your decoration will be a fiasco.

If you have made a modern living room decoration, you cannot use classic carpets in this living room. In this context, if you do not have enough information about the carpet style, you should get support from the sales representative. As a summary of the question of how the living room carpet should be, attention should be paid to the size of the room, the color of the furniture and the decoration style. Well, that’s not all. A densely woven living room carpet will make the environment look rich. Therefore, the number of stitches of carpet should be considered.

If you are going to use a patchwork style carpet among the fashion carpet models of the living room in the last years, you should be careful in the color of the furniture. Patchwork carpet colors should be selected in an instant color and furniture should be purchased in this tone. Thus, the decoration will look more elegant.

If you choose a classic style carpet for living room decoration, you should use simple and light colors in furniture. Classic-style carpet models are heavily patterned and multicolored, the simple seats will look more elegant and the carpet will look more stylish and eye-catching. Before choosing living room furniture in fashionable colors, you should get an idea about the carpet to be used. For example, a green sofa set is very trendy this season. For this reason, let me give you some information about the carpet models that match the green furniture.

Carpet for Green Seats in Living Room

The size of the space should be taken into consideration when selecting the carpet suitable for the green seats. Because green can be combined with light and dark colors. If you are decorating a small living room, you should choose your carpet preference from ecru and beige. Green ecru harmony will give you an extraordinary look. If the ecru color is very plain, you can choose an ecru-weighted carpet.

Using light carpet with green armchairs will make the room brighter and more spacious. Using powder color next to Ecru or finding green sofa tones on the carpet will add vitality to the room. If you are decorating the living room with orange cream or ecru, you can easily use the orange-brown carpet with green seats. If you have assigned a single color carpet to the green seats, the sofa set pillows must be selected from vivid colors.

How to Capture Carpet Seat Harmony in Living Room?

You may have adopted the dark color from the seats to the walls, floor to accessories in the interior decoration. In such a case, choosing a simple and light carpet will take the darkness of the living room and give you a nice contrast. Apart from the subjects mentioned above, the living room carpet you can choose can be selected as striped, animal skin, round, asymmetrical pattern, pixel pattern, velvet carpet. You can decorate your living room carpet by paying attention to the main criteria.

If you say how to decorate my living room with stylish and harmonious carpets, you should choose carpet models that are easy to clean and stain-free except for the criteria mentioned.

Carpets are one of the most important details for the living room, which is one of the most time-spent places in the houses. Carpets purchased for the living room are usually chosen according to the curtain or sofa set. However, when it is not purchased at the same time, it is necessary to choose such a color that it should be compatible with both curtains and sofa set. The number of carpets with this color scale is quite low. The gray living room rug holds an important place in this regard.

Carpets show differences according to their texture, type, and construction. There are dozens of models such as shaggy carpets, modern carpets, worn carpets, Iranian carpets. All of these models are easily available in gray color tones.

Carpet Selection for Bedroom

Bedroom carpet selection in bedroom decorations should be made according to the decoration of your room. Arrangements in this room, one of the most intimate corners of your home, should be adjusted to both the comfort and adapt to your taste. For a stylish and elegant bedroom look, the bedroom carpet should be soft enough to suit your needs, appeal to your eye taste and minimize the fatigue that occurs during the day. When choosing the most suitable carpet for you, you need to pay attention to the suitability of the decor, the feeling it creates on the bare feet, the ease of cleaning and the quality.

Although not known by many people, the carpet used in the bedroom suppresses unwanted sounds and promotes a peaceful sleeping environment. In a room without carpet, you notice that sounds are echoed in the same way as in the absence of furniture. If you want to have a quiet and deep sleep in your bedroom, you can take into account that the bedroom carpet is effective not only for decoration but also for your sleep health.

Did you know that your bedroom carpet, the first thing your bare feet touch on the floor after waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, has a soothing effect on the human body? A carpet with soft and dense hairs gives you comfort before and after sleep and rests your mind. Also on cold winter days, it is much better to press a warm and soft carpet instead of an icy floor in the first minute you barely leave your bed.

Bedroom Carpet Models

Research shows that while the more useful and simple models are preferred in the rest of the house, it is considered that the more luxurious choices are made in choosing the carpet model for the bedroom where the room of the house which has the least foot traffic. If you want to experience a soft feeling under your feet, you can choose from plush and woolen models. With tufted and furry carpet models, you can highlight the floor. Plain colors and patterns are preferred in the simpler carpets when you want to draw attention to the other accessories.

In addition to the materials used in making bedroom carpets, they are classified according to their models in different sizes and shapes. In some bedrooms, carpets that are large enough to affect the whole room are used until the window tulle meets the floor, while in some rooms carpets that are combined in 2 or 3 pieces or purchased as bedroom carpet sets. These 2-and 3-pieced bedroom carpet types can be preferred in the same size and pattern with each other, or they can be selected in contrasting colors and sizes according to the decor of the room.

As it is frequently used in recent years, those who want to create a modern atmosphere in their bedrooms can place a single color plush carpet under the bed. This simple and comfortable carpet model makes the bedroom both comfortable and convenient, while all focuses are locked on the bed and the color and patterns of the bed.

Carpet Measurements for the Bedroom

The bedroom is an area of ​​your own with its night and day. If you wish, you can make brief choices in your curtains and bedspreads, while determining the size of the bedroom carpet, you can decide on a longer model and reveal creative differences. You can determine the size of your carpet according to your purpose. A carpet that is ideally suited for your decoration, placed in accordance with the layout of your room, provides a very spacious and large room appearance in terms of its general atmosphere.

You can put your bed right in the middle of your room, and you can choose from bedroom rugs for the area extending towards the door. You can choose your carpet selection in rectangular, square or round cuts. You can get a modern look with a rectangular cut with patterns on the foot end of the bed and a carpet that has the same dimensions as the width of your bed.

How to Choose a Bedroom Carpet?

In addition to size, color, and patterns, it is important to make sure the carpet is comfortable when choosing a bedroom rug. Especially in large, unheated houses, placing a carpet on the floor also helps to warm up the house. After determining the size of your bedroom you should decide how and where to use your carpet. In addition to the large, non-patterned models to position under your bed, you can also choose a pieced carpet placed on the foot end or side of the bed.

In addition to the oval bedroom rug models, you should also consider the shapes and patterns commonly used in your bedroom when examining round, long and thin or rectangular cut options. A circular cut carpet pattern placed on the floor in a room where rectangular or square shapes are used extensively will cause an incompatible appearance.

You must decide first on what is to be highlighted. The carpet, the bed or the other accessories? If you choose the part you want to draw attention to, create a dominant stance in a different color and pattern, then you can equalize the other pieces in a more neutral tone and create a holistic harmony in your room.

Carpet Selection for Kitchen

The first point to be considered in the selection of kitchen carpet is the fact that a kitchen is a place where there is a constant movement. Therefore, the kitchen carpet should be non-slip. When choosing a kitchen carpet, it should be kept in mind that quality, conspicuous and heavy rugs are preferable especially for the living room or bedroom, where carpets with simplicity should be preferred for the kitchen.

It makes no difference whether you are a small or large family, the kitchen is one of the places where most of the day is spent in the house at any time of the day. Many questions come to mind for decorating ideas in the kitchen, especially the choice of kitchen carpets is one of the topics that mothers emphasize the most.

Tricks For Choosing A Kitchen Carpet

The fact that the carpet chosen for the kitchen does not have a very shaggy structure and does not have a shed feature provides you convenience in the works you will perform in your kitchen. The selected carpet should have the ability to quickly dry water droplets dripping on it in order to prevent stain formation. In addition, the carpets chosen for the kitchen should be selected considering kitchen accidents. It should offer the possibility of wiping away the stains of food that can be spilled on it. Especially the choice of hall rug style carpets would be an ideal choice for the kitchen because such carpets are easier to wash than other carpets.

One of the most important criteria is the color selection. Since the selected carpet is used in an environment that is oily and exposed to foods that will give its color to the carpet, you may prefer carpets with dark colors that do not show stains. The preferred carpet should be chosen in a tone that will not be lost on the kitchen floor. You may prefer a carpet which is in harmony with the other furniture in the kitchen as well as the kitchen floor, and which has a dark tone that does not darken the environment but also hides the stains.

Kitchen cabinets, curtains, and carpets must be in harmony to ensure harmony in the kitchen. In order to achieve harmony, hot transitions between tones are preferred. For a kitchen with white kitchen cabinets, the choice of carpet in light brown tones and a curtain in the lightest tones of coffee can be a perfect match. For a kitchen with brown kitchen cabinets, beige color can be selected as a kitchen rug and kitchen curtain selection can be made in light brown tones. While this harmony is ensured, it is also important to consider that the carpet to be selected has a structure that will not hold the heavy odors.

Carpet Selection for Bathroom

Bath rugs and other accessories have the ability to completely change the energy of your bathroom. Therefore, when choosing carpets, you should also consider the color of your bathroom’s tiles and other accessories. Otherwise, the wrong choices you make may cause an incompatible image and confusion.

When choosing your bathroom carpet, you should first consider the features of your bathroom. So if you choose just to buy any carpet in your bathroom, the result will not please you. Besides, the money you spend on the bathroom carpet will be wasted. Before choosing a bath rug, you should measure the floor of your bathroom. This measurement, which you made before the purchase, will give you the most accurate information about the size of your carpet.

One of the important things to consider when choosing bath rugs is that the carpet you choose does not completely cover the bathroom floor. Because if you completely cover the floor of your bathroom with carpet, the parts of your carpet close to the faucet and bathtub will be worn out very quickly as they will get wet. Again, when choosing bath carpets, you should be sure to choose carpets that do not hold much dirt and dust. Otherwise, dirt and dust-drawn carpets may have negative consequences in terms of hygiene.

You should also be sensitive about color when choosing your bathroom carpet. Your color tastes and preferences are very important. But the most important thing is that you prefer a carpet that is compatible with the colors you choose for your bathroom. Because the color of the bath rug can completely change the air of the bathrooms. When deciding on the color of your carpet, you should not choose the same colors as the bathroom floor and walls. If you prefer the same colors, your carpet will not very noticeable and disappear in these colors. This means that it does not contribute to the decoration of your bathroom.

Carpet Selection for Hallways and Doorways

In modern-style decorations that offer a more vibrant atmosphere, the doorways and hallways are transition areas where mobility extends from the rooms. Asymmetric paintings hanging on the walls, different hallway lighting, different accessories placed in the corners or different shaped libraries can now be complemented by striped, vivid colored cut hall rug models.

A transverse hall rug model to be spread across the doorway gives a wide impression to the area if the doorway is narrow. You can also add movement to space, for example by using segmented oval hall rugs, even though long hall rug types come to mind first when thinking about hallways.

The shape and color of the doorway carpets you choose for floor coverings are primarily related to the flooring of the doorway and the color of the walls. Oval or round or hexagonal models make changes in the doorways. Consider the color harmony with the floor and walls first. Keep in mind that the use of non-slip products on stone or parquet floors is also a matter of safety.

A thick rug with geometric patterns, complementing the light walls and using a darker color of the same color, creates elegance at the doorway of the house. You can also change a plain colored hallway with a patterned carpet in an instant, which does not disturb the overall color harmony.

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