How to Carpet the Garage Floor?

Using carpet as garage flooring is not a new idea. People prefer carpets as a garage flooring option for years since carpets create a warm atmosphere, softer feeling and they are great for insulation, especially for winter colds.

But before implementing carpet to your garage, you need to know the pros and cons of garage floor carpeting, choosing the right carpet for your garage environment and some safety concerns. I have made a research on these and more for you, take a moment before picking a carpet for your garage.  

So, how to carpet the garage floor? Standard carpeting is not designed for your garage environment. You need to use carpeting made for outdoor use or automotive use.

In fact, standard carpeting is mostly made from polypropylene fiber or a material named olefin synthetic fibers. It is a strong material which is resistant to staining, abrasion, UV and also mold and mildew.

Carpeted garage floor looks really nice, but if you choose the wrong carpet, it will soon fell victim to abuse and wear and look torn after a year or so.

Although a lot of people are carpeting their garage, mostly they are not aware of the problems that a wrong carpet can create. You will not be one of them after reading my article.

The Importance of Garage Carpeting

Having carpet in your garage is a great way to turn it into a multi-purpose space, make it safer, and to help prevent those awful standing-on-a-patch-with-socks-on moments.

By having carpet in your garage, it opens up loads of possibilities to use the garage as a kids playroom, laundry, even a home gym!

The garage doesn’t just have to be a place for tools or parking your car, carpet adds warmth and comfort underfoot meaning you might want to spend more time in there because of the enjoyment you have in this lovely place.

Carpet acts as an insulator, so as well as reducing dangerous slippery patches, it will help to keep your home warm and dry – especially in the winter.

The thing to be careful about garage carpeting is that you should make sure to lay carpet that is flame retardant in your garage though since you might be driving your car on it, or using tools in the garage. However, if you enjoy welding, maybe stick to concrete flooring.

Garage carpet also has the added benefits of reducing noise and being easy to vacuum clean.

For instance, it is not safe to use standard carpeting for the garage, they are not designed for garages anyway.

It could seem like a great inexpensive garage flooring idea to use your old carpets from your house, but it can lead to some problems: they can lead mold and mildew problems, which means they are not easy to clean and they are not durable, especially for automotive fluids.

The most important problem with garage flooring is the fire hazard. Believe it or not, most of the house fires start from the garage due to carpetings soaked in petroleum. A spark or flame is all it needs to start a huge fire in your house.  

When you go to buy a new one for your garage carpeting, you will see many options there. The later section will help you decide about the options.

Garage Floor Carpeting Options

In order to be on the safe side, you need to use carpeting made for outdoor use or automotive use.

They are mostly made from polypropylene fiber or a material named olefin synthetic fibers. It is a strong material which is resistant to staining, abrasion, UV and also mold and mildew.

Additionally, this material is fire resistant and it tends to melt when exposed to flame instead of catching fire. Most of the fabric garage floor mats are made from such resistant material.

Another point you should consider while picking a carpet for your garage is its backing. You should find a carpet with rubber marine backing.

This type of backing makes the carpet more resistant to moisture. It is especially important for concrete and wet environments. If you are living in a rainy area, this material can protect your carpet from the wetness carried with your car.

Installation of the Carpet to Your Garage

You need to glue down your carpet to the concrete while installing it to your garage. Just taping the edges to the ground is not enough for the garage since parking your car or turning its wheels on the carpet can cause it to buckle and pull up the edges.

Yet, there is no need to get worried about because it is not hard to glue down your carpet. It can be accomplished in a weekend or even less.  

When doing so you should make sure that the floor is clean prior to installation. Otherwise, you might face some problems or inefficient outcomes.

Cleaning of the Garage Carpet

Having a garage carpeting will not finish your business. In fact, you should be careful about cleaning part asyou do in bedroom carpet cleaning or your kitchen carpets cleanness.

All you need is a vacuum for standard cleaning. But tougher spills such as oil should be cleaned with a warm detergent that you use in your house for daily cleaning.

You may use a soft brush to clean your garage carpet. You need to avoid using strong chemicals since they can be harmful to the backing of your carpet.

Oils will not usually stain the carpet because of their synthetic makeup, but you may need to clean more than once to remove the oil.

Also, keep in mind that a previously cleaned oil stain can appear again after it has dried. It means that some remaining oil is stuck at the base of the carpet and it would make you need to clean further.

Pros and Cons of Garage Floor Carpeting

The issue is to protect what you have when it comes to garage carpeting. That means while carpeting a garage floor might seem like a good idea, this decision should be made based on the usage of the garage.

If you are mainly using your garage to park your cars, store stuff, do laundry, or work on your small projects occasionally, then carpet might be a good choice for your garage. Additionally, the feel of a carpet is much better than cold concrete.

Yet, you should keep in mind that for larger projects in your garage such as woodworking, metal projects or car repairing, you should look for other options than carpets.

For example, metal shaving and wood chips are hard to remove from carpets and automotive chemicals may damage the backing of your carpet.

Pros of Garage Floor Carpeting

Here are seven main pros of garage carpeting, which might make you encourage you to have it in your garage.

  • Soft feeling on your feet
  • Anti-slip protection
  • comfortable for working on it
  • Noise Insulation
  • Nice look (with decorative and multicolored options)
  • Insulation from the cold
  • Easy to clean nice with two main options:
    • Vacuum to clean
    • Easy installation

Cons of Garage Floor Carpeting

In spite of the many advantages or pons of garage floor carpeting, one can think oppositely, which will take us the cons of having a garage floor carpet.

Here are six main pros of garage carpeting.

  •  Not durable enough for larger projects (when you think of it in a long time period)
  • Chemicals can damage the backing if you are not that careful
  • Not easy to clean in the case of large fluid spills
  • Boxes are harder to roll on carpets
  • Not a good idea because of the moisture issue
  • Replaced sections are more noticeable

As you may see, installing a carpet to your garage have some good benefits and can be a good idea in an appropriate environment.

If you are using your garage for small projects, carpeting would be a great option for you.

However, if you’re the type of person who seems to spend more time out in the garage with projects, cars, toys, and more, then you might want to consider a more appropriate garage flooring option that will stand up to the abuse and hazards of a high traffic garage.

Carpet Tiles for Your Garage

Another option for your garage is a lesser known one; carpet tiles. They are available in a modular interlocking tile and as a peel and use design.

These tiles may give your garage a soft feeling and also they have a great resistance against staining, stubborn stains, and some chemicals you may use in your garage.

Among various types, garage floor tiles are the easiest to install which are 12”x12” polypropylene tiles. They are covered with Olefin synthetic carpet and really easy to assemble.

You may find various color and texture options, you can even incorporate different interlocking tile designs together to form a unique look for your garage.

In addition to the ease of installation, their hollow core construction allows air flow under the tiles.

Efflorescence and condensation will not be a problem with these tiles. This selection is also helpful for insulating the surface from the cold temperatures, especially in winter.

If you choose carpet tiles, you also do not need to worry about the floor prep. Interlocking tiles will span the cracks in the concrete floor.

For the installation procedure, all you need to do is the general cleaning of the concrete. Together with this cleaning, installation of tiles to a typical garage can be done within a few hours.

Some Advantages of Carpet Tiles

Indoor carpet tiles are also called carpet squares and they are an increasingly popular choice for garages. 

These interlocking tiles offer all of the advantages of conventional carpeting with additional protection against chemicals and staining thanks to tough construction made to hold up to abrasion, fading, and even mold and mildew.

Apart from this, you do not need to use glue or other chemical adhesives while installing them. It will make your business easier and more practical.

Here are 5 of the advantages of carpet tiles.

1) Easy to Install

Since they are smaller in size, carpet tiles are easier to lift, move and install compared to other carpets. Therefore, you can clean it or change its place by yourself without any need of others if you are alone at home or if you like to do cleaning aline.

Moreover, generally, they produce less waste during the installation procedure since you can choose various sizes of tiles to better fit your garage floor.

If you have some financial concerns, this will also help you save some money during the installation.

2) Easy to Maintain

Broadloom and modular carpets have similar cleaning requirements and they can be listed as regular vacuuming together with the occasional deep clean.

However, once you move past everyday maintenance, the differences between these two flooring types become apparent.

It is easier to spot-replace carpet tiles rather than sections of broadloom, both practically, and in terms of ensuring design continuity.

Damaged tiles can be removed and then replaced with new tiles from your attic stock, whereas damaged sections of broadloom need to be cut out, removed and then replaced with a new broadloom, which will look markedly different to the existing carpet, creating a ‘patchwork’ effect that is often more noticeable than the initial damage.

3) Extremely Durable

Keep in mind that not all kinds of carpets have the same performance and durability. But you may consider a few key factors while looking for carpet tiles to your garage which will be durable enough.

The first important thing is the backing of the carpet tiles. Carpet tiles with cushion backing are good for high foot traffic areas and will protect carpet fibers from the wear.

On the other hand, hard-backed carpet tiles will be less durable than cushion-backed modular carpet and broadloom.

Despite its plush feel, it won’t wear as well as modular carpet due to the difficulty in spot-replacing stained or damaged portions.

4) Design Flexibility

In terms of design flexibility, carpet tiles are much better than
broadloom carpe
t and even many types of hard flooring.

Different carpet dye technologies make it possible to create a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs on a carpet that you can’t recreate in other carpet types.

While installing carpet tiles, you will have even greater freedom about the design since you can install various configurations to create a unique pattern of your choice.

5) Providing a Comfortable Environment

Carpet tiles with cushion backing also offer health and wellness benefits. For example, it can reduce muscle fatigue when standing by 24%, improving underfoot comfort.

Also, it helps reduce the frequency of slips and falls compared with hard flooring.

Garage Flooring Rolls

Here is another trend about the garage flooring issue, which is garage flooring rolls. Actually, it is just a simple and clean look and it is very good for those who like the more minimalist look.

They are incredibly low maintenance and a sweet price point, which makes this type so popular.

Pros of Garage Flooring Rolls

If it takes your attention, you can see the advantages of garage flooring rolls as an alternative.

Here are four pros of garage flooring rolls.

  • It is one of the easiest garage flooring to install because you can just  cut with a utility knife.
  • You can find a variety of pattern and color options of flooring rolls.
  • You can sweep of hose off the flooring easily. Therefore, you do not need to clean it that frequently.
  • If you are looking for a cheap option for your garage covering, here is the correct choice.

Cons of Garage Flooring Rolls

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to think of garage flooring rolls.

Here are two cons of garage flooring rolls.

  • If you are looking for a custom design for yourself, it is not easy for this type. The only thing you can find is a single pattern such as coin, and diamond and a single color floor surface.
  • They don’t really look their best for 1-2 weeks as when rolls are shipped, it is not uncommon for flat spots to develop.

If you encounter this situation, you may roll out your new vinyl garage flooring and see waves in the flooring that don’t seem to go away. And you should note that it usually takes 1-2 weeks for the vinyl to settle and the waves to disappear.

What About Garage Floor Mats?

Another option for your garage may be to install garage floor mats. As an alternative or complement to carpet tiles, garage floor mats offer additional protection for garage floors.

Installation of floor mats are really easy, just roll out and cut to the desired size. You may then enjoy its advantages.

One advantage of using garage floor mats is that they are great for hidigng cracks and stains on the floor of your garage.

Furthermore, they reduce the dirt tracked into your house, as the second advantage. Garage floor mats are easy to clean and they are waterproof, thanks to anti-flow absorbancy technology.

The other advantage is that they provide cushioned comfort, which might make you convience to have one.

Garage floor mats are exceptionally durable and will hold up to years of use while also extending the life of your garage floor.

Pros of Garage Floor Rubber Mats

When it comes to garage floor rubber mats, we will see some advantages to have one.

Let us see together six pros of garage floor rubber mats.

  • The garage floor rubber mats are easy to install so that it will not make you tired when cleaning.
  • They protect the concrete floor of the garage below by preventing dirt, oil, stains, chemicals, and moisture to penetrate. It might make your cleaning period longer than you do normally.
  • Rubber mats provide good insulation, so you and other members of your family will not feel cold and enjoy a warm atmosphere in your garage.
  • Mats provide comfort to legs as they are cushioned.
  • Garage floor rubber mats are easy to clean because of the pros mentioned above.
  • They are reasonably priced and put less pressure on your pocket. In other words. they are quite budget friednly options for you good.

However, like any other options, the garage floor rubber mats have certain disadvantages to consider, too.

Cons of Garage Floor Rubber Mats

Here are two main cons of garage floor mats:

  • The mats are vulnerable to petroleum products and might get severely damaged if exposed to such products.
  • Rubber might stick to the tires during summer as a result of the heat generated by the tires causing friction.

Apart from the above cons, garage floor mats are worth trying for your garage. The rest is on your decision to have it one or not.


As a new trend, garage carpeting is something with many advantages together with its disadvantages to consider when buying some and using it carefully.

What to do is that you should think of the size of your garage, the expectations of yourself when it comes to garage carpeting and buy a new one accordinlgy because, for example, those who live alone and those with kids might have some different expectations from a garage carpet.

You should also note that there are other options like garage floor mats, garage flooring rolls, and carpet tiles.

For example, garage flooring rolls would satisfy you if you are looking for a minimalist view with its simple and clean apperandce.

They are also good choices for sure, but you also need to think about their cons and take into consideration the disadvantages in order not to face bigger problems in the future.

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