Decorative Rug Ideas for Your Home

When designing your living spaces, should we choose a rug first and then choose all decoration items to complement the rug? Or should we choose the rug as the final touch? Some interior designers first say that the choice of the rug is correct, and this discourse is an indication of how important the rug plays in decoration. However, it is often not possible to start decoration with rug selection. Most of the time, you need to choose a rug in your decorated living spaces. As such, how to choose the rug, which is the most important part of decoration with its color pattern and dimensions, becomes the most important question to be answered. Here are the best rug ideas!

In order not to get lost among all these rug ideas, you first need to decide whether to buy a single color or a patterned rug for the room where you will use the rug. If multiple patterns are used together in items such as furniture upholstery, curtains, and cushions in your room, we recommend choosing rugs in one color to reduce clutter. If your furniture has a single color density and patterns are used in accessories such as cushions and curtains, you can choose a patterned rug. Apart from that, you need to pay attention to where you will use it while buying a rug. Keep reading for the best rug ideas!

Best Decorative Ideas on Choosing a Rug

We will see how the rug is an effective factor in decoration by considering the tricks of how to use and choose rugs, as we feel the lack of it when it is not there, and it is not noticed when we do not choose the right and suitable one. Today, although the use of rugs is not as intensive as before, it is still one of the preferred elements in decoration, especially in our homes. Considering the heat and sound insulation the rug provides to space, it is possible to call it an indispensable part of the spring seasons.

Well, how should we choose our rugs that protect our heat in spring and provide sound insulation in all four seasons? First of all, in our homes or spaces, whether it is a store or an office, the story of the furniture you have in hand, the image or a place that has been handled and edited from scratch, it is the right move to choose a rug or rug according to the new furniture. Acting according to the furniture you have will complete the composition in the space as well as the compass in finding the right rug for you.

Of course, the key point here is to choose the model that best suits the size of the empty space after decorating and placing the entire room. So you should not rush in choosing a rug. Especially if you do not want it to be a crowded and cramped appearance, you should take the measurements by calculating the endpoint of the furniture.

Compass duty for furniture is not over yet. If your furniture is in light white cream and sand tones; You can choose a bit more bold, vibrant tones and free choices for rugs and rugs. You can achieve contrast balance elegance by using a model that includes dark colors together with light-colored furniture. The key point here is that you can capture a richer sense of space by placing on the sofa pillows or sofa shawls that contain the same motifs similar to the rug or rug you choose on the floor.

If your spaces are narrow, it will be right to choose among runner models. In addition to preferring less furniture in narrow spaces, using light-colored models in rug and rug selections will make space look wider and more spacious. Choosing rug colors for low-density colors such as pillows, curtains, and accessories instead of large furniture will make it easier for you to achieve harmony. You can even see that it creates a leading role when you choose at least the smallest color in the space in rug or rug colors and use it on the floor.

Choosing models that are extra resistant to abrasion in your frequently used spaces will be beneficial for their longevity. The important point here is to pay attention to the fact that rugs and rugs are not left under the heavy furniture in the space. You can achieve stylish results by using contrast tones in dark floor spaces. The floor of your space will whisper to you the result between the two models that confuse you in rug selection. You can listen to your places when it is difficult.

Wet areas are generally the most contaminated areas in our homes. So who are these wet areas? Of course, kitchens and bathrooms! As it will be more susceptible to dirt when wet, you can choose dark tones and slightly more patterned rugs. The most important point in these rug choices is that it is one of the non-slip rug types and possible home accidents are prevented. And finally, of course, our valuable children for us. Our babies are the most familiar with rugs. As such, we should be careful that the models preferred in the nursery are especially antiallergic.

Because the little member of your home may be allergic to dust from rugs. In the same way, if you have allergic respiratory problems, you should pay attention to its antiallergic feature and make your choices accordingly. Rugs and rugs that you will use on the floor to separate large spaces from each other or to limit an area are known as savior accessories of decoration. For your choice of rugs that you will use for this purpose, you can choose colors in contrasting tones of your furniture or story, which should stand out in the area you want to separate and limit the space, or you can create a stylish space by acting freely in its form.

Ideas to Shed Light on Rug Selection

Even though we witness the decrease in the use of rugs today, rugs are still very strong decorative elements for our spaces. There are not many items that can give the feeling of warmth and sincerity created by the use of a rug in the space as well. With the use of a rug, you can make a dark environment more spacious, create an eclectic atmosphere by using it against the general architectural style in the space or use small size rugs as a complementary element of your decoration with small touches. Let’s look at some of the ideas we can use when choosing a rug.

  • Reflect Your Personality

The decorative items you use in your living spaces reflect your personality. The rug is also one of the items with which you can do this. Do you have a colorful and energetic personality? Don’t be afraid, put a light-colored and geometric-patterned rug in the middle of your living room. Are you a dignified and serious person? Shades of gray and brown or Persian rugs are just for you.

  • Change the Atmosphere of Your Space

If your room is very colorful and complex, you can use flatter and natural tones to create a calming effect, and use light colors to make the space feel bright and spacious. If your space is very simple and you want some movement, you can turn a rug in vibrant colors into the main actor of your space.

  • Use Rug to Separate Spaces

You can use two different rugs to define and separate the living area and the dining area in your living room.

  • Pay Attention to Your Material Selection

In which place will you use the rug? Will you be constantly walking on your rug or will you use it in a less-used space? The answer to these questions will give you important tips for choosing a rug. While it is more desirable to wash a rug you will use in the kitchen; it will not be handy as the colors of the rugs dyed with natural dyes in constantly used spaces will expel quickly.

  • Give Chance to Different Geometries

Your rug doesn’t have to be rectangular. You can also use rugs in oval forms or in more absurd forms.

  • Use Your Rug on the Wall

Do you have an antique or decorative rug on hand? You can highlight this rug by hanging it on the wall.

  • You Can Try Your Rugs Over and Over

You can keep up with the layered rug trend by placing a smaller rug or hide on your rug. The thing you need to be careful about when buying hides: Do not use real animal hides, prefer imitation posts, do not support the killing of animals.

Rug Ideas for Living Room Decoration

If you have started preparing for living room decoration, you may need help with one of the parts that will make you think the most. After choosing the decoration style you will apply, the color combination you want, and choosing your furniture, you can start thinking about floor accessories such as rugs. When choosing the product that you will use on the living room floor, you should first decide whether you will use a fine-textured and ethnic patterned product such as a rug, or a thicker textured product with multiple alternatives.

You can separate rugs according to the yarn and wool type used, model, and patterns. Although there are exceptions, heavy classical patterned rugs are generally suited to living rooms, modern patterns to dining rooms, youth rooms, and shaggy and fluffy ones to kitchens and bathrooms. Of course, you should definitely consider the style, architectural features, thermal insulation, and color balance of the decor you will use when making these choices. Although rugs have begun to be used for thermal insulation purposes, today they appear as the most valuable accessory of decoration.

Certain rugs have a finer weave, so they are generally preferred on floors that provide thermal insulation such as wooden parquet. With their ethnic patterns, they are used in styles such as tropical, rustic, rural, Mediterranean, eclectic, and occasionally Scandinavian. You can strengthen your style with colorful and patterned rugs according to your style and the characteristics of the floor covering.

The classically patterned rugs that never go out of fashion are among the first models that come to mind when it comes to rugs. You can add elegance to your living room with patterned wool rugs, which are the favorite of classical style decoration, in oriental patterns, sometimes using contrast and sometimes harmonic colors together. In decorations with minimal lines, large empty spaces can be left in the room, as the principle of less furniture is generally used. It is ideal to use larger and textured rugs to fill these areas. These models, which create a warm appearance with their thick textures, do not contrast with the style of the room, since they are generally single color and without patterns.

These rug models, which are used in almost every style with their simple patterns, few colors, and light texture, are among the best sellers. Since they have a modern look, they can adapt to many decorations. If you want to create a risk-free decoration, you can choose these types of models. You can seek advice from furniture and accessories experts to find specific solutions for your living room.

A rug, which can adapt to many styles and models with its pale-colored lines and plain structure, fits very well with modern designs. It adds warmth to the spacious air of the environment. Unlike rugs, you can easily use fleece, which has a warmer and stylish appearance, especially in decorations with such rustic elements. Of course, we recommend that you choose artificial ones.

These soft rugs, which use at most two or three colors with oriental patterns and have a fine texture, have a silky feel no matter which yarn they are woven. The colors of these models, which are generally used in living room decorations, are mostly chosen monochromatically. The prices of these models, which can adapt to many different styles and are not difficult to maintain, may vary according to the yarn and weaving style used. The ones produced from silk are of course quite expensive, but there are also wool ones with a similar appearance.

These models, also called shaggy or bearded rugs, are ideal for modern decors with their long hairs and generally monochrome varieties. Shaggy rugs, which are extremely suitable with wooden floor coverings and create an indispensable combination for styles such as Scandinavian and country, are perfect for creating warm environments with their thick textured structure. This model, which has a fine weave like a rug, but includes more modern patterns, can be used in almost any style. Monochromatic colors and geometric patterns will suit modern decorations.

Velvet means long pile fabric as a word and is derived from an Arabic word meaning pile. Velvet fabrics have a shiny and smooth appearance. Rugs woven with velvet threads are showy due to their textured and plump structure. You can use these rugs, which can be found at very economical prices, to create vintage spaces. The use of velvet, which is very popular as a textile product in armchairs and chairs, is also extremely stylish and attractive.

Kitchen Rug Ideas

In kitchens with stone or parquet floors, we usually want to use a rug, runner, or mat chosen according to the size of the free space in the kitchen, although it is not very large on the floor. Creating a warm area under your feet is also suitable for health, especially while standing up or snacking on your kitchen table. Even if you think otherwise, how about adding a warm and cute touch to your space created with such ceramic and steel materials with the right choice? If you want to add innovation to this cold area of the house with rugs without changing the kitchen cabinets and ceramics, be sure to take a look at these suggestions.

  • Artistic lines

If you don’t have a place to hang a table in your kitchen, don’t worry. A rug woven with artistic brush touches will be a colorful and modern option created especially for small and colorless areas.

  • Natural views

This year, especially straws and sack-like weaving are at the forefront. In this way, you can add a very innovative and simple atmosphere to your kitchen with a crochet rug or woven rug. Especially if you have a beautiful garden view in your kitchen, you can choose such natural products.

  • Ombre fashion

If your kitchen has dark floor coverings or a flat color dominance, you can add a pastel shade-transition rug to the floor to break this, so you will have a beautiful floor that you can combine with different decors.

  • Aging wool rugs

If you say you are a fan of antiques, you can of course choose natural wool rugs as long as you choose the right combination in your kitchen. If you have a modern kitchen, you can bring vintage fashion to your kitchen with one or two-tone wool rugs which are woven in natural colors that do not escape the riot of colors.

  • Colorful geometric patterns

As it is known, geometric patterns became used everywhere this year. If you want to create a colorful space in an area where you have plain coffee cabinets, you can choose a rug with warm colors and geometric patterns.

  • Ancient Greek and Egyptian patterns

If you are a fan of mythology and want to capture your own style, you can bring antique touches to your home. Rugs with characteristic patterns may be the right choice for you.

  • Bohemian and classic

If you like bohemian and a little classic, you can bring your style to your kitchen by choosing runners in relaxing colors and patterns.

  • Honeycomb pattern

If you want to make the environment of your kitchen warmer and more charming, but want to have small patterns that do not tire you too much while doing this, you can choose colorful textile products created with honeycomb patterns, especially under the kitchen tables.

  • Zigzag

We can say that this year is the year of greens and zig-zag patterns. Especially when making your kitchen suitable for summer, you can choose this type of rug with a fine, natural weave.

  • American style

If you want to use round summer rugs in your kitchen, you can easily make a combination of American-style rugs with sandy colors. You can be sure that you will get a nice look with this timeless rug. If you wish, you can add some joy to this simple image by adding tassels and pompoms around it yourself.

Baby’s Room Rug Ideas

While designing our living spaces, one of the most enjoyable, and fun places is undoubtedly our baby’s room, which is the source of joy for our home. Of course, designing our baby’s room, which is the joy of our home, is enjoyable, but it is also a difficult and demanding process. While planning to design a colorful and chirpy room, on the one hand, we also need to make choices by considering the health of our baby.

We should be very careful when choosing among the baby room rug models, which are among the home textile products we will choose. The rug we will choose should be mentally beneficial for our baby on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is beneficial to choose a rug that is useful and not harmful to health. Now, taking these points into consideration, we would like to share with you the examples we have chosen among the new season baby room rug models that will appeal to the ambiance of the room and add chirp to the room with its color and pattern.

  • Soft Tissues

When choosing a rug for the baby room, we recommend that you choose among rug models with soft textures as much as possible. You know babies are very active and full of energy soon after they start taking their first steps. You know, babies start to dream and play. For this reason, the soft level of the rug you choose will reduce the falling effect of your baby and protect him from some possible dangers.

  • You Can Set Borders With Round Rugs

You can choose from round rug models to determine a playground during the game. In this way, you define your baby’s playground.

  • Specially Designed Rugs

In order to help your baby feel special, you can also have a special rug with your baby’s name written to make a small difference in the decor of the room.

  • Figured Baby Rugs

With the product you choose, you can choose from rugs with different figures in order to contribute to the mental perception of your baby and instill a love for nature. For example, in order to get to know cute animals visually and to instill animal love, you can think of a rug with different animals in different colors.

Rug Ideas for Corridors

If we consider the other parts of the house, we can say that the corridors remain in the background in terms of decoration and they are visually weak. However, corridors are the first places that welcome us at the entrance to the house, and most importantly, they should give important clues about the decoration style of the house. Hallway rugs are indispensable pieces that add style and elegance to this area.

Entrance and corridor (hallway) rugs that come to mind first when it comes to decoration have an important role in creating a more remarkable effect in this area. In the following paragraphs, we give you the details that should be taken into consideration in the selection of beautiful and remarkable corridor rug models and corridor rugs that you can get inspiration for your home.

It is interesting that the corridors that we use many times throughout the day have not seen the value they deserve visually. Fortunately, we can say that this situation has changed slowly in recent years, entrance & corridor decorations have started to develop. Especially in European countries, decoration enthusiasts do not neglect to turn these areas into a more personal and special style. The consciousness of thought, for which these areas only have the purpose of entry and exit, is slowly changing, fortunately.

When it comes to doorway decoration, the first question to wonder is “what color should the hallway rug be?” The floor color and the amount of lighting in the entrance are the most important factors in determining the color of the corridor rug. More clearly, if the corridor has a dim light or if the dark-colored floor covering is preferred on the floor, light color corridor rugs should be used. If a bright and spacious corridor is in question, on the contrary, decorative runner and rug models with dark colors can be preferred. For dark floors, our recommendation is to choose corridor rug models in more vibrant and bright colors.

When choosing a rug for the hallway, consider the effects you want to create in this area. Traditional warmth or modern elegance? Do you want to add color and movement to the hallway? Or do you want a balanced and minimal style? These questions will guide you in choosing the hallway rug and will help you choose the right rug. Another point that you should not forget is that you can get impressive results not only with the color and pattern of the rug you choose but also with the model of the rug. A geometric or curved rug may be the model you are looking for in your corridor.

You can combine light-colored corridor walls with contrasting colored rugs or show them more elegant with colorful runners. When choosing runners, you should pay utmost attention to wall and floor colors. If you have a colorful personality, the colors of your home will also be pleasant and spacious. You can take a look at our article on rug colors to decide which colors to use to create a bright interior while decorating your home.

Decoration Ideas With Antique Rug Models

If you want to create a nostalgic atmosphere in your living spaces, you can make effective touches by using the right accessories. You can easily bring vintage and retro inspirations into space with antique rug designs. Antique rug prices come across in a wide range according to the design and historical value of the products. If your budget is insufficient for antique options, you can also find the equivalent of these designs.

You can use antique rug models to complement ethnic decoration styles. Combinations in which more than one color is used extensively in ethnic decorations are very popular. You can add a pleasant atmosphere to your living spaces with antique rug options that include both pastel and vibrant tones. By choosing tassel detailed products, you can effectively adapt the ethnic style to your living spaces.

Antique rug patterns are in perfect harmony with classical and flashy decorations. Cream tones have a special place in such decoration applications. You can make a stylish touch for classic styles by using these tones in rug models. You can emphasize the flamboyant atmosphere of the place by choosing luminous weaving options.

Minimal decoration styles prioritize simplicity in furniture and accessories selection. You can take inspiration from antique rug designs to save your living spaces from monotony. You can design a living space by choosing colorful rug options for areas such as under the coffee tables. You can evaluate the same application under the dining table. If you are decorating a small and narrow living space, you can focus on designs dominated by pastel tones. Thus, you can prevent the place from looking smaller than it is.

Entrances are a transition point where living spaces are integrated. You can get a nice decoration by using antique rug options in these areas. You can also evaluate the colors you prefer on your rug in your wall decoration. If you have used a cream-colored doorway rug, you can add small shelves in wood tones to the workout. Thus, you can design a harmonious entrance hall.

It is very difficult to use rugs without wearing them in places with wet floors. However, you can evaluate the equivalents of antique-looking designs in such living spaces. You can use non-slip rug models to avoid possible dangers such as slipping and falling. Rugs used in these living areas are more prone to contamination. You can gain a cleaning advantage by taking a look at the stain-free rug alternatives. Blue shades that evoke water for bathing are very popular. For kitchen decoration, you can evaluate different colors that match your general decoration style.

You can add a striking atmosphere to your bedroom decorated in traditional style with antique rug designs. These designs, which you will position at the end of the bed, will perfectly emphasize your carved and embroidered headboards. You can strengthen the nostalgic atmosphere in your bedroom by choosing lighting options in the same tones as your rug. It is very easy to integrate your decoration style by including tassel details in rug and lighting options.

Best Rug Ideas for Your Home

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