Why Should You Use Carpet Rakes?

Carpet grooming is the act of using a carpet rake or a carpet brush to move carpet fiber back and forth. Carpet grooming resets the fiber nap back to its original state. When a carpet is groomed following a professional cleaning, it can help to speed the dry time. A carpet cleaner may also use a carpet brush or a rake to loosen soils deposits during cleaning or to agitate a cleaning solution that has been applied to your carpet fiber. Simply put, carpet grooming manipulates the nap or lay off your carpet fibers.

Carpet grooming is done with a carpet rake or a carpet brush. How do you know which groomer if best for your carpet? Softer and loaded with dense bristles, a carpet brush is used for brushing a low-pile carpet nap. A carpet rake has fewer bristles but they are longer and more firm. A carpet rake is used to groom a shag-style or longer nap carpet. Both can be purchased at a local janitorial supply company or on-line.

Food particles, pet fur, and dirt accumulates in carpet fibers and can be almost impossible to remove with your regular set of cleaning tools. A carpet rake can get rid of the ingrained matter whilst simultaneously fluffing up the carpet to give it a fresh appearance. Different rakes are suitable for different types of cleaning and situations.

Carpet rakes are ideal ways to rejuvenate your carpeting. They can pull pet hair from deep within rugs and carpets better than a vacuum can, revitalizing tired-looking carpeting. They are also good for removing deeply ingrained food stains- especially in conjunction with a full carpet-shampooing.

Similar in appearance to a broom, or a large pet brush, these so-called rakes don’t really look like the tool you use in your backyard to collect leaves. They will all have long handles so you can use them standing up, but that is where the similarities end. The specialized heads on these tools are usually made from thin metal needles or some sort of plastic. Many are not really made for pet hair, so pet owners will want to be careful about which one they choose.

Some are designed for revitalizing long pile carpeting more than lifting up fur, so it is important to select the style more suited for cleaning. The tiny “bristles” are positioned closely together, and they are moderately long. When used on a rug or carpet, the metal pins will dig down deep, lift up fur, and collect it right on the head.

These carpet-cleaning tools are an inexpensive way to revitalize worn-out and high-traffic indoor and outdoor carpeted areas. You can use them in conjunction with your traditional vacuum cleaner and really get a professional-cleaned look.

How to Use Carpet Rakes

The operation of this tool is pretty simple, and obvious based on appearance.

• In order to prepare, you should ensure the head is clean and screwed on securely.
• You can extend the handle to the desired length, then tighten in place.
• You should press the head against your rug or carpet, and apply light pressure.
• In order to clean, you should pull back using short strokes.
• For best results, you may want to use firm pressure and press down harder for deeper carpet.
• You can work in one area at a time, and move systematically across the floor.
• Fur will collect in the bristles, so you can use your hands or a comb to remove hair, and then empty into the trash.

How To Choose Carpet Rakes

The type of rug rakes that you need depends on different factors. These factors play into the decision on what type of carpet rake you should buy. These factors could be:

• Heavy or light-duty use
• Pet owners and their type of fur (long hair/short hair)
• Types of a particle in the carpet fibers (hairs/dirt/others)
• The type of carpet or surface (low pile/synthetic fibers)
• Size of the carpet or area you want to use it on (large rooms/stairs/small areas of carpet)
• Storage conditions

Advantages of Using Carpet Rakes

Carpet rakes are effective on carpets, rugs, and other types of upholstery in order to get fur and dirt from inside or tangled in the fibers. Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning tools are only suitable for removing surface debris. They agitate and bring particles and hairs to the surface and remove hair from the top. You can also use a rake with cleaning products to give the carpet or rug a thorough clean and to fluff up the carpet fibers.

• They work on carpets and rugs inside, but also on upholstery in your home or vehicle.
• It can pull out fur that vacuums and other tools leave behind.
• It can keep your carpet clean and hair-free whilst giving it a fresh appearance.
• Tin plated bristles are reinforced and secured in a plastic frame for extra durability.
• They are lightweight and easy to operate.
• Compacts for storage, and handle telescopes for convenience while cleaning.
• They are fast and effective.
• They hold onto the fur.
• They are quiet and non-electric.

Disadvantages of Using Carpet Rakes

Although this tool does work well, there are some clear downsides to the purchase that you should be aware of in order to make a decision you will be comfortable with. Most people that use them are generally happy, but it can be a costly, and limited tool when compared to others.

• It needs quite a lot of effort on your behalf to get decent results.
Expensive: This tool can cost as much as 30 or 40 dollars.
Limited: It is great at the job it was designed for, but useless for anything else. This tool is a one-trick pony.
Short: It does have an extension pole, but it is only four feet long. Many people would be annoyed by the hunched over cleaning that will be required.
Low Pile: It will produce good results with a shorter nap, but for a shag and other high pile options it may get stuck or cause damage.
Loose: This product, in particular, seems to have a pretty cheap handle, so many users have trouble keeping it extended. With added force, the head can even come loose to cause further annoyance.

Groom Industries Handi Groomer Rake

It is very good for stairs and areas where the full-size rake cannot fit. It seems strong and well made. This tool’s stiff nylon bristles are perfect for straightening the fringe quickly and easily, plus they do not scratch the flooring underneath. The tool’s compact size makes it handy to use and convenient to store. The best feature of this product is the relatively small size, which makes it convenient and versatile. However, despite the benefits, it takes a lot of effort to get the results that you want.

It is suitable for pet owners. The rake is small and has stiff twines that agitate the fibers on the fringes carpets and upholstery. The 12-inch handle and 3.5-inch head can get to those awkward patches such as on the stairs or in the car. Another good feature is it removes the hairs from pets or dirt in high-traffic areas without having to use a chemical solution. The scraper edge takes away some of the ingrained dirt on the surface that the vacuum misses. And you can use the rake in conjunction with a cleaning solution for more stubborn food stains.

Groom Industries Grandi Groom Carpet Rake, 2 Rakes by Groom Industries

The larger size makes it one of the best carpet rakes to cover a wider area in a short period of time. The nylon head of his rug cleaner makes it an efficient carpet rake for pet hair cleaning as it effectively removes pet hair on the surface of both carpets and upholstery. This is a great feature as other deep-reach products use metal that can tear and damage carpet fibers. In short, it works well at cleaning both the interior and surface of carpets and maybe good for people looking to make an old carpet look almost as good as new.

It covers large areas quickly. It is a sturdy handle and it has a robust design for deeper cleans. It fluffs the fibers and makes the carpet look almost like new. On the other hand, it is not very effective in matted rugs and carpets. It only brings the hairs to the surface and it does not collect them. The screws may come loose on the handle or head.

Groom Industries Perky Carpet Rake

The rake itself is awesome. It has made a world of difference. If you have a deeper carpet, you need one of these. The handle comes in 3 pieces which must be put together. The connections for these 3 pieces will not stay together. With any extended use of the rake, the 3 pieces come apart. It is an excellent tool for making your carpet look good again. Users love that the carpet grooming rake is useful for places with high traffic like a kitchen or a bedroom and that it is easy for use and storage until you need it.

The carpet rake has stiff plastic teeth to perk up and fluff the carpet fibers when you rake in the perpendicular direction of the normal vacuuming pattern you use. The rake is lightweight with a plastic handle and very easy to use. The teeth or comb on the rake are stiff plastic so it is strong enough for household use. It is too lightweight for commercial use.

Carlisle 4575100 Commercial Grade 18″ Carpet Rake/Groomer

This carpet rake is just what you need! It easily and quickly brings carpet in high-traffic areas back to life. Great product, highly recommend for synthetic turf owners. It is a wooden handle with a nylon “tooth” brush attached. The teeth are firm enough to pull through carpet without breaking but the nylon is gentle enough not to pull/damaged carpet. It has a simple and effective design. This carpet rake will work to restore the original texture to a carpet including the removal of footprints, furniture imprints and other markings.

It works well at restoring older carpets that are in the high traffic areas and exposed to more debris. The tines on the 18-inch rake are nylon, which is great at lifting the dirt, debris, and soil without damaging delicate carpet fibers. This also works well in high-pile carpets where other rakes are not as effective. One of the best ways to use this product is before steaming or thoroughly vacuuming the carpet. The nylon and sturdy build of the rake allows you to apply sufficient pressure to dislodge the particles and bring them to the surface to be vacuumed. Another good feature is its ability to work on deep food stains. Overall, it is a decent product if you have an older and thicker carpet or rug.

Quality Line Universal Carpet Rake

This rug and carpet rake is ideal for pet owners who struggle with cleaning carpeted floors, stairs and other areas that their dogs and cats frequently visit. It effectively removes pet hair and helps eliminate unwanted pet odor. Using this tool eliminates the need for sticky papers and rollers, overflowing vacuum cleaner bags, cords, and plugs, thus saving you money.

This carpet cleaning rake works by efficiently lifting up dog and cat hair even in hard to reach areas. The metal bristles on its brush head allow you to remove the tougher hairs deeply seated in your carpet/rug. It also doesn’t cause damage to most carpet fibers, making it safe even for daily use. This lightweight carpet rake is so easy to use thanks to its unique and ergonomic design. Carpet cleaning with a carpet rake is safe and pet-friendly as you don’t need to use electricity or any harsh chemicals.

Oxo Good Grips Furlifter Self-Cleaning Carpet Rake and Pet Hair Remover

It has a double-sided microfiber brush with a 10.2-inch head and a 43.7-inch handle. This design is its best feature because it allows you to clean large areas quickly and efficiently making it suitable for heavy use. Its storage hold that uses a pump to bring the debris inside a container. This means you don’t have to vacuum after raking. It is easy to use and the long handle can get under the furniture. This is one of the fastest rakes if you want to cover large areas and could be suitable for people who don’t have enough time to clean their carpets on a regular basis.

The rake removes fur and hairs from carpets, rugs, and bedding. It easily lifts and removes fur from carpets, pet beds and more. Microfibers in the head stick to the lint and dirt that are buried in the carpet and pull them out to the surface. It effectively cleans large areas quickly and quietly.

RAVMAG Rubber Broom & Squeegee

This is a good tool between vacuuming. This tool comes with a solid wood handle. It makes a difference. When sweeping pull doesn’t push! This thing is amazing. It requires some strength and patience but it pays off. It gets fur and hair that you could never get with a vacuum. You can use the Rubber Broom both indoors on all types of surfaces and outdoors on concrete or slabs without the fear of damaging the bristles. Combine these features together and it makes a great rug rake if you want to clean and rejuvenate areas of carpet or floor that get a high volume of traffic and dirt.

It is suitable for heavy use in order to remove the stubborn particles that are buried deep in the carpet fibers. Soft tines and a 13-inch rubber head are a great feature making it suitable to use on all types of delicate surfaces. The long handle helps you get under the furniture and needs less effort to apply pressure into the rake. An attached squeegee helps clean both wet and dry surfaces and makes applying carpet solution easier. The rubber tines extract and remove matter including hairs, dust, and dirt.

Superior Performance Silicone Push Broom

It may not be the best rake available but is considered good value for money. This product is incredible for loosening gravel bits, lint, hair, etc. from the carpet. It makes vacuuming 100% more effective. It does a great job on all types of floors. It performs very nicely on carpets too! It definitely sweeps more thoroughly than traditional brooms. This is silicone-like rubber, and sweeps and mops smoothly. The head stays on securely no matter how hard you have to scrub.

This budget carpet rake has a small 13-inch head and a 56-inch handle is good at removing fur. Tough silicon tines attach to the deeper particles whereas the squeegee allows it to also be used as a mop to clean the smoother surfaces. This versatility is one of the best features of this product and makes it easier to use together with cleaning solutions. The product itself works well both indoors and outdoors and it is very easy to clean. This is lightweight compared to other rug rakes and works well against all types of carpet debris. The silicone tines remove the particles and the squeegee applies cleaning solution.

Evriholder SW-250I-AMZ-6, FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle

This thing just plain works. It may be suitable for people who want to do some light cleaning in a relatively small space. While this is very effective and very cheap, it’s not a miracle. Using this broom on carpet does take a measure of more energy than sweeping a smooth floor. The backside is more like a squeegee and helps pull the hair up in long rolls and keeps the hair in one big pile.

It is a smaller carpet rake that collects pet fur and hairs on small areas of the carpet. The head has a diameter of 12 inches and the pole can extend from 32 to 60 inches, which is a great feature to get under and behind the furniture. A squeegee helps to collect the hair that’s being dislodged by the front bristles. This feature is very beneficial as it also allows the rake to be used with detergents and cleaning solutions. This is more versatile than other products due to its soft rubber tires and it can be used on delicate carpets and clothes. The rubber makes it much easier to clean in comparison to other rakes.

Roberts 70-127-3 Carpet Rake & Groomer

It is ideal for quick and easy carpet maintenance. By using a ‘push-pull’ motion, the rake releases trapped in dirt, pet hair and debris – pulling it to the surface for easy removal with a vacuum. It is for pile carpet or low carpet, but not shag carpet, you would need wider bristles for shag carpet.
It is light, convenient to use, effective at cleaning dirt and fluffing old carpets and it speeds the drying time after shampooing. It is good for high traffic places like a kitchen and for a wall to wall carpets and rugs. It seems like a good choice for people looking for an effective carpet-cleaning tool.

ORIENTOOLS Turf Rake, Ergonomic Adjustable Lightweight Steel Handle, Plastic Head with PA Brush, 32 to 52 inches, Carpet Rake

The perfect tool for raking leaves off your turf. It reaches into turf blades without moving the fill. It is strong, versatile and easy to use! This rake works well on your lawn. After the gardener is done blowing there are lots of little leaves left, this rake works great. This carpet rake can work well on shag rugs, as well. The turf rake can be used not only to clean up the artificial turf but also to clean pet hair from carpets.

The rake can adjust the overall length from 32 to 52 inches by twisting the handle clockwise. The width of the head is 18 inches, and you just turn in the opposite direction to fix length. It has a unique design. Head and handle connected by lock, steel handle assures durability and comfortable to use with the grip handle. When not in use, you can knock down the handle and head or reduce the handle length, hang up it to save space.

B.W. Carpet Rake

Great to freshen up a room for last-minute guests, or a daily clean up. You will have to get a pole as it doesn’t come with one. Be sure it is long enough for you can stand up to rake. A much better solution than dragging out the canister vacuum cleaner anytime guests come. It really does pull up a lot of hair, both human and dog, massive hairballs and it really saves the vacuum.

No mental bristles on this Carpet Rake. The prongs or teeth are made of plastic. It does not come with a handle that you must purchase separately. You do have to purchase a handheld available at almost all hardware stores and just put a screw the hole. The wood handle will help in allowing you to fluff the carpet with ease. The price is very affordable as well.

MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom and Squeegee with Telescopic Handle

This is a great product! Many people say how good it is for getting pet hair out of carpeting, and it does work well for that. However, it is the best thing around for getting snow off your car; other than having someone else clean your car off. The handle is long enough to push the snow off your car quickly, and with very little effort on your part. It takes some muscle to really push the squeegee into the carpet but really worth it. If you have a pet you need this broom. It also gives a “just vacuumed” look to the carpet.

This broom works very well on low pile carpet, area rugs, and because of the retractable handle, it works especially well on stairs. Using this on plush carpeting is so tiring and seemingly fruitless that you will not want to do it on a regular basis on a full-sized room. But to clean excess hair from where your pet lays in the sun or tends to rest it works well. It is best to use short strokes. It doesn’t get deep into the pile, so if you are trying to eliminate odors caused by oils from pet hair that is deeply embedded into the carpet forego this broom. In those situations, it’s best to vacuum slowly and methodically in one direction, then vacuum again in the opposite direction.

Genesis21 Rubber Push Broom

Easy to use and effective at moving water puddles around and for helping dry them out. A twist of the handle allows for compact storage. This brush helps get pet hair out of your carpets making it easier and take less time to vacuum. It also works very well on your tile floors. Rubber brooms can be used equally effective indoors or outdoors. Outdoors the tough bristles make easy work of dirty walkways, patio, deck, driveways, and patios.

Telescoping handle means the handle has to be twisted to open, pulled out, and then twisted to lock. This makes it easy to store when it is of no use. It can be used for sweeping up dirt from tiled surfaces, wooden floors, linoleum, or almost any other surface is imaginable. The hundreds of flexible rubber bristles form a wall to collect all the dirt without stirring up dust. Used wet, the broom is a great scrubber. The flexible bristles are tough enough for scrubbing rough concrete surfaces but are gentle enough to be used safely on your car’s paintwork or windows without the risk of scratching.

ElectroSilk Silicone Bristle Push Broom Carpet Rake

It cleans everything, including wet stuff. It does take some elbow grease, so you’re going to get a good upper body workout, but it will dig every strand of fur out! You only need a light touch to use it. This works great at catching the hair without sending any of it flying through the air to be re-deposited elsewhere. The pile of hair, litter, etc. can then be easily picked up with a damp paper towel or your stick vacuum. No more dust and hair flying around every time you sweep. This broom works great on both the tile and, surprisingly, carpet. It seems to take the individual hairs and gather them into little ropes of hair. That keeps them from flying around and avoiding the dustpan.

Iamagie Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper

The broom works great! Lightweight, easy to use, comes in on time, got a lot of pet hair out of the carpet. It gets the finest dirt on the floor and collects all the dog hair. The only thing is, where it’s connected loosens so you have to tighten it back up every once in a while. It is a good broom that just needs a revamp to the handlebar connection pieces.

Rubber Bristles easily gather up dust, hair, paper scrapes on floors and carpets, increasing 50% efficiency than a normal broom. Ash or pet hair won’t be blown in the air during sweeping. It is best to remove pet hair from carpets and rugs. Soft bristles gently scrape down and ball the hair from carpets, easily gather hair on the carpets that a vacuum couldn’t reach. It has an adjustable length suit for people in different heights to use. Long enough for tall adults to sweep without bending down. It can also be shortened for ease of kids’ use.

LandHope Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper

It is the most exciting broom you will ever use. It has a telescoping handle and can be short enough for both kids and adults to use. That handle also makes this broom easy to store. It reaches easily under furniture. The bristles are rubber, safe for hardwood floors, and can be vacuumed or washed clean. Using this broom seems to be easier and smoother than sweeping with your old broom. The bristles can be used on carpet to remove hair. It is aluminum, and it works great!

Easy to keep the broom clean by washing under the tap. Dust or hair will be easily washed off from the bristle so that it would look like new. It is water-resistant and dries quickly. With build-in squeegee edge, also suitable to be used in outdoor areas like garden, balcony, patio, garage to wash the floor, clean up water or spills, clean window, etc.

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