Carpet Quality Guide: How To Choose Quality Carpet

Quality carpet is the carpet that fully meets your needs and will make you happy both while looking at it and using it. However, the factors that determine the quality of the carpet are hidden in technical details such as yarn type, weaving density, and pile height.

It is possible to understand the quality of carpets by looking at the qualities they have. Quality carpet can be understood with the materials it contains. The quality of the carpets with high surface weight is high. Because the materials in it are dense and the textures are tightly connected to each other, the surface weight is.

The type of yarn used in weaving the carpet is one of the most important factors determining the quality. You can use carpets produced with the appropriate yarn type for the area you will use for a longer time. Another important factor is the yarn density. The more often a carpet is woven, the more durable it is. The pile height of the carpet is another factor that determines its quality. Rugs with high weaving density, soft texture, bright colors, and bright colors should be your first choice.

If the surface feels tight when looked at and touched, it should be said that it is of good quality. Because the surface of the carpet brings the quality of the textures in the lower part to the fore. Choosing a carpet according to the feel of the surface will help to make an efficient choice.

The quality and weight of the surface are one of the most important factors in carpet selection. The quality of the carpet with a loose appearance is not very good. Because it is not tight to weave and the materials used in it are not of high quality.

In order to understand the quality of the carpet, it is necessary to look at the type of yarn. There are nylon and woolen yarn types. Nylon is a type of yarn that is generally used in polyester carpet types. Woolen ones are made by hand weaving. If there is olefin in synthetic carpets, the quality of the carpet will come to the fore. The presence of a material other than these is an indication that the carpet has unusually bad quality.

If a quality carpet is to be purchased, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a woolen thread in the carpet. Even if it is not woolen, if it contains olefin, it should still be said that the carpet is of good quality. If the tightness of the threads is less, it is recommended not to choose the carpet.

Every carpet has certain features. The fact that each carpet is designed for a specific room determines its style. While synthetic carpets are generally preferred for kitchens and corridors, carpets made with woolen threads are preferred for the living room. In order to understand that it is of good quality, it is necessary to look closely at the surface and the bottom.

Loosely tied yarns mean that the carpet is not of good quality. The firm bonding of its surface to the sub-base will bring quality to the fore. There are carpet designs and types for each room. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a carpet according to the qualities and size of the room. Making a choice other than these will result in inefficiency.

How Is It Understood That the Carpet Is of Good Quality?

The denser the carpet, the longer it will look new. A good way to check carpet density is to fold the back of the carpet and look, then see how the ropes are made tight where the carpet is folded. If you see a lot of back braces, this rug may not be of the quality to buy. You can compare how the ropes are wrapped together to control by folding the two pieces of carpet.

Sometimes it can be confused with carpet density, pile height, and surface weight. Just because a carpet has a high pile length or a high surface weight does not mean that the carpet in question is of sufficient density or will wear out in a long time.

A high pile length gives the carpet a luxurious look. However, the higher the pile height, the greater the tendency to get matting in the carpet, especially in places with high usage. If you want a deep pile carpet, choose one with extra density.

Surface weight is a measure of the total amount of yarn on the face of the carpet. The higher the pile height and the higher the density, the higher the surface weight. However, the surface weight alone does not determine the quality, as the weight can only be increased with the pile height. Although two carpets have the same surface weight, they can be extremely different in quality and performance.

Whether a carpet is of good quality or not becomes clear with the certificate of conformity of the carpet seller, which documents the tests passed by the carpet. In recent years, acrylic carpets are the only carpets in the world that have all the desired features. The acrylic carpet, which has all the features sought in a carpet, stands out with its dirt and stain-proof feature.

There are certain features that make carpets quality. When you find a carpet with all these features, you can be convinced that it is of good quality. This situation can vary from person to person and from a need to need. We can say that carpets, which have the criteria to be specified soon, are the best option in terms of performance, durability, and lifetime. So how can you tell that the carpet has a quality? Here are the criteria;

Surface Weight

Surface weights of carpets are one of the first things that most people look at when choosing a carpet. It may be sensible to choose a carpet from this feature most of the time, though not always. The surface weight of the carpet can enable us to understand that the material used is robust, therefore the carpet is long-lasting.

Carpet Density

A high pile length gives the carpet a luxurious look. However, the higher the pile height, the greater the tendency to get matting in the carpet, especially in places with high usage. If you want a deep pile carpet, choose one with extra density.

Yarn Type

You can say that whatever the yarn or material used is the biggest factor in the quality of the carpet. Different yarns have different characteristic properties. Generally used yarn types in synthetic carpets; nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta. In the carpets that we call natural, handmade; silk, wool, and sisal threads are used. These materials generally determine the characteristics and quality of the carpet.

Warranty Certificate

One of the factors you should pay attention to when buying a carpet or trying to understand its quality is the warranty certificate. Or you should learn the return conditions. Remember that no one guarantees a poor quality product. This is a simple method but always effective.

Style of the Carpet

The style of the carpet can affect its performance. So when you buy a kitchen rug, it may not be healthy to think for the living room. Because carpets are generally designed for certain areas. Since many people will pass over the runners, it was designed in that style, and therefore it was named runner. At this point, the attention you will show when choosing a carpet can help you get maximum efficiency from your carpet.

Fiber Types


This fiber provides the softness of wool cheaper. It is resistant to moisture and mold. It is a suitable fiber for bath mats as it does not wear out. Acrylic, a type of fiber that can give the look and feel of wool with its structure, is resistant to mold and has high sunlight resistance. Acrylic’s performance in terms of stain resistance is lower than other fiber types. However, it is more durable than polypropylene in terms of color.


  • It is the yarn type that is physically closest to wool among synthetics.
  • Wool is soft and full.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is more affordable than wool.
  • It is resistant to felting, abrasion, scars, dirt, mildew, moisture, and mothing.
  • It has little stain and is easy to clean.
  • It absorbs less moisture. Suitable for wet floors.
  • It has a high resistance to sunlight.


  • It is synthetic.
  • It carries an allergy risk.
  • There is a risk of hair growth. It needs to be vacuumed for a while to fix this problem.


This fiber is the most expensive among others and is therefore used only in luxury carpets and rugs. Wool fiber has gained popularity because it is used in dense carpets and creates a soft feeling. When buying wool fiber rugs, make sure the carpet is dense. It is known as the most qualified yarn in carpet production. It is highly resistant to fire. It does not generate static energy. Apart from these features, it has a good stain protection feature as well.


  • It is natural.
  • Durable, long-lasting, especially ideal for traffic (heavy use) areas.
  • It is resistant to felting, abrasion, marks, and dirt.
  • It is soft and full. It has a luxurious appearance.
  • Provides natural insulation.
  • Resistant to flame


  • More expensive than other yarn types
  • Cleaning requires more care.
  • It carries an allergy risk.
  • The producer must use the ‘mothproof chemical’.
  • There is a risk of hair growth. It needs to be vacuumed for a while to fix this problem.


Cotton fiber is soft, but not resistant to lying and stains. Cotton fiber is difficult to clean as it absorbs moisture.


Polyester is produced from a plastic similar to the raw material used in nylon and polypropylene. PET polyester is produced from plastic thrown into recycling bins. It has excellent color clarity which means you can clean your carpet easily. It is resistant to water-based stains as well, but its resistance to stains that are oil-based is not good enough. Polyester is a fiber that is not very flexible, its hardness does not deteriorate when wet. The rate of moisture absorption of polyester is not good enough as much as other fiber types. For this reason, you can choose polyester ones for outdoor areas.


  • It is medium weight, long-lasting, and flexible.
  • It has an extraordinary softness and color clarity.
  • Easy to clean and naturally resistant to stains and fading


  • It is synthetic.
  • Pilling problem is common.
  • Static electricity is high.
  • Because of its low dehumidification value, it is difficult for water and detergent to penetrate into the fiber to remove stains and dirt.

Polyamide (Nylon)

The most popular type of yarn, nylon is a material that is resistant to abrasion, flexible, resistant to the weight, and movement of furniture, and at the same time can provide eye-catching colors. Due to its structure that can hide stains and dirt, it is suitable for all kinds of usage areas with low or heavy traffic.


  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is resistant to felting, pilling, abrasion, scars, dirt, mildew, dampness, and mothing.
  • It has little stain and is easy to clean.


  • It is synthetic.
  • It has a high price.
  • It is not used much in woven carpets due to its high price and a bright structure.

Polypropylene (PP)

Although known for its easy cleaning ability, polypropylene, also known as olefin, has a weaker resistance to oil-based staining than polyamide. Polypropylene can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its moisture and mold resistance. Polypropylene, which is much cheaper than the other three fibers, has much more matte colors compared to other carpets due to its resistance to staining. In addition, it is less than the others in terms of preserving its original appearance. Its advantage is that it is anti-static.


  • It is the cheapest among the yarn types.
  • It is resistant to pilling, abrasion, dirt, mildew, dampness, and mothing.
  • It has little stain and is easy to clean.
  • It has a high resistance to sunlight.


  • It is synthetic.
  • It is less durable and short-lived.
  • It is quickly matted.
  • It is not resistant to heat.
  • The eroded parts give the appearance of burning.


Economic opportunities should be the most important factor in choosing a good quality carpet. You need to take into consideration how long you are going to use or how long you want to use this carpet in your house. During those years, you need to know that your carpet will survive. If you buy a quality carpet even though it is expensive, you will not need to worry about its durability. It is important to buy the best carpet you can. In the long term, it will be beneficial for you and you will save money.


Although machine carpets are widely used today for economic and practical reasons, we all know that hand-woven carpets have a timeless delicacy, beauty, and cultural texture. Of course, anyone who is willing to take the trouble of this aesthetic elegance because it is economical and a little more difficult to clean and maintain than machine carpets would definitely want a hand-woven carpet in their home. In this age, hand-woven carpets, which can be regarded as works of art, are actually produced in different qualities.

So how can you understand the quality of the hand-woven carpet you will buy? Many people mistakenly believe that the thickness of the carpet is a factor that determines the workmanship and fabric quality, whereas fabric thickness does not matter in terms of quality. The yarn quality of the hand-woven carpet is determined by the length, brightness, and elasticity of the wool fiber. In addition, the density of knots is the main factor that shows the quality of workmanship. A tightly woven carpet with a high number of knots means that it has been woven meticulously and with labor by a good weaver. Let’s not go without mentioning that as the number of knots becomes more frequent, the pattern on the back of the carpet becomes more evident.

Factors Affecting Quality in Carpet

  • Bench selection according to carpet types
  • The humidity of the carpet weaving place
  • Using warp yarn according to quality
  • Proper installation of warp on the machine
  • Using weft according to quality and looped yarn according to pattern
  • First weaving initiation by the carpet teacher
  • Making the rug texture according to the carpet size
  • Explanation of the pattern to the weaver
  • Tying knots in accordance with quality
  • Manually breaking the stitches
  • Using scissors suitable for carpet character

How to Choose a Quality Carpet According to the Rooms?

Carpets are the more prominent tools that show your personality in your living places. There are main pieces in your places to guide you in case of choosing a carpet. You need to take into consideration the colors of the furniture, curtains, paint of your walls, and accessories you have in your place. You need to start with the place you are going to use the carpet and you need to take into consideration the features of that room. 

Before everything, you need to find out in which room and how big a carpet you need. Choosing a carpet is really challenging. In today’s world, there are many features you need to think about. For example, design, size, colors, the way that it is weaved, healthy issues, and so on. These can increase the quality of the carpet or the opposite. There is a huge range of carpets you can choose from.

When the issue comes to choose a color, the harmony with the floor and furniture you have should be your first priority. You need to pay attention to the harmony of all of them. Depending on which piece you want to emphasize, you can prefer the color and contrast. You can get professional help in this context as well.

In carpet showrooms, lightings are very different than your house. The spots in showrooms make the carpets look more beautiful. It can be seen very differently in two different places due to lightings. Because of that, you need to see the carpet in your hose as well. Everything is important in terms of lighting. It can even hide the dirt and stain. Also, patterns are very important in order to hide stains and dirt. Dirt is observed more in carpets with large patterns. On the other hand, if you have a colorful and irregular-patterned carpet, it is not as possible to see the dirt and stain.

Choosing carpet for heavy traffic areas is a very important point as well. It has to be resistant enough to protect your carpet and floor from abrasion, stain retention and fading. You need to take into consideration these features. The carpet you choose needs to be resistant to dust, resistant to dust, crushing, and discoloration.

In addition to all these, antique carpet is also an important issue. It is wrong to consider every old carpet as an antique. In order for an old carpet to be antique, it must have many features other than its age. It should not be forgotten that research writers, collectors, and merchants have been arguing about the weaving years, regions, and characteristics of old carpets for centuries.

The factors that play a role in the value of an old carpet are the age and location of the carpet, the pattern, and color of the carpet, the rarity of the carpet (whether it is a common type), the size of the carpet (the smaller size will be more widely used and will be demanded by more people), the condition of the carpet, (its condition) and most importantly, to what extent the carpet is loved and adopted by its owner.

What Kind of Carpet Should Be Preferred for Which Room?

Choosing the right carpet varies according to which room and which place you want to place your carpet. In the hall, you can prefer a striking and sophisticated carpet. These would be the best options for halls. Since economic reasons are very important as well, it will be a good option for the place you welcome yourself and your guests. On the other hand, it can be a good idea to choose small area rugs as well. Using them, it leaves open part on your floor, and depending on your home style it may look even more beautiful.

For your living room, there is no restriction at all. You are free to choose the color, pattern, size, and texture. If you want more sympathetic places, you can choose shaggy ones. They are mostly preferred for living rooms. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to shaggy ones for children’s rooms. Due to hygienic reasons, long pile carpets are not recommended to use in the children’s room. You need to prefer the ones with anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, and anti-slip features.

Furthermore, you need to be careful to choose the ones with soft structure and texture. The upper part of the carpet needs to be soft in order to give comfort. They are good for entrances. Because in heavy traffic entrances, it will be the best option and you need to choose dark colors instead of light-colored ones. If you have a long corridor, it will be sufficient to use two 3 square meters of runners.

When choosing your carpet, which will greatly affect the atmosphere of your home, you should consider the wall color, curtains, floor covering material and color, your furniture, the size of your room, the amount of light in the room, the frequency of use of the room, etc. there are many elements. You can provide color integrity in your home with a carpet that is compatible with these elements or you can highlight the item you want with the contrast you create.

You can create a more natural background with a cream, beige, and earth tones carpet. Light colors make your room look wider. Those who want to provide an intimate atmosphere or families with small children can try dark tones.

The pattern and texture of your carpet are as important as the colors for the decoration integrity of your home. Various weaving techniques such as Cut & Loop, Shaggy, or Chenille have a unique appearance and are very effective in the quality and design perception of the carpet.

Things to Keep in Mind When Decorating Your Home and Carpets

  • If you are using multiple rugs in a room, make sure they are not the same size. Same size rugs make the place look smaller than it really is.
  • In order to create a warm atmosphere, it is a good idea to choose warm colors such as orange, yellow, red, or brown. On the contrary, if you choose cool and cold colors such as blue, gray, and white, it looks at your places bigger than they are.
  • If there are patterned furniture or wall in your places, it is a good choice to choose a rug with simple and basic design. On the other side, if your furniture and walls are in solid and matte colors, it is a good option to go with more colorful and intense patterned carpets. 
  • If you want to make your places look bigger, it is a good idea to leave spaces around your carpets. You can feel cozy in this way and look at your places fresher. You always need to keep in mind to prefer anti-slip ones.
  • While choosing the color, you need to test the color in your room both during the day, under the sun, and during the night, under the spotlights.
  • There are carpets with a relief effect. These are 3-dimensional carpets. With the help of these carpets, you can add a different touch to your room and décor.
  • If you want to create a more attractive and different place, you can mix different patterns, colors, and textures in your spaces. You can mix furniture, carpet, and wall in different colors, designs, and styles. It is a good idea to go with minimalist style in this case in order to create contrast.

Final Stain Removal and Carpet Washing Quality Control

Before your carpets, which are carefully dusted, washed, squeezed, and dried, are examined and checked for stains and faults before being bagged, carpets that are not cleaned completely are sent to the washing section and the necessary processes are applied again. Before coming to your homes, your carpets are disinfected hygienically without leaving any room for hesitation. After the control, a special carpet perfume is sprayed on your carpets that do not have errors and stains, and bagging is done.

After the carpet washing process, the drying process is completed, the carpets are checked one by one in the hands of experts to make the final checks. Dirt and stains that cannot be removed during washing are tried to be removed with stain removers that can only be applied by expert users, taking into account the characteristics and condition of the carpet. Dirt and stains that are permanent or difficult to remove and can damage the carpet are controlled. The carpets, which are checked whether the carpet washing process is completed in accordance with the standards, are packed and prepared for service. In the carpet washing process, the carpet returns to the carpet washing process in case of unsuitable defects.

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