Clean Carpet Like a Professional: Natural Carpet Cleaning Methods and Solutions

Carpets hold all the dust and dirt of the house and outside, so one of the most polluted household items is carpets. And over time, the dirt penetrates deep into them. Mites, dust, particles, and stains settle on the carpet floor in a short time. Spilled beverages and food crumbs also cause permanent stains and bacterial growth over time. Carpets get dirty very quickly, but they are very difficult to clean. For this reason, people generally prefer carpet cleaning companies. But what if you want to clean your carpet at home? Can you clean your carpet like a professional?

If you prefer to clean your carpets like a professional in your own home, you can utilize vacuum cleaners or carpet cleaning machines with carpet-washing features. Apart from these, you can clean your carpets with natural materials such as baking soda, cornstarch, and white vinegar. However, if you are not careful while cleaning your carpets, the harmful substances or wrong applications used in cleaning the carpets can have a negative impact on your carpet and household. Let’s take a look at how you can clean your carpets like a professional in detail!

How to Clean Your Carpets Like a Professional?

Before you start cleaning your carpet at home, you need to vacuum it. The hairs, residues, and dust on it should be thoroughly cleaned and the cleaning process should start after. Especially if there are children in your home, the carpet will accumulate dust or spill more quickly, so it is important to remove the dust from the carpet first. To clean your carpet like a professional at home, you can continue to clean the stains that are difficult to remove after using a vacuum cleaner.

When preparing water to clean the carpet, soapy water or hand sanitizer is sufficient. In addition, you can add baking soda or just make a lot of soda water and clean it. Proper cleaning can ensure proper hygiene. Appropriate clothes should be used for this. If possible, you should use a microfiber cloth that does not absorb too much water. In this respect, you can also use body fiber to clean the carpet. You should prepare 3 liters of warm water, and a teaspoon of soft soap will be enough.

Carpet shampoo, which is among the top carpet cleaning methods, is perfect for cleaning the dust on the carpet. When using carpet shampoo, you should make sure to follow the instructions for use. Unless otherwise stated, mix enough shampoo with water to match the size of the carpet. Do not try to make the carpet too wet, as this not only wastes unnecessary cleaning agents but also extends the drying time of the carpet. Use a stiff brush to remove dust and then let the carpet dry. After drying, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining shampoo.

Generally, water and detergent are used for carpet wiping. Since unwanted microorganisms multiply on your carpets, the detergent will help to remove them. To clean heavily soiled textile surfaces with steam, you can use the steam machine to remove all visible dirt. For this, wet the brush attachment in the standard attachment and fix it with a microfiber cloth. Then move it on the carpet.

If a liquid is spilled on the carpet, first try to remove as much liquid as possible by pressing it with a dry cloth or towel. Then sprinkle baking soda on the spots left by the spill, making sure the amount applied is enough to absorb all the liquid. Wait a few minutes for it to soak, and then rinse the carpet with water. If simple water-soluble liquids (such as cola and milk) are spilled on the carpet, you can clean it with a vinegar and water mixture. To remove tea stains from the carpet, pour a generous amount of lemon water over the stain. Then wait 1 hour and wipe the carpet. Make sure to clean the area where the lemon juice mixture is spilled with soapy water and then dry it with a cloth.

If you’re one of the many who want to know how to clean carpets naturally like a professional, don’t worry. Because most of what is needed to clean carpets naturally is hidden in kitchen cabinets. Baking soda is the number one tool for absorbing unpleasant odors stuck to carpet fibers.

Baking soda (carbonate) is suitable for removing stains. To do this, mix baking soda and water into a paste and then take a medium soft brush. The hardness of the brush should be such that it does not change the texture of the carpet. Dip the brush in the baking soda, brush the stain, and apply light pressure. Wait 10 minutes, then remove the baking soda with water.

Baking soda is also a good option for deodorizing because it is very effective at absorbing odors. Put the baking soda in a large perforated salt shaker, sprinkle it on the carpet, scrub, let it sit on the carpet for a few hours, then vacuum. Carbonate absorbs the odor of the carpet. If you add a few drops of lavender oil to the container where you put the baking soda, your carpet will smell good.

Like baking soda, vinegar is a good carpet odor remover. Because it absorbs odors and kills odor-causing bacteria. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the carpet with a fine mist. The vinegar smell may disappear after a few hours. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, don’t worry, it will disappear as the carpet dries and will not leave a lasting odor.

If your carpet does not contain heavy dirt such as oil, the best way to clean it is with warm water, vinegar, and cleaning cloths. After this process, you can also clean your carpet with water, but this is not mandatory. If there are vague stains on your carpet, you can clean the stained areas of your carpet with warm water and baking soda with the help of a fiber or similar cloth. In this way, the stains or dirt on your carpet will disappear.

Natural Methods For Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning, which comes to mind first when it comes to cleaning, is one of the most difficult issues for people. At a time when carpet cleaners are increasing day by day, those who want to clean their carpets at home and those who try to remove the stains on their carpets are not few. I have listed the methods that can be applied for those who want to clean their carpets like a professional with their own means at home.

  • Soft Soap

The first material that comes to mind when it comes to cleaning carpets is soft soap as it is economical and cheap. To clean the carpets, add the soft soap to the water you have prepared and apply it to your entire carpet with the help of a brush or cloth. You can have a clean carpet by applying the rinsing and drying process afterward.

  • Ammonia

The definitive solution to stubborn stains on carpets is ammonia, but ammonia should be used carefully. Excessive application of ammonia on stains can cause bleaching and damage to the carpet. Therefore, it is necessary to use ammonia by diluting it with water. Adding a spoonful of ammonia to a bucket of water will be enough to clean the entire carpet.

  • White Vinegar

You may be surprised to see the miraculous effect of white vinegar in cleaning coffee, wine, and juice stains. You can mix a cup of white vinegar and two cups of water with a spoonful of dishwashing liquid and apply it to the stains with the help of a sponge. After waiting for a while, you can continue cleaning with a damp cloth.

  • Baking soda / Baking Powder

Baking soda (carbonate) is another natural product used in carpet cleaning. If you don’t want to clean the entire floor and deal with stains, sprinkle some baking soda on the stained area on the carpet, wait 30 minutes, and then vacuum that area. Vacuuming removes dirt and allergens, making carpet fibers cleaner.

To clean the dirt and stains on your carpet, you must first vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner. The best tools you can use to wipe the carpet are a sponge, microfiber cloth, or a sponge mop. Carpet shampoos can also be a good option for deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery.

The most effective trio in carpet cleaning with natural methods are vinegar, soft soap, and baking soda. Carpet cleaning is ensured by using this trio either by mixing them or using them separately. If your carpet does not contain heavy dirt such as oil, you can only wipe your carpet with warm water and vinegar with fiber and similar cleaning cloths. After this process, you do not need to wipe it with any water. If your carpet has vague stains, you can wipe the stained areas of your carpet with warm water and baking soda with the help of a fiber or similar cloth. Thus, the stains or stains on your carpet will disappear.

If your carpet has greasy stains and dirt that has accumulated for a long time, what you need to do is to mix soft soap, vinegar, and baking soda in hot water and press it with the help of a hard cloth such as fiber. Known as a very effective method of carpet cleaning, the mixture of this trio will finally make your carpet shine and you will see how it is purified from bacteria that will harm your health. After wiping your carpet with this miraculous trio, wait 15-20 minutes, wipe it again with a mixture of warm water and vinegar, and rinse it. In this way, you will see how the fibers of your carpet shine.

Apart from odor and dirt, the most important trick for easy cleaning of stains on the carpet is to intervene immediately. First of all, with a practical method, you can prevent the stain from going deeper by pouring mineral water on the stain. If you do not have mineral water in your home, you can do the same with baking soda. If you can quickly intervene in the stain formed on the carpet, you will prevent the formation of a permanent stain on the carpet.

When cleaning, it is important to choose chemical cleaning products according to the characteristics of the carpets. You can easily clean wool carpets with white soap or soft soap. Bleach and chemical detergents are not the right choices for wool carpets. In addition, carpet washing machines provide a great convenience in cleaning carpets. Carpets washed with carpet shampoos can regain their first-day appearance. The color of the carpets is also a point that you should pay attention to when choosing cleaning materials. You can use chemical detergents for light colors, but you should not prefer detergents with intense bleach for dark carpets.

Tips for Cleaning Carpets Like a Professional at Home

We know that even when you postpone the cleaning of the house for a few days for various reasons, you do not feel comfortable at all. Yes, you take care of cleanliness not only for your house to look tidy but also for your health. However, sometimes you may need to do much more than vacuuming, wiping, or dusting your home to achieve a hygienic area. For example, cleaning carpets is a must for floors! So, what are the tricks of carpet cleaning at home like a professional?

Imagine not taking the dust out of your house for a few weeks. Your furniture will remain in dust and may threaten your health. Well, do you know that even if you vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner, there can be many things like dust, skin rash, and food crumbs on your carpets? Here, it is very important to pay attention to carpet cleaning in order to get rid of them and thus to have carpets that may pose less threat to health. Now, let’s tell you how you can clean your carpets at home like a professional.

Vacuum your carpets before you start carpet cleaning. In this way, you can highly purify your carpets from foreign substances. Of course, the choice of vacuum cleaner is very important in the quality of this purification process. For hard floors and carpets, vacuums with high dust-holding capacity, that is, high suction power can be your biggest helpers in carpet cleaning.

You vacuumed your carpet well… Now, it’s time to especially clean the dust from the carpets! If you want to use a natural method for this, you can get help from baking soda. Baking soda is a solution that you can use to clean your carpets from dust, as well as to remove bacteria and remove bad odors. Sprinkle enough baking soda on the carpet with your hand or with the help of a sieve. Wait for 20 minutes and then vacuum your carpet with the vacuum cleaner with back-and-forth movements.

After this process, you can deal with the stains on your carpets. You can get help from baking soda and white vinegar to remove stains on the carpet. Pour baking soda and then white vinegar onto the stain. After removing the foaming vinegar and baking soda with a clean cloth, wipe the stained area with a white or Arabic soapy cloth. Rinse the area using a clean cloth dampened only with clear water. Let us remind you that instead of baking soda and vinegar, you can get help from stain remover products to remove stains on the carpet.

It’s time to wipe your carpets! If you do not want to wash your carpets in an area such as a balcony or terrace and want to wipe them where they are, here are the tricks for wiping carpets:

  • First, you vacuumed your carpet and removed the stains. Now you want to wipe it down and give your carpet a really deep clean. You can use white soap or carpet shampoo for this.
  • If you are going to use white soap to wipe the carpet, you can add some of the grated white soap to warm water and melt it. After preparing this water, you can start wiping your carpet.
  • Dip a soft cloth such as a shower cloth into the carpet water you have prepared and start wiping your carpet after wringing it.
  • After wiping the entire carpet, rinse the cloth, and rinse your carpet with clean water and a cloth.

If you want to use carpet shampoo to clean your carpet, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the cleaning product! You may also be looking for the answer to the question “How to wash the carpet at home?” as a traditional method. At this point, I must warn you: This is a very tiring method. If you have a large enough balcony, then you can wash your carpets on the balcony.

  • After vacuuming your carpets, move them to the balcony.
  • Wet every part of your carpet with pure water.
  • Pour some soapy water on an old washcloth or carpet brush, and then start scrubbing the carpet.
  • After washing all parts of the carpet, remove excess water with a wooden or plastic carpet brush.
  • After this process, rinse once again with pure water, remove the water and if possible hang the carpet to dry.
  • It is worth remembering that some carpets are not suitable for washing. You can get help from carpet cleaning companies for cleaning these carpets.

Carpet Shampoos Make You a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Carpet shampoo is praised by hygiene enthusiasts for being very practical. Some components have been developed specifically for hand-woven surfaces that require precision applications. Also, each consumer has different preferences for the product, some users prefer flavored ones. In this respect, the choice becomes easier as the number of alternatives increases.

Moreover, a herbal carpet shampoo is a suitable option for those who are looking to clean carpets in a natural way. Fragrance particles that promote relaxation after cleaning create an impressive atmosphere. Carpet shampoos use formulas specially designed for deep cleaning that can gently remove surface dirt. They treat sensitive surfaces as carefully as you apply them. This eliminates the possibility of rapid wear.

The floors and carpets of families with children are often contaminated. However, thanks to the new generation washing methods, the fabrics can be washed without fraying. The fact that children can eat freely affects their psychology and development positively. In this respect, carpet washing shampoo offers the cleaning you are looking for in the most natural ways. In this respect, consumers who use dry foam carpet shampoo do not need water.

Alkaline degreaser shampoos are suitable for high-quality textiles such as carpets. Two different forms of materials that can be processed by hand or machine are specially designed for domestic and industrial carpets. It offers a wide range of packaging shapes and quantities, as well as many alternatives. Carefully studied supplement ingredients are ideal for getting results without repeating the process. In this way, you can easily clean your carpets in natural ways. Afterward, you can spend a non-tiring day and enjoy your clean carpets. In this respect, dry foam shampoo fully meets your needs.

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