Non Slip Carpets: Why and Where to Use?

You know that many people have had minor house accidents because of slipping carpets. Eliminating this problem, non-slip carpet models are waiting for your appreciation at affordable prices on the internet! Non-slip carpets, which are a return of carpet production technologies that change with the development of technology, are preferred and used by many people today. The brands that are aware of this show their awareness and quality by introducing not only new patterns and colors but also carpets with different features.

Non-slip carpet models hold the floor to protect you against unwanted accidents thanks to their latex bases. All anti-bacterial non-slip carpets have been able to ensure their conformity in quality measurements for sensitive and allergic people. Non-slip floor carpets, which can be easily washed and cleaned in hand or washing machine, are also preferred due to their hygienic structures that do not keep dirt and stains. The non-slip carpets, which are easily cleaned and suitable for practical use, provide the users with the advantage of long-term use. Thus, you can complete the decoration of your home with quality carpets that you can use for years, not with worn and expired carpets in a short time.

Carpet holder pads were used before the production of non-slip carpet models. However, carpet holding pads were both unusable and lost their non-slip properties as time went on, making them impossible to use. Non-slip carpets that eliminate this problem can now be used in every room including bathrooms. The need for waterproof and non-slip carpets, which are among the main problems of the bathrooms, has been solved with bath rugs that are suitable for these properties and led to a new era in bathroom decoration. Moreover, not only for bathroom carpet models but also for the toilet set models, there are non-slip options available. Thus, the fear of falling down in the bathroom has become a thing of the past and people are prevented from being damaged by home accidents.

Why Should We Prefer Non-Slip Carpets?

As home textiles grow day by day, we also provide an immediate response to everything we are looking for. The use of technology in home textiles has brought beautiful products to both the sector and our homes. One of these products is undoubtedly non-slip carpets. Particularly in recent years, non-slip carpets have received more and more interest. Non-slip carpets, which started production with the motto “handy and practical”, were quickly adopted by everyone.

The non-slip carpet has a very wide range of users. Carpets that appeal to everyone due to their variety of patterns and reasonable prices are found in almost every home. The fact that you have the opportunity to replace the carpets you use with non-slip carpets is an indication of how accessible non-slip carpets are. What is the reason why non-slip carpets are so much preferred, even though they are new to home textiles? This widespread use of non-slip carpets can be attributed to today’s conditions. The fact that our life flow is based on more business logic in less time has also affected our home textile products. Non-slip-based carpets have become an alternative in these times when we have made it a habit to include everything that is practical and useful in our lives. While this alternative provides convenience to our homes, it has created peaceful and comfortable usage areas for us. The simple completion of the cleaning of non-slip carpets causes them to be a priority product for both working individuals and those who like to use their house constantly clean.

Especially if you live in a crowded house or you have a family with children, non-slip carpets are just for you. The non-slip structure of the fabric beneath the carpet serves to protect your children by preventing them from falling. This way, you can prepare a safe playground for your children. In addition to families with children, non-slip carpets are preferred in homes or places where elderly individuals are also present. Non-slip carpets are an unmissable product for the elders, who are likely to experience balance problems so that they can walk and move in more solid steps. Also, those who do not prefer thick carpets in the summer season can obtain non-slip carpets. Features such as thin structure, easy collection and cleaning, and machine washability make non-slip carpets the essential product of our homes. In addition, the use of non-slip-based carpets has become more frequent in homes where visual attention is paid. When it is not possible to change the carpets at any time, you can replace your old carpets with non-slip carpets. These carpets, which you will use alternately, are the products that those who love innovation at home should examine. Both the price is appropriate and different designs and colors to appeal to your eyes are available.

Non-Slip Carpet Requirements

1) Fixed and Secure Floors with a Non-Slip Base

Shelve your old model carpets. Because now you can have a non-slip carpet with an unlimited number of options in any color and model. Non-slip carpets are much more advantageous than old-style carpets. Because it is produced in the most appropriate way to the needs of the consumer and with the new opportunities that lead to breakthrough technology in carpet production.

Non-slip carpets made of polyester material, thanks to the polyester base, have a strong ground grip and thus do not slip. As you move between your rooms, you can walk safely without losing your balance and don’t bother aligning your constantly slipped carpet.

2) Long-Term Use with Quality Material

When the old model carpets are used for many years, they begin to lose their strength due to heat changes in the house and carpet washing procedures. Spills, sanding, and breakage occurs on the surface and especially on the base of some carpets. Non-slip carpets do not leave you facing situations such as a spill, breaking and swelling due to the quality of the materials used.

As long as you clean your non-slip carpet with proper washing procedures, it can be used for many years without any damage to the surface and the floor despite the heat changes in the place.

3) Clean Floors with Non-Slip Carpets

Non-slip carpets do not smell, unlike the old model carpets. Various types of bristles and/or yarns used in old-fashioned carpets trap odors in moist environments or dusty environments.

Whereas non-slip carpets are made of polyester material, the environment does not smell any effect caused by external factors. It keeps factors such as dust, humidity, the odor coming from outside on its surface and does not allow it to penetrate into its internal structure. So you can enjoy the non-slip carpet that does not smell to you.

4) Easy to Clean Practical Material

Non-slip carpets can be washed up to 30 degrees if the washing machine is large enough. Non-slip carpets are suitable for different washing techniques such as old model carpets as an easy to wash product.

5) Dust-Free Surface

The production of non-slip carpets with polyester material reduces stain retention to a minimum. Therefore, there is no dusting, no breakage, no spillage and no sticking to the floor. It is recommended that you protect your non-slip carpet against flammable materials such as cigarettes, etc.

Details About Non-Slip Carpets

Non-slip carpets give eye-catching integrity with sometimes parquet or laminate, sometimes tiles or different stone pavements. Especially on slippery floors, using non-slip carpets may seem difficult in some cases. The non-slip carpet models, which come up with features suitable for all kinds of floors, continue to focus on different solutions especially with their product quality in the recent period. The soft and non-slip carpet options that have a soft effect with their high quality and glittering models also provide important advantages to people with their ground holding features.

This tremendous non-slip carpet option, which is used everywhere, including tile flooring, helps everyone, especially ladies, with an eye-catching appearance and quality of use. You can create models of any size by using roll-shaped non-slip carpet options. Non-slip carpets will continue to support the appearance of quality living space with many more useful and comfortable options. The non-slip carpet models provide a really good opportunity for your children to slip while running at home or to have an accident.

Non-Slip Carpet Models

In addition to the soft and classic models, there are also differences in color and design models. Here, the color alternatives provide a really important opportunity for carpets to be compatible with your kitchen cabinet or your furniture. Incredibly colorful quality and shining different models show you the privilege of your rooms better.

I can tell you that you are really fortunate in choosing the models you dream of or think about. Reliable and top-quality brands offer you a really good choice with colorful non-slip carpet models. You should do a good search first in order to choose dazzling different and special models. With a model that fits your home and options to help you take advantage of your use, you can live in a much more glamorous and sleek space.

Non-Slip Carpets for Summer Months

The floors of the houses can be tiled or parquet. There are carpet models suitable for different flooring in every way. Especially hasty people need to be much more careful on slippery ground. Thanks to the special material located on the bottom of the carpet, the floor holding is really high quality. Non-slip carpet models, which are remarkable in appearance, are firmly attached to the floor, making them the ideal choice for your home.

The companies that always care about the quality of production are presenting the ideal carpet options in all categories through internet shopping. Carpet experts who work night and day in the design of non-slip carpets continue to work to create a truly perfect image in your home.

Perfect collections for people who consider home furnishing as an art stand out as a starting point. The yarn quality and the high quality of the material that is used make the products very useful. Really perfect solutions have been produced for people who want to make their house more beautiful.

Many different collections, both with their colors and models, are available in online shopping. Especially in non-slip carpet models, the collection supports a magnificent design and an extraordinary image richness. Silk collection on behalf of everyone who wants to make their house more pleasant and beautiful again shows great results in this category. For all those who desire a high-quality and arty living space, your models here are truly qualified.

Non-Slip Carpet Prices

In fact, we are talking about a product choice that is extremely popular with its advantages. The carpets, which are in the form of rolls, are different in size and help you to create a model and a different option. You can easily find the qualified products you are looking for with easy shopping and internet shopping which is one of the reliable product options.

The excellent models that provide a ground hold with a highly specific base show significant ease of use. The models that support the product service and quality understanding in the best way are the options that create opportunities for the users. It is very important that you see the product options that companies offer you especially in creating rich non-slip carpet models. I will show you the most ideal product options at extremely reasonable prices.

With the advantage of shopping online, you can order any product immediately. The products that you are absolutely sure of the quality will provide you with brand new opportunities for lucrative shopping at reasonable prices. Combined with different collection features and the ability to hold onto the ground firmly, these carpet models represent an essential element in your home.

Now, with the advantage of non-slip carpet options, your children will not slip and fall while running. Such colorful and vibrant models will provide you with the necessary support for advantageous shopping with the end of season discount opportunities. Free shipping and great price support with great carpet options give you the advantage. Different designs and different colors support truly perfect integrity for your home. The perfect carpet options that fit in with your furniture and other items give you the support you really need at incredible prices.

Decorative Non-Slip Carpets

One of the most used carpets in the current carpet models is decorative non-slip carpets. Of course, the constant slippage of a newly bought carpet is obviously unsettling. Therefore, non-slip carpet models are preferred. These carpets have non-slip material due to their non-slip base features. When looking for living room carpet models, whether or not the carpet has a non-slip base is a consideration. Non-slip carpet is used especially in the corridors.

Carpet prices and models vary according to the material used and the place of production. Carpets produced by quality brands offer premium quality to the users. It is the base feature that needs to be considered when choosing a non-slip carpet. The non-slip feature should not be rubber or gel. It is very important whether the base is leather or rubber. This is an indication of durability for a washable carpet. Machine washable rugs or carpets must be made with quality material to prevent damage to time.

Quality in Non-Slip Carpet: Why Should I Choose Acrylic Carpet?

  • Easily washable and durable,
  • Resistance to moth, pest, oil, and chemicals,
  • Paintable with healthy dyes,
  • Resistance to sunlight,
  • Naturalness and warmth as appearance and touch,
  • Acrylic, which is a fiber type that can give the wool appearance and feel with its structure, is resistant to mold and has high sunlight resistance,
  • In these carpets, special fibers resistant to heat up to 485 degrees are used.
  • Acrylic carpet has a low performance on stain repellency (stain repellent),
  • It has been treated with hot and steam fixation to prevent surface deterioration as a result of the use (at 100 degrees).
  • Felting does not make.
  • Color does not fade.
  • No moth problem since it is not wool.

Why Should the Floor Coating of Non-Slip Carpets Be Soft?

Knowing that you are looking for information about a product with different characteristics when researching non-slip carpet models will help you to choose a quality non-slip carpet. One of the issues in this regard is that the non-slip base material should be flexible and soft. Why should it be like this? The non-slip base material, whether PVC or gel or latex, cannot provide the desired performance when it is put on sale without the necessary procedures. The smooth surface is the result of healthy processes and is required for the maximum non-slip features. Rigid Non-Slip bases cannot hold onto the surface and can not go beyond being non-slip on the label. As a hardened suction cup cannot hold onto the glass, the hard non-slip base cannot give the desired result as well.

For this reason, PVC bases provide the best grip surface and provide the best performance. As I mentioned, PVC coating should be soft and hold onto the surface. When buying non-slip carpets and carpet models, you can test a small piece on the glass surface and see how good that the product with a non-slip base holds onto the surface. Always prefer acrylic quality in PVC based non-slip carpets when buying a non-slip carpet.

Gel-Based Non-Slip Carpet Models

One of the indispensable items of the home decoration is carpets. However, it is also important that carpets play a decorative role and provide comfortable use. In this sense, one of the most popular carpets in recent times is gel-based carpet models. Also known as non-slip carpets, these products prevent slipping and thus domestic accidents during use. Gel-based carpets, which are a safe product especially for children’s homes, are also highly decorative. So, what are the advantages of these non-slip and decorative carpets?

Non-slip carpet models are offered to consumers with many color and pattern options. It is generally preferred for the entrance and stairs of the houses. However, it is also possible to find a gel-based carpet model for almost every suitable part of houses and offices. Situations such as slipping and being difficult to clean of carpets used in homes are the most problematic issues. Most home accidents are caused by slipping and falling. The use of non-slip carpet is especially important when children are playing games at home or when they learn to walk.

These decorative carpet models, which have a thin and light structure, are introduced to the market in different sizes. It is also possible to estimate different sizes. Non-oversized non-slip carpets can be washed in suitable programs of washing machines or wiped easily with a damp cloth. In addition to these, there are floral, geometric patterns and patchwork style options among the non-slip decorative carpet models. You can decorate your house by purchasing any of these stylish carpet models offered in different colors and patterns.

The prices of non-slip carpet models, which come to the fore with their anti-slip and antibacterial properties, vary according to the dimensions of the preferred carpet. The brand and quality of the carpet are also one of the factors affecting the gel-based carpet prices. You can buy one of the most stylish decorative carpet models for your budget and create a safe and stylish environment in your home.

What Is A Latex Carpet Backing

Latex is originally a natural rubber. The name of the final product obtained by vulcanizing natural rubber is thus referred to as such. Rubber is widely used and is produced from rubber trees in South Asian countries. Rubber vulcanization was generally carried out by Charles Goodyear according to generally known knowledge. Today the name of Goodyear is a company that makes its name alive.

Synthetic rubbers are also produced by processing natural rubber. These products, which have names such as nitrile and other commercial labels, have a longer life than natural rubber in terms of their shelf life. Rubber is used in many products that we use in daily life such as rubber bands, shoe soles, rubber seals, and gloves.

Latex soles generally show up in products such as shoes, boots and carpets and rugs. Latex, which provides different flexibility and lifespan with different formulas, is preferred in the sectors due to its non-slip properties. Increasing technology and changing needs have led to the emergence of alternative products, and synthetic rubbers, as well as PVC materials, have begun to replace natural rubber in some products. PVC non-slip base is generally preferred since it does not smell and spill in non-slip rug and carpet models that exhibit high non-slip performance.

Why Do Latex Materials Generally Deform Quickly?

Latex formulations and applications are available for latex vulcanization. First of all, latex entered into our lives by cooking with sulfur. With cooking, the intent is to convert the monomer structure of the latex into a polymer. In simple terms, the monomer may be described as being rope-lined, and the polymer as a net-bound. The latex formulation is applied to the mold or application material without wasting much time and then treated with a temperature of at least 110 degrees Celsius. In sponge and similar production facilities, this temperature is reached up to 300 degrees with steam. Of course, there may be different production methods under developing and changing conditions.

If all these processes are inadequate, the latex remains in the monomer state and we encounter deformations such as spillage and breakage, and the purchased product becomes unfortunately unavailable. In addition, the service life of the latex is very short. It is the deformation of the latex over time, such as when thin transparent gloves remain in the cabinet, or if the pack tires break off immediately after a period, which is a relatively short period of time. In addition, latex is a material that is not resistant to oils. Synthetic latexes, such as nitrile, are resistant to oil, but they are often used in the production of expensive gloves and expensive equipment as their prices are very high.

Although the excess weight is seen as a cost disadvantage, especially those using thin, lightweight non-slip carpets in the homes, whether they are gel bases, latex bases or PVC bases, have experienced that light and thin carpets may cause to slip because they are very flexible.

Non-Slip Carpet Covers and Their Properties

Carpets are the most important elements that complement the decoration of the environments in which they are located. These products are used continuously during the day; they can become a threat to human health by trapping dirt, dust, and bacteria over time. Therefore, it is of great importance that they are cleaned frequently. However, cleaning carpets is a professional process. Because it is very difficult to provide 100% hygiene in the carpets by wiping or washing them at home. For the deep cleaning of carpets, it is necessary to work with carpet cleaning companies. However, considering that carpets need to be cleaned frequently, it will be understood that carpet washing will be costly. Therefore, it is the healthiest to prevent the contamination of carpets. Non-slip carpet cover models produced to protect carpets from dirt and stains are preferred not only because of their protective properties but also because they are decorative. So, what are the advantages of non-slip carpet covers?

Advantages of Using Non-Slip Carpet Covers

Carpet cover models, which cover the carpet completely, are produced from fabrics called welsoft. This fabric is highly resistant to fire and flame. Therefore, they do not cause the flames to progress further in case of any fire risk in the houses. Again, welsoft non-slip carpet covers are antibacterial. These covers, which can be easily washed in washing machines at 30 degrees, enable the creation of hygienic conditions in homes. Dirt, dust, and bacteria accumulated between the carpet feathers can cause asthma, bronchitis and allergic diseases, while the non-slip carpet cover made of welsoft fabric overcomes all of these situations. This is because the fabric surface of carpet covers is not as hairy as in carpets and dirt does not penetrate into the cover.

The carpet covers have a very soft texture and also ensure the carpets to stand in a uniform manner. It is often difficult to understand that these covers, which do not slip and pot, are actually a sheath on the carpet. In addition, the non-slip carpet cover prevents carpets from deforming over time and extends the life of the carpet. You can buy carpet covers for your living room, kitchen or carpet in your child’s room and enjoy the privilege of using your carpets in a hygienic way for many years.

Further Information About Non-Slip Carpets

Non-slip carpet models that are very useful in preventing invisible accidents that can be experienced in the house manage to gain the appreciation of its users. The bases of the non-slip carpets produced with polyester material have strong ground holding. It stands out as a safe ground cover for children, the elderly and hasty adults. They are more useful than carpets, which often slip and show an irregular appearance. Providing classic and modern designs, non-slip floor carpets are produced for use anywhere in the living areas. Non-slip plush carpets, patchwork carpets, and lint-free carpets offer interesting models. Non-slip carpet models designed for the living room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom are produced with remarkable designs.

Non-slip carpet types that offer models appealing to all styles and tastes are produced with small and large size options. In addition to the non-slip carpet designed for halls, bedrooms and corridors, there are also carpet sizes for the kitchen and bathroom. The varieties produced for the corridors, which are the scene of fast arrivals, constitute a good security measure. Families with young children and elderly people who are physically challenged prefer to use non-slip carpets in their homes. Non-slip carpet types that offer anti-allergic properties are a good option for children’s rooms. Allergic adults can also use it. Non-slip carpets are produced with summer and winter models. Designed with different shapes, the products also have thin and thick bases. Designed with stylish and modern patterns, the non-slip carpet types offer varying price options. Prices of products vary according to brand, size, material, and design features.

Non-slip carpet models produced with high-quality woven features are used intact for many years. Non-slip carpet types that are resistant to changing heat conditions do not cause problems such as spilling, cracking, breaking and swelling. There won’t be problems such as wear on the surface or the base. The problem of the odor making in some carpet types is not seen in non-slip carpets. Carpets produced with polyester material on the surface and base do not smell and do not hold moisture and dust. Non-slip carpet types do not allow the formation of odors because they do not trap dust, moisture, and odor contained in the air and hold it on the surface. Cleaning and maintenance of the products are also easily done. You can easily wash your non-slip carpets, which are suitable for the washing capacity of your washing machine, in the machine and in 30 degrees of water. You can get help from carpet cleaning companies for your big carpets. You can also choose to clean your non-slip carpets with a wipable surface with warm soapy water. Non-slip carpets that offer different colors, designs and models are of interest because they are safe products. The carpets are produced with new technologies, offering a strong floor holding feature that provides comfortable ease of use.

Non-slip carpet options designed with many different models manage to appeal to every taste. Square, rectangular, round and oval shapes offer simple and patterned models. Plush carpets, soft-woven carpets, thick-bottom carpets, and many more models are offered to you in this category. The non-slip carpet models produced by famous carpet brands include vibrant colors as well as pastel colors. You can examine the non-slip carpet varieties offering examples of alternative patterns such as stone pattern, pyramid pattern, flower or leaf pattern, and geometric pattern, to have detailed information about the product that you can buy with one click.

Best Non-Slip Carpet Products That You Can Buy Online

  • B.PRIME 3×5-Feet Non-Slip Rug Underlay Pad for Hard Floors. Different Size Options Available (Price: $7.95)

  • DoubleCheck Products Non-Slip Area Rug Pad Size 2 x 3 Extra Strong Grip Thick Padding (Price: $9.99)

  • EPICA Super-Grip Non-Slip Area Rug Pad 5 x 8 for Any Hard Surface Floor, Keeps Your Rugs Safe and in Place (Price: $16.49)

  • GRIP MASTER 2X Extra Thick Area Rug Cushioned Gripper Pad, 3 Feet x 5 Feet, for Hard Surface Floors, Maximum Gripper and Cushion for Under Rugs, Premium Protection Pads, Many Sizes, Rectangular (Price: $13.99)

  • Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad, 3×5, Made in the USA, for Hard Floors, Pads Available in Many Sizes, Provides Protection and Cushion for Area Rugs and Floors (Price: $10.49)

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