Carpet Washing: How To Wash, Washing Machines, Professional Washing, Detergents and Recommended Products

Carpet washing is the most effective way to keep both your floor-to-floor and wall-to-wall carpets clean and healthy. Even in homes that are not used very often or where there is not much human traffic, carpets are often exposed to dust, dirt, food spills, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and many other harmful substances. While cleaning the carpets regularly is effective for surface cleaning, harmful substances that accumulate under the carpet surfaces can only be cleaned by washing the carpet.

Regular carpet washing not only allows you to use them for long periods by cleaning the carpets in-depth but also helps you to create a healthy living space where you can breathe more easily.

Although the frequency of carpet washing can increase according to the density of use of the room in which your carpet is located, whether there are stains on your carpet, whether there are children or pets in your home or if the residents are allergic to dust, many experts recommend washing carpets with a dry foam system at least two times a year.

The most important reason to wash your carpet is cleaning. Eventually, we want to lead a healthy life in a clean environment. If we do the cleaning of our carpet at regular intervals in time, we will protect the cleanliness and health of our children, ourselves, our family, in short, everyone.

When we wash our carpet, the germs on our carpet die and are removed from our carpet. It should not be forgotten that mites on carpets are allergenic insects. It is in our hands not to create an ideal environment for them to reproduce by leaving their eggs and not to pass their incubation periods.

The Importance of Washing Carpet

The importance of carpet washing is that carpets are an indispensable part of the houses and they are necessarily found in almost every home. Although carpets are the most useful items in our homes, they can be the most dangerous and harmful items if they are not kept hygienic.

The cleanness of the carpets is very important for some group of people, although it is not considered the same by the other certain group. There is a risk of directly affecting human health. In this case, all you have to do is to wash your carpets within certain times.

Even if you think that doing this carpet washing in the balconies and gardens of the houses will have positive results, it will not give the exact result you want. Because there are dense yarns inside the carpets. And in order for dirt to come out of these threads, it must be cleaned very well. Doing it in the home environment will have negative consequences. For full equipment cleaning, you need to contact carpet washing companies. If you do this regularly, bacteria will not grow on your carpets.

The process of hammering and shaking the carpet in the home style is also extremely wrong. Because it mixes the bacteria directly into the air and allows it to enter your body through the nose and mouth. Carpet washing is an issue that you should not underestimate. Especially if you have small children living in your home. Because their body resistance and immune system are lower, they can attract airborne diseases more easily to their bodies. That’s why carpet cleaning is very important.

In order to keep the carpets clean, they need to be washed periodically. Carpet cleaning is only useful when it is done regularly and continuously. The logic of “I wash my carpets as they get dirty” is very wrong. Because, apart from the visible dirt in carpets, there is also invisible dirt, which is the worst in terms of health. As long as carpet washing is done in reliable companies, it brings benefits. The company that will wash the carpets should be professional in this regard, it should have the necessary carpet washing machines and experienced carpet washing staff.

Your carpets should be washed in the interval of at least 6 months and at most 12 months. If you do not pay attention to such matters, you will also cause insects to form inside the carpets rather than bacteria. Insects use the carpet itself as food and they quickly breed. Imagine that you have a child crawling in your home and assume that this carpet travels the entire surface. Are you aware of how endangered you are? It is absolutely undesirable to experience such situations.

If you call and reach carpet washing companies and tell them that your carpets should be washed, they will reach your home and clean them as soon as possible. Again, they deliver your carpets to you in a short period of time. The thing you need to do for your health is that simple. With such an easy solution, you can clean your homes and breathe fresh air. You should also wash your carpets that add color and styling to your homes in extremely high-quality places. Car wash style places will make this process completely overhand.

In addition, excessive fatigue, insomnia, stress, and headache have become problems with people if the bacteria on the carpets get into the air. However, if you regularly wash your carpets, you will not encounter any of these problems. Special detergents used in carpet washing cause thorough cleaning of germs one to one without harming human health. You will not believe any of them. But if you see them, the importance of carpet cleaning is not neglected. It is necessary not to underestimate.

Being clean and healthy is the most important factor in our life. We must make it a habit for ourselves and we must act and live accordingly. Unfortunately, an individual cannot realize how important it is without endangering human health. Instead of acting after your health is at risk, act fast before putting your health in danger. Because after our health is gone, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean the carpet.

The dust accumulated in the carpets may also differ depending on their types. For example, wool carpet cleaning is the carpet that should be at the highest level. Because the wool on the skin of the animal is used in making woolen carpets, their bacteria types are different. Insects that we cannot see as much as small hair are penetrated deep inside and do not come out easily. For this, definitely a professional in carpet cleaning should do carpet cleaning. Otherwise, insects will multiply by spawning in them. As we mentioned, it is not possible to see with our eyes because they are very small. All this information should not be ignored and you should pay the utmost attention to your health.

How Is the Carpet Washed?

If you want to learn the answer to this question, the first thing you should do is to contact the place where you bought the carpet, or if you have a look at the warranty document and learn the washing instructions. If you are going to get service from carpet cleaning companies, don’t forget to share this information. Many factors, from the type of yarn, used when weaving a carpet, to mass production or hand weaving, determine the methods to be used in carpet cleaning.

Thanks to practical information for carpet cleaning, you can ensure that your belongings, that is, your carpets, which you need to take care of hygiene in your home the most, are perfect. If you want your carpet to be long-lasting while keeping it clean, you need to know which methods you should apply, such as wiping, washing, sending to the washing companies, shaking, or sweeping.

It is possible to wash your carpets in three ways which are in your home with your own methods, with carpet washing machines and sending them to professional carpet washing companies. You can get cleaning tools such as brush, broom, bucket, cloth as a preliminary preparation for hand-washing your carpets.

Do not forget to use gloves during cleaning. The key to carpet cleaning at home is to wash your carpet back and forth until there is no detergent residue and then dry it in a place that does not take the sun directly. Otherwise, there may be odor with bacteria production and carpets are not hygienic despite being washed.

After washing the carpet in general, it is also necessary to deal with carpet fringes. The fringes of some carpets are quite common. There may still be contaminated places that do not receive water and detergent. With the help of a brush, you can brush, open them, and ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. When drying carpet fringes, you should dry them on a flat surface to avoid mixing.

If you are going to use a carpet washing machine for carpet cleaning, you need to know which detergent is used in the carpet washing machine. You should buy carpet shampoos and stain removers, which you can easily find in any market, from the ones for the machine.

If you look at the types of detergents for carpet cleaning, it is possible to find many detergent options, organic and chemical. The choice of detergent varies according to the wishes and needs of the person, but it is recommended that you give priority to organic solutions such as vinegar and carbonate for your health.

If you want your carpets to shine and get rid of their stains, you can apply the cleaning method with white vinegar. You can add vinegar to the wiping water to shine, and you can use a mixture of vinegar and salt to get rid of the stains.

To quickly get rid of stains on the carpet, it will be sufficient to clean the carpet with laundry soda. It is a natural carpet cleaning method since it contains only sodium carbonate. To maintain carpet cleaning for a long time, do not neglect frequent ventilation and sweeping.

Carpet Washing Machines

Undoubtedly the most troublesome products in house cleaning are carpets. And especially for ladies who are sensitive about meticulousness and cleanliness, it is very important to clean the carpet. It is possible to wash your carpets with a company you trust. These carpet cleaning companies perform carpet cleaning with very high-powered machines.

In addition, the detergent derivatives included in these machines are special products produced only for carpet care. These machines are produced with the latest technology in the business of cleaning your carpets without damaging the texture, discoloring them, and for long-term cleaning. And today, the number of people trying to wash the carpet with their own facilities is very few. In this way, it is possible to save money and the advantage of using it for many years without damaging your carpets.

Particular attention is given to carpet cleaning, especially during deep cleaning periods, and carpets are washed at least 2-3 times a year. Professional carpet washing machines, which are designed based on the old methods used in carpet cleaning and the insufficiency of hand power, and which admire everyone with their use, help to deeply clean the carpets and purify them from dirt, stains, and dust. When choosing a professional machine for carpets that need to be cleaned at least every 6 months, interior cleaning materials and apparatus must be taken into consideration.

Professional carpet washing machine allows you to perform carpet cleaning in your home by using your power in the least way and by tiring in the least way. Professional carpet washing machines are divided into more than one type. When you want to wash your carpets with periodic processes, you can obtain them from machines that are suitable for use in the home and narrow spaces. However, in order to do this job as a profession and to be able to wash both your own carpets and others’ carpets, you need to obtain them from carpet washing machines that are fully automatic or work with a little hand force.

Professional carpet washing machines, which are fully automatic, gusseted, and hand-held, are used as a whole with their internal and external parts, carpet washing apparatus, and all other parts. These machine models, which are used for cleaning both small carpets and large carpets, wet the carpets first. It provides detergent efficiency and provides foaming and brushing of carpets with a brush. Thus, dirt, stains, and dust swell and move away from the carpets. At the last stage, the machines provide rinsing by absorbing the dirt, stain, and dust on the carpets with their foam. You can easily find these state-of-the-art models online.

What Are the Features of Carpet Washing Detergents?

While the carpet washing detergents produced in parallel with the developed carpet washing technology provide very important advantages, being the first time for a real and detailed carpet washing, it also attracts attention with its protective raw material and brightness properties. If we look at the general features of carpet washing detergents, it is seen that carpet washing detergents do not leave any residue on the carpets.

In addition to very dirty carpets, carpet washing detergents provide a very important benefit for very stubborn stains. Carpet shampoo is also suitable for machine use. Carpet washing detergents can be used safely in all kinds of carpets, regardless of their quality. They provide high-quality hygiene in carpets. They provide very important effects for the carpets to be rejuvenated and rejuvenated with a more vivid and brighter appearance.

Carpet washing detergents also manage to provide a significant awareness in addition to carpet cleaning with the perfume fragrances they contain.
In addition to the features of carpet washing detergents, it is seen that they have indispensable issues. In addition to cleaning, a good carpet washing detergent should act with zero risks, especially in terms of health, and maintain the public health in the detergents it uses. Although it is very important that there is no phosphate in carpet washing detergents in this direction, carpet washing detergent should also have professional antistatic properties.

It should be tried to prefer vegetable-based carpet washing shampoos. They should definitely be antibacterial. In carpets that are washed with a carpet washing detergent, brightness and liveliness should occur after washing. It is very important that carpet washing detergents have antiallergic properties, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers. A good carpet detergent should be easy to rinse after washing. All these features are very important for practical carpet cleaning and washing.

Carpet Washing Prices

Carpet washing prices vary so much among carpet washing companies that it is not even sincere for you to feel lost. So, how can there be such differences in prices?

The shortest answer to this question is that there are gaps between the carpet washing qualities of the companies. Carpet washing companies, especially those with low trump low prices, are far from having an attitude towards meeting standards during carpet washing. The carpet washing shampoo used during the washing process, the water flowed during rinsing, the stain removers used to treat the stains, and the only thing done by a carpet washing factory that cuts down all the costs that can be cut is nothing more than watering and drying the carpet.

For this reason, you will get rid of carpet cleaning services and risks are given at low standards by getting service from carpet washers that provide professional carpet washing services with reasonable carpet cleaning prices.

Carpet Washing Companies

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of carpet washing companies all over the world. Although this seems to be in favor of consumers who receive washing services for their rugs, it has actually been against them. Because even carpet washing companies in big cities have not yet reached the desired quality standard. In order to increase the standards, the number of companies providing professional services should increase.

You should wash your carpets that add color and style to your home decor in extremely high-quality places. Car wash style places will make this process completely overhand. Your washed carpets should dry in sunless environments. This only happens in professional carpet washing centers.

Dry Foam Carpet Washing Service

You can receive your carpets within the next day by using dry foam carpet washing method by using special washing machines and shampoo for carpets. Different types of carpets such as hand-woven, wool, silk, china, Nepal, Iran, shaggy should be washed with this method.

Carpet Washing Methods

Choosing a carpet cleaning method suitable for the material from which the carpets are made is important as it determines how long the carpet will be used. Carpet washing methods are generally divided into 5 main categories. These are shampooing, foam washing, dry cleaning, steam washing, and deep washing.

Professional Carpet Washing Services

Considering the time you lose by washing the carpet at home and other risks you take, contacting the nearest carpet cleaning companies to your house that provide professional services will allow you to say goodbye to your carpet washing problems in a short and effective way.

At this point, you can not only clean your carpets with the professional carpet washing service you will get, but you will also benefit from your carpets for longer periods of time. Deep carpet cleaning will also help your carpet regain its true colors as it will remove the layer of dirt that fades your carpet.

In addition, not only carpet shampoo but also stain removers for each stain are used during the professional carpet washing process. Many stains that do not become permanent on carpet fibers can be completely removed from the carpet thanks to carpet shampoo and stain remover products.

Considering the time you lose by washing the carpet at home and other risks you take, contacting the carpet cleaning companies that provide professional services will allow you to say goodbye to your carpet washing problems shortly.

How to Do Carpet Cleaning by Wiping

Calling a carpet company to take your carpets from your house to get in clean is the easiest way you can do. It can be done in a couple of days. On the other hand, there are some possibilities that can affect in a negative way when you send your carpets to those companies. For example, strong chemicals, not clean enough environment, not enough drying time, material burden, and so on. Instead of dealing with these problems, you can wipe your carpets by yourself.

We all are aware that it is not practical to wash carpet at home and most of the time conditions are not good enough to provide necessary conditions to dry properly. Thus, it is a good alternative to wipe your carpets. At least, you can extend the time before washing. Even though wiping doesnt provide enough cleaning results, it is a good alternative. You need to be careful while wiping as well. Instead of using only cloth and detergent in order to prevent dust from being trapped inside the carpet, there is some trick you can apply. For example, you need to use some removing tools for powders.

How to Clean the Dust in the Carpet

It is necessary to remove dust from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, we all know that it is not possible to remove all the dust from the carpet only by sweeping. So, it will be a good choice to vacuum after sweeping. If your cleaner has an additional tool to reach deeper parts of your carpet, it will be a good choice for you. It is healthier to do it in that way. After this process, your carpet is ready to be wiped.

What Should You Use to Wipe the Carpet?

Especially for handmade carpets, wool carpets, and natural dyeing carpets, it is possible to block situations such as color bleeding, fading, or carpet wear. Instead of detergent, the only thing you need to do is using a soap. It has been a highly preferred and recommended cleaning method for a long time, and against carpet shampoo companies’ advertisements which cost millions of dollars, it is a method retains their popularity by spreading from ear to ear. The additives of this product, which there is no harmful chemical in it, have been produced with a low cost and high competition. You should definitely choose one hundred percent natural soaps.

There is a healthier way to clean the carpet as well. With the help of baking soda, which you can find in each house easily, it can be done healthier. It is cheaper, healthier, and can be found easily. You can eliminate bad odor, kill harmful bacterias, keep its original color from fading, and protect from any kind of stains. If you do this task with proper brush and cloth, it will be even easier to clean. It provides an opportunity to get amazing results.

What Type of Cloth Is Needed to Wipe a Carpet?

Most people think that the type of carpet is not important while wiping the carpet. But, it is not true. It is very important. It is important to keep your carpet dry as much as you can while wiping. For this reason, microfiber cloths can be chosen. The brush is also very important. It should have very soft fibers because you need to protect your carpet from wear. If these tools are sufficient enough, you can easily reach each part of the carpet and clean it very well.

Recommended Carpet Washing Products on Amazon 

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220

It is one of the best carpet washing machines you can find an Amazon. It is a great deal because it comes with its cleaner. It is easy to use, easy to maneuver, easy to clean, and easy to store. It is very convenient and functional to have. Instead of calling companies, you can get a professional result with this machine at home. It has an automatic detergent system. The ratio is determined by itself. Overall, you will be extremely satisfied with your purchase and the results you get after using it. 

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning 2 Motor Extractor Machine

If your only purpose is cleaning the carpet, not the concrete floor or wood floor, this machine is exactly for you. It cleans the carpet amazingly. It makes a drastic change even in the first use. The only thing you need to use is moving the machine back and forward. You can clean the tanks easily after using it. It is very convenient to use. It may cost more than you expect, however, it is for sure worth the money you are going to spend on. 

Hoover ONEPWR Spotless GO Cordless Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, Portable, Lightweight, BH12010, White

You can easily clean your carpet, furniture, and upholstery thanks to its light-weighted design. Its compact design makes it highly convenient to use and store. It is a cordless and portable carpet washing machine. According to customer reviews, it would be the best machine you can find on the market. With its affordable price, you will be very pleased with your purchase. 

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1400B, Green

It is a great little carpet washing machine with its good suction. With this machine, tough spots and stubborn stains can easily resolve. You need to empty tanks between each use. It is important to use clean soap and clean water. Apart from its formulated detergent, it is not recommended to use any other detergent. Besides its functionality, when you purchase this machine, you donate to the pet foundation. It means you save pets as well. Overall, it is a machine that makes you very satisfied. 

Hoover SmartWash Pet Automatic Carpet Cleaner with Spot Chaser Stain Remover Wand, Shampooer Machine for Pets, FH53000PC, Purple

It has a different design than other carpet washing machines you can find on the market. It has a trigger-less design. It makes the usage very easy and provides professional results. It provides instant cleaning. Immediately after you use it, you can see the difference. Besides, it is specially designed for pet stains. If you are a pet owner, there is no need to hesitate at all. It will be your best friend. There are include different attachments to make your cleaning easy. Overall, it is a good carpet cleaning machine you can spend money on. 

BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine and Carpet Shampooer, 2085

Even though it doesn’t look like, it is a highly light weighted machine to use. It removes embedded dirt and stubborn stains amazingly. It has very powerful suction. It provides quick cleaning. Thanks to its formulated detergent, you can clean even more stubborn stains easily. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store. With its affordable price, you will be highly satisfied with your purchase.

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