Types of Carpet Stains and Stain Removers: Homemade (DIY) Products and Recommended Products on Amazon

One of the most important issues in house cleaning is carpet cleaning. In order not to get dirty or stain quickly, the carpets are covered and tried to be protected from stains. Sometimes all these efforts go to waste and we face a stain that we think will never come out of our carpet. 

Although we try to protect our carpets, some problems we experience in daily life can cause our carpets to become dirty and stain. Even if we clean it frequently, the stain on the carpet works into the deeper level of carpet over time and it becomes almost impossible to come out. 

With the hustle and bustle of life in everyday life, there is nothing you can do to prevent a few accidents on your carpet. No matter how careful you or your loved ones, it is not possible to prevent the spots and stains that appear.

So how do we deal with these stubborn stains? Do carpet stains come out with natural methods? What are the tricks of carpet cleaning? Here is the answer to the questions you are looking for… 

It is quite unpleasant to see something pouring into your new and favorite carpet. Especially if you are a meticulous person, your world suddenly collapses at the moment of the event, you want to take back the time. But there is no need to live the situation so dramatically. With some simple stain removal methods, your carpet can stay sparkling like the first day. 

The method of removing each stain from your carpet is different. It depends on the carpet type, yarn type, and stain type. If you apply the same process to each stain, your carpet may wear out and stain may stay for a long time. Even though there are many ways to remove a stain, it will be your advantage that which methods should be used for which kind of stain. 

How to Clean Stains From the Carpet

This question can be difficult to give an answer. The trick is to know exactly what type of stain you are dealing with. The good news is everything you might need to tackle any carpet mess is probably already in your cupboards. No matter which solution you will need in order to clean up your mess, be sure to dab at the stain and not rub it. Rubbing the stain into your carpeting will only spread the particles and make the stain worse. Get a clean, preferably pale cloth, and use some DIY carpet cleaners you can easily find in your home to attack your hardest carpet stains.  

  • To prevent the carpet stain from becoming permanent, pay attention to cleaning as soon as the stain is formed. As the stains dry, they can be processed into the fibers and depths of the carpet and turn into permanent stains.
  • Most stains can be cleaned with cold water. keep in mind that, using hot water causes the pigments to hold onto the fabric and the stain becomes permanent.
  • In order not to penetrate deep into the stain during cleaning, movements such as back and forth or rubbing should be avoided. The best method to remove the stain is to apply pressure from the surface by diluting the stain with some water.
  • You can scrape the stain from the edges to the center to prevent the stain from spreading.
  • Wet the stained surface with a sponge dipped in cold water.
  • Press the stain with a clean paper towel to remove the dirty water.
  • Continue until the stain is completely removed.
  • Then rinse the stained area with cold water, dry with a paper towel or sweep with a broom.

Oil Stain

Cover the stain with bicarbonate so it will attract the oil to itself. After waiting 15 minutes, vacuum your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Ink Stain

Rub the stain with shaving foam and clean it thoroughly with a clean damp sponge. Add some water again after rinsing. Pull the stain well with a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have shaving foam in your house, you can use hairspray instead. Spray the hairspray into the stain and wipe with a clean cloth until the stain appears. Finally, wipe the carpet again with a damp towel.

Tea and Coffee Stain

Try not to spread the stain as much as possible and do not brush it. Mix a spoonful of dish soap, a spoonful of vinegar and two glasses of warm water. Dip a clean sponge into the mixture and apply it to the stain. Clean with a sponge until the stain is gone. 

Yellow Stains

Tea and coffee stains can cause yellow and brown stains when they wait. Often, even detergents cannot remove yellow stains on the carpet. Therefore, a natural and effective method is recommended. Since lemon contains acid in it, it will give very positive results on yellow stains on the carpet. A lemon juice that you will add to the wiping water of your carpet will ensure that the yellow stains on your carpet disappear in a short time.

Milk and Yoghurt Stain

One of the most important things to be aware of when you clean your spilled foods such as milk and yogurt is not using hot water. If you try to clean the carpet with hot water, you will make it permanent, it will be impossible to get rid of this time. Instead, shampoo your carpet using warm water. Then, buffer the carpet with ammonia-added water.

Blood Stain

First, clean the blood stain with a towel. Coat the stain thoroughly with baking soda and wash thoroughly with cold water. Then try to dry it again with a clean towel. 

Nail Polish Stain

If you poured nail polish on the carpet and noticed immediately, pour acetone on it and wait a minute, then rub it with a paper towel to remove the stain. Then wipe the spot where the stain is with a plastic eraser. To remove the dried nail polish stain on the carpet, apply some hair spray to the stain on the carpet and then wipe it off with warm soapy water.

Mud Stains

The easiest way to clean the mud is to wait for it to dry and then pull it with a vacuum cleaner. Then mix laundry detergent and a glass of water, after mixing it well, apply it to the stain. Rub the stain with a clean towel. Remove the remaining water with the vacuum cleaner again and dry it with a towel.

Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Stains

Try to dry the liquid spilled on the carpet with a paper towel as much as possible, but try not to spread the stain. The easiest way to remove these stains is to dry them with water. Add warm water to a spray bottle and moisten the stain with the spray and dry it. Try this process several times until the stain disappears. 

Dried Paint Stain

Prepare a mixture of warm water and laundry detergent, pour it over the dried paint stain and wait for 5-6 minutes. The dried paint will soften. Now scrape the paint off with a sharp burr or spatula. Follow this method until you remove the stain completely. 

Red Wine Stain 

If you have not noticed the spilled wine and stayed on the carpet for more than a few hours, your job will be much more difficult. In this case, you will need to use hot water instead of cold water to dissolve the wine. If you are not sure about the process for wine stain on the carpet or if the carpet with wine stains was produced using multiple fiber types or special dyes, it is a good idea to get support from professional carpet washing companies.

Smudge/ Coal Stain

Carpet is one of the items that are easily affected by the smudge. Salt is the key to easily removing soot stains on the carpet. Pour enough salt to cover the stain on your carpet and leave it for up to an hour. Then brush the surface with a toothbrush. Afterward, you can sweep your carpet and say goodbye to smudges.

Chocolate Stain

Pour cold water over the chocolate stain on the carpet and rub the stain slightly with a laundry detergent using a towel. You can get rid of the stain by rinsing the stain with cold water several times. 

Furniture Traces in Carpet

It is not a stain actually but it is something bothers homeowners. Place several ice cubes on these traces on the carpet. After melting the ice, you can brush it gently to separate carpet fibers with a fork or old toothbrush. Now your carpet will be restored.

Homemade Carpet Stain Removers (DIY)

You can protect your carpets, which are one of the important decoration parts of your home, by taking precautions against stains in carpets. At the same time, you can easily remove stains on the carpet with products that are always available, that are always you have in your home, as well as carpet washing detergents. As an example, carbonate, vinegar, lemon are among the most effective of these materials.


It is the best DIY carpet stain cleaner for coffee stain and tea stain. Start by pouring some beer over the stain and remove the stain this way. Gently rub the beer over your carpet and the stain will disappear. Repeat the process several times to remove all traces of the stain.


It is the best DIY chemical carpet cleaner you can find in your home. Sponge your stain with ammonia and clear warm water. Let it dry and repeat until the stain is completely removed.

Baking Soda

It is the best carpet cleaner material you can find at home for body fluids stains. It quickly removes vomiting or urine stains on your carpet. First, clean the area, wipe it, and pour soda over the damaged area. Using a paper towel, pat the remaining water and let it dry. Allow the remaining residue to dry completely before vacuuming. Baking soda cleans the scattered place, disinfects, and removes odors. It will clean, sanitize, and deodorize the messy spot. 


You can try and use different formulas that you can create with vinegar to remove various stains. The other materials will be chemicals you have in your house. You can use it to remove stubborn stains, darker stains, ground stains, paint stains, fruit and juice stains, coffee and tea stains.

Shaving Cream

It is an unexpected DIY carpet cleaner that you can find and use in your home. It works perfectly in removing grease and oil stains. Start by applying the cream to the stain, let it dry, and finally wipe it with a damp soft cloth.

Cornstarch and Milk

It is the best DIY carpet cleaner you can find in your home for grease and oil spills. Start by mixing milk with corn starch to make a cleansing paste. Apply to the stain and let it dry. After drying, brush the dried residue and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner. It is a good ink stain remover that you can find in your home.


It is the best multitasking DIY carpet cleaner you can find in your home. You can also use a pinch of salt to increase the strength of another homemade carpet stain remover.

Hydrogen Peroxide

It is the best DIY carpet cleaner that you can easily have in your home and can be used to remove almost all the stains you can think of. Not sure what the stain is on your carpet? But you still want this stain to disappear? Be sure to give this homemade carpet stain remover a chance.

Baby Wipes

The best stain remover for all fabrics. Absorbs both the liquid and the stain.


The best DIY carpet cleaner for deep stains you can easily find at home. Use a soft-bristled nylon toothbrush, dab it gently to work in the stain-removing agent until the stain is gone. 

Ice Cubes

It is the best DIY carpet stain remover that can be used to remove gum. Freeze the gum first using ice cubes, then scrape it with a butter knife and dry it with dry-cleaning liquid.

Recommended Products on Amazon

Difficult stains on carpets are one of the most fearful things for people who clean their living environment. Most stains can be removed thanks to the detergent sector, which has developed with the development of technology.

WD-40 Multi-Use Product with SMART STRAW SPRAYS 2 WAYS

It is the best DIY carpet cleaner for ink spills. For the money, this is a great value. As for the product itself, it needs no introduction. This product is a total classic. It drives out moisture and quickly dries out electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits. Apart from working on ink spills very well, it removes grease, grime, gunk, gum, tar, sap, super glue, sticker residue, and other sticky stuff from multiple surfaces. https://www.amazon.com/Multi-Use-Product-Smart-Straw-Sprays/dp/B07ZN6DT2N

Bissell Professional Stain & Odor, 22 Ounces, 77X7

It has an enzyme-containing formula that tackles stains and the lingering odors that keep pets returning to soil the same spot again and again. It really works well on pet stains and completely dissolves with enzymes. It helps to treat as soon as possible for the best results. The stain will disappear using the damp cloth method and removing as much of the solids and liquids by blotting before applying this as the final process. This stain treatment would help anyone with pets or children to keep your carpets looking new.

This product has removed all pet stains. Also rust and water stains from a plant stand, soil accidentally tracked in, and more. It helps if you get on stains pronto, but it’s done pretty well on some old stains as well. https://www.amazon.com/Bissell-Professional-Stain-ounces-77X7/dp/B005MZLMGE

Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner Powder, 18 oz Bottle, for Dirt Stain & Odor Removal

It is best for delicate carpets. Sprinkle it on, work it into the trouble spot, and wait 20 minutes for the granules to absorb dirt and odors while they dry. Then, vacuum and ground-in dirt is history. Because it is not a liquid, there is no risk of over-wetting and damaging the carpet or fading colors. It eliminates pet odors and freshens with a light. It has a clean scent. It safely cleans most carpets, except special carpets like antique or oriental rugs. It is great for ground-in dirt. https://www.amazon.com/Resolve-Carpet-Cleaner-Powder-Removal/dp/B0036E91FC

Woolite Advanced Pet Stain & Odor Remover + Sanitize, 11521

It is the best germ-killer product you can find. It contains ingredients that kill bacteria and sanitize soft surfaces. It also removes pollen, pet dander, and dust mite matter, making it a must-have during allergy and flu seasons. It has a very strong smell which could be good or bad. For example, it is good in order to cover dog smells. This one has a great, not overpowering scent. It sanitizes the carpet, and does not leave a sticky residue! The carpet is soft and back to normal as soon as the product dries! https://www.amazon.com/Woolite-Advanced-Remover-Sanitize-11521/dp/B00L28UOIW

Hoover Stain Remover, 18 oz. Aerosol

It is best for set stains. It scored best for removing fresh stains and even took out a set-in red wine with just one application. You will be very impressed by its efficacy first, and value second. This is the best stain remover you can find for carpets around. That really gets the stains out. https://www.amazon.com/Platinum-Collection-Professional-Strength-Instant/dp/B01MS7MJ0C

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover

It is best for red wine stain. Stash a bottle of this miracle cleaner, and you don’t need to cry over spilled wine (or coffee, or juice, or blood)! It works on fresh and dried stains without the use of bleach or phosphates. This formula topped our Cleaning Lab tests of red wine stain removers on fabric and carpet. Experts found it easy to rinse out of carpeting so your pile will look perfect after cleaning. https://www.amazon.com/Wine-Away-Stain-Remover-12-Ounces/dp/B0000DDYOU

Folex Carpet Spot Remover

It is excellent for cleaning any colorfast carpet or material that can be safely dampened with water. It removes tough spots and stains. It does not leave a sticky residue. There is no rinsing or vacuuming necessary. No need to wait to see results! Instant results, simply apply to the stain, gently agitate with fingertips, blot with an absorbent cloth, and stains will disappear instantly. It is non-toxic and completely non-irritating to normal skin. https://www.amazon.com/Folex-Carpet-Spot-Remover-32/dp/B001B0V5GG

Whip-It Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

It is best for various carpet stains and other household jobs. It allows users to customize the product’s cleaning strength to match the job at hand. It is made from plant-based extracts and eucalyptus oil. It is non-toxic and safe to use around pets and children. It leaves behind a light scent. 

This product is famous for its carpet stain removal powers. Grout grime does not stand a chance, and kitchen grease has been known to disappear once you introduce it to this dirt devouring solution. It does not leave behind a sticky residue. Therefore, when you finish working on it, there is no trace left behind. 

It is an alkaline-based cleaner. You should not use it on surfaces that cannot handle this pH level. Thanks to this alkalinity though, the cleaner is capable of neutralizing acid-based stain. Due to the natural ingredients in the cleaner, consumers who are sensitive to certain plants or extracts should wear gloves when working with the solution. https://www.amazon.com/Whip-Multi-Purpose-Stain-Remover-Plant-Based/dp/B01CS6F4NG

Good Life Solutions Professional Strength Stain and Odor Remover

It is best for organic-based stains. It falls into the middle of the stain removal products price range and packs a decent stain fighting punch. It is extremely effective at fighting pet eliminations, vomit, blood, and all of the other gross fluids that are organic. This enzyme cleaner does the dirtiest of work, handling the nastiest of stains, and does it in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 

You can safely use this product in pet areas, children’s rooms, mattresses, and car upholstery. You can use it without introducing harmful vapors and chemicals into space. You can use this powerful cleaner, in diluted form, in most carpet cleaning machines. This provides some added cleaning versatility and allows users to introduce this strong cleaning agent to an entire room. https://www.amazon.com/stores/GoodLifeSolutions/GoodLifeSolutions/page/E758CAFC-547B-44AA-932E-2611BA709CF1

Spot Shot Professional Carpet Stain Remover

It is best for old stains. It can handle just about any stain it encounters. It has a proven effective formula that people have used for decades. It does the heavy lifting. All you need to do is give a quick spray of foam to the affected area. This product can handle a lot of different stains, but two that it can’t also handle are red fruit juice and rust. If you can catch the stains right away, there is still hope, but otherwise, you will need to bring another cleaning product into the mix.

It contains odor neutralizers, helping to eliminate odors while maximizing stain extraction. It derives some of its stain-fighting capabilities from strong chemically-based combatants. This strong formula produces some fumes when in use. Make sure to properly ventilate the area in which you are administering the product.

This effective and powerful cleaner derives some of its stain-fighting capabilities from strong chemically-based combatants. This strong formula produces some fumes when in use. Make sure to properly ventilate the area in which you are administering the product. The cleaner’s aerosol can and nozzles can break, rendering the cleaner delivery method useless. The pressurization is a key variable in creating the foam spray. You usually can’t use them if they are defective.

This product can handle a lot of different stains, but two that it can’t also handle are red fruit juice and rust. If you can catch the stains right away, there is still hope, but otherwise, you will need to bring another cleaning product into the mix. https://www.amazon.com/Spot-Shot-Professional-Instant-No-Scrub/dp/B00AI6JQN8

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