How to Paint a Carpet?

Let’s say you have an old flat carpet and you want to use it in a different place or you want to turn your plain carpet into a different state. Of course, you can do this easily by painting your simple color carpets in different colors and patterns. You will also save money by not […]

Carpet Hole Repair

As we all know, the carpet in our homes is a big investment. Because of the fact that everyone has at least one carpet in their homes and they want the best one. So, it could be frustrating when there is a hole or some mark that you do not want in your beautiful carpet. […]

How Carpet Installation?

It is possible to install your carpet yourself, but it is a work that requires some skill. So you need to be a little curious about these things. It is sometimes practical to install the carpet in our houses without additional effort, but in large enterprises such as hotels, plazas, and educational institutions, we should […]