Carpet Design Yoga Mats (Recommended Products)

Practicing yoga should be an activity to release your mind and body. It can be a little bit difficult to practice yoga on the carpeted floor, even though you like the design of your carpet and think that it makes you relax and comfortable. It is not a good idea to practice yoga on the carpeted floor or concrete floor. Instead of practicing on the carpet, practicing on the carpet yoga mat will be a better idea for your body and mind. 

A carpet yoga mat mostly has the same design with any regular carpet but it is produced on purpose to practice yoga on it. Its texture and material are different than regular carpets or rugs. Even though it is a little bit complicated to choose the right one, you can always get help from a salesman or from your yoga teacher. It is not a good idea to practice yoga on a regular carpet or mat. That’s why you need to be careful about your preference. You need a specially produced and designed mat.

A carpet yoga mat gets the attention of people easily. Thanks to its colors, design, and texture, it may give you comfort and feel relaxed. It should be a mix of carpet, area rug, and yoga mat. It should have all the most important features of all of those. In the end, it will be a good investment for your practices and for your budget. 

You need to keep in mind that whatever the yoga mat you buy, your body needs to move freely on it. You should not sacrifice your balance which is the most important thing during yoga sessions. You need to take yoga sessions seriously and choose your carpet yoga mat accordingly. Eventually, you will thank yourself bout your wise decision. 

On the other hand, there are other options available to choose from, for example, carpet-appropriate yoga mats. It is something completely up to you, your wishes, and your preferences. There are many brands available to choose from on the market if you are interested in those yoga mats. 

Let’s say, you already tried many different yoga mats and you still could not find the most proper one for yourself. You do not need to give up. As we have mentioned above, there are many different brands, materials, colors, designs, and textures available to choose from. It is not a good excuse to give up on practicing yoga. You can easily find the one that fits your budget. It does not have to be expensive. However, you can even create your own mat, your own place, and your own surface according to your need and preference. 

Yoga mats are invented in the mid-1900s. In ancient times, it was very popular to use carpets for practicing yoga. Practitioners were used to practicing on a carpet, a rug, or directly grass. Those carpets and rugs were made of mostly animal skin. By the time, it was understood that yoga practice needs more cushioning and strength, they gave up to use these materials. And also technology has developed a lot to produce more durable and attractive yoga mats. Eventually, the material is mostly cotton which is an evolved carpet yoga mat. 

Practicing Yoga on Carpet/Area Rug

You want to practice yoga right now, but you missed the class at the studio you are a member of. Your work life is intense and you cannot go to the classes in the studios as you wish, and you cannot create time for practicing yoga. But if you have enough intention, there is no obstacle for you not to practice yoga.

How many yoga studios are there in the city where you live now? While yoga studios were constantly being opened, there were more yoga classes in gyms than before. This is great news. It is always recommended for practicing yoga in the studio. The effect of the group lesson does not change and it is very effective. You cannot find much pleasure in being with your friends, sharing energy, and making new discoveries elsewhere. At the same time, it is not possible to neglect to do your own practice at home. Sometimes the class hours do not fit and other times you want to stay with yourself and be with your own energy.

As the benefits of yoga are proven by professionals, it is becoming more popular and the number of yoga practitioners is increasing. Studios are also increasing, although not at the same rate. However, there are still provinces with an insufficient number of studios, even without studios. Don’t get in the way of this, you can practice at home and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

While practicing yoga at home, you can create an area that will satisfy you without needing too much material. Although it is said that owning a mat is enough, it is possible to do without a yoga mat. When you are at your own home, you can practice yoga by someone who is on the mat next to you without hurrying to touch you. Of course, getting out of the comfort zone is something specific to yoga. Because when you leave your comfort zone, you transform. Sometimes you will disturb your comfort so that the transformation you want happens.

It is highly possible that your entire house is carpeted. It can be the only problem practicing yoga at home. It may affect some poses and those poses can become highly challenging for practitioners. If you are someone familiar with yoga, you do not need to think about it at all. It will not affect your yoga session. 

After some time, practicing yoga at home has become normal for the practitioner. Practicing yoga on the carpet has become a non-issue. Even though the situation is like that, yoga professionals do not recommend practicing on the carpet. Because it may damage your body, your skeleton, and there could be scratches on your body. Basically, it is not a good idea for practicing yoga on a carpet regularly. 

Hygiene level is another important issue in this case. Because the carpet is mostly the dirtiest places in our homes. We walk on them every day. Many feet touch it every day. Or even without walking on it, all the dust in your house goes directly into the carpet or rug. During yoga sessions, you touch the carpet with all your body. Your hands, your legs, your arms, even your face touch the ground and carpet. You should have a concern about the hygiene level of your carpet. You need to clean or get professional help with it. Apart from hygiene, it is not practical. 

Still, we can say that even though it is not practical, hygienic, and healthy, if you do not have any other option to practice yoga, you can do it on the carpet. We say that it is not recommended by professionals. It is a little bit risky. It is a little bit harmful to your carpet as well. If you practice your session on the same spot of the carpet over and over, it will face as well. 

Thus, if you are interested in carpet design, if you think that it is more comfortable, instead of practicing yoga on the regular carpet or area rug, you can practice on a carpet yoga mat. As we have mentioned above and you will see some options below, there are many options available to choose from. 

Beautiful and Practical Carpet Yoga Mats You Can Find on Amazon Website

Ananda Premium Print Yoga Mat | 6mm Extra Thick 72“ Long Non-Slip Workout & Fitness Mat with Carrying Strap for Yoga, Pilates & Floor Exercises

It is a yoga mat in a unique design. It looks like a carpet or area rug but it is an amazing yoga mat. It is perfect for people who are looking for Boho design. It has the same features as the other yoga mats you can find on the market. Whether you are a beginner or professional, it will be your best friend. You can practice yoga sessions with a feeling of comfort and relaxation. It is for both men and women. It is a very functional and stylish carpet yoga mat. You can use it as a rug if you do not need a yoga mat anymore. It is easy to carry, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat | Luxury Sweat-Grip Mat/Towel Combo | Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber | Best for Yoga, Pilates, Bikram, Hot Yoga, Workout, and Exercise

Even though it is produced in a limited amount, there are many options available to choose from looking like a carpet but a yoga mat. It is produced especially for hot yoga sessions. It holds sweat. It gives comfort during yoga poses. You can move freely and smoothly. Apart from these features, it gets your attention with traditional design. With its design, it is a great way to express your style. It is an eco-friendly carpet yoga mat. If you do not need to use it as a yoga mat, you can use it as a runner or carpet. Overall, it is well worth to money you are going to invest.

Yoga Design LAB | The Combo Yoga MAT | 2-in-1 Mat+Towel | Eco-Luxury | Ideal for Hot Yoga, Power, Bikram, Ashtanga, Sweat | Studio Quality | Includes Carrying Strap!

Even though it does not have a traditional carpet design, it does not have a yoga mat design either. So, we can say that it can be used as a carpet or at least as something to sit on while sitting on the floor. It is easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to clean. You can easily clean in the washing machine and dry by hanging. You do not need to worry about the quality because it is the best. Overall, you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

Ananda 2-in-1 Hot Yoga Mat&Towel – Premium Boho Carpet Pattern Non-Slip Sweat Absorbing Suede Top, Natural Rubber Eco-Friendly Base with Carrying-Strap for Yoga, Pilates & Floor Exercises

It is a carpet yoga mat designed smartly. It is both a carpet and a yoga mat. It is both a towel and a yoga mat. It is a perfect offer for people who are looking for comfort, style, and practicality. Each of them is designed with Persian and Eastern styles. Apart from its practicality, it adds a stunning touch to your home décor. You will get lots of compliments at your house and in yoga studios with this beautiful carpet yoga mat. It is made of durable materials. It is easy to carry, easy to clean, and easy to store. Overall, it is highly recommended for people who are looking for style.

My Natural Gourmet Large Yoga Mat Non-Slip Extra Thick Kids Yoga Mat for Men Cute Yoga Mat for Women Travel Wide Hot Carrying Strap

It looks like a traditional area rug, however, it is a carpet yoga mat for yoga practitioners who are looking for practicality, comfort, and style at the same time. It is perfect for both home and yoga studios. It has a cool, fun, and colorful design. It is a light weighted and thick carpet yoga mat. Overall, you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

Reasons to Practice Yoga

Yoga promises positive results to the body, especially to get rid of the stress of daily life. Depression and psychological problems caused by heavy living conditions often negatively affect physical and mental health. One way to minimize the negative effects on the human body is to practice yoga. Yoga, which is a way of life with origins in India, aims to find peace in spirit and body. Yoga is based on love, which helps one to know oneself and to create a common language with the universe.

In yoga, where true breathing and posture techniques are very important, the breath should be taken from the nose, not from the mouth, and the body posture should be correct. Yoga, in which the mind is passive while the body is active, improves the quality of life, and positively affects one’s health.

  1. Helps To Reduce Stress

Yoga, in which the muscles are relaxed and the mind is in passive mode, provides relaxation by relaxing the nervous system. It helps to overcome the existing ailments more easily by keeping the body away from stress. Yoga, which increases blood circulation, helps the body to stay calm and peaceful and ensures that the internal organs are nourished with oxygen.

2. Strengthen Muscles 

Since yoga movements are based on the principle of stretching the muscles, it reduces the tension on the muscular system and enables the muscles to become stronger. It helps the muscles to become stronger by reducing back, neck, and wrist pain. Especially yoga during pregnancy helps the mother to have a healthier birth by relieving the contraction of the muscles.

3. Organize Breathing 

Yoga, which increases oxygen intake and regulates breathing, plays a major role in restructuring the spine and muscles. It regulates body movements and helps to stay fit with the correct inhalation and exhalation.

4. Provides a Balance Between Mind and Body

Helping to maintain mental and physical balance, yoga facilitates focus and helps increase concentration by relaxing the muscles and the mind at the same time. It provides a more balanced and positive perspective and makes it easier for us to be at peace with ourselves.

5. There is No Place For Competition 

Since yoga is not a competitive activity, situations such as running faster or beating an opponent are out of the question. Yoga, which is a philosophy in harmony with the flow of life, aims at harmony with the current mood of the body.

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