Protective Carpet Cover and Protective Products

When you start a new project, as your dust sheets have seen better which is already covered in dust and grime even when you first get out of storage. Do you use polythene sheets and then spend time having to take them in a place to make it safe? Have you ever tripped over on a sheet where it is gathered because it is too large for the task? Are you covering the staircase of having to take extra walking up and down between floors? Thus, you can try a protective carpet cover.

Carpet protector is quick and easy to apply straight off the roll as its self-adhesive it. It is directly to the carpet preventing it from moving about underfoot and no laborious taking up the edges to hold it in place. It is fresh off the roll every time.

The carpet protection film is reverse wound, which makes it incredibly easy to apply to any carpet, including on stairs. The carpet protector will not leave a tacky residue like cheap versions of it which means you will not need to clean the carpets afterward. The carpet protector is popular for social housing projects, decorators, parties, construction sites with carpets, residential projects or even to use in show homes to prevent the carpet from getting dirty.

It is mostly made of heavy-duty material. It makes it ideal for high traffic areas and it can also be used even in cars, boats, and caravans. The simple easy way to protect is generally using the carpet floor protective film.

The carpet protector is available in three widths and it can be laid to fit in a smallest of areas and even round corners. It is durable so it will protect your carpet from being walked on excessively and will not tear under ladders. Carpet protector is light weighted and flexible most of the time. So, it can be used safely on staircases leaving you to reassure that it has fitted securely into every turn.

The carpet floor protective film is easily applied to the carpet to protect from spills, stains, dust, and paint. It stays in place up to 2 weeks while you have worked and it protects the carpet from dirt and liquid spills. There is no need for big filthy drop sheets or plastic sheets that move and cause trip hazards. It is easily removed and disposed of. It leaves no residue.

At the end of the project, the used carpet protector will fall cleanly away from the flooring and can be easily disposed of recycled. There is no need to store it. The unused roll can be neatly stoned until the next job in the knowledge that it will be clear and ready to use.

Why not next time you have a party to protect the floor from those nasty little accidents. Also, you can use it in the coot of the car next time you take your dog to the beach. Then simply just peel away and dispose of.

Protecting the Carpet During a Party

  • You can cover what you want to be protected. It would be a good idea to invest in a few inexpensive area rugs and couch covers in order to protect your carpet that needs huge investments. Before the party begins, you can take the rugs and place them in high-traffic areas. Protect your couches, chairs, and anything that is upholstered with a decorative throw or fitted cover. It is an investment, but a minimal one when you consider the money necessary to replace your living room carpet.
  • You can use extra garbage cans. You can put a few extra baskets in your living room and use plastics instead of glasses. As well as avoiding breakages, you can protect your carpet from liquids.
  • You can keep your guests wrangled. You should not let the party spread because you cannot control everyone every time. So, you can keep the doors locked and set up the party where you know guests will feel most comfortable. In this way, a party would be under your control and you can protect your carpets.
  • Everyone should keep in mind the reason for the party. House owners should remember that guests are at home to spend time with them, not to watch owners clean up right under their noses. So, in order to prevent dirt, they can use carpet protective covers. And, it would be the best and easiest way to protect them. Maybe, it seems not aesthetic but provides cleanliness.

Protecting Hardwood Floors During a Move

  • You can start with covering your floors. Before moving furniture into or out of your home, cover your hardwood floors to prevent dents, scrapes, and scratches. It prevents dirt and dusts too. There are many different types of protective products that can be used for this purpose. They may roll out flat and cling to your floor with a non-adhesive and slip-resistant backing.
  • Be careful about not dragging the furniture. No matter what you use to protect your floor during a move, never drag heavy furniture across the floor. This can damage the surface of the finish and cause dents in the wood. For heavy or bulky furniture such as tables and chairs, cover the feet and edges with a soft fabric or wrap them in padding. This helps protect your hardwood flooring in case of accidentally dropping the item on the floor.
  • You should be cautious in bad weather. You should take extra precaution not to track any salt, mud, or water onto your floors when it is rainy or snowing. There should be a large, heavy-duty mat at the front door for people to wipe their shoes on before walking in and out of the home.
  • Measuring and planning ahead can prevent mistakes that may lead to damaged floors. Measure your furniture, doorways, and rooms to make sure large items will easily fit in and out of the space. So, do not risk a large piece of furniture that not fitting in your place.

Recommended Products

Even though you can buy protective products on the store, you can find them online on Amazon. You can choose the best one according to your need, customers’ reviews, and your budgets. It can vary depending on so many things such as costs, materials, lengths, purpose and so on.

EVERBUILD Rool & Stroll Premium Carpet Protector – Self Adhesive Floor Protection for Carpets

This product comes in around 27 dollars with shipping. It has two different length options which are 25 meters and 75 meters. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars, means that highly recommended. It is a great product when decorating or needs to protect carpets from building work. It is a totally waterproof carpet protector. Even though it is easily removed and will not leave a sticky residue, it can be left on the floor for up to 4 weeks. It adheres to most common carpet types.

The product is easy to roll out with no specialist applicator equipment required. It protects your carpet against expensive to clean spillages from paints, varnishes, etc. It is ideal for protecting against mess, dirt, staining, spillages and soiling that occurs during painting, plastering, building, tiling, general maintenance, and repair work. It will not creep and wrinkle after application and it stays where you put it.

If you have pets, please do ensure that you replace the clear film over the roll when you finish: when your cat or dog cozies up to the roll and realizes that it is a very clingy friend, they will not appreciate the resulting trim.

While using it, you should apply on clean surfaces. You should place the roll on the floor facing the direction it is to be applied and unwind. Ensure the roll is stuck by smoothing out by either hand or foot. Then, you should continue with simply push roll forward using hands of feet ensuring roll goes in a straight line. As the last step, smooth out with hands or feet as it unwinds.

KENLEY Self Adhesive Carpet Floor Stairs Protection Film – Heavy Duty Puncture & Water Resistant

This product comes in around 35 dollars. It is a little bit expensive but according to customers it worth. We understand that from the stars that it took, it has 4.3 out of 5 stars. It has two different sizes which are 60cmx50cm and 60cmx100cm.

It is a light weighted and waterproof carpet protector against spills and paint. It protects carpets from water, paint, stains, dust, and dirt. Whether you are painting a room or washing a pet, you will want to keep the carpet safe from spillages, paint drips, mud, dust, and debris. It adheres to the carpet, sealing it safely from damaging liquids then lifts off without leaving a residue.

This protection film can be kept in place and lasts for up to 45 days, plenty of time to get the job done. The adhesive keeps it tight to the carpet, creating a smooth, flat surface. It can be cut or pierced though, so keep sharp objects away. Thicker and tougher than ever before, it is designed to be walked and worked on.

It is a self-adhesive type which is easy to apply and easier to remove. It is quick and easy to temporary protection film for carpets and easy for one person to apply. It is easily removed without any residue or staining on the carpet. It sticks straight away, so you just unroll the reel and your carpet is covered. Overlap the edges for complete coverage, and you are done. After use, simply lift a corner and pull and it comes away easily. It provides saving expensive clean-up costs or carpet replacement.

Although the product does not claim it is suitable for hard flooring, do not use it on hard flooring! It leaves an adhesive residual wherever there are any air bubbles. It is ideal for DIY, parties, and pets.

WINSOME Clear Carpet Protector Film Self Adhesive Roll Temporary Protecting Water Resistant Floor Dust Sheet Cover

This product comes is around 16 dollars with shipping. According to customers’ reviews, it has 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

It is an innovative and exceptional plastic barrier. It is the most effective way to protect the carpet in high traffic areas during production shoots and construction. It is mostly ideal for stairs. Because stairs are the place that has the highest traffic area in the house. So, this product protects your carpeted stairs from excessive dirt.

In case of durability and protection, Winsome Clear Carpet Protector is strong, sturdy and sound enough to resist dust, mud, and paint. It protects your running carpets in high foot traffic areas and you can feel the difference easily. Also, it gives protection to your carpets during maintenance and refurbishment. You can test the product on a small area first to use on non-recommended surfaces like windows before applying to the floor.

It is the professional choice of location managers, contractors, realtors, and home builders. It is a kind of safeguards your carpet from liquids and fluids. This quality makes the product ideal for DIY activities. It will work greatly during parties too. But you should keep in mind that it does not work on 100& wool and thick pile carpets.

This carpet protector can be used in commercial construction, open house, the day you move, painting, new carpet installation, boats, restaurants, hotels, model homes, trade shows, parties, art and crafts, building renovation, residential construction and mostly in stairs.

It has a non-skid surface. It stays in place up to 30 days which means it provides temporary protection. While installation, it needs two people in order to lay down perfectly.

OfficeMarshal Chair Mat for Carpets | Low/Medium Pile Computer Chair Floor Protector for Office and Home | Opaque, Studded | Polypropylene

It is one of the most preferred carpet protective products on Amazon. It has 4 different sizes which are 30×48, 36×48, 48×52 and 48×60 and prices are changing according to sizes. Also, it has 4 different color options which are carpet floor, carpet floor- black, hard floor and hard floor- black. It is the best value and the most durable mat.

It is made from a long life and unbreakable polypropylene. These chair mats are thick and sturdy yet very pliable in order to prevent cracking or shattering. Its polypropylene range combines premium floor protection standard with prices that you can afford.

It is designed for use on all carpet floor surfaces. However, it is suitable mostly for use on low and medium-pile carpets. ıt is large enough to roll the chair around on quite freely without worry about going off the edge. Studded underside holds the mat firmly in place on carpet floors which means it provides effective grip.

The unique surface texture allows the chair to move easily while carrying out daily tasks but has enough grip to maintain controlled rolling so the chair does not skid around. Ease of rolling between tasks promotes ergonomic posture and it helps to considerably reduce the risk of leg fatigue. There is no curled edges but smooth rounded edges.
It is a PVC&BPA free and odor free product means that it is indoor air friendly. There is no off-gassing process with this. It is 100% odorless, free from BPA, phthalate, PVC and volatile toxins for a healthy indoor environment.

You can buy this product with high confidence. This company is dedicated to providing premium quality products for your home and office without the heavy price tag charged by many of our competitors.

PLASTICOVER Carpet Protection Film

This product’s price is changing depends on the width size and there are 2 options which are 24 inches and 36 inches. It has 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is one of the basic types of carpet protection films. It stays down until you pull it up, not slippery at all. So, it can be said that it takes to people to handle due to being sticky. Installing part is not fun but it gets the job done.

WARP BROTHERS PM-50 Clear Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Flooring Runner Roll

It is the most recommended and most preferred product on Amazon with the 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers are very satisfied with it. It comes in around 37 dollars with shipping. They look great, and really they are unnoticeable, which is nice because they are not distracting or tacky like other liners.

It is an ideal floor runner and shelf and drawer line at the same time. This is a ribbed plastic, great for shelves or floor runner. About as thick as a matchbook cover. It also works great as a puppy pad liner in order to protect your carpet from dirt. It can be easily cleaned and the ridges help to keep the pads in place and anything from running off the plastic runner. After some time, you can just roll out another few feet and replace it if it is necessary.

Its size is 50×30. It is heavyweight ribbed shelf liner and floor runner. It is used to lay drying dishes on. ıt is sold as a roll. It goes down quickly and lays flat. There is no curling. It can add extra shine to your product which can be a floor, shelf or drawers. It has an ability to resist tearing, yet easily cuts to size with regular scissors. It is perfect and well worth the cost.

If you want something to slide easily in and out on a higher shelf, think about cutting it so that the ribbing is running in the right direction. It is not a problem for lower shelves where usually lift something up to get it out, but for the higher shelves where something bigger out, if the ribs are going perpendicular to the direction of sliding, the object can catch. Same for if you plan on wiping it down often, the ribbing should go in the direction you want to wipe.

KleenKover Carpet Film Temporary Carpet Protection 24″ X 200′ Reverse Wind

This product comes is around 33 dollars with shipping. It has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon according to customers’ reviews. It is made in the USA.
Even though instructions say it is easy to apply, it takes two people to install and sticks to itself like crazy which causes a lot of waste. However, it is very easy to clean up. So, about installation, there are some tips that can be helpful.

Start with pulling out about a foot of the stuff and position it on the floor where you want it. It is repositionable so do not wig out if it does not go right where you want it the first try. Once it is in position step on it and/or use some kind of weight to press it down. Then you can stand up and walk backward letting it unroll as you go. It comes off with about the same force as packing tape. Makes a god-awful sound, but it is adhesive! When you reach the end of your run gently lower it to the floor while keeping a little tension on it to minimize wrinkles and bubbles. Here again, it is repositionable. You can pick it up and put it back down again. The trick is to keep your runs in the 8-10 foot range.

If you plan to use this in the same room over and over, you should keep in mind that in order to effectively do a whole room, you will probably need to move all the furniture out first. It is important to know that even do not try to use a vacuum cleaner set for hardwood floors on this. The rotating brush will still grab the plastic! So, you should prefer to use a broom or sponge mop to clean it.

It protects your carpets during sloppy jobs. It can be left on carpet up to 45 days. In addition, it is made of strong tear-resistant material.

eXtreme Carpet Protector Film/Self Adhesive Various Sizes

The price varies based on the sizes. It has 5 different sizes which are 25m length x 60cm width, 100m length x 60 cm width, 100m length x 80 cm width, 100m length x 100 cm width and 100m length and 120m width. It has 3.4 out of 5 stars.

It is a tried tested and proven effective self-adhesive carpet protection film. Due to being self-adhesive, it is easy to apply. It can be applied freehand. It can be laid in single strips as a ‘runner’ or installed across a whole carpeted surface to provide a waterproof barrier which protects from spills dirt and contamination from foot traffic.

It stays securely in place and it does not travel like dust sheets or loose protection methods making it ideal for use in public areas. It is only suitable for use on carpet. Either you can use specially designed applicators or roll out and smooth into place by hand during installation. This carpet production film does not require tape or additional fixing.

Special technology ensures that the adhesive remains on the product and it does not transfer to the carpet upon removal. It has industrial strength. It is tear-resistant. It stops contamination from spills and wet foot traffic. It can be used on both wool carpet and loop carpet. It is fine for the purpose of keeping stair carpet clean when wearing boots.

DJM Direct Temporary Hard Wooden Floor Self Adhesive Protector Film Protection Roll x 100m

This product comes in about 25 dollars with shipping. According to customers’ reviews, it has 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is sold as a 600mm x 100m roll.

Proving to be robust in a high traffic area during a house move. It offers the easiest way to protect wooden, tiled and stone flooring from paint, dirt, scruff, and scratches during periods of dirty foot traffic when building work or decorating is being carried out. It protects wooden, tiled, laminate and stone flooring. Also, it could be used when throwing parties.

You need to be patient to lay it but you will be pleased with the protection it is offering, even though it says it is easy to stick down. It offers the easiest way in order to protect hard surfaces from dirt and damage during periods of dirt and dust when building work, repairs, painting or decorating is being carried out. There is no need to second person for application. It has plenty of advantages in terms of the purpose of usage, cost-effectiveness, and temporary protection.

Be careful about not to leave the film on for longer than 30 days. It should be used only on hard surfaces, do not use on glass surfaces. Its stickiness is the right level for the wooden floor. It does create some bubbles under the film and it does not look good but it was never meant to be. It is easy to remove afterward.

William Armes Limited Non-Slip Vinyl Carpet Protector Runner, Clear, 183 x 69

It has a very reasonable price which is about 10 dollars. It has 3.3 out of 5 stars according to customers’ reviews. It is made from 100% vinyl and ensures your carpets remain clean at all times. When you use it, the original carpet is still visible underneath.

It is an ideal product if you have pets and children rushing in and out of the house as it stops mud from reaching the carpets. With built-in non-slip carpet grips, which means slip-resistant carpet, this product prevents people from slipping and bunching.

It leads manufacturers and suppliers of domestic doormats, rugs, and runners. It can be cut to a shorter length without fraying. Even though it has nice material and thickness, it is hard to install flat. In addition, it is easy to clean, you can just wipe away dirt and moisture with a cloth.

FAITHFULL Tapecarp Polythene Carpet Protector Roll 600mm x 25m

It is one of the cheapest and the most recommended products you can find on Amazon. It comes in around 15 dollars. You can order as a pack of 2 or a pack of 3. It provides a 5-year guarantee.

Carpet protector film is a low tack adhesive film made of tough polythene designed to protect carpets without creating a trip hazard. It provides protection against decorating spills. It is not suitable for thick pile carpets because it must be renewed every 4 weeks.

It protects carpets against high foot traffic when moving house. It is suitable for stair carpets. It ensures simple and fast installation as well as removal. Any tradesman or regular DIY tool user can be confident that the care and quality control behind this product is designed to ensure a long and dependable service.

ArmorDillo Strong 3 Ply Carpet Protection Film

It is one of the strongest and the easiest product to use carpet cover. It is a clear protective, surface protection film, and paint protection film. The product comes with a utility knife. It comes around 35 dollars with shipping.

It has advanced formula paint protection film: puncture-resistant and removable for carpet and upholstery. It is for painting, remodeling, moving, model home tours, parties, construction, can, home upholstery pet protection and more. It can be used for temporary floor protection and temporary floor covering. It is a strong plastic carpet protector from pets, people, construction, use in a car, RV, homes, boat and more.

There is the strongest protection available with it. It is easy to apply, easy to clean up, repositionable and it leaves no residues. It is durable and self-adhering carpet protector film. It can be used for all types of synthetic carpeting, and other surfaces that call for high tack with removable adhesive protection. It lasts 45 to 60 days.

In fact, there were a few areas that took over an hour to remove, it is extremely difficult to remove this film from the carpet. The product works great. There is no rips or tears.

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