Choosing Between Carpet and Hardwood: The Most Commonly Used Flooring Types

You came across the house you dreamed of and bought it. You have decided which color of the walls of the room will be, what brand to choose the dining room set, whether the house will be classic or modern. You’ve even chosen your home alarm system. However, you cannot find the answer to the critical question that is gnawing on you: Should you choose to lay hardwood on the floor or carpet? If anyone you’ve consulted has made other suggestions, if you’re not sure and you don’t want to regret it later, you can take a look at our practical suggestions that will make it easier for you to decide on the flooring.

Carpet is often a preferred coating method for flooring. The fact that it doesn’t take much time to install, that it is relatively easier to clean and that it seems more advantageous in terms of price compared to other alternatives makes the carpet still preferred frequently in flooring preferences. However, as with every preference, carpets have disadvantages as well as advantages.

According to statistics, every 1 square meter of carpets holds 67 grams of dust. This ratio exceeds the acceptable values ​​for human health, as the world health authorities draw attention. In addition to dust retention, carpets are glued to the ground with heavy chemicals and, after installation, release chemicals such as formaldehyde and toluene, which are particularly damaging to infants, children, and pets. In this respect, it is necessary to consider the health side of the work as well as the price in deciding the flooring.

What if you prefer hardwood? Hardwoods are always at the forefront of flooring preferences with their timeless, classic and sophisticated stance. Hardwoods, which have been developed in line with consumer demands over time, also have different types of wood, laminated, wooden floor and tile. Among these varieties, wooden hardwood does not lose its popularity no matter how many years pass, especially with its elegance, long life, ease of laying, and sound and heat insulation. Laminated hardwoods are also preferred in all domestic areas, including anteroom, kitchen, hallway and living room. Hardwoods are considered more preferable to health than carpets.

Despite all the advantages, like everyone else trying to choose a flooring type, you may be wondering as “Is it hard to clean and maintain hardwoods?”. The new generation of hardwoods are offered with features that do not stain, can be cleaned very fast and practical with their special cleaners. The way to use your hardwoods for a long time is through frequent hardwood maintenance and polishing. In terms of price, especially wood and solid hardwoods require an average budget investment, but if the budget is not your first criterion, you can choose hardwood as the flooring and you can enjoy your home, even more, each time you look.

If you still remain indecisive despite all these clues, you can take advantage of both the carpet and the hardwood at the same time. You can choose hardwood flooring in the living room, doorway, dining room, kitchen and children’s room, and you can prefer carpets in stairways, bedrooms, and corridors, provided that you clean them very often and choose the best quality.

Carpet or Hardwood: Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you prefer hardwood, carpet or both? Our little tips can help you make your decision.

Carpet Usage

The floor where the carpet will be used plays an important role in your choice. For example, in living areas, such as the living room, you should choose abrasion-resistant carpets. The softness of the carpet, wrinkle density, sensitivity to water and light are among the factors that should be considered. Durable and low maintenance carpets that can maintain their new appearance for a long time, provides ease of use and cost advantage. You should also pay attention to the fact that the carpet can be easily installed, easy to clean, has sound absorption and heat insulation properties and has a structure that is not easily ignited.

Wall-to-wall carpets offer unlimited options in patterns, colors, and textures. It can be preferred because it provides freedom of movement, can be applied to all kinds of surfaces and can be easily removed. The color and pattern of the carpet directly affect the atmosphere of the space. A light carpet makes space appear more spacious and brightens the space. Darker colors can help create a warmer atmosphere.

  • Carpet types

• Wool carpet: Warm, luxurious and flexible. However, since the fibers are not durable, they are usually mixed with synthetic. 100% wool carpets are quite expensive.
• 80:20: 80 percent wool, 20 percent synthetic blend. This mixture gives a feeling of softness and warmth but is also durable.
• Nylon: Strong and flexible. Easily cleaned. Highly suitable for high traffic areas. The price is also economical.
• Polypropylene: It is the most popular fiber used in carpet production. It is more resistant to fading as color penetrates into the fibers during production. It is usually mixed with wool.
• Polyester: Bright. Less durable than nylon. Easy to fold, dirt-repellent. It will be a very affordable choice for large areas.

  • Which is the most suitable carpet?

• Living room: Style and comfort are the main elements in these areas. 100 percent wool carpets add value to the look of your living room. You should prefer durable carpets in open plan living rooms.

• Doorway and stairs: Since these are the most used areas, make sure that the carpet is woven very flexibly. Dark colors hide stains.

• Bedroom: It is the least used area so your carpet does not wear out. Therefore, you can choose materials such as velvet to reinforce the feeling of softness. Try not to use hardwood-like flooring in this area.

• Dining room: Spills and dirt is a very open area, so you can choose 100 percent synthetic carpets.

  • Carpet cleaning

You don’t have to clean your carpet just by washing it. In sunny weather in summer, the pile is kept in the sun for at least three hours and you can purify the dust from the carpet by hitting light blows on the back. It is necessary to pay close attention to the eaves while cleaning. Decaying and decreasing of the eaves due to moisture reduces the value of the carpet. Carpets that are not ventilated for a long time may be exposed to moth danger. In this case, you should naphthalene your carpet. The first and most important enemy of silk and wool carpets is moisture.

Hardwood Use

Nothing can replace a timeless, good-looking wooden floor. On your floor you can use wooden planks made of different types of wood or parquet. Alternatively, you can choose laminate flooring or wooden flooring that creates a decorative appearance on the floor. Trees with hard texture would be more appropriate to use in the areas of your house with plenty of traffic. If you want to give your floor an attractive appearance, you can lay it with natural-looking seamless, bright color laminate flooring. This type of parquet will be very suitable for corridors.

Whether your home is modern or classically furnished, the bright or matt dark wood will have a dramatic effect on your space. The important thing is that you dare to a dark background. Naturally dark walnut and wenge can be an expensive choice because they are more difficult to find. If you choose oak wood planks painted in dark colors, you will save the price advantage while preserving nature. You have an open living space and you can distinguish between these floors. For example, if you have an open kitchen combined with the living room, you can use the light ceramic flooring in the kitchen and dark wood in the living room to create a contrasting separation.

  • How do you protect wood?

You need to take care to protect the wooden floors. So you should pay attention to some issues:
• To prevent your door from scratching your floor, you can place a mop on the inside as well as on the outside.
• Regularly clean the wooden floor with the brushed tip of your vacuum cleaner. Then wipe with a mop using a wood cleaner. Do not allow your floor to remain wet. This will damage the wood.
• You can protect your floor by using adhesive felt on the legs of your chairs and tables. In addition, when moving your heavy furniture, you should pay attention not to scratch the floor.
• If you are walking around with shoes at home, you should also consider that it may damage your flooring.
• Do not clean your polished wooden floor with detergent water. Always use wood cleaner. In addition, twice a year to apply wood polish on your floor is useful. However, you can do this maintenance more often in areas with more traffic.
• Rooms with laminate flooring should not be left closed for a long time, especially when the windows are double glazed.
• Pour more water into the plant pots than necessary to prevent the water from overflowing from the potting mat, and take precautions for water leaking from the heater cores and the windows in winter.
• Excessive use of polyethylene mattresses and similar materials used under laminate flooring may cause excessive stretching.

When choosing the right type of wood, it is useful to choose the right wood for your room and budget.

• Classic hardwood: You can prefer hardwood like walnut, oak or maple. You can apply a wooden veneer thinner than 18 mm on your existing floor. The disadvantage of natural wood is that it dries over time, creating gaps around it. Such coatings are also more expensive than others. You can sand and polish over time.

• Wood parquet: One of the most preferred parquet types among the flooring materials, solid parquet has been one of our preferences for years because it does provide heat and sound insulation as well as it can not be scrubbed. It is made of durable, long-lasting, and hard material wood. It is easy to install as it is interlocking. It can also be used for in-floor heating systems.

• Tile parquet: Solidly furnished blocks. Placed with geometric designs. Therefore, the flooring should be done by a professional. It should be polished regularly. The subfloor must be flat for laying.

• Laminate flooring: Solid flooring has long-lasting durability and easy installation. It is easily used on wet floors such as entrance, hall, kitchen, living spaces, and even bathroom.

Why Should I Choose Carpet?

The carpet is soft and comfortable. It offers a soft and warm touch. It provides underfoot comfort. It creates a warm room atmosphere. It provides lifetime antistatic protection. No other flooring is so soft and comfortable compared to carpets.

Carpets have unlimited color and pattern selection. It adapts to personal preferences. Suitable for all decoration styles. No other flooring offers the same color, pattern and design options as carpets.

The carpet is durable and flexible. Stretches under pressure. Resistant to abrasion. It maintains its beautiful appearance for many years with good quality that comes with the right fiber selection. No other flooring offers the same durability as carpets.

Carpet reduces noise. It provides sound insulation. Absorbs noise, creates a quiet room atmosphere, and improves acoustic quality. No other flooring can provide noise reduction as much as carpets.

Carpet is healthy and safe. Reduces dust in the air. Prevents slipping and accidents. It is spine and joint-friendly. Reduces stress by reducing noise. No other flooring is as safe and healthy as carpets.

Why Should I Choose Hardwood?

Hardwood has a very important place in decoration. Aesthetics created by its natural structure defies years and fashion trends. It is a unique material that complements every space and decoration style. Solid wood parquet is a floor covering material which has been used for centuries and consists of wooden elements of certain form and thickness. It is natural and brings the naturalness and warmth of wood to your places. However, it is difficult and laborious to apply. Since it is thick and consists of a single layer of wood, it deforms by using over time.

When it comes to natural hardwood, we can think of a solid parquet, a wooden parquet, and most importantly, a laminated parquet, which can be used without any spoiling for many years. Laminated parquets are also 100% wood and they are produced with a certain technology, so they are much more useful and visually more alternative products than wooden solid parquets.

In solid parquets, the variety of colors is low. The reason for this is that the tree is monolithic and thus it is very difficult to accept the paint on its texture. However, in laminated parquets, this problem has been completely eliminated. The precious wood on the top layer is approximately 3.5 mm, which reacts positively to all kinds of paints and varnishes, and therefore the color diversity of the hardwood is limited by the manufacturer’s imagination.

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