Carpet Repair: Don’t Replace It (DIY, Kits & Companies)

When you buy a carpet for your places, it is a big investment. You can use carpets every places you live in. So, when something bad happens to your carpets, such as little burns or little holes, it is very frustrating. Because those are small but unwanted damages. You need to call professionals or you should do something in order to get rid of that damage. Or, if you can, you can replace the carpet all over again. You can think that solving these problems by yourself is a difficult task, however, by solving these problems increase the life of your carpet and save money. 

There are some common problems that you can easily solve yourself without professional help. These problems are minor damaged spots, such as holes, tears, or burns; wet carpet from leakage or flood; and carpet from the metal threshold. A specialist can charge hundreds of fees for each of these repairs. If the repair involves a large area or the damage is wider, the cost can double. Doing the repair yourself can reduce the cost by two-thirds. You only need tools and materials.

In most repair cases, it is not highly noticeable. Because when your carpet was repaired by professionals, it should look like a new carpet. Even though many types of repairs need a patch, when it is done by professionals, it is difficult to understand which part of the carpet was repaired. On the other hand, if those patches are visible, you can take extra care to disguise those seams of the patch. This visibility situation mostly depends on your carpet type. 

When carpet repair is done correctly, it should not be noticeable and it should not affect your home design at all. For resale value, it is very important to be unnoticeable. In repair, the overall age of your carpet and condition of your carpet are the most important factors. Replacing costs a lot of money, so, instead of replacing, repairment would be a better idea. Also, instead of replacing, you can think about deep cleaning. It makes your carpet look like new again.  

Things to Consider Before You Fix or Stretch Carpeting

What best describes the damaged carpet you need to be repaired?

• Discolored or stained
• Burned or melted
• Loose or detached from the tack strip
• Exposed seam
• Worn or fraying
• Needs re-stretching
• Attach to newly installed flooring

Do you have any extra carpet saved from installation?

What kind of location is this?

Stair Carpet Repair

When some damages happen on your stairs, they are always the most visible ones. The stairs are the first place that the carpet shows signs of damage. This damage may be caused by wear and tear, dirt and grime, or basically pets. Repairment of stair carpet can be difficult but, of course, it depends on the type of damage.

There are simple tricks for simple damages that can repair your stairs and stop further damages. On the other hand, there are some solutions for badly damaged stair carpets as well. You can re-carpeting the stairs with the carpet from a different room. Even though it sounds weird, in this way, your stairs will match your rooms and in general your house. The advantage of this method is that you need to replace the carpet of the room that you took out, instead of the whole house. 

Carpet Rip Repair

A carpet rip can seem like a disaster, however, this is the damage that can usually be repaired. Most of them are the result of pulling out heavy furniture. It can be repaired by yourself at home or you can get professional help as well. If you call a professional, they will assess the damage and recommend the best solution for an unnoticeable repair. In some cases, you may need to lift the closest corner of the carpet to stitch the carpet from the reverse side. But due to its hardness, this is only used when there is no other way to do it. For carpet rip repair, patches are the most appropriate solution. It is very easy and it can be done either professionally or by DIY. 

Carpet Hole Repair

To repair the holes in your carpets, you need to remove the damaged area or patch your carpet and fix the damaged area. You don’t need to buy a big new carpet for patching. You can use carpet remnants for this process. Using the remnants, you can create a perfect patch that is almost invisible. Or you can use a hidden piece of the carpet instead of the remains. The natural appearance of carpet fibers should be restored for an undetectable patch.

Most of the time, carpet holes are repaired with a carpet patch. For patching, you can use extra carpet, carpet remnants or basically a piece from a hidden part of your carpet. You can cut your patches in an oval or square shape. If you have done your job very well, it won’t be visible. Properly installed patches are very difficult to spot and easily blend in with the rest of your carpet.

Carpet Burn Repair

Contrary to popular belief, carpet burns are very easy to be repaired whether it is a cigarette burn or a larger mark. The best carpet burn repair method depends on the size of the damage. If the burn is small, patching would be a basic and easy option to repair. If you don’t have an extra carpet or carpet remnants, you can use a piece from the hidden or invisible part of your carpet. If the burn is large, you can get professional help and professional repair can produce seamless results. After that, you don’t even notice where the burn was. 

Let’s say, you have decided to try your own repairs, you need to think twice. Because of the fact that professional carpet burn repair will guarantee the best results. If you fail by doing yourself, it may lead to replacing your entire carpet. 

Carpet Seam Repair

It is very important to perform carpet sewing repair properly, whether you do it yourself or get professional help, it doesn’t matter. Because if the process is done properly, it will remain in place for the life of the carpet. On the other hand, if it is not done properly, the seams can be split, pulled by force, and your carpet will be useful for a shorter life than it should be.

Flood Damage Repair

Quick action is highly essential when the damage related to water whether it has come from a burst pipe, leaking water heater, or natural disaster. Even though carpet is not saved after very serious water damages, restoration of carpet and your place should begin with a day if it is possible. Because, if the water stays more than 24 hours, mold and mildew begin to grow. It is not the case we want in our houses. 

To repair your carpet after flood damage, you should start cleaning by pulling as much water from the carpet as possible. Then the carpet and padding are separated from each other. Carpet filling should be removed. In this context, it will be easier to get professional help. Everything will be easier for professionals because they have high-tech machines to complete these steps. Blowers and dehumidifiers are installed to dry the rest. After they are completely dry, they return within 1 or 2 days to look and check the carpet again.

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair

Let’s say, you shut your pet in a closed room. They try to dig their way out by destroying your carper or flooring. They leave a damaged area on your carpet. In these situations, patching would be an easier solution to repair. You can make it look decent again. You can use extra carpet from the installation, carpet remnants, or invisible piece of your carpet. 

The other damage that pets can cause is urinating. It can be very unpleasant to deal with. When a dog urinates on a carpet, you can get your carpet professionally cleaned or just replace the padding. When a cat urinates on a carpet you have no choice but to cut the urine stain out along with the padding and clean the floor below it. Cat urine will continue to stink until you cahnge the carpet.

You may consider replacing missing fibers. If you have small areas where your pets spend a lot of time, you can solve the problem by transplanting the fibers of your carpet. You can use a piece of carpet from a low profile point, such as the back of a closet. You can also use a box cutter to cut the matching fibers. Then apply waterproof adhesive to the visible carpet backing where you need to add fiber. Press the fibers in place, being careful not to stick the fibers together.

It is also a great idea to repair the loose seams and tips of your carpet and to repair pet damage to your carpet. Sometimes your four-legged best friend pulls loose ends of the carpet with a seam. Hot-melt carpet tape can be used to repair it. You need to place it for sewing. It causes half of the carpet to be under one side and the other half under the other. As the last step, you need to press firmly with the iron for a good seal to melt the glue.

Carpet Patching

Carpet patching is a task that considers as hard but more or less every homeowner will face at least once in their lives. If there is a small damages area in your carpet, such as a result of spills and cigarette burns, you don’t need to get professional help. You can do it by yourself by patching your carpet. Patching a damaged carpet is a relatively easy task. It requires nothing more than a little time and a few simple supplies. 

If a relatively small piece of your carpet has been damaged by your four-legged best friend, burned, or water, patching the affected area can save you. You don’t need an entire replacement. In order to be successful at patching, you only need a spare piece of carpet which is large enough to replace the damaged area. 

Most of the time, when you repair your damaged area by patching your carpet, it becomes invisible. On the other hand, sometimes you can see the patch from the other side of the room. There are several main reasons for this visibility. One of those reasons would be that your carpet is faded and the donor carpet is not; it can create an obvious color difference. 

If you don’t trust yourself or you want that job done properly, you can use a patch repair kit. There are lots of kits available on Amazon that you can find easily. These repair kit generally come with adhesive disks. In order to use this kit, you should follow these steps on the instructions: start with measuring the damaged area, tape off the area to be removed, remove the damaged section of carpeting, measure and cut the replacement patch, prepare the carpeting to receive the patch, move the carpet patch into position, and smooth the pile of the carpeting. 

Carpet Stretching

It is a common type of carpet repair. It is the most affordable and preferred form of carpet repair. You can resolve bunches and ripples in your carpet by stretching. In this way, you may extend the life of your carpet. 

In carpet stretching, getting a need professional help would be a better idea. The carpet repair professionals safely stretch your carpet by separating the pile from the tack strips. After remıving your furniture from the space, it is done with a hammer and awl. There are other tools as well that you need to use. For example, a power stretcher is secured against a wall and laid flat. The professional needs to pump a lever to make the carpet smooth. Once stretched back in place, the carpet is secured.

Berber Carpet Repair

As long as you have an extra donor case, you don’t need any other important material to repair the Berber carpet. Whatever the way to repair your carpet, it may require a lot of experience and skills for repairs. Because Berber carpet repair is much more complicated due to the way Berber carpet is placed on the floor.

Its visibility is the thing that you must know about Berber carpet repair. Every day, at least 10 people are going to see your work. Berber or any looped carpet run in rows. When they run in the same direction, rows often look really great. On the other hand, if it runs against the grain, it may look a bit like a scar and it can be quite noticeable. 

Getting professional help is important because they minimize the visibility of the patching area by using a perfectly matched piece of donor carpet. Of course, in a way, it depends on you. You need to provide the donor carpet. If there are no left-over pieces of carpet remnants in your house then they use a part of an invisible part of your carpet such as parts from a closet. 

Carpet Repair Tools and Equipment

  • Donor carpeting: A new version of the exact type of carpeting as the damaged area. Patches are mostly made with donor carpet. 
  • Seam roller or an old comb: A tool used by a paperhanger in order to make a seam flat and tight.
  • Double-sided carpet tape: Adhesive, not heat-bond tape. This kind of tapes is very sensitive to pressure. There are adhesives on both sides of the tape in order to make the bond stronger. With the adhesive and being pressure-sensitive, it is especially used for stick two surfaces, flooring, and carpets, together. They are not visible.
  • Carpet knife or utility knife: It is used for general or utility purposes. It is a small, lightweight, and handy tool. These features lead it to be useful for cutting. It is highly preferred to use in craftwork.
  • Small remnant carpet to fix the donor area (optional)
  • Straight carpet awl: It extends your carpet through the plastic handle for hammering.
  • Turning tool: If you want to turn your carpet under the “Z” Bar, this tool is helpful for you. Then you can roll carpet into edge gully. 
  • Duckbill napping shears: It is useful for cutting your carpets in levels.  
  • Seam squeezers
  • Instant repair tool: It is a useful and great tool for carpet cleaners.
  • Molding lifter: It is designed for getting maximum benefit.
  • Bent stair tool
  • Staple remover: It is a heavy-duty tool. it is not easy to use it.
  • Deluxe carpet trimmer
  • Carpet pad knife

Carpet Repair Kits/ Recommended Product on Amazon

Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit Furniture Couch Luggage Vehicle Carpet Sofa Holes Must Haves

Make repairs to damaged items to make like new again. Fabric Upholstery Gets Burned, Torn & Damaged Everyday Now Repair It Easy & Fast This kit is easy to use and an affordable way to save your fabric &andupholstery. This is easy to use, just follow the directions. Excellent product and works as it should. This Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit can be used for fixing cuts, tears, punctures, burns, and small rips on a variety of items, including office chairs, sofas, recliners, bedspreads, fabric furniture, and carpeting. The kit includes 7 different fabric colors and fabric glue to fix your damage.


Orcon 3″ Diameter Professional Carpet Repair Kit 13067 with 6 Pressure Discs

It is just like a cookie-cutter! Besides its functionality, its design is very beautiful. You can slice out the bad spot easily, slide the sticky circle into the hole and press in the new piece that you got from a different location. You should pay attention when you use this and nobody will know the repair was ever done by you. Also, if you want, you can use the carpet glue around the circumference to keep strands from coming out. 

The repair kit comes with four (4) blades but two (2) of them are spare, which means it holds only 2 blades at a time. You can use the tool to cut the circle of the half-turn carpet. It is also suitable for different purposes. Since having more blades will not improve the performance of the product, you don’t need to have more. To sum up, this carpet repair kit comes with four blades, but only two are used at a time, as the other 2 are replacement/spare blade. 


RepairPlus1 Fabric, Carpet & Upholstery Repair Kit

It does its work very well. Though, it depends on the size of a damaged hole you want to repair and type of the material of the carpet and furniture. This is a fabric repair kit which includes synthetic fiber and adhesive, but it is not a fabric tape. This repair kit can repair a small hole in the fabric, apart from your carpet. It is not recommended to be used to repair a big hole. It is mostly suitable for small holes. This kit contains synthetic fiber in seven colors. If those colors don’t fit your damage are, you can mix the color to obtain the color you want. 


ATG Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit | Carpet Repair Kit | Furniture Repair Kit – Fixes Abraisions, Scuffs, and Holes

It is very easy to use, but just in case, watch the video and do exactly as how it shows you. According to the customers, it is the best product you can find online. Order and use. It is an incredible product. You have to mix the colors yourself. This set already contains 7 colors and a color mixing chart so you can easily mix the colors to get the same desired result. Former holes and cracks are easily obscured, mix practically any color with the included color powders. It works for both patterned surfaces and solid-colored surfaces. 

No matter if you are dealing with burn marks, holes, cracks, or material abrasions, this kit can fix it. Kit includes 13 pieces in it. You can fix whatever damage you have with this. You don’t need to worry about buying expensive new products, thanks to this self-repair kit. You can easily patch the upholstery and carpet yourself. This takes as little as 1 hour to complete! The Repair Kit is versatile and universally applicable, it is even suitable for carpets and upholstery at home, in the office, or leisure areas. 


123REPAIR Versatile Carpet and Upholstery Repair Set I Affordable Couch Upholstery Repair Carpet Patching Burn Hole Repair I Couch Fabric Velour Repair Kit 13-Piece I Textile Seat Repair Set

It is a very good product you can’t even tell the carpet was repaired. If you have a good eye for color than you can make perfect patches to cover small holes and burns. You need nothing more. The set already contains everything you need. It is very easy to use a repair kit that you can use in all carpets, rugs, velvet, and upholstered furniture. It is an affordable repair of your carpets, fabric upholstered furniture or favorite pieces thanks to the DIY upholstery repair set. 

This set includes 1 spatula, 1 fiber screen grid, 1 piece of backing, 1 special fiber adhesive, 7 cans of fabric fibers which are white, black, blue, red, yellow, green and brown, and 1 detailed multilingual instruction manual. Even though there are different color options available, it is hard to match the color. It would work better for black or white color but if you need to mix to match the color, you can easily mix the color in order to get the color you want. It is hard to find a good ratio but it is not impossible. 


Crain No. 174 Carpet Repair Tool

You can remove stains and burns in your carpet with this tool. The kit includes four knives and pivot pins. The carpet cutter is designed to make holes. It is made of a material with aluminum with a rubber cap. Keep in mind that repair discs and extra blades are sold separately. It comes with a rubber storage cap. 


Rust-Oleum 2 oz. SureGrip Seam and Repair Adhesive

It has a reasonable price to keep this on hand for when you need it. It holds quickly and is holding up to the traffic. It does its job exactly as advertised. This product dries clear and works amazingly well. After your job is done, you can clean up easily with water. 


HENRY, WW COMPANY 12220 6OZVinyl Repair Adhesive

This product is at the right price and the right quantity. It is actually more like a runny milkshake. So, as you apply it, be careful to wipe up the excess. You will want to put a bit of weight on the repair so it stays in place. It is an absolutely amazing product. It is exactly what you need to reattach your vinyl flooring and works quickly. It comes out white and dries clear. You should follow the instruction to work properly and right. 

It is a too liquid product which is exactly how you want this product. You want to be able to precisely place the glue and then have it spread out to maximize coverage. It is a squeeze bottle, not a caulk tube. Don’t use it in a caulk gun. You must first flatten the vinyl before trying to reattach it. Simply use a blow dryer to warm up the vinyl until it is pliable then place a flat object on it to hold it down until it cools. Once cool and lying flat, use the glue.  


Kraft Tool FC530 66-Feet Roll Heat Seaming Carpet Tape

It is a seeming tape and works like it’s supposed to. It is of great quality. Just don’t let it heat up for too long or all the wax seems to seep through the paper backing. It provides a very smooth image where you use it. It leaves no indication that it has two parts. It allows you to get a professional result. It is ideal for both commercial use and residential use. You can use a special heat seaming iron to melt the glue providing a strong durable adhesion to the carpet. 


Carpet Repair Companies

  • Carpet Repair USA / Carpet Stretching / Carpet Repair / Carpet Binding / Rug Binding / Carpet Cleaning
    Address: 2800 Andiron Ln, Vienna, VA 22180, USA
    Phone: +1 703-499-7670
  • THE CARPETMAN COMPANY | Best of 2018-19 Carpet Installation & Replacement
    Address: 2452 Sycamore Loop, Santa Fe, NM 87507, USA
    Phone: +1 505-577-6265
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    Address: 115 West Beautiful Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85041, USA
    Phone: +1 602-688-4186
  • San Diego Carpet Repair & Cleaning
    Address: 13516 Longfellow Ln, San Diego, CA 92129, USA
    Phone: +1 619-512-9661
  • Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning
    Address: 859 N 200 W, American Fork UT 84003, USA
    Phone: +1 801-910-4003
  • AAA Carpet Repair, Installation & Sales
    Address: 6713 Sherwood Dr, Houston, TX 77021, USA
    Phone: +1 832-435-0305
  • Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning
    Address: 118 Middle Point Ct, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, USA
    Phone: +1 240-257-6244

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