Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Machines and Products

Pet-Safe Carpet Cleaning

Just as many household cleaners can have a negative effect on human health, they can be dangerous to your pets as well. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning your carpets. Unlike people, dogs and cats spend a fair amount of time close to the carpet, whether they are walking or laying down for. Ensuring that you use only safe, yet still effective, products to clean your carpet is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy now and in the future.

Read the Label

In the market, there are numerous pet-safe deodorizers and stain removers that you can use for quick spot cleaning, but the number of choices in the cleaning aisle can be a bit overwhelming. Before you purchase any cleaning product on your carpets, you should carefully read the instructions and warnings. Even if it is meant to clean up pet odors or stains, it can still be dangerous to your animal. If the package indicates that you should keep your pet away from the area for a certain amount of time, it is not 100% safe for your pet and should only be used if it is the only option.

Your best option when using store-bought cleaners is to purchase something directly from a pet store. These products are mostly safe for most pets. Although they will likely be marketed toward pet stains and odors, they can still be used effectively for other carpet stains. That way, you end up with something safe for your pet, and you don’t have to keep a collection of cleaning supplies on hand.

The Wet Vac

In many cases, straight water is the most effective and safest means of cleaning a carpet that is only slightly soiled. A wet vac essentially flushes your carpet with clean water, wetting it down and then sucking the water, along with any dirt from your carpet, right back out. This is not only effective for regular carpet cleanings, but it is also considered the best way to get rid of pet stains, as it is the only way to flush out all remnants of urine which, if left to dry, can leave behind a permanent odor. Any accidents are cleaned thoroughly with a wet vac before any cleaning products are used or in lieu of any products. To avoid setting any stains or odors, always use cool water, rather than warm water.

Natural Choices

Natural cleaners are often safer than their commercial alternatives. In order to remove light stains and odors, apply an even layer of baking soda on your carpet, let it sit for an hour, and then vacuum thoroughly. It is safe for most pets and just as effective as commercial carpet powders. Diluted white vinegar or lemon juice mixed with salt can be used to remove stains or as a pre-stain treatment right before you use a wet vac for cleaning.

Ingredients to Avoid

Chlorine can irritate your pet’s eyes and skin and tends to settle on the carpet, as it is denser than air, which means your pet gets the brunt of the irritation. Ammonia can cause sneezing and watery eyes, and many cats are sensitive to the ingredients in commercial carpet deodorizers or sprays. Even when using a pet-safe product, you may want to try to keep your cat out of the room until the product dries.

Pet-Safe Carpet Cleaning Machines

If you are a pet owner and you have a home with carpets, you are probably already familiar with the problem. It is expensive to get your carpets professionally cleaned, and with new muddy paw prints showing up every day, you need to have an easier solution. All you need is a carpet cleaner designed for homes with pets. When it comes to picking one of the best carpet cleaners for homes with pets, you are looking at pretty much any of the same things you will need in any carpet cleaning which are enormous cleaning ability and ease of use.

Carpet cleaning machines are very powerful machines, but they can also take a beating. If you are dealing specifically with pet problems on a frequent basis it is better to buy a specialized machine than it is to keep spending a whole bunch of time cleaning your device. Depending on what your time’s worth to you, a couple of extra bucks might end up being quite the investment.

Instead of paying a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets, you can invest in a carpet cleaner and clean your carpets yourself whenever you need to. Many carpet cleaners are efficient, and they clean your carpets thoroughly, and the price can be very reasonable – especially when you compare it to the price you’re paying for getting them professionally cleaned.

When trying to find the best carpet cleaner for pets, you should keep your eye on a few critical features. First of all, the carpet cleaner has to have a sturdy spinning brush bar with robust bristles. When you combine a brush roll to a powerful suction, the carpet cleaner has what it takes to dig that pet hair up from the carpets and to remove allergens, urine, vomit, and other stains thoroughly. A powerful suction and heating technology not only help you remove stains, but they also enable the carpet to dry faster, preventing mold and nasty smells.

In addition to these critical features, you will also want to make sure the carpet cleaner has a large water tank, long power cord, long extension hose, and attachments that are designed to handle pet-related messes.

Powerful Motors

The more powerful the motor you are working with, the cleaner you are going to be able to make sure you get things. A lower powered motor makes sense if you are dealing with office carpet and the occasional coffee spill or just the dust that inevitably gets tracked in from outdoors. The heavier your carpeting and the more it is exposed to, the more powerful of a motor you are going to need.

Types of Cleaners

Some machines are definitely easier to use than others, allowing them to be used by those who are a bit less physically capable. Full-sized cleaners can be something of a bear to handle. This makes them less ideal for those who aren’t quite as physically fit. For a small apartment, inhabited by a smaller person, it doesn’t make sense and instead, you will want to focus on more pet oriented applications. Compact cleaners don’t have the same amount of power as their larger counterparts but are easier to maneuver and tend to be quite a bit lighter.

Stain Isolators

This keeps the urine or other serious issues out of your normal water tank. While it might not be a problem in many situations, you will quickly find that frequent usage without one is going to take some ammonia and a rag to make sure your entire machine doesn’t start to reek.

Special Additions

They can help remove stains and hair. They can trap pet hair as it builds up rather than having it clog up things and cause you to spend even more time having to manage all clogs.

BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986

The perfect carpet cleaner for clean and fresh carpets in pet homes. This machine has all the right features to be the perfect carpet cleaner for pet homes. With this carpet cleaner, you don’t have to worry about your pets making a mess – it will deep clean your carpets, making them spotless and fresh-smelling in no time.

This machine is extremely easy to take apart and clean. It is incredibly easy to wash out the dirty tank. Everything is able to be broke down and thoroughly rinsed out. There is a rubber plug on top to dump it out when it is full and there is a larger reservoir cap you can remove to rinse out as well as take out the float to remove any pet hairs or debris that may get tangled around it.

It is a light weighted and easily maneuvered machine. It provides better cleaning than the leading rental carpet cleaner. It has very powerful dual dirt lifter power brushes. It has edge sweep brushes to clean edges. There is a heatwave technology in order to keep the water heated. It is easy to maintain. There is an Express Clean Mode to get clean and dry carpets in 30 minutes.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000, Turquoise

An incredibly easy to use and efficient carpet cleaner with automated functions and a highly useful pet tool. To make it ideal for pet owners, Hoover has added the 2-in-1 Antimicrobial Pet Tool you can use to deep clean upholstered furniture, car seats and carpeted stairs. This carpet cleaner combines well-known Hoover quality with functional features making it an excellent carpet cleaner for pet homes.

It has automatic cleaning technology. You can easily push forward to clean and pull back to dry. It has auto-clean motion sensing design which means it eliminates the guesswork while leaving your floors refreshes. There is an auto-mix. There are precisely mixes and dispenses solution for optimal cleaning. It has an auto-dry system. It delivers powerful extraction with HeatForce technology for faster drying. You can gently remove deep dirt, debris and pet messes. This powerful and intuitive carpet cleaner machine includes a 2-in-1 pet tool, sample bottle of cleaning solution, 8 ft. hose, and accessory storage bag.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Lightweight, FH50700

If you are looking for a simple and cheap carpet vacuum cleaner for the pet hair, strain, and dirt, choose this model, it is a good choice for this money. This is not the best model of carpet cleaner, but it has a basic set of necessary functions. Fantastic price for this type of cleaners together with lightweight design makes it an excellent offer to buy. This is the ideal carpet cleaning machine for apartment-dwellers with pets and carpets. This little Hoover is so much lighter it is hard to believe what a great job it does! It is small but extremely powerful! The soap that comes with it is excellent! It is lightweight and easy to use and put together.

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3

It does a fantastic job of cleaning carpets. Just make sure to vacuum with a regular vacuum beforehand. The machine isn’t really designed to pick up objects just pull dirt and stains out. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use hot water. The flow indicator is made like crap and the hot water will dissolve the glue that holds the 2 half’s together and you will spring a leak at the top of the vacuum and no water will come out where it should anymore.

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – Corded

If you are looking for a portable spot cleaner to clean up messes left behind by your pet, then this is the one to get. This is definitely a great machine for animal owners, or clumsy people just spill here and there. A powerful portable spot cleaner for carpets, area rugs, car seats, and furniture. Professional level cleaning results to wipe out those pet-related stains. If you don’t need a full-sized machine, but you want to get those vomit, urine and mud stains off your carpets and furniture, then this product is ideal for you.

For small, carpet cleaning pet urine solutions you need look no further, but for a fully carpeted house, this one just isn’t going to cut it. This carpet cleaner combines cleaning formula, warm water, scrubbing, and strong suction to get the best cleaning result possible. Foams and sprays will only clean the surface, but for a deep clean and fresh smell, you need a carpet cleaner. There is no brush rotation. You get scrubbing action from the red bristles. Great, convenient little machine.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and Portable, Red

It may not be the biggest name in the business, but Rug Doctor presents this pretty awesome cleaner with a great included shampoo to handle pet messes. If you are not concerned with brand names, and just want a solid carpet cleaner that makes one of the best ways to get dog hair out of carpet, it may be just the solution you are looking for. It comes with awesome pet shampoo.

How Does Carpet Cleaner Work?

Although professional carpet cleaning solutions and machines can do a pretty good job, they won’t be able to completely get out dog vomit or cat pee that has had the chance to settle in the carpet for a few weeks or months. The best thing you can do is to get those messes cleaned up straight away before they get ground in.

You can most definitely clean your carpets yourself. It is actually recommended for pet owners since pets often make messes you need to remove as quickly as possible to prevent persistent staining and foul smells. With a carpet cleaner in your closet, you are ready to tackle those messes when the accident happens. Your carpets will always be clean and they will always smell fresh and nice.

You may prefer to use cleaning solutions that are designed for homes with pets. These products are tested not to be harmful to animals and they will be effective with stains like urine, vomit or dirt that has been tracked in. Carpet cleaners actually use a combination of cleaning solution, brush rolls and powerful suction in order to clean carpets.

The solution is sprayed on the carpet with water to attack those tough stains. The brush roll then engages the surface digging deep into the carpets and pulling up the dirt. Finally, the suction pulls in the remaining water, cleaning solution and dirt.

Some carpet cleaners heat up the water to provide better cleaning results, and other use steam to more thoroughly clean and dry the carpet. Other features that affect the performance of a carpet cleaner are:

  • Great attachments enable spot cleaning or cleaning above-floor surfaces, furniture, and stairs
  • The length of the power cord determines whether you will be able to reach even the furthest corners
  • Width of the cleaning path; a wide cleaning path allows you to clean more surface area with fewer passes
  • Power modes allow you to adjust the suction and brush roll according to the surface
  • Weight, profile, and maneuverability determine how well and easily you will be able to use the machine

The reason it has been talking about buying a carpet cleaner instead of renting one is the fact, that it will save pet owners time and money. Professional rentals used to out-perform carpet cleaners that were geared towards residential use, but nowadays you can find a well-performing carpet cleaner with reasonable prices. Having a carpet cleaner at hand allows to you tackle messes when they are fresh without having to constantly lug home a rental.

Carpet Cleaner Products

Even though you love your pets, you don’t love the stains they leave on our carpets from muddy paws, urine, vomit, and who knows what else. However, you don’t have to choose between hard floors and life of smelly, dirty carpets—the proper pet carpet cleaner can remove even the toughest of stains and the most pungent of odors. So, if you are sick and tired of all those pet-related carpet stains or your carpets simply need a bit of a scrub due to all the dirt your pet tracks in, there are many pet carpet cleaners available to choose.

If you have free-roaming house pets, such as dogs, cats, or even rabbits and other small mammals, it is likely that they will make a mess of your carpet at one point or another. Even reliably housetrained pets can track in mud or grass clippings, which can easily cause stains that won’t come out with the use of regular detergents.

Any pet parent should have pet carpet cleaner on hand, but it is even more important if your pet is not yet toilet trained. These cleaning products can help remove unpleasant stains and odors from urine and feces, which will not only deodorize your home but will discourage them from toileting in the same spot again.

  • Stain removal properties. If you are looking for a pet carpet cleaner, it should be able to clean! The most important thing about a pet carpet cleaner is that it is tough on stains. It should be able to tackle stains from grass, mud, urine, feces, and even blood.
  • Odor removal properties. Pets are great, but they are not the most fragrant of creatures at the best of times. And, if you have had issues with them peeing or pooping indoors, then you will need a pet carpet cleaner that can completely neutralize odors.
  • Speed. Some pet carpet cleaners only need about 30 seconds to works, whereas others need to be left for 30 minutes to work their magic. If speed is important to you, look for a fast-acting formula.
  • Enzymatic options. Many pet carpet cleaners make use of enzymes to help remove stains and odors. Enzymatic cleaners are excellent at truly removing scents, so it is definitely recommended for pets that aren’t toilet trained.
  • Scent. There are some pet carpet cleaners that have a strong scent. Those with the strongest scents are usually attempting to disguise pet smells, which is ineffective and usually ends up smelling worse. Look for unscented or lightly-scented options, especially if you are sensitive to strong smells.
  • Gentleness. Although pet carpet cleaners should be tough on stains, they should be gentle on your carpet, and safe for use around pets and children.

TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator

This product works great! Just make sure you cover the whole area! If you do decide to purchase this product perhaps test it on a small piece of the couch material just to be sure. Be sure to test the fabric first for colorfast ability. This smells so good, fresh not harsh- like something from the spa. With added enzymes to boost the cleaning power, this product works exceptionally well.

t is made from 100 percent natural ingredients (or “powered by plants,” as the manufacturer puts it), but is as effective as cleaners containing harsh chemicals. This means you don’t have to worry about the health of your pets or the humans in your house. People with young kids are often especially concerned about using chemical cleaners where their little ones play, but with this product, it is a non-issue. The added enzymes act to speed up the cleaning process, which means it only takes a minute or two to tackle even the toughest of stains. Not only does this pet carpet cleaner get rid of stains, but it completely neutralizes odors.

Bubbas Super Strength Concentrate Pet Odor Eliminator Carpet Shampoo Solution | Odor and Stain Remover Pet Carpet Cleaner | Urine Odor Remover Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine and Dog Pee Stains and Odors

If you are looking for a pet carpet cleaner to use in a carpet shampooer it is an excellent choice. This is the stuff that works. It has excellent cleaning and odor removal. It doesn’t foam, but you can tell it is working because the stains pretty much disappear in front of your eyes. This cleaning product will give you a professional-level carpet clean at home, although you do need to have a carpet shampooer to use it in.

If you have struggled with removing stubborn urine odors from your carpets, this might be the product that gets them smelling clean and fresh. What’s more, you can also use it on upholstery, which is good news if those pet stains and odors extend to the couch.

Bissell Destroyer Pet Plus, 1773, 22 oz Oxy Stain Pretreat

This product literally erased the stain within seconds and there is no sign of any stain of any kind. This is for real cleaning and it actually works extremely well and it is a great value. A multi-purpose product, it can be used for spot cleaning of stains as a pre-treatment before shampooing your carpet.

In a hurry to get through your cleaning chores? No problem! This pet carpet cleaner breaks down stains in just 30 seconds, so there is no waiting around. As well as your average pet stains such as grass and mud, it is also effective on extra hard-to-remove stains, such as blood. It can also remove odors from deep in your carpet, which not only makes your home smell better but deters pets from soiling in the same area again. When you look at opinions from people who have used this product, you will see a long list of positive stories. It works where other cleaning products have failed to do so, which is amazing for a product that costs so little.

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator – Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor & Stain Remover for Dog and Cats Urine

When you are looking to remove tough pet stains and odors, enzymatic cleaners are the gold standard. The enzymes in this pet carpet cleaner make it capable of incredible things. Not only do they effectively break down stains, but they completely neutralize odors, rather than just covering them up. This is what you want if you are having issues with a dog or cat peeing indoors because if they can still smell traces of urine in a spot where they like to pee, it will encourage them to use this spot again.

The gentle chlorine-free formula is not only completely safe to use around pets and children, but it is kind to your carpet as well. This pet carpet cleaner is entirely color-safe and has even been approved as safe to use on all carpets by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). It is also safe to use on a range of other surfaces, such as upholstery, tile or linoleum floors, on pet beds, and in crates or carriers. It is not a budget option, but it is well worth the cost, considering its high-quality performance.

Particular Paws OXY Pet Stain Remover – Carpet Cleaning with Oxygen Power – Clean Tough Spots and Stains with Ease – Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, and Even Laundry

If you want a product to clean pet stains, but you are not particularly worried about odors, this product should be high up on your list. The unique hydrogen peroxide-based formula can tackle even the most stubborn of pet stains, but it won’t damage your carpet or other fabrics. Though it will remove pet odors to some extent, it is mostly designed for stain removal, and it certainly does that well.

This is not intended to be used as an air sanitizer or freshener. It is intended to clean deep stains and remove the sources of the stain and smells. Despite being extremely tough on stains, this carpet cleaner is safe for use around pets and kids, and completely color-safe. This is safe to be used around children. This is a urine remover while specifically geared towards a pet, it should be just as effective for human urine. Also, this is safe to use on a mattress. You should give the mattress time to air dry before sheets go back on.

Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle – Enzyme Cleaner for Dog and Cat Urine, Feces, Vomit, Drool

For the perfect solution with your wet/dry steam cleaner though, let it sit and swoop it up and you are going to be amazed by the results. It is one of the best carpet stain removers for pets. This stain remover effectively removes the bodily fluid, hairball, etc. with a nice, fresh minty scent and no sticky residue.

It is a little bit expensive, but this enzymatic cleaner is one of the best around. It helps to lock in odors and even handle minor stains with a remarkably efficient process. Combined with your steam carpet cleaner and you might never have to worry again. If things get beyond your carpet, it is also safe for nearly every surface around, making it a perfect all-around solution for any pet owner.

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