How To Measure Carpet Size

Thanks to the carpet, you can change the atmosphere of your home in an instant. However, the way to change this is to first determine the right dimensions and then choose the right color and pattern.

When determining your size, you must first decide how the carpet will be placed in the room. A carpet determined in accordance with the size of the room and the choice of furniture will make your room look more elegant and spacious.

Depending on the area of ​​use and purpose, you can decide whether to use a piece of carpet or a whole carpet. Another important issue is how you want your carpet to be positioned in relation to your furniture and door. To determine the size of the carpet that suits your room’s needs, measure the area of ​​your room at least twice, considering the margin of error. After this process, place a newspaper on the floor in the size of the carpet you want. In this way, you will be able to visualize how much space the carpet will take up.

It is very easy to calculate how many square meters the carpets are. When you measure the width and then the length of your carpet, you can find out how many square meters your carpet is. For example, a carpet with a width of 2 meters and a length of 3 meters is 6 square meters. 

Generally, the dimensions of the carpet are written on the labels on the back of the carpets, but over time the label may be removed or the writing may be unreadable. In such cases, you can calculate the size of your carpet with this method.

Things to Consider When Measuring Carpet Size

Carpet sizes may vary according to your usage purpose and size, according to the area you need in each place. For this reason, you should consider some points before measurement. First of all, you should consider the purpose of the room where you will be using the carpet and whether you need a small and fragmented or a single and large piece of carpet for this purpose.

In addition to all these, you should decide whether you want your carpet to be under or outside the furniture, and even pay attention to the location of your room with the entrance. If space is desired on the edges, these gaps should also be determined while taking measurements. At the same time, choosing according to whether you will make a change in the furniture layout in your room will prevent you from having problems with the layout.

When purchasing a carpet, choose sizes that can be found in the market. Specifying a custom size will reduce your color and model options. Finally, before purchasing the carpet, you can lay the same size newsprint on the floor and get an idea of how the carpet will stand.

How To Measure Carpet

After you decide on the carpet sizes suitable for the needs of your rooms, you can decide on the most suitable carpet by taking the size of your room. During the measurement, first of all, the width and height measurements of your room should be measured twice, taking into account the margin of error. Afterward, the longest dimension of the area to be covered by the carpet should be taken, and you can visualize how the area to be covered by your carpet looks like by using a large cloth or newspaper.

1. Measure Your Room Floor

Before going out carpet shopping, the first thing you need to do is to draw a measured sketch of the rooms where you will buy carpets with all the indents and protrusions. It is recommended that you do this step meticulously to avoid any surprises, such as a dysfunctional small carpet floating in the middle of the room, or an oversized carpet with the ends curling towards the wall

2. Take Measures of the Furnished Area

If you are going to buy a carpet for a furnished room such as the living room, bedroom, and dining room, it is recommended to add the dimensions of the area covered by the furniture to your sketch. It is also best to place the carpet under the furniture to prevent the carpet from slipping. If you are going to buy a carpet for a free furniture area that does not rest against a wall, it is ideal for your carpet to be large enough to cover your furniture. However, in smaller rooms with wall-based furniture, wall borders should be considered.

3. Decide on the Shape of the Carpet

Are you one of those people who think round rugs won’t look good in rectangular rooms? Round rugs may be preferred in entrances and very large areas. However, they can be very useful in rooms where the walls are trapezoidal, in areas that you want to emphasize or separate (such as a children’s playground in the living room). It is undoubtedly the coolest option under the round dining table.

4. Decide on the Placement of the Carpet

It is important to place the carpet relative to the furniture, but you shouldn’t totally ignore the shape and size of your room. Carpets should be placed proportionally in the room. Long rugs should be placed longitudinally in the room. Also, your carpet needs to cover a certain floor area to look good. Just as carpets should not rest against the wall, there should not be too much floor space left in the open. Every room in your home needs different sizes and shapes of carpet, and the carpet layout is also different. There are a few simple rules to consider when deciding on carpet sizes and placement.

How to Measure Round Carpet Size

To calculate the square meter of the round carpet, you can multiply the diameter of your carpet by itself and find out the square meter of your carpet. The width and length of the round rugs have the same size/dimension. For example, the diameter of your round carpet is 150cm, and you can easily calculate the square meter of your carpet as 150cm X 150cm = 2.25 m2.

How to Calculate Square Meters

It is the dimensioning format that takes square meter calculation. The amount obtained by multiplying the length and the width is called a square meter. If you want to calculate the square meter of your house, that actually means calculating a square or rectangular area. It is the process of measuring individual, width, and length of areas such as fragmented rooms, corridors, kitchens.

In other words, the area of the square or rectangle is equal to the product of its two adjacent sides. To find the area of your home in square meters, measure the two adjacent walls of your home from the outside in meters. Multiply these two measured values together. The result you find is the square meter in your house.

Tips for Calculating Carpet Sizes

  • You can use newspapers to test how your carpet looks before buying it.
  • Pay attention to the front of the door while taking the measurement. Make sure you choose a thick carpet that does not prevent the door from opening and closing.
  • You can add an artistic touch to your space by using the carpets and rugs you like in layers on top of each other or in a way that intersects with each other.

How To Place Carpet By Area

In addition to determining the size of the carpets, it is also important how your carpets will be placed in the room. Carpets placed correctly according to the size and general layout of the room can make your rooms look larger and more spacious. Moreover, the use of the room is among the factors that affect the placement.

Living rooms are often the largest rooms in the house, as they are the areas where most of the time is spent. For this reason, while large-sized carpets such as 140×200, 160×230, 200×300 are preferred in these rooms, making the carpet placement under the furniture will create a more orderly and warm atmosphere in living rooms.

Carpet selection and placement for your kitchen vary according to shape and floor characteristics. In long and narrow kitchens, runners with a width of 80 and 100 should be placed to cover the middle parts of the kitchens to make the room look wide. Carpets in sizes such as 120×180, 140×200, with gaps on the edges in square and small kitchens, allow you to create a more organized appearance.

Living Room Carpet Measurements and Placement

By using a carpet of the right size, you can make your living room look much larger than it is. When purchasing a carpet for the living room, you should choose a carpet as large as possible. If you are buying a carpet for a small living room, you should at least buy a carpet that is large enough to fit under the front legs of the sofa or sofa. When taking the size of the living room carpet, you should calculate the carpet area so that it extends at least 15 cm beyond the furniture. Another point you should pay attention to is that carpets should never be closer than 15 cm to the wall. Ideally, there should be a gap of 30 cm to 45 cm between the carpet and the wall.

Carpet Measurements and Placement Under the Dining Table

The dining area is a difficult area to measure with high traffic. For this reason, you may be wondering whether a carpet should be laid under the dining table. It is recommended to be laid. However, when choosing a carpet under the dining table, you should be careful to choose a material that is resistant to friction and will not be attached to the chair. When measuring the carpet, a minimum of 120 cm should be added to the length and width of the dining table. This will provide the necessary 60 cm of space around the table for the chairs to be easily removed.

Bedroom Carpet Measurements and Placement

If you want maximum comfort in your bedroom, you should use as large a bedroom carpet as possible. If such a large carpet is over your budget, using bedside rugs on both sides of your bed is also a good alternative. For a children’s room with two single beds, you can place a single carpet between the two beds. The thing you need to pay attention to while measuring the bedroom carpet is that you should leave a distance of at least 15 and at most 45 cm between the carpet and the wall.

Entrance and Hallway Carpet Measurements

As most of us know, the best carpet alternative for corridors is runners. When measuring the carpet and runner for the entrance and corridor, subtract 30 cm from the length and width of the floor. Thus, the carpet will remain within 15 cm from all sides. If your corridor is too long, you can also use two runners.

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