Carpet Remnants: Usage, Advantages, and Disadvantages

If you do not have any idea about what carpet remnants are, the basic definition of it is the remaining end pieces of the carpet roll. They are exactly as they sound which are the end pieces left over from a roll of carpeting. Most of the time, remnants are kept in-store because of the fact that they are too small to cover a full house, however too large to go to waste. Many carpet stores and carpet companies sell carpet remnants at different prices, affordable prices and budget-friendly prices. And, they make these prices more attractive to the competitive market.

There is a very simple logic behind selling carpet remains. It is the supplier’s desire to dispose of the remaining carpet from the original roll, which they think they can no longer sell, by selling it at a more affordable price. If they are sold at a more affordable price, they are even easier to sell. Some suppliers only sell carpet remnants to retailers, while others only sell to the general public. Regardless of the target population, carpet remnants are always more affordable compared to original forms.

You can save on carpet remnant depending on how much carpet there is, the style, how desperate the seller is to get it off their hands, and who is selling it, you can expect discounts from as low as 10% to as much as 90%. As you can imagine, it is not unheard to save thousands of dollars on a house.

The size of carpet remains can range from the smallest to the largest. The carpet remnant, which you can find in the largest size, may even be the size to cover an average room. To make the carpet remnant suitable for the area you live in, you can simply cut it. You can also use a carpet knife to straighten all the edges after cutting to the appropriate dimensions. The carpet will look like an original carpet, not like a remnant.

Uses of Carpet Remnants

Whether you buy a new carpet and have a leftover piece, or you find a great deal in the store, you might be wondering what you can do with a remnant besides carpeting a small room. But, you should keep in mind that there are many ways to use carpet remnants. Now, you will find some of them below.

Using As Area Rugs and Space Fillers

Carpet remnants can make great area rugs since they are cheaper than premade rugs and they can be made into any size, large or small according to your request. You can apply the desired area by cutting, tied and gluing the torn edges of carpet remnants by cutting them in the appropriate size and shape.. All you have to do is choose the perfect carpet remnant from the huge selection in the market and let them know what size you want! Stores will handle the rest!

Using As Stair Runners

If you have hardwood stairs, you may have thought about getting a runner to put on top of them, especially if you have pets or children that can slip on the stairs. So, carpet remnants are the perfect option for making stair runners. While there are premade runners available, many of them come in patterns so if you are looking for something simpler or a specific type of texture or color, carpet remnants can be a great option. They also tend to run at a lower price point.

Using for Your Pets

Let’s say you have a dog, a cat or even a bird. Carpet remnants will be your best friends. You can use them for several out-of-the-box and interesting ideas. For example, for cats, carpet can make the perfect scratching post. Or, veterinarians say that if you use boxes, it will be easier to give your pet toilet training. You can start by placing a small and comfortable carpet inside the box. This carpet remnant makes the box a comfortable home for your pet. You can also add carpet remnant under the box to prevent scratches and collapses on the floor. You can place a piece under water bowls in order to keep it from moving on the floor and splashing. In addition, you can use them in a dog house in order to create insulation for your four-legged friends.

Using For Kids

Carpet remnants can make hard floors a little safer for children to play on by providing traction and cushion, in the time when you use it as an area rug. They can also be used for a variety of kids’ games, such as on a sensory board. In addition to using directly as a game, you can use it as an addition to for example as a floor for a dollhouse.

Using As Catching Laundry

If you have a washing machine, tumble dryer or another such machine, you can place a piece of carpet remnants under them. In this way, if you drop your clothes on the floor, it will not directly touch the floor and remain clean. Also, a few pieces of carpet remnants that you will place under the feet of your washing machine will also block the noise of your machine as it shakes.

Using for Protecting the Garage Floor

Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep the carpet remains that you will use in the garages clean. However, it is a good idea to use carpet remnants to protect your garage floor. Carpet remnants can be used to put the heavy tools and machines in the garages on them. Thus, even if you drop any of these items, you will be less likely to damage the garage floor.

Using for Moving Heavy Furniture

You can use carpet remnants to make it easier to move your furniture from one place to another. Put the remnants of carpet under the feet of your furniture and pull your furniture like that. It will both provide you with convenience and prevent your floor from being scratched.

Using As a Tool to Support Your Exercise Equipment

You can place carpet remnants under exercise equipment. It will ake your subfloor flat and gives you comfort. You can place them under some tools, for example, indoor bikes, weight benches, and elliptical machines.

The Advantages of Using Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are very useful to buyers in need of a quick flooring solution. Remnants are often kept in-store because they are too small to cover a full house but too large to go to waste. If you have a small job or if you need only a small portion of carpet, you don’t need to purchase the whole piece, you can go with carpet remnants.

Affordable/ Price Savings

They are more affordable than normal carpets. Since the suppliers know that they cannot sell the small pieces, single or piece pieces of carpets at their original prices, they sell them at a more affordable price than the products. This creates a good opportunity for homeowners who do not have enough budget. Sometimes it is possible to buy even high-quality carpets at a very affordable price.

Carpet remnants are affordable because they are classified as “leftovers” from actual rolls, they come at a reduced and affordable price. It is the biggest benefit of using carpet remnants which is the possibility for dramatically reduced prices. Some pieces can be up to 90% cheaper than their full-priced counterparts. For many, this is too good of a deal to pass up! Sometimes you may even find the more luxury brands or materials. So if you are on a tight budget, maybe you want to consider coming to the store to check or out stores collection.

A Great Temporary Solution

Remnants could be a quick solution to a problem because of their incredibly low price. A lot of renters or interior designers may find them in that way. If there is a leak in a home rental or apartment, carpet remnants can be picked up in the store and installed that day. There is usually no waiting for ordered materials, and a handy installer can patch up your problem in a pinch. You do not need to wait for special order for your carpet, using carpet remnants can speed up the completion of your project. At some point, that remnant might need to be replaced, but in the meantime, you will have a perfectly usable living space. However, they usually need to be replaced at some point.


Carpet remnants do not need to be used like normal traditional carpets. You can use it as you want, you can adjust it to any size you want. They easily provide you with the amount of carpet you need. Also, if you choose patterned remnants, they can add this finishing touch to other straight parts.

Great for Areas with Low Traffic

Smaller spaces with low foot traffic, such as closets and guest rooms, are ideal when installing carpet remnants. Because of the fact that remnants are sometimes patched together, they do not have the same sturdiness that is found with a continuous piece of carpeting.

The Disadvantages of Using Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants provide almost the same product as the original size rug for a greatly reduced price. However, they do not have the same investment value as them. For some people, it is worth spending more money in order to ensure carpeting lasts and ages gracefully in their homes. And, it is worth noting that opting for traditional carpet installation could save you headaches and unforeseen maintenance costs in the future.

It Can Be Tricky To Match/ Limited Selection

It is not an easy task to find enough amount of the same carpet remnants to cover one room. And, if you happen to find enough, patching the pieces together so they fit seamlessly in one room will be a lot of work. Your choice is more limited than the options offered by traditional carpets. You may find it difficult to find a carpet in the color, model, style, and size you want. Therefore, you need to be a little more open-minded and flexible. After all, a budget is a more important issue and you should try not to exceed your budget.


Depending on the area where you will install your carpet, you may need a small roll or a large roll. You can also install more than you need with a large roll. In order not to spend unnecessary money and buy more than you need, you need to measure and determine your need. It is recommended to be careful about this.

Having a Short Life

Obviously, if you put and patch different kinds, styles, and materials of carpets together, they won’t hold up as well as a full carpet. This means carpet remnants will need constant repairs and maintenance. Despite all the effort you put in, they have a short life compared to traditional carpets.

No Warranties

Of course, as a result of being a remnant, they don’t have warranties and insurance most of the time. If you need installation, you need to do it yourself. As the name implied, they are leftovers. They don’t have the same properties as full carpet. This contributes to the lower cost, but if problems arise, there is not much that can be done other than replacing it altogether.

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