A Comprehensive Guide to Rug Types

If we ask what is the most important part of your home that you cannot give up, we would all call rug. It is now very easy to find rug models suitable for every decoration style. You can add a difference to your decoration with modern rugs, jute rugs, hand-woven rugs, plush rugs, bamboo rugs, and sheepskin rugs. You can add elegance to your living spaces thanks to the colorful and different models of such rugs. There are many types of rugs today. Do you know about them?

Rug types are classified according to several factors including the production method, the yarn used, the usage area, and the texture of the rug. Rugs are categorized as machine-made and handwoven according to their production method, wool, acrylic, nylon, polyester, and silk according to the yarn used, living room, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom, and kitchen rugs according to the usage area and plush, leather, patchwork, and shaggy according to their texture. Let’s examine the rug types in detail!

Rug Types According to Production Method

Rugs are classified into two types as machine made rugs and hand woven rugs according to their production method.

Machine Made Rugs

A machine-made rug is a perfectly processed woven rug as it is made by weaving machines similar to hand-made rugs. In machine-made rugs, the loops are not in the form of knots, but in fact, they are mostly “U” or “V” shaped yarn pieces sandwiched between weft threads.

With the development of technology, in the production of many items used in homes, machines that enable faster and perfect production are used. Rugs, which were woven by handlooms in the past and obtained as a result of long efforts, are now produced easily, quickly, and flawlessly by means of machines.

The machine rug models, which are produced in high quality, provide various advantages to their users in terms of adapting to the decoration of the house, cleaning, and hygiene. You can either complete the home decoration by choosing a rug that integrates with the home furniture, or you can provide extra hygiene and cleaning by using such rug types in places exposed to too much dust and frequent traffic.

Machine-made rug types, which are produced in wonderful, high quality, and stylish ways, and developed using all the possibilities of technology, add a different ambiance to your home. Machine rug models with different models such as woven base, double shuttle, jute-cotton, latex, or knitted sole provide a comfortable contribution to the elegant decoration of your home by harmonizing with your furniture with their quality and carefully woven structures.

Rug models, which are woven with approximately 600,000 to 700,000 loops per square meter in machine rug types, and reduce the bacterial growth to a minimum due to this feature, are a reliable supporter of cleaning and hygiene. Machine woven rug models manufactured with various motifs and aesthetic designs help to add a different atmosphere to your room and make your home a warm, dynamic, and lively living space.

Hand Woven Rugs

A handwoven rug is a type of rug in which pile threads are hand-knotted on the warp threads. It is produced by knotting each pair of warp yarns lined up in a frame side by side with wool, silk, or rayon yarns, forming loop rows and tying at least one row of weft, and tightening the loop row. The type of pile threads determines the quality of handmade rugs, the shape of the knot, and the density of the knot.

When “quality” is mentioned in rug weaving, the frequency of knots in the rug comes to mind first. For this reason, the high knot density of the rug is the first starting point for a person who wants to buy a quality rug. The high knot density is an important factor in the more detailed application of the pattern and the longer life of a rug. However, knot density alone is not sufficient when purchasing a rug. It is very important that the wool used in the rug is pure new wool (wool used for the first time) and its fibers are selected from long fleece. Synthetic fiber and poor quality wool (plate wool) should not be mixed.

If chemical dyes are used on the rug, the paint used must be high-quality paints that are resistant to water and sunlight. It is important that the dyeing process is done duly in the root dyes used only in special rug production today. Madder dyes are generally known as non-fading and non-staining dyes, but madder dyes that are not dyeing properly can also fade. Therefore, it is wrong to think that a quality rug should be root dyed. The most important difference between madder and chemical dyes is that the madder has more vibrant and attractive colors.

Designing a rug model is a difficult, laborious, time-consuming job that requires many years of experience and knowledge. Quality knowledge is very important at the stage of designing a model in accordance with the rug that is planned to be woven and preparing the model cardboard. Determining the desired appearance and attractiveness of the desired model, ie at what knot density, estimating the aesthetics of the rug before touching the rug can only be possible with long years of experience. It is very important that the colors used are used in a harmonious and balanced way.

Due to the confusion created by the term quality in rug weaving, those who want to buy a quality rug are generally interested in rugs with high knot density. However, the assumption that the quality of the rug increases as the knot density increases, is not always correct. No matter how much the knot density is, a rug that does not have a good wool and paint quality is definitely not a quality rug. Therefore, knot density should not be taken as the only indicator of a quality rug.

Many of these features, which play an important role in purchasing a quality hand rug, are difficult to understand and know for most buyers. Care should be taken to ensure that the seller firm is reliable in the rug to be purchased and the firm guarantee must be sought.

Rug Types According to Yarn Used

Rugs are classified into five types as wool rugs, acrylic rugs, nylon rugs, polyester rugs, and silk rugs according to the yarn used in their production.

Wool Rugs

Pure wool rug types, which have been indispensable items of homes since ancient times, are preferred not only for their elegance but also for the usefulness of wool material. In recent years, many wool-woven rugs that can be used in different decoration styles in harmony with modern pieces have been produced. You can also choose wool rugs in your home because of their health, durability, dirt-repellent feature, and insulation capability.

Although it is not known exactly where and when rug weaving emerged for the first time in history, it is generally thought to have originated in Central Asia. Nomads, who were exposed to severe weather conditions during migrations to the west of Asia, started to use goat wool to protect their tents. Goat wool, which is much tighter and longer than sheep wool, was first used in nomadic awnings with a weaving technique.

Wool, which covers the holes on the surface of the tent and ensures that the tent has a waterproof feature, is also used to protect the soil floor of the tent from moisture. Most of the flat woven motifs of the rugs produced at that time contain pagan symbols. With the development of the art of weaving, nomads started to use wool material as saddlebag, tent partition, and blanket with different weaving techniques. For this reason, using wool in weaving is related to the fact that wool is a healthy, natural, and quality material that provides thermal insulation.

Wool rugs absorb high humidity if there is too much moisture in their place, and if there is low humidity, they release the moisture they contain. In this way, the environment is balanced in terms of heat and humidity. This causes wool rugs to be preferred as a healthy option. In addition, the wool rug is safe because it hardly catches. It can even extinguish itself when the flame source is destroyed. The match or lighted cigarette butt goes off when the wool is on the rug and usually leaves no trace.

In addition, the wool rug has anti-static properties due to its natural structure. Situations such as headaches and stress caused by static electricity can be eliminated by the wool rug. In addition, wool rugs perform very well in terms of heat and sound insulation. For this reason, it is an ideal option to use both in summer and winter. Wool rugs can be laid on the floors of the spaces to provide sound insulation.

Wool rugs, which are also very good in terms of color retention, have very vivid colors when they are dyed. Moreover, they ensure the continuity of the aesthetic appearance by preserving these vivid colors for many years. One of the most distinctive features of wool rugs is their high flexibility and ability to stand upright. Thanks to this feature, the life, and durability of rugs increases. Wool rugs resist stains, dust, and dirt. As long as they are maintained regularly and with the right methods, they preserve their first-day appearance for many years, so even after many years, they look like new.

Acrylic Rugs

Acrylic, which is a synthetic fiber, is the most similar product to wool among synthetic products. For this reason, it is also called artificial wool. As with every product, it has many positive and negative features. Today, acrylic is one of the most used yarns in rug production. The acrylic rug is preferred because it is similar to wool with its softness and texture and its price is more suitable than wool rugs.

Another feature of acrylic fibers is that they can be easily blended with other fibers. When you examine the rugs in online stores, you will see that some products are 100% acrylic and some products are a mixture of acrylic and polyester.

As with all rugs, it is important to intervene as soon as the stain occurs on acrylic rugs. Late intervention may cause the stain to penetrate the rug more and make it difficult to clean. The stain should be absorbed from the rug by buffering by early intervention and the stain should be removed from the rug with a minimum of chemicals. One of the biggest mistakes made in rug cleaning is pressing and rubbing the stain. As a result of rubbing, the stain can penetrate into the bottom of the rug and make cleaning very difficult.

Nylon Rugs

Nylon rug fiber is more expensive than other synthetic rug fibers and has been the most widely used rug fiber since the early 1960s. Extremely durable, stain and mildew resistant, and static-free nylon is a very good choice for rugs of all densities and applications. Made of nylon fiber, the rug is durable and flexible. Many new nylon threads are also extraordinarily soft.

Although not inherently stain-resistant, most nylon rugs undergo special treatments to protect against debris and stains in homes. Nylon rugs are dyed during the production of the fiber so that no color bleeding occurs after production. Nylon fiber is the material of the vast majority of all residential rugs.

Polyester Rugs

Although polyester fiber is inherently not as flexible as nylon, rugs made from polyester fibers will perform well if made well. The polyester rug provides exceptional softness and color clarity. Its resistance to crushing and its wide variety of dynamic colors provides many advantages to rugs made of polyester fiber.

Polyester fiber, cheaper than nylon or wool, creates a very attractive rug. Polyester rugs are generally cheaper than nylon in terms of weight. Polyester, which is generally used in soft looped or barber looped rugs, is a fiber that is also used to make luxury products.

Silk Rugs

Silk, obtained from silkworm larvae with the same name, is an extremely valuable fiber. After the silkworm larvae are specially grown, they are collected and subjected to various processes. These processes are extremely long and troublesome. However, the difficulty of the process makes silk a more valuable fiber.

Silk rugs are also rugs produced using silk. As a matter of fact, wool is also used in the weaving stage of most silk rugs. However, since a significant amount of silk is used, the rugs are called silk rugs. The higher the ratio of silk in the oval fringed rug taken into the houses, the more valuable the rug will be.

Rug Types According to Usage Area

Rugs are classified into five types as living room rugs, bedroom rugs, children’s room rugs, kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs according to their usage area.

Living Room Rugs

Living room rug decoration is a very important issue. The living room rug should be chosen carefully and then placed carefully due to the nature and special nature of the space. The first thing you will consider when choosing a living room rug is the location of the living room furniture. Yes, the layout of living room furniture is the biggest factor in determining the size of the living room rug you choose.

You can make decorations in this direction by examining the tricks of decorating the perfect living room. If your living room is large and there is space between your armchairs and the wall, a large square-meter rug should be chosen and the sofa set should be taken on the rug. If you have a small living room and position the sofa set against the wall, your rug should be such that it will not be under the seats.

Bedroom Rugs

The bedroom rug should be soft first. These rugs that we step on as we get out of bed should have a structure that gives us peace and warmth. Modern velvet rugs are very good examples in this regard. Plush rug models are thick as well as soft.

It should cover all areas in the gap. Rugs are not as big as they used to be in modern home decorations. In fact, there are more floors without a rug in a room than a rug. However, this is not the case for bedrooms. Even in houses with wooden parquet floors, rugs that cover as much as possible should be used and should not be left open.

It should not be a single piece of rug. Since the parts under and on the sides of the bed will always remain dirty and dusty, easily cleaned piece rugs should be used instead of single-piece rugs. Modern bedroom rugs that can clean themselves and do not trap bacteria are ideal for any home.

Children’s Room Rugs

Although it is a slightly more expensive option than ordinary rugs in choosing rugs for children’s rooms, I especially recommend you to prefer Teflon-treated rugs. Teflon rugs are rugs that prevent the adhesion of dirt to the rug surface by creating a low surface tension in the yarn sections thanks to a special method applied on the yarns during production.

In other words, dust and dirt that are risky for the health of your child in Teflon rugs cannot go deep into the rug and hygiene can always be provided with practical and easy daily cleaning of the upper surface. In addition, liquid substances spilled on the rug cannot go deep into your rug and liquids can be cleaned much more easily. In short, Teflon rugs are the healthiest and ideal rugs for you and your child.

Another thing to be aware of is that rugs should be soft enough to protect your children from possible dangers. Children are very active and energetic especially when playing games. As an old saying goes; They grow up “falling”. Therefore, the soft texture of the rug your child plays on will reduce the effect of your child falling and protect him from possible dangers.

Although they are very fluffy, soft, and comfortable, velvet-textured or plush rug models are actually not very healthy products for children and baby rooms. The biggest reason for this is of course that rugs woven from this type of fabric are much more difficult to clean and they hold much more dirt than other rug models.

These types of rugs should be models preferred in living areas such as guest rooms or living rooms that are generally used less and do not get dirty much. However, children’s rooms are places where you and your children will play and spend time every day, and therefore it is very important to keep dirt free.

Kitchen Rugs

One of the most used places in the house is the kitchen. The kitchen, which is an eating and drinking area, is the most contaminated part. For this reason, it is very important that the rug to be selected for the kitchen is an easy-to-clean and stain-free rug. When purchasing a kitchen rug, you can choose a rug woven with polyester yarn that can be easily cleaned and purified. Even if your kitchen is small, it would be a good choice to choose a machine-washable rug.

Since the kitchen is a room where food is cooked and eaten, it is also important that the rug is less hairy and anti-bacterial rug that does not contain germs and bacteria. A rug with dust and germs will not be very good for the health of the residents. Of course, besides all these features, it is very important that the kitchen rug adds a lively and spacious beauty. A bright and spacious design in the most used part of the house helps you to be more energetic.

The rug to be used in the kitchen should be selected in colors and patterns that are compatible with the color of kitchen curtains, cabinets, and furniture. When determining the color of the rug you choose for the kitchen, if you have colored curtains, you should definitely get a harmonious look by choosing a rug that is compatible with this color.

You can achieve complete harmony by using the opposite of the color of your kitchen cabinet and furniture on curtains and rugs. The colors used in the kitchen rug are more vibrant than the living room rug, which adds a more energetic atmosphere to the kitchen. Thus, preparing food and eating becomes more enjoyable.

Bathroom Rugs

There are some factors that should be considered in the selection of bathroom rugs, which are both important in terms of cleanliness and increase the elegance of the bathroom. The most important of these is the washability of the parts that make up the bathroom set. For maximum hygiene, the bath mat set in the bathroom, which is open to the use of the whole family and even guests coming home, must be washed. Another factor that is as important as washability when choosing a bath rug set is non-slip.

Non-slip prevents the rug from slipping on the bathroom floor with a high risk of wetting. Thanks to the non-slip bathroom set models, you can take your steps safely and reduce unwanted accidents. When choosing a bath mat set, the bathroom floor, furniture, and accessories in the bathroom are also among the things you should consider. Choosing a suitable rug for bathroom furniture increases the elegance of your bathroom.

For example, if the bathroom floor and walls are dark, you can get a nice contrast with light-colored bathroom closet sets. On the contrary, if light colors such as cream, white, and stone are dominant in your bathroom, you can examine the bathroom rugs in vibrant colors such as burgundy, dark blue, and green.

Rug Types According to Texture

Rugs are classified into four types as leather rugs, shaggy rugs, patchwork rugs, and plush rugs according to their texture.

Leather Rugs

In recent years, leather rugs are among the rising trends of the rug industry. The leathers used in the coat, jacket, trousers, and shoe industry are now also used as rugs. Leather rug manufacturing, which has entered the leather industry as a new breath, consists of hundreds of pieces and various colors. The skins of different animals such as beef, gazelle, and lamb are used.

Special sewing techniques should be used. This care and special technique is also a factor that increases the useful life of the rug. Due to the nature of the material used, every rug produced is special to the person. Because it is not possible to find a pattern that nature gives to the hide. It can be similar to a model, but it can never be the same without applying a painting as a pattern. In short, every rug is unique and special.

The leather rug is very easy to maintain and clean. It can be done easily and comfortably using rug shampoo and a damp cloth. The ease of maintenance and cleaning, which are among the advantages of a leather rug, makes it more attractive. There are special care creams used for zig leathers on the edge of the rug. Apart from that, soapy water is sufficient for the hide parts you see.

Since these skin parts are not different from our hair, in case of contamination and staining, they can be easily cleaned by wiping with soapy water. In case of heavy chemical stains, the product is made reusable by replacing the damaged parts. Wrinkles or fold marks caused by transportation of the product can be corrected by ironing.

Shaggy Rugs

Feathered, comfortable, modern, and stylish! A shaggy rug can be both a cute and elegant element of your home. Shaggy rug, one of the most preferred decoration items of recent times with its soft and long feathers, is thicker and fluffy compared to classical models. If you want to create a warm and comfortable environment in your home and want a different decoration, all you have to do is choose one of the shaggy rug models offered in different sizes and designs.

Shaggy rugs have different and original models such as soft silk shaggy rug, rectangular or round shaggy rug, solid color or patterned, decorative, knitted shaggy rug, runner, and classic rug. Different and original models offer opportunities to decorate your home as you wish, in a way that feels beautiful and comfortable. For a simple decoration, you can choose models with solid colors, rectangular models for corridors and rooms, and round shaggy rugs for bathrooms.

Shaggy rugs consist of only polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, polyester fabrics, or mixed fabrics such as 70% polyester and 30% polypropylene. They have many color options such as a solid shaggy rug, white shaggy rug, gray shaggy rug, black shaggy rug, cream shaggy rug, red shaggy rug, pink shaggy rug, brown shaggy rug. At the same time, it is possible to find products with dimensions ranging from 70 * 110 cm to 200 * 290 cm. If shaggy rugs are used especially in children’s rooms and bathrooms, non-slip models can be preferred.

One of the most striking shaggy rug user comments is that shaggy rug prices are affordable compared to the value and quality of use. With their soft texture, shaggy rugs are one of the most preferred products by users to create a comfortable and warm living room environment in the children’s room.

Being comfortable and comfortable, easy to clean, various model options, and wide color scale are among the reasons for the preference of consumers. There are some things to be aware of when washing the shaggy rug. Products should be washed separately from the other laundry, only rug washing shampoo should be used, the water temperature should be a maximum of 30 ° C and the rug should be wiped with water and dried.

Patchwork Rugs

These different handicraft products, designed with special craftsmanship under great labor, are processed in a special process after they are completed as a whole. Patchwork rug types are formed with the options under the magnificent appearance that occurs after cutting. These special rug types, which are collected and produced especially from different regions, are traditional wool hand rugs and after washing and dyeing processes, they are cut into small pieces in desired sizes to create wonderful models for homes.

Today, these products, which are within the scope of magnificent appearance that push the limits of imagination under an unlimited number of pattern designs, bring quality and naturalness to your homes. These special product types, which are completely handcrafted, are made professional in the production line and are prepared for use at home. These artistic patchwork rug types, which are produced by hand under a completely quality yarn design, can be safely supplied under a very different pattern structure today.

Special rugs, where complex patterns are brought together and blended together, bring a completely different style to the spaces, especially thanks to their natural appearance and quality. You can get the option you want on the site at very reasonable prices and add eye-catching elegance to your hands or workplaces. These rugs, which have attracted a lot of attention recently, are placed in a special place by people because they are hand-made.

Nowadays, it can be used not only to be laid on the floor in different rooms but also to get a great visual by hanging on the walls. These rug types, which bring the opportunity to be used in decorative homes or workplaces as well as in many different places such as hotels, offer a magnificent visual.

Plush Rugs

The plush rug is a product that stands at a very different angle to the classical rug understanding we know, both with its raw materials and designs. On the other hand, although the products are in different designs and sizes, the raw material used in all of them is the same. The plush rugs, which prioritize human health and hygiene in the selection of raw materials, continue to take their place in many living spaces with their acrylic, natural latex, and fashion. In addition to being the closest product to animal hair, modacrylic is also non-flammable and anti-allergic. The underside of the plush made of acrylic and modacrylic is covered with latex and turned into a rug.

The pile length of the plush rugs, produced in different collections with endless patterns and different embossing options, is fifteen millimeters (15mm). It is possible to see that shaped cuts are used extensively in companies that produce special plush rugs. Plush rugs of this type are used especially for children’s rooms and consist of cute cuts such as trucks, dogs, and cats. Or it can be produced in the design, color, and pattern determined by the consumer.

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