How to Choose a Carpet? (Quality, Color, Size)

The decoration has hidden heroes; they give their place their soul and color. Carpets are one of them. For this reason, it is important that you know which room in your home, which carpet and how to use it and how to make your choices. You can add personality and soul to your living environment by choosing a carpet according to the rooms. You can complete your decoration by choosing appropriate carpets in sizes and colors suitable for your living environment.

The choice of carpet is important for all rooms in the house to determine the integrity of the decoration. Built-in the style that adorns your dreams, even the houses are drawn by the most ingenious interior designers need final touches. Besides the wall, paint and lighting features of your house, the most remarkable parts are furniture. The final touch that can reflect all the beauty of a house furnished with furniture that suits your style will be the selection of curtains and carpets with proper features.

When choosing a new home or renovating your home, the most important issues to be taken into consideration are the selection of carpets in appropriate sizes and colors. With this selection, you can give your home a stylish look by completing your decoration.

It should not be underestimated that the most flamboyant houses and the most impressive furniture will find its true value only with the selection of carpets that complement the home decoration. Since each piece used in home decoration should be of the same color, texture, and style, it is useful to choose carpets that are suitable for the mood of your existing decoration.

It is recommended that the carpets in the houses where modern style furniture and curtains are used to have dimensions and geometric patterns that do not cover the room floor in terms of decoration harmony. For classical and avant-garde-furnished houses, the selection of carpet models with classical lines and floral designs will be appropriate to complete the decoration.

Knowing ways to understand whether the carpet is hand-woven or machine-made carpets make buying your carpet easier. To see the difference between hand-woven carpets and machine-made carpets, just look at the back of the carpet. Machine carpets are not made by knotting. The wool fibers are put into the carpet by machine and then the back of the carpet is reinforced with latex. This gives a hard texture and diagonal stripes to the back of the carpet.

On the other hand, it is possible to see the pattern of a hand-woven carpet in the form of small knot rows on the back of the carpet. Creating this design by knotting one knot at a time makes the carpet more intricate and therefore it takes a longer time to make this type of carpet than the machine-made carpet. The result is a higher quality and tighter fabric to be achieved on the carpet. However, there are many types of hand-woven carpets according to quality.

To understand that a carpet is a quality hand-woven, one should look at the quality of wool. The length, elasticity, and brightness of the wool fiber are very important. The thickness of a carpet does not matter in determining the quality of the carpet.

The pattern is not a tightly woven carpet, a carpet that is less pronounced when viewed from the back. On the contrary, good nodes indicate higher quality. The higher the number of knots per square centimeter, the more effort has been spent to make the carpet.

Perhaps the most important factor in the choice of carpet is economic opportunities. The important thing is how long we want to use the carpet and the performance criteria we expect from the carpet during this period. When you buy a quality carpet, no matter how high the price you pay, you can get the money you spend for many years. Therefore, especially in areas subject to heavy traffic, you can get the best carpet you can get in the long term will help you to profit.

One of the most important factors determining the price of the carpet is measured by the weight of the yarn per square meter. The density of the yarn directly affects the durability and performance of the carpet. The heavy carpet is more durable and more expensive. Production and design features are other factors that affect the price of the carpet.

The quality of the yarn is the most important element that determines the price of the carpet. Because the yarn is the basic material of the carpet. The type of yarn used and the construction of the carpet are the most important features that determine the quality of a carpet. Today, most of the machine-made carpets are produced with synthetic yarn. There are 4 basic types of synthetic yarns. These are polyamide (nylon), polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic. These four types of synthetic yarns can be blended with each other as well as blended with wool and can appear as alternative fiber types.

Quality of the Carpet

No matter where you go or whatever you try to buy, vendors will tell you that the product is of good quality. This is the case when buying carpets. What makes the carpet quality? How can you tell if a carpet is of good quality?

There are certain criteria that make carpets quality. It is possible to understand the quality of carpets by looking at the qualities. When you find a carpet that has all these criteria together, you can convince that it is of good quality. We can say that carpets that meet these criteria are the best choice in terms of performance, durability, and life.

It is very important to get the quality carpet suitable for the floor to be used. And in order to understand the performance of the carpet in choosing this, it is the trick to take advantage of the guidance of the expert and especially the information in the product brochure. It is possible to decide the appropriate carpet according to the values given in these brochures and the intensity of use of the floor on which the carpet will be laid.

Good quality carpet is the carpet that fully meets your needs and will make you happy while looking and using. However, the factors determining the quality of the carpet are hidden in technical details such as yarn type, weaving density, and pile height. The yarn type used in the weaving of the carpet is one of the most important factors determining quality. You can use the carpets produced with yarn type suitable for the area you will use for a longer time.

Another important factor is the yarn density. The more often a carpet is woven, the more durable it is. The pile height of the carpet is another factor determining its quality. Carpets with high weaving frequency, soft texture, bright colors and bright should be your first choice.

Surface Weight

The surface weights of carpets are one of the first features most people look at when choosing carpets. Often, though not always, it may make sense to choose this type of carpet. The surface weight of the carpet can make us understand that the material used is robust and therefore the carpet is long-lasting.

The quality of the carpet can be understood with the materials. The quality of the carpets with high surface weight is of high quality. Because the materials in it are dense and the tissues are tightly connected to each other, the surface weight constitutes.

If its surface gives a firm surface feel when touched, it should be said that it is of good quality. This is because the surface of the carpet emphasizes the quality of the tissues at the bottom. Choosing a carpet according to the feel of the surface will help to make an efficient choice.

The quality of the surface and weight of the surface are one of the most important factors in carpet selection. The quality of the carpet, which has a loose appearance, is not very good. Because it is not tight to weave and the materials used are not high quality.

Density of Carpet

The density of the carpet refers to how often the loops are knitted. We can say that the higher the number of loops, the more qualified the carpet. Although these frequency ratios vary according to the material of the carpet, you should prefer more tightly woven carpet models.

Yarn Type

Whatever yarn or material used in the carpet is the biggest factor in the quality of the carpet. Different yarns have different characteristics. The types of yarns commonly used are nylon, polyester, olefin, and triext in synthetic carpets. Silk, wool and sisal yarn are used in natural carpets. These materials generally determine the characteristics and quality of the carpet.

Carpets woven with wool yarn are much longer-lasting than carpets woven with artificial yarn. It maintains the appearance of the first day for a long time, even in places with intensive use, and even gains brightness as it is used. Carpets woven from organic materials are much more resistant to wear and crushing.

In order to understand the quality of the carpet, it is necessary to look at the type of yarn. Nylon and woolen yarn types are available. Nylon types are generally used in polyester carpet types. The woolen ones are hand-woven. If there is olefin in the synthetic carpets, it will come to the fore that the carpet is of high quality.

The presence of a material other than these is an indication that the carpet is of poor quality. If a quality carpet is to be purchased, it is necessary to make sure that a woolen rope is in the carpet. If there is olefin in it, even if it is not wooly, it is necessary to say that the carpet is of good quality. If the tightness of the yarns to each other is less, it is recommended that the carpet is not preferred.

Warranty Certificate

The warranty certificate is one of the factors you should pay attention to when buying a carpet or trying to understand its quality. Or you should learn the conditions of return. Please note that no one guarantees a poor quality product. This is a simple method but always effective.

Style of Carpet

The style of the carpet can affect its performance. For example, when you buy a kitchen rug, it may not be healthy to think for the salon. Because carpets are generally designed for specific areas. The attention you make when making your choice here can help you get the most out of your carpet.

Each carpet has certain characteristics. The fact that each carpet is designed for a particular room determines the style of the carpet. Synthetic carpets are generally preferred for kitchens and corridors, while carpets made with wool yarns are preferred for the hall.

To understand that the carpet is of good quality, it is necessary to take a good look at the surface and the bottom. Loose bonding of the yarns means that the carpet is not of good quality. The tightness of the surface to the sub-base will highlight the quality. Each room has a carpet design and variety. Therefore, it is necessary to buy carpets according to the qualities and size of the room. Making a choice other than these will result in inefficiency.

Technological Features

Technological features have become very important in the daily use of the carpet. Antibacterial carpet, nano carpet feature, liquid repellency, and self-cleaning, non-slip carpet feature, features that provide less pile and insurance features such as carpet properties have become decisive in the decision to purchase.


Computers, telephones, televisions and video games, which have become a part of our lives with the developing technology, make our living spaces become much noisier than before. The simplest solution to this noise emitted by the air is the carpets located on the forehead of our feet. The carpet is not only a beautiful floor covering but also a sound insulation product. In addition, it increases comfort by providing an aesthetic atmosphere in the spaces.

Carpets produced with properly defined fill combinations provide sound insulation much more effectively. Carpet fillings increase the comfort and ergonomic properties of the carpet. Carpet fillings provide protection against wear and tear and extend the life of the carpet.

Size of the Carpet

Carpets are among the products that change and renew the appearance of your room in an instant. In this sense, the basis for the selection of carpets that we use in almost every area such as living room, living room, the kitchen is to determine the right size and to decide the appropriate color and pattern combinations.

Carpet size varies according to the purpose and size of use. In this sense, you should consider some points before taking measurements. The purpose of the room should be decided and whether or not a small or partial carpet is needed for this purpose. In addition, attention should be paid to whether the carpet will remain under the furniture or outside and its position with the entrance of the room.

As important as determining the size of the carpet in the room to decide how to place. Correctly placed carpet according to the size and overall layout of the room makes your room look larger and more spacious. In addition, the usage of the room is one of the factors that affect the placement.

Lounges and living rooms are the areas where people spend the most time and they are usually the largest rooms in the house. For this reason, while large carpets are preferred in these rooms, the arrangement of carpets under the furniture will create a more regular and warm air in the room.

Color of the Carpets

Goods and carpets used in home decoration as well as a meaningful whole should be complementary to each other. This complementary feature does not mean the use of furniture and carpets of the same color but rather captures the overall sense of style.

You can create a suitable view by considering every detail from your home’s wall color, the main colors of the furniture you use, the curtain color and even the color of the parquet. This balanced color look is as important as the quality or pattern of the furniture you use for decorating your home. Together with the use of suitable colors that complement each other in decoration, the color transition creates the most elegant atmosphere.

There are multiple options waiting for you when it comes to carpets. In order not to get lost among all these options, you first need to decide whether to design a single color for the room you will use the carpet or a patterned carpet. If multiple patterns are used in your living environments, such as furniture upholstery, curtains, and cushions, you should choose one-color carpets to reduce clutter. You can use self-patterned single-color carpets, carpets with very close shades or neutral-colored carpets in your rooms with abundant patterns.

If your furniture upholstery has a single color density, if the patterns are used in accessories such as cushions and curtains, you can choose a patterned carpet. When choosing your patterned carpet, you should pay attention that the dominant or secondary color on it is the color of your furniture upholstery. On the light floor, you can choose contrasting shades that highlight each other instead of choosing the carpet in light colors. In this way, both your floor and carpets show itself.

Colors are one of the most important factors that make a room official, energetic, hot or cold. Therefore, it is useful to know the effects of colors in both decoration and carpet selection. If you want to create an intimate atmosphere in your living environment, you can use deep and rich colors such as burgundy, forest green, chocolate coffee, purple, bay leaf color in your carpet.

In order to make small spaces wider, you should use light-colored carpets. If you choose warm and energetic colors on your walls like yellow, orange or red, you can create an impressive contrast with light pastel carpets.

Keep in mind that the carpets with pastel colors provide balance in the rooms where intense color and pattern are used by giving peace to the place where they are used. You can emphasize cool colors such as blue, turquoise, green and magenta to the foreground both in the decoration of the room and in your choice of carpet color in places where you are looking for calmness such as bedrooms.

Whether you want to create a formal atmosphere at home or in your office, you should use large and vintage patterned carpets. You can easily choose carpets with emerald, jade and ruby colors for this kind of decorations. Remember that your floor color is as important as furniture, cushions, curtains, and walls. If you have chosen a patterned carpet for your parquet, ceramic or stone flooring, make sure it is in a color that contrasts with the floor.

For example, you can get a stylish look by using zebra or black and white zigzag patterns with dark coffee parquets. If you want to highlight furniture, cushions or curtains in your room, you can make it invisible by selecting a carpet with the same shades as the floor color. In this way, you can draw attention on the part you want to stand out by preventing the eyes from slipping on the carpet in your room.

The pattern of the carpet plays an important role in concealing dirt. Irregular and multicolored patterns reduce the visibility of dirt and stains, while larger patterns show more dirt. Carpets should be resistant to many negative factors such as abrasion, stain holding, and color fading, especially in places where traffic is intense. You should choose carpets that are more resistant to dust, dirt, crushing and color fading in such places.

How to Choose a Carpet

Use the carpets to describe the area where you live. If you have an open space concept, use different carpets to distinguish between dining and living rooms. Choose a large carpet to stay under the furniture to keep your room from appearing small or messy.

Color or soothe your room. Does your room look unattractive because the right color is not used? Then, you can enhance the room’s appeal by using a colorful carpet. Do the wallpapers seem a bit complicated? Then you can calm this complexity by choosing a plain carpet. Whatever the case, if it is necessary, a carpet can color or calm the room.

Choose the right ingredients. Think carefully about where to put your new carpet. Will the room be a very busy space, or will it be a quiet place to be used on special occasions? The answer to this question will also give you an answer to your choice of material for your carpet. Avoid fruit-stained carpets for commonly used spaces. These colors will not last long. Synthetic carpets that are not too thick are easy to clean.

You can also hang the carpet on the wall as a table. If you have a really valuable carpet in your house that you can’t put down, you can use it as a painting by hanging it on the wall. For example, a handmade Persian carpet or hand-woven silk carpet may be very suitable for this. There will be a very different way to decorate your walls, especially if a photo is embroidered on the carpet.

You can also put your carpets on top of each other. Putting carpets on top of each other is becoming a trend from time to time. But there are rules for doing this right. For example, a colorful and decorative carpet must be placed on the monochrome and calm carpet. Another example would be an animal-like carpet to be placed on a beige carpet. It will give this place a safari-style atmosphere.

Try different shapes and sizes. A carpet does not always have to be rectangular. Instead, let the furniture in your room determine the carpet. For example, if you have a round dining table, a large round carpet to be placed underneath can give you a very good aesthetic. Or an oval-shaped rug may work if your seating space is circular. Do not forget to play with your options.

You need to be a little more careful when buying carpets for homes with children and especially for children’s rooms. Because the carpet plays an important role in keeping the house and therefore your child healthy and hygienic. Especially if you have a young baby who crawls on the carpet, plays games, and spends a part of his/her time with the carpet, we recommend that you prefer Teflon carpets even though it is a slightly more expensive carpet model compared to other options.

A special method applied to these carpets during their production creates low surface tension in carpet yarn. In this way, a kind that prevents dirt and dust from sticking to the carpet and penetrating occurs. So it is much easier to provide hygiene and cleaning in Teflon carpets. Because dust and dirt that can be dangerous to your child’s health can be easily destroyed by the daily cleaning and is never permanent. In addition, liquids spilled on the carpet in Teflon carpets do not go deep and can be easily cleaned again.

If you have children and pets, you will probably prefer to avoid light-colored carpets. With these living conditions, it is absolutely difficult to clean your carpet. However, if you still insist on or have to use light-colored carpets, then you may prefer a more sophisticated patterned carpet or barber-curved carpets.

Tips for Choosing a Carpet

In order to decorate your living environment more elegantly, you should determine your color, size and style priorities when choosing the most suitable carpet. You should choose the appropriate color transitions for each room without forgetting that your main way out is to complete your home decoration. The choice of the carpet using furniture or wall color may seem like harmony at first glance but may suffocate the room. For this reason, you can choose to use different shades of red or also harmonious colors such as green and yellow.

The dimensions of the carpet are just as important as the color. One of the most common mistakes is that carpets used in the wrong rooms are large enough to get under the furniture. To avoid this error, you can go shopping by measuring twice. Choosing a carpet other than the style your furniture reflects can spoil the whole atmosphere of decoration. You can also adopt a different style for each room because each room has a separate purpose and atmosphere such as living room and kitchen.

In addition, the choice of long-haired cashmere carpets for the kitchen and children’s room can be a problem in terms of carpet cleaning, you can prefer short-haired carpets. Furthermore, in order to add excitement and difference to the room, you can prefer to choose embossed carpets. This type of carpet creates a 3D effect on the floor.

If you use multiple carpets in a room, make sure they are not the same size. Because of the fact that carpets of the same size show the space smaller than it is. Leaving a bare floor on the sides of the carpet makes the room look larger. In this way, the room will be refreshed. You should always use anti-slip carpets.

You can try colors like orange, red and yellow to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your living environment. Cool colors like blue and gray tones help make the room feel bigger than it is. When choosing the color of the carpet, test how the colors stand in your room both day and night.

If there are patterned seats or ornate wallpaper in the room, it is important to choose a simpler carpet. If your walls are in neutral tones and your sofa upholstery is solid, try a denser pattern to get more attention in the room. The use of carpets of different designs and colors in spaces furnished in minimalist style will make the space more attractive and create a different focus with the contrasting colors.

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