How Do You Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles do not bite humans and animals, but they chew things and damage them. In addition, carpet beetles carry germs like many insect species, leading to transmission of diseases. Although this pest is not poisonous, it is known for gnawing at home and many other places in this environment. It both causes financial losses and carries a health-threatening element.

Even though carpet beetles are described as a harmless type of insects, thousands of carpet beetles living in old furniture, armchairs, and carpets can reproduce in our homes day by day and cause various diseases. In particular, these insects make life difficult for asthma patients, prevent them from breathing and cause the disease to rise to advanced levels.

Getting rid of the carpet beetle is easier and more effective than other insect species because these insects have poor resistance to chemical drugs as their biological structure. You can easily get rid of carpet beetles with the methods to be applied at home and liquid spraying you can make easily at home.

In addition, gel spraying methods can be applied for these insects depending on the abundance of carpet beetles in the houses. The right method of struggling against insects is very important with the right spraying.

What is Carpet Beetle?

Carpet beetle is an insect that the body is covered with feathers, 0.5cm – 2 cm in length and has a long hair on the tail parts. It may be reddish, brown and black depending on where it lives. It is possible to see the carpet beetles in the worn out carpets. They like damp places to live. Adults of carpet beetles live 35-40 days on average.

Carpet beetles reproduce by laying eggs and their eggs ripen within 1 week. They lay their eggs inside of the unused moisturized items. They are fed by gnawing objects such as skin, silk, hair, feathers. Adult carpet beetles feed on flowers and pollen. However, larvae feed on dead insects, stored grains, processed foods, and some plant-based ingredients.

Carpet beetles are very affected by light during adulthood and always want to go to the light. So they are active during the day and if there would be very strong lights at night, it can make them active. Larvae usually tend to hide. But the place where they are stored is close to food sources.

Adult carpet beetles can be seen flying or crawling on the floor inside the house. The places they fly are usually the bright parts of the house. The biggest sign of carpet beetles in your home is the damage they leave. They generally live among items that are not used in houses and are stored in rolls. They can eat all your belongings, including feathers, hair, silk, and leather, drill holes or damage their tissues.

Carpet beetles can be seen in all seasons, as they produce a lot of interior spaces. It is common in humid and unused areas at home. Insects, which may show pauses in reproduction in the winter season, start to multiply as the weather gets hot.

Carpet beetles have different colors on earth. Different colors vary according to their types. They are seen on carpets, blankets, leather and furry items in the living houses. They live on these items and meet their nutritional needs from these items. You may have a question about how the carpet beetle comes here. The reason for this is the woolen items in your home. These objects attract the creature to itself.

Late detection of the invasion means that many of your items have become unusable. In the fight against carpet beetle, it is necessary to keep clean the goods as well as spraying or disinfection with odorless drugs. 

How Can You Understand That There Are Carpet Beetles in Your House?

It is very difficult to understand that there are carpet beetles in your homes. But you can notice the carpet beetles in your homes by paying attention to the elements that will be listed below.

Because of the fact that the carpet beetle has a very hard structure when you sweep your house frequently if you have a hard object attached to your broom, you may have carpet beetles in your house.

When walking on the carpet, even if there is nothing spilled on your floor, if there is a hard object sinking on your foot, there may be carpet beetle in your home.

Although the surface of your carpet has been deformed, there is a strong possibility that there are carpet beetles in your home.

Interventions for Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are living things that are more likely to be seen, especially in woolen items that have not been used for a long time. They make their reproduction on these items and keep their eggs inside of those items. Generally, they like moist environments more. They settle in such environments and continue their lives there.

There are some places that they prefer to live frequently. These places are abundant in carpet factories, manufactures, leather shops, and carpet-selling shops. Of course, it is possible to destroy this creature. But a healthy and precise intervention should be the main point for this aim. This intervention provides cleaning of the carpet beetles from the environment.

The eggs left by the carpet beetle become insects very quickly. This is what makes them dangerous. They can reach thousands of numbers in a short time without you noticing. This is a condition that makes it difficult for them to be destroyed naturally. The last small insects can become adult in a very short time. As soon as this creature is detected, pest control becomes compulsory. Because the creature can reproduce very quickly on our behalf is a complete danger.

Carpet beetles are the insects that can be lived in filthy, stuffy and humid places. Items left in a corner of the house should be ventilated frequently. If insect formation has started, disinfestation is necessary. This method is easier and more effective for intervention. 

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles have serious harms that can permanently damage carpets, clothing or other fabrics. Getting rid of carpet beetles is a challenge and requires patience, but you can get rid of them without the need for professional bugs or with the help of a pest control company.

In fact, most people consider throwing all the carpets in the house in order to get rid of the carpet beetles. Even if this method is correct, there are other methods of getting rid of carpet beetles entering a home.

It is important for us as humans to think about things like how we destroy this creature instead of problems like the carpet beetle causes. It is important to get support and advice from the professionals while carpet beetles are disinfected. If this intervention is done by a team of experts, it would be more beneficial because it is difficult to struggle with these insects. If our interventions with chemicals result in failure, we should call professionals.

Sweeping the Carpet

You can start by sweeping all the carpets in your home thoroughly. Focus on the source of insect infestation, but clean the carpets with a vacuum cleaner until you are sure that all insects have come out of the carpets. At the same time, you should vacuum the furniture and not machine-washable areas covered with fabric.

If your carpet is completely covered with carpet beetles, you have to clean your house with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week or more. Depending on the condition of insects wrapping your carpet, you may need to repeat the vacuuming process twice a day for several days.

Throwing Away Your Clothes If Carpet Beetles Have Wrapped Your Clothes

If part of the clothes has been eaten by carpet beetles, throwing them is the best thing to do. The presence of carpet beetles contaminated with clothing does not stop carpet beetles from wrapping around. On the contrary, we do not eliminate the risk of insects wrapping around. Even if you do not find any insects on any object in the house, this does not mean that you are free of carpet beetles. 

Washing the Clothes/ Doing Laundry

If you do not store your clothes in an airtight environment, you should wash your clothes in hot and soapy water. Linen, towels or other fabrics should be washed in the washing machine using hot and soapy water. You may need to steam clean your carpets and furniture, especially if the carpet beetles have badly enveloped your home.

Carpet beetles are extremely flexible. Hot water is a more effective method against carpet beetles than cold water, and using detergents can help in order to kill these pests. Because soap has a lethal effect on carpet beetles.

Using Insecticides

In particular, you should use a powder or spray pesticide which can be applied against carpet beetles. And, in order to apply the insecticide, you must strictly follow the instructions on the label. Generally, there are chlorpyrifos, bendiocarb, and aletrine in insecticides which are used to destroy carpet insects.

It is necessary to use liquid insecticides in order to eliminate the carpet beetle. It will not be possible to get rid of these creatures with powder or gel spraying methods, as well as insect spraying with professional methods is essential for eliminating carpet insects. Carpet beetle spraying may cause great harm to goods and health if it is done in unprotected ways.

In addition to the widely used carpet beetle removal processes, spot treatments are a method that can be applied to carpet beetles stored in cracks and crevices. Insect growth regulators, IGR, which are included in insecticides, help control the reproduction of carpet insects.

Boric acid, which has no toxic effect for humans, can also be used as a powdered version in areas that carpet beetles located. Almost every beetle approaching this dust has a lethal effect, but you should keep in mind that do not use it with heavy metals.

Necessary precautions should be taken when applying insecticide. You should wear gloves and protective clothing. You have to be sure to stay away from the area for a while as the insecticide will spread by air. Do not forget to wash your hands after the application process is finished.

Setting a Trap

If you suspect the presence of carpet beetles in cracks, crevices or other locations, you may apply hormone-based glue to those areas. Glue kills those beetles in traps and also gives you an idea of how bad the problem is. 

Getting a Professional Help from Pest Control Company

If the problem becomes very severe that you cannot control anymore, it is time to get professional help from experts. You can call a professional pest control company to get rid of all these procedures and expect your home to be free from carpet beetles. A team of experts in a related area to come to your home and easily get rid of all the insects’ invasion.

Even if you throw or change all the carpets in your home, it is only possible to get rid of the eggs that have infiltrated on the parquets by getting professional help from one of the pest control companies.
Carpet beetle spraying is done by spraying fragrant liquid. People who have received pesticide training should do disinfection. The areas where the carpet beetle is located should be identified well and disinfection should be applied.

The first time the carpet beetle is disinfected, all live ones die. Liquid and fragrant drugs are used in the application. The eggs of the insects are not damaged in any application, so it should be the correct way to re-apply for the insects hatching 15-20 days after the first application.

Thanks to this professional method, apart from the carpet beetle, it is also possible to destroy living creatures such as mites, flies, ticks, lice and even all pests in your homes. It is easy to find a good company to do by searching on the internet, asking someone or recommended by others.

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