Modern Carpet Models and Designs

Carpet selection, which is a difficult thing in home decoration as it is the last step and perhaps completing the decoration, is actually not as difficult as it is thought. Because it is up to you to choose a carpet that will reveal the beauty of your decoration or a carpet that is not compatible with the integrity of the room. Therefore, when choosing a modern designed carpet, you can choose the right carpet by paying attention to points such as the color of the floor, the color of the walls, the color of the furniture in the room, and the decoration trend that dominates the room. So, do you have any idea about the modern carpet models?

Modern approaches that dominate today’s decoration trends have also shown themselves in the carpet industry and have led to the emergence of modern carpet models. There are many modern carpet moles on the market, each more colorful or produced in a simple style. In order to make the right choice among these carpets that match your decoration, you should consider the colors and items that dominate your decoration. If you have patterned furniture, it is useful to choose a plain carpet, and if you have plain furniture, a patterned carpet would fit.

Whether you want modern carpet or classic carpet, there is a place where you can meet all your expectations: Online stores. In the online stores, you can examine a wide range of product categories from modern carpets to patchwork rugs and carpets, and place your order. Shaggy carpet models, which have become indispensable for modern homes especially in recent years, are also waiting for your appreciation!

Modern Carpets and Rugs

It is not possible to give clear information about modern carpet model prices. Price varies depending on the quality and brand. But you should be careful that prices are determined according to the material and brand used. For this, we recommend that you follow the campaigns while researching modern rug patterns. Thus, you will get more affordable rugs or carpets for modern carpet prices.

The importance of carpet and rug has never decreased since ancient times. Carpet and rug motif workmanship has passed from hand-woven to mechanization with the advancement of technology over time. In this way, carpet and rug production is realized faster. Although hand-woven carpets have a separate place, they never lose their characteristics.

Carpet and rug motif patterns each have a different story and meaning. These motifs reflect the current mood of the operator. It is now taught as a separate department at universities. This shows us that this is a difficult and demanding activity. Although old designs come to mind most when it comes to rugs, new generation modern rugs come in colors and patterns to complement your modern designs.

Decoration can find value for itself with harmony in the house. The most important part of the decoration is the harmony of colors. Color harmony is important for every decoration. You can make good decorative works by observing the harmony of colors in your rooms, kitchen, or bathroom. This is the case for rooms. In addition, another thing that will contribute to our decoration in our rooms is the carpets. In addition to their colors, carpets also add a different harmony to the house with their patterns.

Step carpet offers very beautiful and different carpet models for your spaces. You can buy step carpet types and step rugs from stores and outlets. If you get the colors of the step rugs in harmony with the sitting groupsets, you can get a very stylish guest room and lounge design.

On the other hand, it stands out with its modern designs, apart from being innovative as carpet designs. You can create artistic spaces as well as carpet designs with step carpets. Step carpets are offered to you with suitable color varieties. You can get very nice options with the patterns of step carpets.

Choosing Among Modern Carpet Models

Modern carpet models, which have been showing themselves since the last century, are an indispensable part of home decoration. The models that add a more lively atmosphere by changing the atmosphere of your home provide unity with the general decoration. With products with many alternatives with modern lines, you can create a design that you cannot get enough of by adding elegance to your home.

Generally, ideas in modern carpet types depend on the user. Visual perfection can be achieved with any design that suits your taste. It is important to know what should be highlighted when choosing a carpet. If home accessories are to be preferred, a simpler carpet design can be used. Or, for a simple home environment, carpets can be brought to the fore with a colorful and patterned design. Because carpets can adapt to many homes, they are among the items that offer the easiest design possibilities.

For example, it is easier to buy a suitable carpet for furniture than to buy furniture suitable for your carpet. That’s why rugs can offer homeowners numerous alternatives. Carpets are common in traditional room designs, office designs, bathrooms, stores, balconies, or terraces. A stylish decoration can be made with a minimal and plain design, and integrity can be achieved with a carpet with colorful or geometric patterns.

A carpet that reflects your style should be preferred according to the environment to be used. For example, modern runner models affect your business prestige positively for offices where your customers enter. Or you can have a spacious environment with a colorful carpet to be used against the open air on the terraces. It provides to create the best decoration within the pleasure, environment, and possibilities. Darker colors and light patterns can be used in workplaces if it is desired to give the space a formal look.

In addition, creative patterns with modern lines provide a lively atmosphere in every part of the house. Modern runner options, meeting aesthetic touches and eye-catching elegance, help you host your guests at the entrances of the houses in the best way possible. The products that always add fresh air to any environment with their non-shedding structure, are also ideal for children and pets.

Many alternatives, powered by naturalness, give new ideas to those who want to change their home style. Modern patterned carpet options, which you can choose according to the size of your room, contribute to enrich your living space. In addition, it ensures that your home is always clean and facilitates hygiene in possible stains.

The most important detail that draws attention in today’s modern carpet selections is naturalness. Naturalness is very important for those who prefer home decoration with elegant and functional models that are far from an exaggeration. Especially the number of people who choose suitable for the walls and curtains of the house is quite high. In addition to the visual advantages it provides, its contributions to the environment are also taken into consideration. Modern living room carpet models, which attract attention with their durability, are one of these options.

It protects you and your family from cold winter days by providing a kind of insulation thanks to its strong structure and heat preservation. It creates a comfortable use by allowing you to take quieter steps by absorbing the noise of daily life. The models that add a more vibrant look to your home with their special color pigments do not break from traditional lines and reflect the features of the technology.

It takes its place among the strong carpets by protecting your feet with every step you take with its soft fibers. You can add elegance to the environment with eye-catching details to feel silky precision in every part of your home. Bringing different shades of many colors such as blue, red, gray, green, and orange to your home can create visual harmony.

Modern Carpet Models by Usage Area

We can divide the carpet models into two types as one-piece carpets used in homes and carpets that cover the entire floor. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about modern carpet models and collections that are suitable for room decorations. As it is known, carpets, which are the most important decoration part of the house, now consist of many types and models. It is necessary to choose these carpets, each of which has its own characteristics, according to the decoration and furniture features in the room.

In other words, while it is necessary to use non-slip thin carpet models in some rooms, it is necessary to use hand-woven thick carpets in some rooms. In this selection, the style of the furniture comes to the fore rather than the color. In other words, it is necessary to prefer heavy, classic hand-woven carpets in the decoration of which a classic and heavy lounge suite, lounge furniture is preferred. Likewise, in the decoration of a sports summer room, more sports and plain carpets should be preferred.

The living room has a completely unique style. While heavier and plain color tones are preferred in the living rooms, you can choose extremely striking colors as well. Patchwork carpet models are the best compliment to these colorful living room decorations. You can also use these colorful carpets in the decoration of the children’s room and dining room. You can complete these rugs that get dirty less and harder than many other colors with plain colored furniture. If you use colorful cushions on your furniture, your decoration can have great harmony.

In the children’s rooms, children run, dance and play. It is very important that the carpets on the floor in these rooms do not move. Children running on the carpet can fall and be seriously injured when the carpet slips. The first step to prevent this is to use a non-slip carpet. You can use soft carpets that cover the entire room, as well as non-slip carpets, which are very important for creating a healthy and safe children’s room. It is very important for safe home decoration to use this kind of cream rugs and runners in entrances and corridors in homes with children.

Modern Carpet Design and Color Ideas

Whether you own a wall-to-wall carpet or have tiled floors, you can add color to your room by using an attractive and beautiful carpet. From zigzag details to light blues, these dazzling rugs come in different themes, shapes, and patterns. Let’s take a look at these great ideas that will increase the design value of your room and can be used in any room.

  • Fuchsia

The fuchsia rug adds just the right amount of dynamism and vitality to this bedroom furnished in cream color. The room would be nice without this carpet, but with the addition of this factor, the beauty of the room reaches a fascinating level.

  • Very colorful

One cannot ignore the beauty that a colorful modern carpet brings to the living room. The colors are stunning, the design is incredibly shabby and the placement is wonderful.

  • Geometric

A black and white geometric rug adds extra texture and depth to the room. Also, this classic combination goes great with any theme or image you can think of.

  • Patchy

Everyone loves this comfortable and vibrant rug. With its homemade appearance, it added a more comfortable, inviting, and relaxing atmosphere to this living room.

  • Purple

Pure purple has never looked so good in a traditional wood-built dining room. We loved how a purple rug looks great and creates a beautiful focal point.

  • Zigzag

Zigzag is one of the most popular and youthful patterns because it adds illusion and humility to space. This is what it does with added fun and texture in this bedroom furnished in neutral colors!

  • Spherical

With a spherical pattern, this carpet used in the baby room makes the room more active and cute. Think about the artistic nature and beautiful tone of this rug.

  • Mustard

While it might not seem like the first idea to come to mind, sometimes just a plush mustard-colored carpet is what you need to complete your masculine and fun living room.

  • Blue

A blue carpet has everything needed to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. You will really the contrast and complementarity it creates with, for example, a white sofa. It has a very comfortable look.

  • Light brown

A shaggy light brown rug is a great choice for softening modern furniture and stylish themes. Although you want an ordinary living room, you also want a more inviting atmosphere for your family.

  • Waves

Thanks to this carpet design with cream-colored waves, the bedroom in which it is used look much more interesting and textural than it used to be. Thanks to the harmony it provides with the floor, it makes you wonder about every part of the room and realize its elegance.

  • Seaweed

The pattern and color of this carpet are designed to add naturalness and comfort to the area where it is located. You will love the addition of light and warmth to this beautiful room.

  • Red

A dining room needs a little bit of color, and no doubt a red carpet delivers what it needs quite strongly. It darkens in some parts and increases its effect!

  • Ocean

A floating carpet that looks and feels like an ocean can add a wonderful feel to any room. I loved this rug especially as it complements the artwork in an attractive way in a room.

  • Leopard

Wondering how to use animal patterns in a classy and sophisticated way? The depth that is added to this traditional room with a leopard pattern is one of the best examples of this, don’t you think?

  • Greens

We loved this green rug, which is naturally beautiful and feels so good. It can give you the feeling of being outside while sitting in your lively and comfortable room and sipping your coffee.

  • Cobalt

A casual and worn rug may not sound very appealing, but in the shade of cobalt blue, it will be dizzying and will work anyway. It makes this stylish and elegant room great in a way you never want to be without it again.

  • Aztec

Use a rug with Aztec-inspired patterns to decorate it with a different mood, glamor, and something from the world. For example, this modern room inspired by the medieval ages is a great option.

  • Circles

Shapes work too, not all rugs need to be rectangular. Try circle patterns!

  • Citrus

The citrus colors added to the breakfast area can turn your room into a great place. Didn’t you love this idea of a sunny and modern tone that this colorful carpet adds to the small space?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Modern Carpet

Carpet is one of the decoration products that complement and fix the area where it is used. In an area where the carpet is used, it has the feature of establishing integrity between all parts. Therefore, you should do detailed research before buying a carpet for your home. Is the carpet hand made carpet, machine, or what type of fiber is used in the carpet? Knowing the answers to these will help you choose the right carpet for your home.

Before you buy your carpet, determine whether you want to buy a machine carpet or a handwoven carpet. If you are someone who has difficulty in distinguishing machine rugs and handwoven carpets, you should look behind the carpet. You can see patterns consisting of small knots on handwoven rugs. But in machine carpets, instead of knots, you see a cross-view. In machine-made carpets, the fibers are laid on the carpet by machine and reinforced with latex.

The weaving density of the carpet you will use in your home is one of the details you should look at. If you want to have a quality and long-lasting carpet, you should look at the density of weaving. Tightly made knots in a woven carpet increase the pile weight of the carpet. In this way, the abrasion of a carpet will take much longer, and it will be quite long-lasting.

Another criterion you should pay attention to when buying a carpet is the yarn of the carpet. Fibers used in carpets are generally divided into synthetic and natural fibers. Natural yarn is used as wool. There are also three different types of synthetic fiber. These are nylon, polyester, and olefin. These fibers, which differ from each other, are important factors that determine the brightness of your carpet, its resistance to stains, and the life of your carpet.

  • Nylon Carpet

Nylon carpets are one of the most used carpets. These carpets are resistant to wear and are flexible. It is possible to find nylon rugs that can hide stains and marks in many different colors. Nylon carpets are resistant to the weight of the furniture.

  • Polyester Carpet

The most beautiful feature of polyester is that it has bright colors. This water-resistant carpet is less resistant to oil staining. This type of carpet, which is resistant to moisture, can also be used outdoors. Polyester carpets provide ease of cleaning as they consist of yarn structures that can be easily cleaned.

  • Olefin Carpet

Olefin carpet is easy to clean like other types. These carpets, which have a low resistance to oil stains, are also moisture resistant, just like polyester. Therefore, you can use it on your balcony or other outdoor areas. Olefin carpets look duller than other carpets as they are resistant to staining. Olefin carpets are cheaper than other carpet types.

  • Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are the most durable and expensive carpet types. Wool carpets are flexible and highly resistant to abrasion. Wool carpets are also resistant to stains just like nylon carpets.

How to Use a Modern Carpet in Decoration?

Once you get the right carpet for your home, the right carpet decoration is what awaits you. There are different usage styles that you can apply while using carpet. Wall-to-wall carpets, runners, stair rugs, and a medium-sized rug are some of your usage patterns. You can determine which carpet you prefer according to the areas you will use. Wall-to-wall carpets are not generally preferred in homes.

If you are someone who wants to use this type of carpet in your home, you can use it in your children’s room. In this way, you will ensure that your child does not touch the floor while playing. You should use runners, which are another type of carpet you will use in your home, in small areas. For halls and small kitchens, it would be more appropriate to use a runner instead of a large carpet. You can use stair rugs on stairs as you can understand from the name. If you have a house with stairs, you can make your decoration beautiful with the carpets you will use.

One of the things you should be careful about when using a medium-sized carpet in your home is the distance between the void areas and the carpet. The ideal distance for this should be 45-50 cm. When using a carpet in the dining room, you should make sure that this distance is 65 cm.

It is also very important to choose the appropriate color for the carpet you will use in your home. The places you will look for to choose carpets in the right shades are the walls and floors. If there is dynamism in the wall and floor colors, make sure that the carpet you choose is in neutral tones and plain. Even if simplicity prevails on your walls or floors, create mobility with the carpet you choose.

When choosing a carpet for your living room, you must first decide according to the shape of your living room. For example, if you have an L-type hall, you should choose according to the size of the hall. If your living room is small, instead of choosing two large carpets, you can make the area more useful by gaining mobility with carpets of different sizes. If your living room and kitchen are together and you are someone who wants to separate these two areas, you can achieve this with the carpet you will use in the middle of both.

When choosing a carpet for your kitchen, there are criteria that you should take into consideration such as the size of the kitchen, the style of decoration that prevails in the kitchen, and the colors used in the kitchen. For example, if you have a kitchen full of vibrant colors, it would be more appropriate to choose a solid colored carpet.

It will be a good choice to balance your kitchen if the solid colored carpet you choose is in neutral tones. An important criterion to pay attention to when using a carpet in your kitchen is that the carpet you choose is a non-slip carpet. Since your kitchen floors are slippery, you can prevent your carpet from slipping by using a lining under the carpet you will buy.

When choosing a carpet for your bedroom, you should go for a carpet according to your bedroom shape. You can choose a large carpet for your bedroom. Or you can decorate it with two small rugs. If your bedroom is small, you can decorate it with a path that will fill the remaining space. When choosing a carpet for the bedroom, shaggy or oval carpets are among the models that fit well into the environment. The shaggy texture of shaggy carpets will add a romantic touch to the bedrooms with their cute looks.

If you are someone who prefers to use a carpet on your balcony, the carpet you will use must be resistant to moisture. Since polyester and olefin carpets are resistant to moisture, it will be more appropriate to choose these types for the carpet you will choose for your balcony. The carpets you can choose for your balcony should be models such as grass carpets, bamboo carpets, and rugs that will adapt to the structure of your balcony.

When choosing a carpet for your training, you should decide on the shape of the carpet that suits your workout. If you have a long and narrow workout, you can take advantage of long runs. Here you need to pay attention to the distance between the runner and the wall. You can leave a space of at least 20 centimeters between the wall and the runner to make your hall look spacious.

Modern Carpet Designs

If you are confused when choosing a carpet for your home, you are not wrong. Because day by day new models are showing themselves. If you get to know these models in order to reduce the question marks in your mind, your job will be easier. If you know where the carpet models with different designs and features will look better, you will not make a wrong choice. Now we will talk about the most preferred modern carpet models and where they are suitable for you.

  • Patchwork Carpet

Patchwork carpet is a model in which the pieces fit together. Patchwork is the inspiration for the patchwork rug. These types of carpets can be used in different colors or sometimes in the form of a single color tone. In general, patchwork rugs, which show themselves in vibrant colors, create quite beautiful looks in Rustic decoration styles or Eclectic styles.

  • Knitted Carpet

Knitted carpet is the choice of those who love naturalness and nostalgia in their homes. The usage areas of knotted carpet are completely up to you. Of course, you better pay attention to the size of the area you will use here. Because a small item you will use in a large area will actually create a dysfunctional appearance there.

  • Rug

The history of the rug is very old. This model, which has been used since the nomadic communities, used to be widely used in tents, sofas, and couches. Today, especially in recent years, rugs, which have been used more and more, have turned into a combination of nostalgia and modern, as they combine with modern patterns. If you want to use a rug in your home, you can easily use it. Because it is possible to find rugs designed for every decoration style.

  • Jute Carpet

Jute carpet is a carpet model made of natural plant fibers. This carpet model, which is obtained by weaving the fibers of jute and sisal plants, creates very natural and beautiful looks. It works wonders especially in decoration styles where naturalness stands out.

  • Oval Carpet

The oval carpet is one of the ideal carpet models for those who are bored with the classic carpet shape. The oval rugs, which are named after their oval appearance, can be used in accordance with any decoration style. As long as the space is suitable.

  • Shaggy Carpet

Inspired by the word shaggy, which means fluffy and shaggy, this carpet model is quite shaggy as expected. These carpets, which become attractive due to their soft structure and cute appearance, are also single-click cleaning. Of course, this is not such an exaggerated problem. You can overcome this problem with a regular cleaning routine.

  • Solid Color Carpet

Solid color carpets are a savior for balancing intense environments. By using a solid color carpet in your home, you can both balance and make your home spacious. If there is no movement in your home in general, you can add energy to the environment with a plain but vividly colored carpet.

  • Hide Carpet

Inspired by animal skins, sheepskin rugs are a nice option for those who want to create an exotic look in their home. In this carpet model, it creates an artificial plush appearance with yarn. Sheepskin rugs, which are very soft due to their long pile structure can be used in entrances and bathrooms.

  • Grass Carpet

Grass carpets, which create the appearance of artificial turf, are an ideal option for creating breezes from nature in homes. If you want to use grass carpets in your home, it is worth noting that these carpets are most suitable for balconies. When buying a grass carpet, you should pay attention to its softness, non-slip and washable.

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