Dry Carpet Cleaning: All You Need to Know

Can carpets be dry cleaned? Can we wash the carpets with the dry cleaning system? No, carpets can not be dry cleaned. For those who say that they clean carpets with dry cleaning, we suggest you think again. Carpets can not be dry cleaned because neither the dry cleaning machines in the market are suitable nor the fees charged for the dry cleaning. Even if carpets are dry cleaned, it is not possible to be as clean as washing. So what is dry carpet cleaning then?

In the application of dry carpet cleaning, a powder consisting of a detergent, solvent, and a small amount of water, which has an absorbent feature, is used. This absorbent powder is beautifully sprinkled on the carpet surface. Then it is applied to the carpet thoroughly with a carpet washing machine. This absorbent powder applied to the carpet surface absorbs all the dirt after 15 minutes. With vacuum cleaners with high vacuum power, dust is drawn and the carpet is cleaned. The dry carpet cleaning technique is recommended for superficial cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning companies do not use dry cleaning on carpets. Carpets are washed but duly washed. The carpet, which is duly washed and dried, will not be damaged by cleaning. Handmade carpets in stores selling hand-woven carpets get dirty on the loom because the weaving time takes a long time. When the weaving process is finished, it is first washed and then offered for sale in the store.

Dry cleaning is generally for clothes. The most important thing to clean the carpet is to remove the dust. It is not possible to clean the carpet in dry cleaning, but carpets laid from wall to wall or carpets that are not suitable for washing are cleaned with a system called dry foam or a sawdust system. Some cleaning companies may introduce it as dry cleaning, whereas dry cleaning is done with percussion.

More About Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning requires a significant amount of time, especially for women. Sweeping, brushing, and wiping can sometimes feel like torture. In this respect, there is now an easy way for people to both save time and, so to speak, to clean without touching water and soap. This road passes through the dry foam carpet cleaning companies.

Carpets are indispensable in our daily lives, whether at home, at work, or at school. This requires both daily cleaning and deep cleaning of the carpet at certain intervals. In this respect, dry foam carpet cleaning companies, which provide you with great convenience, can help you whenever you want. Cleaning your carpet with dry foam without getting wet with the special machines of the professional company, whose cleaning is fixed with its experience, provides you convenience.

The fact that the carpet is cleaned without getting wet saves you from the hassle of spare carpets. This is one of the most important reasons why you prefer the dry foam carpet cleaning method. Another reason is to get rid of the hassle of drying. The fact that your carpet is both washed and dried within an hour or two is done right in front of your eyes, which is another reason why you should choose it with peace of mind.

We recommend removing any stains from the carpet immediately because older stains can be more difficult to remove. Pay attention to the following:

  • Remove solids and remove liquids with a clean, white cloth or paper towel.
  • Always clean the stain with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Do not spread the stain, clean it by tapping it lightly.
  • Wait for the stain to dry, then vacuum it up.
  • Get expert help for dried or hardened stains. Experts can perform the cleaning process by using the right products and without damaging the carpet.

It is recommended that you have your carpets cleaned annually. In the annual cleaning process, after vacuuming and removing the stains, the fibers are cleaned with the dry foam system or the sawdust cleaning method. Thanks to this method, carpets can return to their original condition. It is recommended that this method be applied by a specialist company. The frequency of this thorough cleaning depends on the use of the room:

  • 2 times a year for heavy use
  • Once a year for normal use
  • 1 time per year for moderate use

Carbonate Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

First of all, we need to specify that the carbonated dry carpet cleaning method is not a dry carpet washing method. This method uses a balanced water ratio in sufficient quantity to ensure that water does not penetrate to the bottom of the wall-to-wall carpets during the hot carbonated on-site carpet washing process, mold, fungus, bacteria, and microbes do not form and provide the deepest possible cleaning without damaging the carpet.

Dry carpet washing means carpet washing without using any water. The method without using any water does not provide a real cleaning, it results in an inactive superficial cleaning. Instead of the dry carpet washing, the term dry carpet cleaning will be more accurate. The carbonate dry carpet cleaning method guarantees a meticulous cleaning process as a result of the superior technology it uses with its qualified personnel within the scope of carpet cleaning methods.

Cleaning materials used in carpet cleaning methods are generally sprayed chemicals or materials with moist particles such as sawdust. If dry carpet washing is also done with a spray, the chemical to be used is placed in a water tank with a spray and it is sprayed on the carpet and spread on the surface. Afterward, different machines (usually with brushes) are moved on the carpet and the carpet is cleaned by pushing the dirt from the upper threads of the carpet to the bottom of the carpet.

As the brush rotates, it rubs the upper parts of the carpet yarns and collides them with each other. When looked at, the carpet looks clean, but in the real sense, the dirt has been pushed to the bottom of the carpet. When the carpet is looked at after the process is finished, a general cleaning seems to be adhered to, and a result that is not very bright only reduces the dirty appearance.

This has nothing to do with the company performing the transaction. This process results in this way due to the way it is made from the material used. You should not expect too much shine, cleanliness, or hygiene. Dry carpet cleaning methods can be divided into four: Some of the methods below use no water, and some use very little water. Dry carpet cleaning methods are:

  • Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning with Sawdust
  • Chemical Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Spray Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning: An excessively foaming carpet washing shampoo is used with very little water. This shampoo and the dirt are then vacuumed. Dirt is not completely removed as in deep cleaning. Dirt and bacteria are pushed between the yarns of the carpet instead of being pulled.

Dry Carpet Cleaning with Sawdust: Granules called Moist Sawdust are used. In this method, no water is used and the carpet does not get wet. It looks as if it has been cleaned to a certain degree visually with granules. It is faster than other cleaning methods, but it is not a deep and healthy cleaning. The granules adhere to the dirt and mix with the dirt and grime and germs between the yarns of the carpet.

Chemical Dry Carpet Cleaning: This is similar to the dry foam method. The biggest difference is that a towel-style dirt-absorbing pad (Bonnet Pad) is used instead of a brush in the machine. The carpet looks like it has been cleaned to some extent visually, in fact, the dirt gets into the carpet with the chemical used and it is an ineffective carpet cleaning method.

Dry Carpet Washing with Spray: In this, a chemical is diluted and sprayed on the carpet with a pressurized spray. Then the brush machine is run on the carpet. The dirt adheres to the chemical in this spray and while the brush pushes the dirt into the yarns of the carpet, the dirt on the upper surface of the yarns seems to be cleaned to a certain extent, but this is an inadequate method of carpet cleaning. There is no health benefit, dirt and bacteria are thoroughly pushed into the carpet.

Hot Carbonate Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

Dry carpet cleaning with sawdust is a little different. Sawdust is sprinkled on the carpet, it is fed to the carpet with a rotating brushed machine, some of the visible dirt on the upper parts of the yarns adheres to these sawdust particles, and some of them are pushed to the bottom of the carpet yarns. Then, in the second repeat of the process, these particles are collected this time. It accumulates in the dirty chamber of the brushed machine. It still looks relatively clean when looked at.

The dirt that causes visual pollution is reduced, and it does not look disturbingly bad. In this process, the carpet is not very shiny or completely free of dirt, and it is not deep cleaning. It wouldn’t be right to expect good results. These can be used mostly in on-site carpet cleaning, fixed carpet cleaning, or wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. Both dry carpet cleaning methods are fast and timeless carpet cleaning processes. They are ineffective in eliminating unhealthy elements. They are particularly ineffective at removing stains.

In the real sense, the dry system carpet cleaning method is not used much, institutions such as the carpet and rug institute and carpet manufacturers do not recommend it. The chemicals used are heavy and hard, with a very high pH level and sometimes the highest pH14, and these chemicals deteriorate the dirt-repellent property of the carpet and shorten its life.

It damages the yarns of the carpet as it is rubbed more than necessary with the hard brush. Some companies prefer these methods in order to reduce their costs and to reduce the bad appearance of the carpet to some extent. But in fact, carpet cleaning costs will be higher for you because they will get dirty more often.

You can find information about the superior hot carbonate carpet washing process of the carbonate dry carpet cleaning method and other methods from professional carpet washing companies. They will be happy to share information with you. Carpet dry cleaning and dry carpet cleaning are the same method and mean the same thing.

Dry cleaning of the carpet is still required, in any case, very little water or spray or a liquid such as sawdust or dry foam. Otherwise, it is impossible to clean the dirt or stains inside the carpet. It is impossible to clean the carpet without using any water. Instead of washing, only dirt sweeping would be done. Dry carpet cleaning uses the most ideal amount of water. Carpets dry completely in just 1-2 hours and become usable in a short time.

Homemade Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

Carpet cleaning is one of the toughest jobs in a home. It is not done by just sweeping. The dust that sticks to the bottom stays there and creates a danger for allergic bodies. Wiping the carpet is a separate problem. It requires a lot of effort, and the result is still not as we want it to be. But now I will give you a carpet cleaning powder recipe.

After sprinkling this powder and spreading it on the carpet, you don’t need to do anything but wait. Your carpets will be self-cleaning. Cinnamon and bay leaves will give the carpet a clean scent. In addition, due to their antibacterial and disinfectant properties, both will purify the carpet from germs.

Necessary materials:

  • 2 cups baking powder
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup cornmeal
  • 1 tablespoon of borax
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2-3 dried bay leaves


Mix all ingredients in a food processor and run it until the bay leaf is crumbly. Carpet cleaning powder is ready. Take the carpet cleaning powder you have prepared in a jar. You can use this powder whenever you want. Sprinkle the powder directly onto the dry carpet surface. Make sure the carpet is not wet. Because the powder will get muddy and you will have a lot of trouble cleaning it.

Scrub the surface of the carpet with a broom or hand brush for better penetration of the mixture into the carpet. And now leave the carpet and go watch your favorite TV series. Let the powder stay on the carpet overnight. When you get up in the morning, vacuum the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. That’s it. All odors and filth are gone. Your carpet has been renewed!

Dry and Foam Carpet Cleaning

In professional carpet cleaning companies, dry and foam carpet cleaning processes are carried out differently according to each carpet. The methods applied, the materials used, the shampoos and the machines vary according to the type of carpet. In this way, carpets are washed without any wear and deformation. While providing 100% hygiene, the quality of the carpets is also preserved. Carpets are taken from your home with the free service vehicle provided by the carpet washing factory.

Carpets brought to the facility are first cleaned of dust and crumbs. For this, the carpets are put into the dust collection cabinet. After this process, the carpets are thoroughly cleaned and washed with high-tech and latest automatic machines. Carpets are saved from all bacteria with anti-bacterial shampoos. With the rinsing process, all the dirt is removed from the carpet and it is left to dry. The carpets, which are dried so that there is no moisture left, are packed and sent to your home to be delivered.

The dry carpet cleaning method confuses many people. Because whether this cleaning which is done without using water actually works or not creates a question mark in the minds. But this technique is very practical and effective. As the name suggests, the foamy carpet cleaning technique includes a dense foam. Rotary head machines are used to feed the foam to the carpet. The surface of the carpet on which the shampoo is spilled is washed by foaming with these machines and then the foam is waited for 1 hour to dry.

Along with the drying foam, stains are also collected on the surface. Then, with a vacuum cleaner with high vacuum power, the dried foam is removed with the stains in it. The steam engine is then activated to ensure that the carpet is completely free of foam. After a final wash with a steam machine, the carpet is cleaned. But of course, it does not provide an effective cleaning as deep carpet washing.

Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo

Industrial machines, which are renewed with the developing technology day by day, offered convenience to people. Carpet cleaning was a more laborious and time-consuming process in the past. It has been determined that the use of water consumption in individually washed carpets is higher in the data. For this reason, in order to reduce water consumption in certain places, bans have been imposed on individual carpet washing.

However, when washing with machines, the water consumption will be less. Carpet washing shampoo and machines are applied not only for workplaces and large areas but also for carpets at home. When you learn the contents of the high alkaline carpet shampoo that provides this comfort, you will make your choice in that direction and open the curtain of a healthy life.

Carpets, which are indispensable for homes and even all living spaces, are very important for many societies. We use carpets that date back to ancient times in a wide variety of places. It is also very important to clean the carpets, which form visual integrity, as they are constantly laid on the floor. Since there is no easy washing like laundry, the detergent and washing techniques used should be separate accordingly. Carpet washing shampoo is used on carpet and sofa surfaces.

Most dry foam carpet shampoos are diluted 1/200 in a 20-liter product, making 1000 lt ready for use. You can wash quite a lot and effectively using a single product. For these reasons, it will be very profitable for you to deliver your carpet to those who prefer dry foam carpet shampoo among carpet cleaners. A deeper and easier cleaning is now very easy with carpet washing shampoo. Carpet shampoo, which is very suitable not only for homes but also for companies that do on-site washing, will be a savior for you.

There are thousands of invisible mites on the surface of the carpets that you have used in all of your living spaces. These microorganisms continue to multiply unless regular cleaning is done. Symptoms in the human body are nasal congestion and allergic reactions that we call seasonal discomfort. High alkaline carpet shampoo instantly destroys such invisible microbes and living things. It is appropriate to wash in-situ areas that are difficult to clean and are used constantly, such as mosques, plazas, hotels, kindergartens, restaurants, municipalities, site management, and facilities.

Dry foam carpet shampoo products, in which high alkali is used most effectively, do not contain any substances harmful to human health and the environment. The components in the carpet shampoo do not cause respiratory distress and can be used safely. Most of dry foam carpet shampoo products are preferred because they are odorless and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Since it does not contain bleach and alcohol, it does not harm the surfaces used, and after the drying process is finished, it does not pose a problem after contact with the body. One of the biggest advantages is that a detailed cleaning will protect for 14 days and no bacteria and microbes can grow until this time. This protection is certain and guaranteed for most products of dry foam carpet shampoos. The reason for this is that the alkaline pH ratio is more than 9.45.

High alkaline carpet washing shampoo contains oil and dirt solvent components. Since the carpet washing shampoo does not contain volatile substances, its service life will be long. It does not bleach the surfaces used and does not form a residue. It does not contain synthetic chemicals. Actually, this is the biggest reason for preference. In the use of concentrated carpet shampoo in diluted form, its protection against bacteria and viruses has been scientifically proven. Carpet washing shampoo puts an end to various odors such as cigarette smell that permeates the surface.

The dry foam carpet washing method is mostly done in places that are covered from wall to wall. Therefore, it is preferred because it will be a problem to get the water out from the carpet otherwise. Dry foam carpet shampoo will be the right option at this point, as moisture on the carpet and its surface cause a bad odor. When dry foam carpet shampoo is applied in places where human traffic is heavy, it will be the greatest convenience because it dries quickly.

Dust and mites sticking to the carpet become permanent on the floor, no matter how much sweeping is done, and those bacteria continue to reproduce over time. The aim is not only to reach the surface of the carpet but also to reach and destroy the bacteria in the deep. Assuming that there is carpet used in the place, the cleaning process should only be done on-site. Dry foam carpet shampoo will be the most suitable option for this.

In order to eliminate these problems, manufacturers produced alkaline dry foam carpet shampoo and offered it to users. It is very convenient to use for in-place washing. It creates a foamy environment with dry foam machines and a polishing machine with a carpet brush attached to it, removes dirt and oils from the surface of the carpet, and ensures easy cleaning. It is possible to do this using carpet shampoo without damaging the carpet. Since the drying process will take place in a short time, the protection shield will be formed immediately and you can use your carpets safely.

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