Nylon Carpets vs Polyester Carpets

When we want to buy a new carpet, the first thing you have to check is the type of fibers used in the carpet. Because fiber is effective in many aspects. It affects for example, how easily your carpet can be cleaned or can get dirty and how long you can use your carpet. Apart from the fibers, also pile density which is how often the yarns are woven is very important. So, which is the most useful type of carpet according to the fibers used in the carpet, what are the characteristics of carpet types?

Answering this question is important because it is a big investment to carpeting the places you live in. Besides money, it requires smart decisions that let you live with it for years. In this case, wear and cost take precedence over color and appearance. The traffic your carpet is expected to bear can be a big factor while you are trying to buy a new carpet as well.  When you consider all these characteristics, the two most popular carpet fibers are nylon fibers and polyester fibers.

So, in this article, we will take a look at what the polyester carpet is, what the nylon carpet is, and what the similarities and comparisons between them. Before expanding on the topic, let’s clarify what the polyester carpet is and what the nylon carpet is.

It is important to know what type of fiber you want to have in your carpet. When you know the type of fiber, it provides you some advantages. First, cleanliness features of your carpet. How your carpet can get dirty easily, how you can easily clean your carpet, and how difficult to remove spots and stains from the carpet are very important. Second, knowing the fiber type is related to cleanliness again. It allows you to choose the proper products for your fiber type without harming it.

Nylon (Polyamide) Carpets

Nylon is the most popular synthetic fiber. People mostly prefer nylon fiber and nearly 50% of carpet is nylon fiber. It is popular for residential commercial carpet applications. Even though it is more expensive, it is more durable and longer-lasting than other fiber types. With stain treatments and padding, the cost can increase as well. Due to its durability, manufacturers recommend using nylon carpets.

Polyamide, the most popular fiber type thanks to its high strength. It is wear-resistant and flexible. Wear-resistant means that it is resistant to the weight and movement of the furniture. It is also a material that can provide eye-catching colors. Since it is a structure that can hide stains and dirt, it has little or heavy traffic and is suitable for all kinds of usage areas. Polyamide is resistant to abrasion and it is flexible. It has a structure that conceals stains and dirt. 

All types of polyamides are referred to under the chemical definition of nylon. Its mechanical strength is very secretive. The water and moisture retention rate is very high. Therefore, it undergoes changes on a dimensional scale. Due to moisture absorption, it is resistant to instantaneous impacts and vibrations so that dynamic stresses are eliminated within the structure.

It is the most resistant type to mold and stain. It is used in carpet making which is extremely showy and flexible. It shows high abrasion resistance, important in rooms where doors may brush against the carpet, shopping carts and strollers are constant traffic, or furniture is frequently moved around. In a family room, where chairs may travel frequently from the card table to the TV, a mud-room or back hall, resilient nylon carpet shows few furniture-foot indents and is not easily worn by friction. It has mostly bright structures.

Compared to other types, they are more expensive but more durable. Since it is suitable for chemical mixtures, it is used in hospitals and schools in areas where it is obligatory to use this type of carpet. Also, it is antibacterial during production that makes is obligatory in those areas. It is, therefore, a good choice anywhere that food and beverages are served.

Nylon’s resiliency, which is what keeps a carpet looking like new longer than any other fiber, is due in large part to its chemical make-up. The steam cleaning method is used for cleaning these fibers.

Nylon is clearly the most sought after carpeting due to its resiliency, impeccable ability to bounce back after being stepped on, or trampled in areas of heavy traffic. It has also an ability to hide soil or other random filaments that might get trapped between carpet fibers and piles.

In terms of general performance, nylon fiber is the most versatile type. It allows you to choose any kind of carpet in any color and design according to your home decor and style. It provides excellent flexibility. It is extremely durable, stain-resistant, mold-free, and static-free nylon. It is an excellent choice for carpets of every density and application.

In addition, many new nylon fibers are also extremely soft. It is not designed to be high stain-resistant, but most of them are subjected to special treatments to protect them from household residues and stain formation. In addition, nylon carpets are worn with already dyed fibers which means there is no color flow after production or after use.

On the other hand, there are solution-dyed nylon carpets in the market that you can consider. They are created in a production process that turns color into fiber as it forms. Making the color in this way makes the color a natural part of the fiber that cannot be removed. As the name suggests, the color is actually part of the fiber, it is permanent and fade-resistant, and spills are less likely to stick to the fiber to create stains.

In conclusion, the advantages of using nylon carpets are its resiliency, maintaining a new look longer, high level of stain resistance, easy to clean, high level of durability, and color-dyed easily.

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Polyester Carpets

After nylon carpets, the most common carpet fiber type is polyester. It has a lot of advantages as well. It can be a quality carpet choice. It provides many years of useful life. You don’t need to replace it frequently. The biggest advantage is generally it is budget-friendly, compare to nylon it is cheaper.

How do they produce polyester carpets? They are mostly made from recycled P.E.T, which means that they are derived from plastic soft drink bottles. This process is very healthy for the environment. It keeps millions of plastic bottles out of the environment and it saves on the use of resources in the production of polyester.

It has excellent color options because it is easy to dye. They are dyed during production. They can be easily cleaned. It is highly resistant to water-based stains, on the contrary to oil-based stains. In terms of oil-based, it doesn’t provide good cleanliness. Polyester is a very inflexible fiber and it does not deteriorate when it gets wet. It means that it is highly resistant to water. The moisture absorption rate of polyester fiber is less than that of other fiber types. Therefore, it can be preferred in outdoor carpets.

Polyester is not very flexible material, its hardness stays and doesnt affected at all even when it is wet. The moisture absorption rate of polyester is much lower. It is easy to clean due to the excellent color clarity and, as we mentioned before, water-based resistance. It means that it doesn’t get dirty easily. Polyester is referred to as a closed-cell fiber, which means that it does not have any open dye sites for stains to adhere to.

While polyester carpet has preferred due to its softness, its durability has been its drawback. Thanks to technological advances, its durability is maintained as velvety quality.  It is a raw material that performs well in terms of appearance, even though it stays behind in terms of flexibility.

Visual and durability seekers may prefer to use polyester fiber, for example, due to its colorfulness. Also, It is the most economical one among the other types, you can find them at highly reasonable prices. It is highly resistant that leads to a very high-performance even in high traffic areas.

If you are obsessed with cleaning or you need to clean the room where you use the carpet frequently, such as the children’s room, lounge, or bedroom, it is better to choose polyester fiber carpets. Because of the fact that it makes the room look rich and provides easiness to clean the room at the same time. If you want luxury and relaxation at the same time in your living area, a polyester carpet ould be a great choice for you. You cannot get those properties with another type of carpets.

For the places where the foot traffic is low or whose owners do not have enough time to clean, for example, a guest room, a study room, a growing child’s room, a grad-student apartment, the polyester fiber carpet will be a great idea to choose. It leaves you both time and money to tend to other matters.

Although polyester fiber is not as flexible as nylon fiber, the carpets made of polyester fibers will perform well if they are made well. Polyester carpet provides exceptional softness and color clarity. Its resistance to crushing and its wide range of dynamic colors provide many advantages to homeowners. Generally used in soft loop or barber loop carpets, polyester is a fiber used for making luxury products.

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The Similarities Between Nylon Fibers and Polyester Fibers

Even though nylon fibers and polyester fibers are quite different in terms of feeling and performance, they have some common characteristics that are worth pointing out.

They are both petroleum-based synthetics. They both provide excellent color and style options. Based on your preferences and taste, you can find the best one for your places. They are both easy to clean and easy to maintenance. And also, flooring that can be replaced after using nylon or polyester fiber carpet. Both offer a nice-looking appearance and they both are soft and comfortable to the touch. They give your senses please, both visually and sensorial.

The Differences Between Nylon Fibers and Polyester Fibers

Before choosing a carpet for your home, your work environment or basically the places that you want to use carpet, you should be aware of the differences between polyester fibers and nylon fibers. It is not necessary to assume one better than the other, because neither is going to be a bad choice in their current iterations. However, just in case it is better to know the differences.

With all the variations of carpet types and brands available in the market, it is best to ask questions to the salesman in the carpet store. The type of carpet fiber that you choose for your home will be decisive about how long it lasts, how soft it feels, what colors and designs are available, how easily it cleans, how resistant it is and how much it costs. These are very critical factors when choosing a new carpet and comparing it with other carpets. So, we will compare nylon and polyester in terms of these features.

Cost: If the cost is the most important feature for you, you can go with polyester. Because they are cheaper options. The main reason is its material because it is made from recycled materials. Thanks to this, you can pay up to 50%less for polyester fiber carpets.

Production: The polyester is made from recycled P.E.T. products and nylon is made from petroleum. Today, about 65% of the carpet produced is nylon. Thus, a few nylon fiber carpets are appearing that are made from recycled nylon.

Softness: If you want to buy a softer carpet, polyester should be preferred.  Because what makes nylon durable and resilient lowers its softness level.

Durability: If you want to use your carpets like centuries, of course, nylon fiber carpets are the best choice due to its high level of durability. Nylon is a very hard material. It is a poor substitute for silk but a very long-lasting material for carpet and rugs. When dirt gets into carpet, the sharp edges of the particles cut into the carpet fibers, eventually destroying them. The hardness level of nylon slows this process remarkably. In addition, you might even feel nylon’s resistance when you stand on it. And also thanks to its hardness, for example, when you move hard furniture, there has been no spot due to sitting in the same place for a long time. Even though it leaves a mark behind it, it is easier to fix.

Polyester fiber carpets are not nearly as durable as nylon fiber carpets. Dirt causes more negative impacts on polyester. It is not resilient, neither. So, the fibers of those carpets tend to lay down when sitting on it or walking on it.

Texture retention: Let’s say your carpet’s surface maintains its visible shape for a long time without bursting or buckling, which means its texture retention is very high. In this regard, nylon fiber carpets have good texture retention. It allows the carpet to retain its original appearance over time.

Stain Resistance: Both nylon fiber and polyester fiber are very resistant to stains. On the other hand, polyester fiber might be a slightly better choice to choose because nylon is more absorbent and liquids are harder to get rid of it.

  • If you want to use a carpet in a high-traffic area, nylon carpets would be a better choice. Because expect longevity of nylon carpet is 10 to 15 years.
  • If you have a pet in your home, polyester fiber carpets will be a better choice. There are two reasons behind that. Polyester fiber carpet is slightly more resistant to stains, and if your pets destroy the carpet, polyester fiber carpets would be cheaper to replace.
  • If there is no humidity in your places and it is very dry, then you should think about buying a nylon fiber carpet. Because static electricity builds up in nylon fiber carpet more quickly than in polyester fiber carpet, even though P.E.T polyester might lead to shocks too.
  • If you are one of those people who like and enjoy changing decorations frequently, then polyester would be a better choice. For those people, changing their flooring more often to stay current with styles and colors and want to do it affordably. The expectation to look good of these carpets is about 5 to 10 years depending on the carpet’s quality and the use it receives.
  • If you concern about the environment or going green is important for you, then you can choose a polyester fiber carpet for your areas. Because polyester carpet is made from recycled materials. A fraction of a rug may be composed of various recycled soft- drink bottles, as well.

The Comparisons Between Other Types of Carpet Fibers

Some people think that there are only different brands of carpet and that there are not actually different types of materials. This is far from the truth, and there are four major types of fabrics that can be utilized when you are deciding to floor your home or anywhere you want to floor. These fibers are nylon, olefin, polyester, and wool.

As we mentioned above, nylon is the most predominant material. Because it is a durable synthetic material. It is very resistant to spill. It is easily maintainable. Nylon carpets are the ones that usually preferred by people in the use of any space and any condition. The efficiency of nylon fiber has been trying to increase in order to make it more durable and tougher to make it stain-resistant. These newly produced ones are usually labeled as stain-resistant with better warranties and, unfortunately, way more expensive.

Olefin is another type of carpet fiber. It does not stain. It is resistant to any damage caused by moisture. It provides good stain and moisture resistance. The good thing is that you can use heavy chemicals to clean your carpet without breaking it. On the other hand, nylon fiber carpets do not last as long. It is very common to use in pool houses, basements, or other areas that are not used extensively and do not receive intense pedestrian traffic. It is best suited for loop pile construction or high, very dense cut piles.

The other type mentioned above is polyester. The strength level of the polyester fiber carpet is strong between nylon carpet and olefin carpet. As a difference, it has a very low price tag. It is cheaper than the others. Such fibers do not result in any allergies and are very easy to clean as they are resistant to insects and moisture, which means that there is no place to cause allergies. Such rugs disappoint some homeowners due to their stacks and also tend to shed fibers.

It may be surprising but another type of carpeting material is wool. Even though wool carpeting is rarely used in most modern forms of carpeting due to its extremely high price, it is favored for its natural beauty. Thus, it usually has to be special ordered. On the other hand, wool carpeting has many positive properties. Wool carpeting will never be destroyed over time but it is very expensive. It looks good for a long time and it is well constructed.

Whatever you are deciding to buy a new carpet, you should keep in mind that you have plenty of choices and alternatives so you may want to think about what material of carpet you are going to buy so that you do not make the wrong decision.

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