Carpet Now Company (Complete Guide)

The name is perfect for this company because that’s just what you get! They are the company that has been installing flooring for real estate agents and their clients for over 10 years now! They do hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl, not just carpet.

There is an old saying “price, quality, speed. You can pick any two.” Here at Carpet Now they are here to offer all three to their customers! Their mission is to be the easiest and most reliable carpet installation company in the USA. The company relies on people, product and processes.

These guys are just great! The product is amazing and you will love the service that they deliver. After dealing with countless contractors and service providers, these guys are the only ones that you would love to continue to do business with in the future and confidently recommend. As for the carpet, these things look and feel great! And the cost to value cannot be matched by anyone else (product, labor, and haul away). Save yourself some time and just start with these guys, you will not be disappointed!

The company also specializes in flooring for the real estate community. If you have a property to sell, they will install any type of flooring for you to enhance the marketability of the home. Usually what they see here is “escrow beige” products and they will price them in a good/better/best format in order to make sure you are getting the right product to maximize the marketability of the property. Just as they would not put luxury flooring into a rental, the same holds true in that they would not put cheap rental quality carpet into a million-dollar home.

One of the most common statements Carpet Now hears from their clients is that “I’ve been meaning to replace my carpet for years, I wish I had done this years ago”. No one should have to feel embarrassed inviting their friends and family over when the solution for a new carpet is this easy. Here at Carpet Now they don’t want to sell their customers a carpet that puts a band-aid on the problem, they want to sell a solution that withstands years of use with your active family.

They work by appointment only in order to give the customers the best one-on-one service possible. They offer different services which are carpet customization, carpet damage restoration, carpet padding installation, carpet removal, carpet replacement, floor covering installation, carpet cutting, carpet installation, carpet patching, carpet repair, and carpet re-stretching.

Carpet Now is an excellent company that can give you great service and a decent price. The installers are hardworking guys who really know what they are doing. You will be very happy with the process from start to finish. They are knowledgeable and suggest a great option for you, wall to wall carpeting without traditional install, so you could save your expensive floors.

It is a great company. They have figured out how to uncomplicated the process of getting a new carpet and they are doing it extremely well. They provide excellent product knowledge, easy to understand pricing and fast professional installation. They are a mobile company so they don’t have the expensive overhead of a storefront or a huge staff.

These guys are the real deal. They claim to keep carpet replacement simple and do it fast. That sounds a bit gimmicky. Regardless, they live up to it! Ben and his team can replace your carpet in a matter of days. The process of choosing the carpet is super easy.

Fantastic company! They do a great job in your carpet install. Their employees are very courteous and professional. Ben makes the process simple and he is very easy to work with. Their price is pretty reasonable, but not the lowest you can find. But you will be highly glad to have good quality with a little bit more money.

The crew comes in and removes the old carpet and installed the new. Everything has been done professionally and quickly. They clean up after themselves and leave behind a very satisfied customer. They are very transparent on pricing and on any questions you had beforehand.

They provide different kinds of products and flooring ideas. They have free samples, level 1 flooring, level 2 flooring, level 3 pattern, level 3 plush, and many others. You can filter your search, for example, products perfect for, product color scheme, product ounce weight, product pet stain warranty or product style. The colors they provide are warm fleck, greige, neutral beige, greige fleck, beige, taupe, dark grey, and light grey.

Carpet Now Company offers a free consultation. They bring the samples to you. Call or schedule your free in-home estimate here. The process is very simple with them. They have created a simple and easy process that allows you to put new carpet in your home without adding stress to your daily routine. They make the process simple and easy: schedule, install, and enjoy!

They provide a one-day installation as well. They can install your entire home with new carpet in one day. When you purchasing your new flooring with Carpet Now, you are not just buying a product, you are buying a solution and a process. They have worked hard to ensure that replacing your carpet is not a nightmare or a long and painful process. They keep it simple by offering a couple of services. These services are free furniture moving, 1-day installation and free disposal of old carpet.

The company’s estimators are highly-trained and qualified carpet experts in order to find the best carpet solution for your home. Whether you are in the midst of buying or selling a new home or just wanting to upgrade your existing carpet, they are here to serve your needs. They believe in old-fashioned customer service and treating everyone with a red-carpet experience. Their success is dependent on giving their homeowners a great installation and letting them spread the word to their friends.

They have done the hard work and research to find the most “bang for your buck” carpets in any carpet situation. No more shopping in a retail store and getting confused by the thousands of unorganized samples. They bring the samples to you, and they guarantee you will have a quick, painless selection in no time.

Let’s be honest, the remodeling industry has a bad rep for poor communication and slow turn around times. Here at Carpet Now they have instituted a process that allows them to install in 1 to 5 business days and installation only takes one day. But it is not just about speed. In order to be the best, you have to communicate. That’s why their estimators will be your designated project manager, and they will personally see to it that your installation is timely and well-executed for your best interest.

Owners of the company are Ben Hendrix as a president, Stephen Burton as marketing, Chuck Bearden as Austin sales manager, and Robert Sherman as Dallas sales manager. Father and son duo Ben Hendrix and Willie Hendrix have been in the flooring industry for more than 40 years combined. After owning and running the highest rated boutique flooring store in Austin, TX, they set out to start a new carpet company that refused to compromise customer service and attention to detail when rolled out nationwide.

Giving Back

Carpet Now believes that they can impact lives by donating their time and resources to local and national charities. All homeowners who choose to support Carpet Now can be proud to know that a portion of every job goes toward supporting several good causes. The Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock, TX, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Save the Elephants & PetSmart Charities. They believe that they can make a difference.

5 Reasons to Use Carpet Now for All Customers

  • The average turnaround time is 3 days.
  • Payment at closing.
  • All carpets stocked locally which means there are no backorders or last-minute product delays.
  • Beautiful carpet installed for $1.99 and this price includes all material and labor.
  • Free in-home consultations or convenient online ordering. There is no measuring required.

Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

How long does the installation take with Carpet Now Company?

They can install an entire house of carpet in 1 day! If the furniture is in the home they will make sure all beds are resembled and put back into place on the same day of installation.

Does the company move furniture?

The company will move all medium and large furniture items. They do not move books, electronics, toys, and something like those. As long as all of the breakables are moved prior to their arrival, they will move the beds, dressers, couches, tables, and so on.

Are there any hidden fees including these prices?

No! They offer an upgraded pad and charge $175 labor for stairs.
How fast can Carpet Now Company install the carpet after hiring?
In some cases, they can install the next day! If next day installation is not available then they will find the next soonest install date available. You will wait no longer than 5 business days.

Does Carpet Now work on weekends?

They do but they will occasionally install on Saturday but they do not allow their staff to work on Sundays.

Does Carpet Now have a warranty on installation?

They offer a 2-year labor warranty on everything they install. You will also receive a warranty from the manufacture on the carpet material.

Does Carpet Now sell used carpet?

No, they will never sell a used carpet. All of their carpets are first-grade and come directly from the manufacturing plant.

Should customers paint before installation?

Yes, the company highly recommends painting prior to the new carpet installation to ensure that your carpet looks good as new when your project is finished.

Is there a charge to remove the old carpet?

No, they haul away your old material at no additional cost to you.

Is it OK to install different carpet colors in different rooms?

While this is possible, even though it is not generally recommended. Because of the seam layout, you can actually increase your carpet waste significantly. Another reason for keeping the carpet continuous is perceived resale value. New home buyer trends show that a consistent look throughout the home gives them the impression the home was well maintained, not pieced together over the years.

What is an in-home consultation?

One of Carpet Now’s project managers will bring samples to your home. They will measure your areas needing new carpet and using the software, they will be able to give you a quote right on the spot. Their goal is to educate their homeowners and empower them to make the best decision and investment possible.

How long does the consultation take with Carpet Now?

The company asks that each client block off one hour of time but the average appointment takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Is the company sending a pushy salesman into a customer’s home?

No, the company hates that greasy salesman feels just as much as you do. They let their products speak for themselves, if you are ready to buy then they are ready to serve. If you need to sleep on it, they will give you as much time as you need and their quotes do not expire.

5 Things to Know Before Your Carpet Installation

  1. Driveway: Please clear your driveway prior to the company’s arrival so the crew can back up their trucks, unload the carpet and cut the carpet for installation.
  2. Knick knacks: You should move all little items other than large furniture pieces. Customers must move electronics, files, lamps, picture frames, toys, and so on. Carpet Now will move beds, dressers, cabinets, empty shelves, and so on.
  3. Closets: They can have hanging clothes so long as they are 3’ or above the floor. The floors of the closets must be cleared out on the floor space.
  4. No other trades: It can be in the working areas while they are installing new carpet such as no painters, carpenters, and so on.
  5. Questions: If you have any questions in your mind, please feel free to reach out to your sales manager with any questions or call the main Office of the company.


Address: 13809 Research Blvd, Suite 500, Austin, TX 78750
E-mail: [email protected]
Austin: 512-399-2828
Dallas: 972-581-9441

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