How Carpet Cleaners Work: A Detailed Guide

Carpet cleaning is actually a service that needs to be done professionally. However, today people started to wash their carpets with their hands at home due to economic difficulties. But how healthy is it? Therefore, my recommendation is to clean your carpets with the help of carpet cleaners who do this job professionally. So, how carpet cleaners work? Carpet cleaning is a process that takes from taking your carpets away from your home until it is left in your home after being cleaned again. When you decide to clean your carpets, you will first need to contact a carpet cleaning company. When you agree with a company on your budget, you create your order by giving an address. Service comes from the carpet washing factory and takes your carpet from your home. When buying your carpets, a barcode or a number is attached to your carpets. Thanks to this system, your carpets going to carpet washing factories are not mixed with the carpets of others.

The carpets coming to the carpet cleaning factory are separated according to their type. Wool carpets, acrylic carpets, shag carpets, hand-woven carpets each have separate washing tracks. Or at least it is decided which carpet will be washed and how. Firstly, it is ensured that the carpets taken into the washing track are cleaned from dust, hair, feathers, or similar materials. Thanks to this system, which is called fluffing, the carpets are saved from any possible situations that will prevent cleaning during the process. Then the carpets are taken to the automatic carpet washing machine. Automatic carpet washing machines vary according to the number of brushes. Thanks to water, detergent, and rotating brushes, the carpet is washed by the machine slowly and comes out washed. The carpets whose washing process is completed are taken to the carpet spinning machines. The water rate in the carpets that are squeezed at high speeds is almost negligible. It remains only a damp carpet. Most carpet washing plants have this machine. Then, carpets are taken to drying hangers or carpet drying rooms to dry.

After the carpets are dried in the specified time, they are re-examined in the quality control rooms. Here it is checked whether the carpets are fully washed or whether there is any damage during the washing of the carpets. Rugs that have been washed intact, are repackaged and made ready for delivery. It should be noted here that the mouth part should not be closed completely while packing the carpets. Because fully closed carpets are dampened by the moisture formed and this creates mold on the carpets. After arriving home, remove the rugs from the bags immediately. The mold may make your carpets unusable by causing excessive damage.

Processes Carpet Cleaners Apply Before Washing

  • Grouping, Control, Measuring, Pricing, Approval

Before starting the carpet washing process, the carpets should be grouped, checked, measured in square meters, priced, and approved by the customer.

  • Grouping

The carpets to be cleaned are grouped according to the yarn used, weaving technique, and dye type.

  • Checking

The grouped carpets are subjected to some checks before carpet washing: how dirty the carpet is, whether there are any stains or deformations on the carpet, etc.

  • Measurement and Pricing

After the control process, the cleaning fee of the carpet measured in square meters is calculated. This fee is calculated by multiplying the total m² and m² cleaning unit fees. For example, a carpet with a length of 4 meters and a width of 3 meters is 12 m².

Machine carpets, hand-woven carpets, and carpets such as china, Nepal, Iran, shaggy are calculated with the unit amount varying according to their types. Products such as blankets and quilts are charged on a unit basis.

  • Getting Approval

The carpet washing service receives approval for the operation to be performed by calling the customer regarding the carpets that have no cleaning instructions, which cannot be removed, or that have physical damage, and the carpet cleaning fee.

  • Legal Responsibility

The carpet washing process should be done according to the cleaning instructions on the carpet. However, although it is clearly stated in the law, some of the manufacturing companies do not pay attention to this issue, so consumers and carpet washing companies responsible for cleaning according to the instructions remain in a difficult situation.

How Carpet Cleaners Wash Carpets

Carpets are cleaned in many ways and if you do not know the carpet cleaning techniques used, it may not be possible to choose the most ideal method for your carpet. Because washing techniques vary according to the type of carpet. Below are some carpet cleaning techniques that can help you; please read it in detail.

  • How To Do Deep Carpet Cleaning?

In-depth carpet cleaning is a burdensome carpet cleaning method that is performed only by professional carpet washers. The carpets taken from the address are taken to carpet washing facilities and passed through a series of processes. First, the coarse dust of the carpets is taken in the dusting cupboard. The carpet is then washed using semi-automatic and fully automatic carpet washing machines. The rinsed carpet after the washing process is left to dry in the drying rooms. The carpets, whose cleaning is checked at the last stage, are ready to be delivered after packaging. In order to wash the carpets in-depth, it must be given to a professional carpet washing company at least every 6 months. It is necessary to avoid car wash facilities that do not know how to wash carpets.

  • How To Wash The Carpet With Shampooing?

The shampooing method is one of the most known and most economical carpet washing techniques. As to how the carpets are washed in this method; First, carpet washing shampoo or solution is foamed and applied to the carpet. The foam’s ingredients attract dirt particles from the carpet. When the carpet dries in this way, the foam layer on top solidifies and separates from the carpet fibers. These solid residues are then swept with a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner. Since it does not require a detailed treatment, washing with shampooing is the most used carpet washing method for surface cleaning. Only carpet shampoo and a vacuum cleaner are required. A wide variety of carpet washing shampoos are available in the market. But if there are tears on the carpet, you need to be careful not to damage the carpet.

  • How To Clean Carpet With Steam?

Since the steam washing method can be effective in many applications, it is one of the frequently used carpet washing techniques. In fact, while the carpet is washed in the steam washing method, hot water is used, not steam. The temperature of the water is generally between 65-100 degrees. High-temperature water is sprayed on the carpet with pressure to dissolve the dirt particles in the carpet. Then, dirt particles are drawn with the vacuum machine and trapped in the chamber inside the carpet washing machine. A detergent or cleaning solution is also added to the water used.

Steam washing is a carpet washing process that gives results close to the deep cleaning of the carpet. Hot water also kills bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. Thus, after steam carpet cleaning, the carpet will be free from allergens. If you are interested in how to use the steam washing method, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional carpet washing company. Because carpet washing companies understand the type of carpet and know how much hot water should be used in which carpet and how to wash which carpet. In professional carpet washing factories, carpets are washed using the hot water spraying machine. There are also steam carpet washing machines rented. If you say that I will wash it anyway and want to wash the carpet yourself instead of a carpet cleaner, you can clean the carpet yourself with the carpet washing machines you have rented. The steam washing method is costly. The prices of rented carpet washing machines vary according to the brand and model.

  • How To Clean Carpet With Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Since this method does not use water, it has been named dry carpet cleaning. In the dry cleaning method, the carpet is washed using an absorbent powder containing a small amount of water, detergent, solvent. The absorbent powder is sprinkled on the carpet and spread with the help of machines. After waiting for about 15 minutes, the dust is drawn with a vacuum cleaner, so that the dirt absorbed by the dust is removed. If you are considering superficial cleaning, you can try this method because the carpet does not need to get wet.

  • How To Clean Carpet With Foam?

Foam carpet cleaning can be considered in combination with steam carpet cleaning. With the help of a rotating brush, shampoo is spread on the carpet and foamed. Then, it takes about 1 hour for the foam to dry. Dirt is removed with the help of a vacuum machine. Since the entire shampoo cannot be pulled out by the vacuum machine, steam washing may be required after this process. With foamy washing, carpets are easily washed, but they are not a substitute for deep carpet washing.

Carpet Cleaning Stages

We recommend that you get information about the carpet cleaning stages of the companies you trust. Many carpet washing companies attract customers by designing their ads in a very good way. Would you like to know exactly how carpet washing is done and under what conditions? The carpet washing service will receive your products that will be cleaned by coming up to the address you have specified, as well as receipt. The risk of loss or confusion of your received products is eliminated by specifying the number and type of receipt.

All addresses are taken in order, so you are always given a time. For example, your carpet will be delivered between 3 and 4.20 hours. The received products are brought to the washing factory for cleaning. Your carpet and other products are separated according to their type and left in the waiting area. Before the carpet is washed, the dust is left in the dust cleaning section to remove the dust of the carpets, and all the hair, etc. are removed from the waste with a dusting machine. This process is valid only for carpet and rug types.

  • The carpets and rugs from the waiting area are subjected to abundant water rinsing, respectively, and the dirt and stains are softened.
  • In the softening process, only water is used. Processing with chemical products can damage carpets.
  • The carpets brought to the machine washing section are cleaned more quickly as the stains and dirt are softened.
  • Automatic carpet washing machines also have a vacuuming system. Foam and wastewater formed in the carpet during washing are vacuumed to make it appear brighter.
  • The rinsed carpets are taken to around 90% and this shape is left in the drying room.
  • The drying room works continuously for 12 hours and gives constant heat in a 30 – 40-degree interval.
  • Drying carpets and rugs are checked. (Overlooked Dirt-Stain)
  • When it is considered to be clean, it is packaged by sending it to the packaging department.
  • Your packed carpets and other products are taken by calling you before they are loaded on the service vehicle and loaded into the vehicle for delivery.
  • After establishing the necessary dialogues for the full-time delivery of the products, the service vehicle leaves the workplace and begins to complete the service route. The system made to deliver your products at the specified time starts from the address closest to the workplace and is lined up to the farthest region. It may be possible to play between 10 and 20 minutes at the specified hours.

Recently, manufacturers have been producing carpets through new weaving yarns and chemical dyes. You should now have come across the labels stating that they should be made by many carpet dry cleaning companies. If you want to know exactly what we mean, we want you to examine the label of the manufacturer, which is located behind a new generation carpet in your home. You can also get information about their ads and how to clean carpets in small notes. The new generation carpet models cause color fading when they come into contact with water, therefore manufacturers indicate that your carpets should be cleaned by a dry cleaning company with a warning.

There is no guarantee for possible problems with the water contact of carpets which should not be in contact with water. You may have missed the warning labels. This responsibility does not belong to manufacturers and washing companies. Recycling of carpets with problems is done by the manufacturer. Many of us are cleaning many products in our house with the convenience of technology thanks to the machines. The products we use are products that can perform superficial cleaning and do not wash in detail. Vacuum cleaners and similar steam washing machines can only pick up bristles etc. that are attached to the carpets. Absolutely, water should be used in carpet cleaning, dust accumulated over time takes place among carpet weavings.

Additional Information About Carpet Cleaners

Nothing like getting out of bed and putting your feet on a soft and clean carpet. By keeping your carpet floors clean regularly, you can make your living space more attractive, livable, and healthy. It is of special importance that wall-to-wall carpets are washed by professional teams using professional equipment. You can get service from carpet washing companies for your on-site carpet cleaning needs. Because carpets act as a house filter, they easily trap dirt. When this dirt is not cleaned regularly, they penetrate deeper into the weaving and fibers of the carpet over time. Such toxins and stains are removed with periodic washing or cleaning processes, the carpet gets a new look. Regarding the deep cleaning of the carpets, the information on why carpet cleaning requires expertise can be useful for you.

Different cleaning methods are required for different types of carpet. For example, relatively inexpensive carpets made from olefin are very resistant to chemicals and moisture in cleaning products. However, the same is not true for both nylon and wool carpets. When it comes to cleaning nylon or wool carpets, it may be necessary to use dry cleaning or vacuum washing. In particular, liquid shampoos are very difficult to get into some wool carpets since their loops are very tight. In such cases, the use of the steam carpet cleaning method gives better results. Before washing the nylon and olefin carpets, it will be appropriate to treat the stains. While cleaning the carpets, it should always be paid attention not to use hard brushes. As a carpet cleaning, we would like you to know that there will be no damage to your expensive carpets thanks to these methods.

For some types of carpets, on the other hand, dirt cannot get into the carpet or gather between the fibers because they are too thick. Although dirt gets into the carpet, it is really hard to clean the carpet. Therefore, sweeping frequently using vacuum machines should not be disrupted in order to make your carpet look clean and beautiful until deep carpet washing. However, do not use a brush tip when sweeping your carpet. Because brushes can tear off the carpet loops and cause the carpet to grow and shed. There are some precautions to be taken to keep carpets clean to contribute to a healthy environment. Wandering with shoes on the carpet easily stains the carpet, leaving it stained. Removing shoes in front of the door is a good choice. Because even putting a thick mat to wipe the dirt particles under the shoes before entering the door will not prevent the carpet from getting dirty. Carpet washing machines are generally cleaning equipment with units such as heating unit, pump, tank, hopper, and vacuum.

Things to Consider When Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

The carpets, which are used as a decoration that we bought in our house or workplace, get dirty on time and lose their appearance on the first day, so cleaning is needed to gain their first-day forms. In order not to be disappointed after cleaning, it should be our first priority to get help from the companies that do this job professionally and properly and to ensure their cleanliness.

It should be noted that some companies that claim that they are cleaning carpets by distributing brochures, both on the web page and under the name of carpet washing factory, do not actually have a close relationship with carpet cleaning. We often encounter similar brochures in our mailboxes. If you say to these “so-called carpet washing companies” we want to see the carpets being washed in your factory, we are sure that they will go back without taking delivery of your carpets. Indeed, we are also wondering how such companies wash your carpets.

1) Always ask the personnel who come home to calculate the amount of service. After your carpets are taken, there is an obligation to pay allegiance to the said figure. Always request the receipt showing company information, the type of carpet, date, and service amount.

2) Today, so much misleading information is used under the name of the carpet washing factory; There are some tricks we need to pay attention to.
a) Is there a dust machine? The cleaning of the carpets without any contact with the water by means of a dust closet will prevent mudding from the dust-water mixture on the carpet floor.
b) What is wrong is that unfortunately, tens of carpets are laid on a wide area used by many “so-called carpet washing companies” and washing is done with an electric brush machine. The brushing process in state-of-the-art technology is at the discretion of the staff and not even the brush touches most of the carpet. The most accurate method is fully automatic carpet washing machines and the carpets are cleaned in a fully automatic belt without touching each other in order. With this method, attention is paid to every centimeter of the carpets.

c) Detergents used as cleaning agents should never be of chemical origin but of vegetable origin. Unfortunately, many “so-called carpet washing companies” use Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Hydroxide, this issue is of utmost importance and great attention should be paid. When these chemicals are used, they are carcinogenic for human health and are very harmful, and these and similar based materials should never be used.
d) Drying is another important issue. It should be noted whether this process is done in the open air or in the closed air. The carpets should be completely dry in summer and in winter. Direct sunlight is not suitable for wet carpets, it is corrosive. It may cause the colors to fade in a few hours and lose their vitality.
e) Whether your cleaned carpets are made of plastic residues at the time of delivery and whether they are placed in unhealthy carpet bags (of carcinogenic nature) or first-class carpet bags such as gelatin that never smells.

Another Alternative: Carpet Cleaning at Home

I will talk about a few tricks for those who do not know how to clean the carpet at home. If you want to wash your carpets at home, you must first have a large space suitable for washing. There should never be bleach in the detergents you will use. If you use bleach, the colored places of your carpets will be damaged. The hairs of the brushes you will use in carpet cleaning should not be stiff. Hard-bristled carpet cleaning brushes damage the carpet’s weaving and your carpet will wear out quickly. In particular, the overlock places are extremely worn, and the threads hang out. This exhibits an ugly look. Contrary to what you might think, it is difficult to wash the carpet at home. You washed your carpet at home since you don’t have a wring machine for wringing its water, you won’t be able to remove the water.

To avoid all this, end the carpet cleaning adventure at home. Carpets washed in carpet washing factories go through many stages. Especially in order to avoid all the events mentioned above, the carpets are tightened in the spinning machine and installed with the correct drying method. The brushes of the carpet washing machines used are manufactured from brushes suitable for carpet washing. Detergents used are detergents used without bleach or salt spirit. There are even special drying rooms for drying. The fact that most of the carpet washing companies have carpet drying rooms, does help customers in winter months. The carpets washed in the latest system fully automatic carpet washing machines are purified from the water with carpet wringing machines and remain with only the moisture on them. Damp carpets are placed in specially made carpet hanger apparatuses and left to be installed. The places where the carpet is dried consist of specially made rooms away from dust, smoke, bad weather, etc. factors.

  • Removing the Mold Stain on the Carpet

Mold stains on the carpet are usually caused by the carpets being moist or exposed to moisture in the place where they are located. Mold stain penetrates the essence of damp carpets, causing their color to fade and their texture to deteriorate. After being washed by carpet washing factories, it is very common in carpets that are moistly placed in carpet bags and in carpets laid in areas such as home and office. So how does the mold stain on the carpet come out? In order to find the answer to this, first of all, it is necessary to take a good look at what kind of carpet your carpet is.

It occurs, especially in acrylic and wool carpets. Acrylic and wool carpets are carpets that leave their moisture late. Therefore, when they are washed, they should be dried thoroughly and put in such a bag. Even if there is a little moisture, when it stays that way, the carpet starts to mold. Mold stain usually appears with a greenish and brownish color. That is why you should choose a carpet cleaning company that does not pack carpets without drying.

  • Removing the Oil Stain on the Carpet

Just think, a huge chunk of olive oil was poured on your carpet, which you really like. What would your current psychology be? Perhaps it should not be so hard to guess that the world would be seemed to be ruined by you. But how can you remove the olive oil stain on the carpet? Don’t worry. Thanks to the formula I will mention in a few ticks, the olive oil stain on the carpets will be removed as easy as one-two-three. Forget all the methods done so far.

The olive oil stain on the carpet is perhaps one of the most stubborn and hardest spots to remove. Olive oil extract has a feature very different from other oils. Olive oil is squeezed directly from the fruit of the olive tree; It is a greenish, yellowish, liquid oil obtained in its natural form, which can be consumed as a liquid at room temperature, without any chemical treatment, without additives. The difference between olive oil and vegetable oils such as sunflower, soybean, cottonseed, and corn oil is that it is produced naturally. Since it is produced naturally, it is very concise and structurally inherited in nature. Unlike other edible oils obtained from seeds, olive oil is obtained by squeezing the succulent fruit of the olive oil together with its kernel; a “juice”. The crushed and shredded grain cells of the olive burst and give out their fat. Like freshly squeezed orange or cherry juice, it is raw and pure. Olive oil is known as the most precious and the king of all oils with its color, smell, taste, and ease of digestion.

When olive oil is poured on your carpet before the carpet is washed, it stays on the carpet as a cluster. However, if it waits for a long time, it expands and spreads on the carpet. Try to get the first poured olive oil into a plate or in a large bucket with the help of a spoon or a ladle. The more olive oil you remove from the carpet, the less damage it will cause to the carpet. After removing the olive oil accumulated on the carpet, it is time to minimize the effect of this stain without spreading around. The next step is to pour in plenty of salt where the stain is. Because salt will store the oil crystals remaining in the carpet. Then you lift the carpet and put it aside and send it to the carpet washing factory you know best. As you know, olive oil stain is really a very difficult stain. Note that even if you try to deal with this stain, your carpet may become unusable.

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