Carpet Tapes: What Is It Used For?, Best Uses, Types and Recommended Products on Amazon

It is almost impossible to find a place without any carpet whether it is a home or workplace. Because of the fact that one way or another, people want a carpet or rug in their living places whatever the reason is. So, if you use a carpet in your living space which means at least once in your life, you need to use carpet tape. 

Using a carpet tape may depend on lots of different reasons. These reasons mostly include protections for your carpet. For example, if you decide to paint your walls but don’t want to remove your carpets, so you can use carpet tape to tape groundsheets to the carpet; or, you can make a design and divide your room with carpet tape. You can choose a type of carpet tape according to your needs. It should be strong enough to adhere but shouldn’t damage the carpet. 

For applications and installation, there are three types of carpet tapes available that mostly used. One type should keep carpets and rugs in a place, one type should bind up raw edges on carpets and carpet fragments, and another one should join two or more sections of carpeting to create a single piece. Apart from these definitions, keep in mind that there are lots of application methods for carpet tapes. 

Let’s say you want to keep your carpet in place, you should use double-sided carpet tape. There are adhesives on both sides of these tapes. It provides you to create a strong bond due to its stickiness level. This type is usually found in rolls. It is the most recommended type and an ideal solution for any carpet that is not manufactured as a no-slip. 

If you want to keep your tape ready for use whenever you want and keep adhesive fresh, you can include a paper backing on sides of the tape. After cutting the sections of the tape, you can peel away paper backing. You can tape the cut sections under the carpet and move on the floor into which position you want. Then, you can step up to carpet in order to make the bond between tape, carpet, and surface stronger. 

Even though a carpet tape is mostly used for bonding the edges of carpet fragments, when you want to use larger areas for an area rug, it would be still highly helpful to create that strong bond. While not as secure as other types of carpet tapes, the vinyl tape will remain in place for a significant amount of time. 

If you want to make a strong connection to hold your carpet in place, you should prefer to use one-sided carpet seam tape. It is generally used when joining two smaller pieces to form one larger carpet. When you turn upside down your carpet, it is possible to determine the area you want to apply a one-sided carpet tape in order to make two pieces together.

It is generally used by designers for different purposes. They use them to create interesting and unique products. Other than that, you can use it to insert a new section of the carpet and cut from the larger piece. 

For all floor types, you can find a suitable carpet tape to be used. It can also be used for different purposes. It can be used to hide scratches on furniture and carpets, fix torn mats, or create new designs. Removing the carpet tape often leaves no traces or residue on the floor. Depending on the brand and quality, it can also be used for a lifetime. Most carpet types can be easily applied and removed by hand.

You can use carpet tape in many different ways. You can apply everywhere you desire whether dry or moist. Carpet tape can be used for safety reasons as well. It protects your family members, you, or even your pet from a sudden accident. In terms of safety, you can protect livings from any kind of hazard using carpet tape. It is suitable for all types of flooring such as wood, tiles, vinyl, and carpet. It is also used in other decorations at home. Instead of using for flooring, you may think about other installations, applications, and renovations in your house.

Even though there are several and different ways to use a carpet tape, the main purposes are holding a carpet in one place and creating bonding between torn parts of the carpet pieces and floor. The folding is done in a single carpet. This causes all exposed areas of the floor to be reshaped, scratching furniture or changing the floor to a new look. 

You can use a carpet tape for more or less every type of flooring. It doesn’t matter whether outside or inside, rough or smooth face. If there are corrupted or broken things such as floors or accessories, they can be protected for a lifetime by using carpet tape. Carpet tape can prevent an accident caused by damaged carpets by holding carpets together. It can be easily applied and removed, there is no trace of any kind of stains on removal. 

For centuries, it has been observed that the carpet adds beauty to every home. If for any reason, a slight incision is made on your carpet or its design deteriorates due to cutting and tearing, you will feel that the defective design remains. However, you don’t have to worry because carpet tape is a good tool for removing and repairing such disorders. The quality of your carpet may look as good as before.

A carpet tape also plays an important role in corner banding from the four sides to fit the carpet according to your living area. In addition, carpet tape can also be used on tiles, vinyl, and wood to protect the floor. By using carpet tape other than its purpose, you can give your home a great look and great decoration. For example, you can make a design line and paint your walls according to those lines.

When you have decided to buy a carpet tape according to your needs, you need to check its quality and strength. Also, it would be a good idea to check its reviews because maybe it is a small thing you spend money on but it gives a new look to your place as well as keeps your family and pets safe. 

Painter’s Tape

It is designed to determine the lines on your walls or carpet. It is designed to be used during painting to protect or make the surfaces that you do not want or want to paint. It is the most ideal type of carpet tape for use in carpets. It has light adhesiveness. Do not damage the carpet when pulling the tape up. Available in home improvement stores and paint shops.

Carpet-Safe Tape

It is mostly designed for use by industrial renovations and painters. It consists of large and protective layers. You can use them to tape your walls and carpets. It is very thick and typically clear.

Masking Tape

It provides a light enough bond compared to other types of tape. It does not damage the carpet in any way. It is very thin. It is not an ideal type of tape for fixing drip glands during painting because it does not provide sufficient adhesiveness. It is more convenient to use for dividing rooms or making lines.

Clear Tape

It is possible to find these tapes in several thickness levels. The slim ones are suitable for wrapping gifts. Thick ones are used for boxes. It may leave a little residue on your surfaces. It is not suitable for children to mark an area or use it for children’s games.

Double-Sided Carpet Tape

It is the most preferred and recommended type of carpet tape. There is an adhesive on both sides of the tape. It provides very good adhesion to create a strong bond between the two surfaces. Its performance depends on three basic factors: stickiness, removability, and versatility.

  • Extreme stickiness: Adhesive gives tape an aggressive hold. Due to its adhesive feature, you can prevent slipperiness and your flooring looks better.
  • Removability: It is designed to be removed easily. It is especially useful and convenient for temporary events or surfaces that you cannot easily repair.  
  • Versatility: It gives you an opportunity to working on textile surfaces. It can be applied even in cold temperatures. They are moisture-resistant and as a result heat resistant.

Surfaces That Are Easily Applied Carpet Tape

  • hardwood: residential houses, patios, restaurant floors, ballrooms, basements
  • laminate flooring: residential houses, sunbath rooms, business places, finished basements, and baseboards, playgrounds
  • cork flooring: children’s play areas, museums, high traffic spaces where you need a comfortable walking and standing surface
  • carpeting: retail business, hotels, offices, convention centers, gyms, yoga studios
  • tile: residential houses, kitchens, offices, health centers
  • concrete: warehouses, baseboards, garages, markets and shop malls
  • vinyl flooring: kitchens, retail stores, markets, schools
  • asphalt: mostly for outdoor use, carnivals, fairs, exhibitions
  • rubber: gymnasium floors, commercial kitchens, retail stores
  • epoxy flooring: airports, factories, breweries, cafeterias, stadiums, healthcare centers

How Can You Use Double-Sided Carpet Tape With High Performance in Important Places?


  • Making a strong bond between foam rubber flooring and concrete subfloor at gyms
  • Making a strong bond between mats and subfloor at health care centers
  • Making a strong bond between rugs or carpet runners and wall-to-wall carpets of concrete subfloor at mostly living places
  • Making strong tile flooring at health care centers


  • Making strong carpeting in airports
  • Making a strong floor covering in museums and galleries
  • Making strong mats in the entrance at hotels
  • Making sustainable floor options at fairs and trade shows
  • Making non-permanent rubber carpeting at convention centers
  • Making the carpeting inside of stadiums
  • Useful in kitchens due to non-slip feature


  • Making a non-permanent carpet for baseboards
  • Being a carpet tile in business and offices that need a quiet environment
  • Making tiles comfortable in business lobbies
  • Making carpet comfortable in factories flooring
  • Making a strong bond between rubber floor runner and concrete subfloor in warehouses
  • More than for carpet, useful in holding clothes together
  • Making a useful and undangerous mat in laboratories


  • Useful as an entrance mat in markets and shops
  • Useful as a vinyl industrial mat at grocery stores
  • Useful under salon chairs in hair salons
  • Useful in mechanic bays in order to make a strong bond

How to Use Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Double-sided carpet tape allows us to keep the underside of the carpet or carpet tiles firmly on the concrete subfloor. Therefore, the adhesive contained in the tape is very important and must be very strong. It is often used in installations. It is designed to be permanent in its production. However, some manufacturers offer removable tape for temporary installations. In order for the carpet tape to adhere properly, you should take care that your subfloor surface is clean.

Steps to Follow To Use Double-Sided Carpet Tape

  1. Stretch enough the carpet
  2. Roll half of the carpet back onto itself 
  3. Tape the area without carpeting
  4. Unroll the carpet over the taped area
  5. Roll up the opposite side of the carpet 
  6. Roll it far enough to see some of the tapes on the floor 
  7. Tape the other half of the room
  8. Apply the tape to the perimeter and interior 
  9. Make cuts, you can use a straightedge and utility knife to make the actual cuts 
  10. Peel the paper backing off the exposed tape 
  11. Roll it smooth 
  12. Walk over the carpet to make it more sticky 
  13. Run a carpet roller over the entire area to ensure the carpet and tape stick together 

Recommended Products on Amazon

Duck 286373 Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Tape, 1.41-Inch x 42 Feet, White

It makes installing, holding, seaming, or repairing carpet inside or outside of your home. It provides quick and easy installation. It is very sticky on both sides and holds the carpet in place perfectly. The easy-to-remove liner allows for easy application. It is easy to install and peel. It is easy to lift and readjust. It leaves no residue on the carpet back or subfloor. This is quality carpet tape which is affordable at the same time.

XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs, Residue-Free, 2-Inch x 30 Yards; Wood Safe 2 Faced Rug Tape for Carpet to Floor and Rug to Carpet Applications

It is a durable double-sided carpet tape. It is easy to maintain. You can easily install and peel off by hand. It can be easily removed by hand without leaving any residue that may damage delicate hardwood floors. There is little to no residue left behind upon removal. It provides very good adhesion. This rug tape works for a rug to carpet and carpet to floor applications. This tape comes as a nice big roll.  

Take a cue from the packaging which says “easy to tear” and tear it. The tape itself is easier to rip and generally tears clean and straight, ripping the backing paper irregularly along the same break. It provides good removing if you want to remove due to creating a paper lip.

Melca Double Sided Rug Tape – Hardwood Floors, Carpet, Area Rugs, Tile (2.5 Inch, 30 Yards)

 It does what it says it does. It has 2.5 inches width for maximum coverage. It is an ideal tape for woodworking, stairs, and corners. Also, it is ideal for safety reasons such as slippery. It has optimal weight, strength, and pliability. It is one the best nonslip heavy-duty dual tapes you can find on the market. It is easy to handle and apply. It stays in place. When it is removed, there is no residue on the carpet or subfloor. It leaves a residue on the tool which is used for cutting the tape. It tends to stick to your tools such as your scissor or utility knife because it is super sticky and a little tricky to use. 

It is a kind of tape that you need for more or less every project. It provides you waht you need. It does have some thickness, a few miles, and a thin white flexible plastic film of some sort which is bound into the core of the adhesive. It is very good stuff and the seller is super friendly.

IPG Double-Sided Indoor Carpet Tape, 1.88″ x 36 yd (Single Roll) – 9970

It works for mounting novelties and promotional items, sign positioning, splicing, and any application that requires the joining of two surfaces. It is only for indoor use. It definitely works to keep the carpet down on hardwood floors. The carpet tape is easy to pull off once you get it starts. But it definitely leaves a sticky residue and removes the varnish off of your hardwood floors. It looks very good even on the top of the carpet. Even though sometimes it is not enough to stick, iy is preferable for low-pile carpet.

Sugarman Creations Strongest Double Sided Carpet Tape

This carpet tape is strong and long-lasting. It holds more or less every surface securely and can be easily installed. Suitable types of flooring could be stairs, tiles, stones, and wood rugs. It is considered excellent for durable and long-lasting high traffic areas such as stairs, marriage halls, kitchen, etc. It is perfect for home jobs. It is excellent for the professional carpet layer. It can be used for permanent installation in order to lay entire areas with carpet or tile in both indoor and outdoor locations. 

This tape works perfectly for homes as well as being perfect for the propulsion space. It will not stain the floor, and when the time comes to remove the tape, it will pull up nicely without leaving any residue. It is pretty easy to remove the first set of tape with no damage or residue left behind. You can use a knife to cut, not scissors. And you won’t make a mess. Make sure you measure and map out where you want to place the rugs on the carpet before placing a carpet tape.

YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs Carpet Adhesive Rug Gripper Removable Multi-Purpose Rug Tape Cloth for Hardwood Floors, Outdoor Rugs, Carpets.Heavy Duty Sticky Tape

The most important feature of this tape is that it sticks very well each time and escapes easily with a light knife. It is the super-strong double-sided and heavy-duty tape you can find on the market. This tape is really good for down area rugs to keep in place and vacuum. Easily reusable corner stickers. It is awesome for oriental rugs and other rugs with a carpeted backing. 

It is not the easiest to cut through but it’s worth it. You need to be careful when you install. Sticky see should be down. Before pulling off the paper side from the tape, be careful to stick directly to the rug or carpet. This tape has the two most important qualities that you need in this type of tape. It sticks well and stays stuck. It is easy to peel off the vinyl protective with a light slice of a razor knife. Keep in mind that you should never try to peel protective from the end of the tape.

TapePlus Professional Rug Tape – 2 Inch by 40 Yards (120 Feet! – 2X More!) – Double Sided Non-Slip Carpet Tape – Premium White Finish – Perfect Gripper for Holding Indoor Rugs in Place

It works for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This carpet tape is completely safe for wood, tiles, stones, mats, and carpet. It does not leave any residue behind. It can make its grip especially on any type of surface. It is super wide, so remove it very carefully. It works great sticking to the carpet beneath and has kept the rugs all in place. It is easy to lift and re-stick to the carpet. It maintains integrity.

iPrimio NeverCurl Double-Sided Extra Thick Rug Tape with Mesh Fabric – 2″ by 60 Feet Roll – Anti Slip Non-Skid Gripper Tape For Rugs, Mats, Pads, Runners – Indoors Work on Any Floor – Hardwood Tiles Laminates

It works on all types of surfaces. It prevents your family from all types of loss from stairs and floors. It is super useful for various household jobs. According to a buyer, this tape is a lifesaver. That is what this product is for, it works well for rugs on carpet, doesn’t move around, and it is still removable.

Double Bond Double Sided Carpet Tape, 0.75-Inch x 30 Yards

It can easily stick to any type of surface with hot-melt adhesives power capability. It is heavy, stronger, and it holds all decorative rugs in any place. It is sturdy, rolled out nicely and the backing came off easily and cleanly. It leaves no residue in its previously placed spaces. Useful for your professional project and home improvement.

Kraftex Carpet Tape 10yd/30ft Roll, For Rugs, Mats, Pads, Runners [Anti Slip Non-Skid Technology] Indoor Gripper Tape Double Sided Adhesive [Works on Any Floor] Grips Hardwood, Tile, Laminate Floor (30ft)

It can be used both indoor and outdoor. Both work in any environment on the surface. This is better than unreliable carpet glue and works for both dry and moist areas of your home. 

Of course, nobody wants to remove the floor because of the wrong usage of tape. So, this tape is perfect for you due to having a duck tape at backing. After laying down the duck tape, it is time to place the double-sided tape. There is only one thing you need to be careful during peeling the duck tape up. Due to double-sided tape’s stickiness, it stays on the top of the duct tape. In the end, it won’t ruin your flooring and it won’t leave any residue. Even though it leaves, it won’t be a heavy one. You can clean it with a basic cleaner.

Scotch Painter’s Tape ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape, 1.88-inch x 60 yards, 1 Roll – 2090-48E

It is the tape that DIY painters and professional installers have loved for more than 30 years. It doesn’t matter where you want to paint. It can be wood, not a wall you want to paint, but a wall next to it, a tiled floor, or your windows. You do not need to change it continuously by staying on the surface you adhered for up to 14 days. Then you can remove it without causing any damage and leaving residue. It helps to protect your surfaces while bringing your creative vision to life. 

Other than its original purpose, you can use it for different purposes, for example, sticking objects. Also, it is great for bundling random tools/parts for storage and easily tearing off when needed.

FROGTAPE 1358463 Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape with PAINTBLOCK, Medium Adhesion, 0.94″ Wide x 60 Yards Long, Green

These tapes have the PaintBlock Technology patent. This gives it a super absorbency feature when it reacts with water. It has a design on the edges of the band that prevents the paint from passing and prevents the need for retouching. In addition, it prevents abrasion at the canister band edges and provides protection against damage. It protects the tape against dirt. It looks like it is not an important feature but when you start painting it is very important.

This tape does leave very clean lines, and it worth the investment if you are super picky and want everything to be perfect. It leaves a very sharp edge when you remove the tape, and it does not tear the paper like some other masking tapes. If money is no question, go with this carpet tape.

Double-Sided Tape – HJ Traceless Washable Adhesive Tape Double Sided Gel Clear Tape Nano Grip Tape Anti-Slip Removable Reusable Mounting Tape

It is very easy to remove and leave no residue. It doesn’t allow you to damage your floors, carpets, walls, or surfaces. While traditional carpet tapes can be used only once, you can use this tape more than 2000 times. When the tape is not sticky anymore, just wash the dust with the cold water, water will recover the stickiness. 

Besides its original use, you can use it in many different projects. For example, you can use it to secure your small items in place. In addition to large items such as furniture, carpets, etc., you can also use your phones to glue flat plates and frames. It is suitable for kitchen, bathroom, home, office, scene layout, wedding decoration, and other occasions. In short, it is highly useful for any occasion and any place.

Shurtape DF 545 Double-Sided Carpet and Duct Tape, Sticks to Hardwood, Concrete, Tile and More, Natural with Blue Liner, 48mm x 33 Meters, 1 Roll (152496)

It is for holding, seaming, and securing carpet, rugs, and carpet pad. It can also be used for general purpose hanging and splicing applications. It has a versatile adhesive system and allows you to use it in many different areas and projects. You can use it on your concrete, tile, hardwood, and even irregular surfaces. It is easy to use, install, and remove. And even more good, it doesn’t leave any residue behind when you want to remove it.

3M Scotch Outdoor Carpet Tape CT3010, 1.375 in x 13.3 yd

You can use it for the outdoor installation of carpets and artificial turfs on wood, concrete, ceramic tile, and other tile floor surfaces. It is ideal for boats, recreation vehicles, patios, decks, and garages. It comes in a variety of styles and sizes. You can use for holding rugs and carpets to a variety of subfloors, including indoor and outdoor carpets, artificial turfs, marine carpets, foam, and synthetic backed carpets.

Duck Clean Release Blue Painter’s Tape, 1.5-Inch (1.41-Inch x 60-Yard), Single Roll, 240194

It is ideal for a variety of surfaces including painted walls, trim, glass, wood, and metal. The adhesive strength, which is neither too strong nor too weak, allows you to apply in many different types. It makes your application surfaces more durable. As a plus, it features 14-day clean removal and is UV-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. It gives you clean paint lines no matter what the project is. For best results, the tape should not be used on a freshly painted surface, and the paint should be fully cured because fully cured paint can take up to 30 days. 

It is a tape, it is blue, and most importantly it releases from surfaces without leaving behind and glues. It is also good for walls and doesn’t tear up the paint, which may be another reason why you’re looking to buy this. It is easy to put on and very easy to remove without taking anything off your walls or other surfaces when removing.

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