Carpet Laying and Flooring Tools [Complete Guide]

Enhance the appearance of your room, keep the floor clean, and protect it from stains and scratches by installing a carpet and find out what carpeting tools you’ll need to get the job done. While carpet installation can be done yourself, you are risking self-injury, a loss of pride and foul-mouth syndrome. Be warned.

Carpet Knife

This type of utility knife is specially made for cutting and trimming carpet edges and seams. It makes cutting your carpet into shape fast and easy. Depending on the quality of the carpet knife that you buy and how well you can control it, you may be able to use this knife to trim away the last edges of your carpet before using a carpet tucker along the perimeter of your room.

Roberts Carpet Tools Cut and Jam Carpet Knife 10-220

It is the best seller tool that you can find on Amazon. It has a highly reasonable price. It is absolutely amazing, and cut through the carpet easily, although the padding is more difficult because it is soft. If you have a lot of carpeting to cut up, you may want to stock up on spare blades. This product cut with ease and didn’t tare. If you are looking for a sharp knife for cutting carpet this is the one highly recommended. It also comes with extra blades that came in handy!

It has a unique dual-function design. You can use one end to cut carpet and the other to jam carpet into gullies. It features an easy-open knob with bail, safety thumb and blade guards. It has a checkered handle for a slip-resistant grip. It is easy to use. It has rugged lightweight precision die-cast aluminum with a long-lasting baked epoxy finish. It has a patented and unique dual-function design.

Irwin Tools 1774107 Carpet Knife

This is a solid, no-frills utility knife (marketed as a carpet knife in this form). It comes with some blades inside the handle, just rotate the central screw. The handle has a good grip and the angled design reduces the odds that it will slip and cut you. There is a groove that holds the blade in place that does not have too much give, keeping the blade stable. Each of the blades that come with it was good for cutting up a couple of small carpets or one big one. There are three blades so unless you have a ton of carpet to cut, you should be covered (pretty easy to get more blades if needed). The only problem is trying to figure out where the blades are and how to get to them!

Knee Kicker

You can use this to stretch carpet along the starting install walls of a room as well as short wall sections. It essentially does the same thing as a power stretcher but does not get the best stretch. It applies tension using a kick of the knee to the back of the tool. It is used to tension carpet in smaller spaces, such as closets, staircases, and rooms up to 10 feet (3.0 m) square.

Roberts 10-505-LE Limited Edition Gel Pro Knee Kicker

It has an innovative lever design for easy pin depth adjustment. It has a gel bumper softens the impact to the knee and reducing knee shock. Angled bumper provides an optimum driving impact. Also, it has contoured and heavy-duty “bull neck” body design. Quick thumb release for adjusting the extension arm. There is a comfort pad insert though.

MaxWorks 80742 Carpet Stretcher Knee Kicker with Telescoping Handle, Regular, Silver

This item is of good quality and should last forever at your current rate of usage. It seems to have all the features of the much more expensive ones. Good quality, adjustable length, and teeth paid for itself. It features a 4-section grip head with 16 adjustable steel spikes with 7 adjustable height settings up to 5/16 inch. 5-3/8 inch steel wide head to ensure maximum grip on the carpet. Handle telescopes allowing carpet Stretcher to have 4-different length settings from 18-1/2 inch to 21-1/2 inch long in 1-inch increments. It includes extra-large rubber bumper and heavy-duty rubber grip handle for added comfort. It is conveniently placed knob to adjust the height of steel spikes. It has heavy-duty aluminum Frame construction with power coat finish.

Power Stretcher

Probably one of the most essential tools for carpet installation is the stretcher. You can use this when you have a large area of carpet to stretch across a room. This would be the most expensive carpet install tool, so renting it versus purchasing it is important. It can be used with a tail that dug into the carpet and stretched the carpet for a great fit, even though it looks like you are going to ruin the carpet. It applies tension with a lever and uses a pole, typically collapsible, to extend the tensioning force across the room. It creates more tension than knee kickers and is used to tension carpeting in large rooms.

Roberts/Q.E.P 10-237 Junior Power Stretcher

Solidly built with a lightweight head that makes maneuvering throughout a room less of a chore than more bulky power stretchers, but no less sturdy than units twice its price. The stretcher is commercial quality and over a year later the carpet is still tight. The low profile head is easy to span with the knee kicker. The unit includes one power unit, tail block with wheels, three 3 in. Extension tubes, adjustable locking tube, transfer tube, and durable carrying case.

HF Tools Adjustable Carpet Stretcher

This is a great stretcher for the money. It is very easy to add more extensions of any length also by purchasing a piece of 1&1/4 EMT conduit and drill a half-inch hole in it. This stretcher along with a cheap piece of 1&1/4 inch EMT conduit it compares to the high dollar stretchers for less than half of the price of the expensive stretchers, including the EMT. The ones that are long enough are way too expensive for the DIY homeowner. The 2 x 4’s worked great. This paces up very small, so you can store it with ease. This works much better than a knee kicker. For the price, you can’t go wrong with this. If you have never put down the carpet before, don’t worry, just go to youtube and learn how. Buy this from Amazon and get busy.

Flooring Straps

Flooring strap clamps ideal for joining laminate and hardwood flooring without damaging the boards. It is designed to ensure tight and secure flooring, essential when gluing laminate flooring in bathrooms and kitchens.

Wilsonart Ratcheting Belt Clamps with Spacer 18ft Multi-Pack

They are perfect for what we need them for. It is really good and a good price as well. Long enough for holding. You can buy them if you are planning a glue down floor. It facilitates the laying of wood, laminated, and other flooring panels. It can also be used to install lashing straps. It provides clamping pressure of up to 220-pounds.

Bessey Flooring strap clamp (157 IN) (SVH400)

These are well made and good design. The adjustable spacer end is very nice. The only con is the twist key is not removable without destructive method. It worth its price. It can be used for each application, such as for laying solid wood, and laminate flooring characteristics. It is adjustable to set the wall gap and compresses courses of flooring capacity.

POWERTEC 71102 Wood Flooring Strap Clamp w/ 13 Foot Nylon Strap

It simplifies and expedites the flawless installation of laminate wood planks, tongue and groove and/or hardwood flooring materials. It has a professional lightweight design, removable clamp plates, and a quick-release lever to help prevent a messy work area with strap everywhere. The tool offers an impressive 220 lbs of superior clamping force for a variety of lite to heavy-duty flooring projects with glue or adhesive setups. It features a high-quality construction of both, anti-rust galvanized metal components and a rugged 1” wide by 157” nylon strap for extra-long coverage and long term durability.

Notched Trowel

You can use the proper-size notched trowel in order to spread carpet-rated adhesives. While you may encounter tack strips throughout a home, some areas like steps and stair landings may require only a glue-down installation.

Marshalltown NT685 Notched Trowel 1/4 x 1/2 x 1/4-Inch U-Soft Grip Handle

It is aluminum alloy mounting riveted to a hard tempered steel blade. Soft grip handle for extra comfort and grip. Notch width is 1/4-inch and notch depth is 1/2-inch. Space between notches 1/4-inch.

M-D Building Products 20058 3/16-Inch by 3/16-Inch by 3/16-Inch Premium Square Notch

It works perfect and really no need to buy the much more expensive trowel. This trowel is the correct depth and holds up great for putting in almost 800 square feet of flooring. Great trowel for putting down ditra mat and a lot cheaper than paying for the ditra trowel. This is nice quality, sturdy, and durable. It is a premium trowel with a TPR grip. It has a comfort grip handle. Notched for custom tiling jobs. Hardened and tempered steel blade. It is a professional tile install tool.

Carpet Top Cutter

You can use this in order to cut carpet edges for seaming. It is specifically designed to cut through either foam or carpets that have a sponge back. You may look for a cutter that is easy for you to hold in your hand so that you can quickly run it along with the material that you are cutting without it snagging or producing a lot of resistance. They generally come with blades that are at a 30-degree angle so that they will produce very clean seams that are close together. When you use a top cutter you will be able to move quickly and decisively, which is ideal when you are completing a large job and do not want to spend a lot of time agonizing over making a mistake or cutting the carpet evenly and neatly.

Crain 301 Cushion Back Carpet Cutter

Completely worth the investment. Extremely fast shipping. Trims seam edge close to tufts. Blades clip in for rigid hold 30-degree blade angle creates a neat clean cut.

M-D Boiling Products 48098 Cushion Back Cutter

This tool provides cutting carpet cushion backing. Cutters are available for any carpet installation method. There are locking dual blades.

Marshalltown CBC Cushion Back Cutter

This tool has double 30-degree angle blades to cut either side of the row close and clean, producing better seams. It is for trimillimetering and cutting dense or sponge back carpet. Slotted blades are easily retractable and replaceable. Threaded handle hole.

Carpet Seam Roller

This handy tool helps press the back of the carpet into the seaming tape and smooth out irregularities in seams so they lie flat, which means it helps to meld two pieces of a carpet after seaming them together. You can also use it to “fluff up” carpet that needs a little life. It features star wheels that will help to improve the transfer of the adhesive into the carpet to ensure that your seams last for a long time. You may want to look for a tool that has a thick and comfortable handle so that you do not have to worry about your hand getting very tired when using it. This tool is also ideal for making sure that your carpet has hooked correctly and firmly onto the tack strip.

Roberts Carpet Tools Carpet Seam Roller 10-100

It works great and your carpet looks great at the end as well. It works as it is supposed to. And feels like it is good and durable. While this tool does not work miracles and completely obscure seams in your carpet, it does do a good job of making them less visible. This tool is also good at refreshing the carpet that has been smashed down by heavy furniture. Again, not a cure-all but worth using. It has an extra-wide 5-Inch head which reduces dishing inseam area. It moves forward and backward without altering the position of carpet backing. Get stronger seams and increased hot-melt transfer into carpet back with stationary roller shaft.

Woodstock D3214 Star Roller for Carpet

It is one of the most preferred and recommended tools that you can find on Amazon. It has an extra-wide head. It reduces dishing in seam areas with an extra-wide head. It moves forward and backward without moving the carpet backing. It increases heat bond transfer and leaves a smooth finish.

Carpet Iron

It melts the adhesive on seaming tape to hold both edges of a seam securely. This heats up the carpet tape to give the two pieces of carpet a perfect fit. It is imperative that you have a carpet seam iron to be able to easily and correctly bond together two pieces of carpet. These tools get very hot and are able to heat up the bond tape quickly and evenly so that the carpet will be bonded to it without accidentally damaging the carpet itself.

TruePower 709-1254 10-Inch Carpet Seaming Iron, 800-watt

This tool works great. It heats up the glue strips quickly. It glides effortlessly. Its deep grooves on the underside help you stay straight (so less effort needed to be paid to pushing it along and more on making your joints as tight as possible). The handle is tall enough that neither the sharp carpet edges nor the molten glue ever touched my hands and stays cool and comfortable to use. Heatshield protects carpet backing from overheating. Even heat distribution facilitates melting & smooth seams. There is a convenient 5-position front thermostat switch.

Crain #905 Heat Iron for Carpet Tape, 120 Volt

It is one of the best brands and products especially with this price that you can find on Amazon. The thing you like most is the on the light so you do not waste your time when you switch plugs and realize the iron is not on.

Carpet Tucker/ Carpet Laying Bolster

It is designed to a snug carpet in the gap between the floor and the wall. Without the right tool, it is impossible to tuck your carpet and get an attractive finish to your flooring. You will want to use a carpet tucker when you need to drive your carpet into gullies, push it down and set it into your tack strips, or even crease it neatly along a wall. These tools are very lightweight so that you can use them for a long period of time without your hands becoming tired, but they are incredibly durable so that you do not have to worry about them snapping off during use.

RBH Design Concepts Carpet Tucking Hand-held Tucker Tool

Great for applying direct pressure to laminate when using contact adhesive. The smooth edge does not leave a mark and the handle allows a great deal of pressure to be applied comfortably. Works great! It is made of durable, lightweight, and glass-filled nylon with a 3.5-inch wide blade. The handle provides maximum grip and precision. It is guaranteed to withstand more than standard nylon tools.

JSY-1000 Pro T-Handle Carpet Tucker Stair Tool, Carpet Installation Tool

Ergonomic handle allows for better grip and tool control. It has a chrome finish to protect against corrosion. It reduces the impact on the wrist. You can use for carpet installations. Rounded corners and edges protect against snags.

Carpet Staplers and Electric Staple Gun

You want to choose a carpet stapler that is designed to last for a long time and to provide you with the help that you need. You may want to look for a carpet stapler gun that has a very long nose so that you do not have to worry about whether or not it will be able to reach through thick shag carpet. Additionally, while many people love the ease of using a cordless stapler, when you choose one that is corded, you will enjoy great power throughout your entire job.

Staple Hammer/ Hammer Tucker

It has uses other than simply installing carpet, including installing insulation and roofing paper. This tool is different from a regular hammer because when the head of the tool strikes a hard surface it will immediately insert a staple into the surface. This makes it very easy to staple down the carpet pad without having to use both hands to hold a nail and operate a traditional hammer.

ROBERTS 10-600 3/16″ Crown, 120V, 15-Amp, 20 Gauge Electric Stapler with Carrying Case

This stapler is wonderful. Not one single jam and so easy to use. Although it seemed a little pricey at first it will last you for many years to come and complete many different projects. The staple heads are smaller than others but they sure hold well. It fits nicely in your hand, no misfiring and where you aim is where it lands. It has a nice long cord also and came securely packaged with a good carrying case. It secures a variety of flooring, including carpeting. The width of the staple is 3/16″, but you could turn the gun sideways perhaps and that should give you the room you need.

Powernail Model PTACK54E 20ga Electric Carpet Stapler

You will be glad that you purchase this power stapler. It is simple to use and built for everyday use. It hounds down a better job over a hand stapler or anything else you have ever used. Compact profile easily fits under stair treads and between spindles. It works strong and quiets operating. Also, it includes a rugged tool bag and a one-year Powernail Warranty.

Wall Trimmer/ Stair Tucker

Trimming the carpet along the wall before tucking it down for a finished look is important, but this is almost impossible to do without the right tool, which is why you need to invest in a wall trimmer for your next carpeting job. You can use a wall trimmer to make straight cuts in the carpet along a wall. These tools help you to tuck in the carpet against the wall and also to get a clean, crisp trimmed edge when you cut away the carpet. Thanks to the adjustable handles and the low profile, these tools are not just ideal for trimming your carpet along the wall, but also for neatly trimming the carpet underneath toe ticks, which would otherwise be almost impossible to do.

Stair Tool

This can greatly improve the appearance of your stairs, but it is difficult to achieve without the right tool, especially if you are going to be working with a very thick carpet. A stair tool makes it very easy to stretch your carpet around the stair nosing so that you can enjoy a tight and finished look.

Floor Roller

It is ideal for making sure that your carpet is pressed down evenly and that it will be tightly stretched across your room.

Fulton Extendable Heavy Duty Floor and Wall Roller for Laminate, LVP, Veneer, Linoleum, Carpet, Tile and Wall Coverings 7-1/2 Wide with a 17-inch Handle That Extends to 27 inches

Easily achieve enough leverage with the die-cast handle to install your linoleum in your kitchen or bathroom. Adjust the length of the roller to the size to apply more force which will make the process more comfortable. Generally used on Berber type rugs or carpeting, it makes quick work of pressing or rolling the carpet evenly on to the floor for good adhesion. When building cabinets or countertops, many times we use a laminate or wood veneer to create a truly unique look. So, this roller helps make the process so much easier.

Roberts 10-950 75-Pound Heavy Duty Vinyl and Linoleum Floor Rollers with Chrome Plated Rollers and Removable Handle for Easy Storage

This roller is light enough to move around and heavy enough to do the job. The roller is used for seam work on a vinyl plank floor. The seams come out perfect unlike the last time with a hand roller as the instruction stated. This roller will make sure the planks are flat and true to the floor making the appearance perfect. It works well for traditional peel and sticks, as well. Segmented rollers exert even pressure on uneven surfaces. It is easy to carry on and off the job. It has a removable handle for convenient storage.

Linoleum Knife

This thing will cut and slice carpet with ease and you can use it to tuck in the carpet if you do the stairway. When you choose a floor roller that has a stirrup handle close to the head, you will be able to easily get down on the floor and really press hard to ensure that your carpet is in place.

M-D Building Products 48092 Linoleum Knife

This cuts through heavy carpet like a breeze did not take much practice to hold it at the right angle to best utilize the sharpness of the blade. The tip is very sharp so it grabs easily. Inside is also sharp and cuts through carpet easily. Use care when storing it or using it, of course! The handle is quite comfortable for even a woman’s grip and the blade is so sharp, it cuts through the carpet like butter.

Carpet Tape

When you have to seem to pieces of carpet together, you will need to use this tape on the underside of the carpet. There are different kinds you can get from no-heat to fiberglass-based tape.

XFasten Double Sided Tape Carpet Tape, Removable, 2 Inches x 20 Yards

This tape works great holding. It is a very thin tape and works best if you put one side on the item then remove the protective cover and stick to the other surface. It is very sticky stuff to work with and cut but it gets the job done. Its adhesive strength would last for more than 6 months after installation. It provides excellent adhesion to both smooth and rough, textured surfaces. It can be used to adhere decorations, ornaments, picture frames and can even be used as a shield against pet scratches for many furniture.

Sugarman Creations Strongest Double Sided Carpet Tape

The product works exactly as described – a very strong hold, yet it is possible to pull up to reposition. This stuff is beyond sticky. It has not left any sticky residue. It is pretty easy to remove the first set of tape with no damage or residue left behind. Use a knife, not scissors, and you will not make a mess. It’s wider than most carpet tapes, so adheres to more of pieces of carpet along a join line. The adhesive is just right, allowing you to pull things apart in the first few seconds and reposition. The backing paper is plasticized, which means easy removal almost all the time, a big time-saver. Price is very good, and the rolls are large enough to last for a long time.

Tack Strip Cutter

You have to have tack strips around the perimeter of your room in order to ensure that your carpet is held in place, and to make sure that your new flooring is stretched evenly and looks its best, you will want to make sure that your strips are cut to the right size and located around the edge of your room. Rather than attempting to use a handsaw, it is best to have a tack strip cutter. These tools have very powerful jaws and cutting edges that can easily slice through your tack strips without any problems.

QEP 10711Q Multipurpose Miter Shears

Cuts okay works okay. The blade is very sharp for fine cuts. These shears make your job 1000% easier and faster by allowing quick cutting without having to measure and run from inside the house to the saw outside. Very sharp, very fast, 10/10, would chop again. If you’re installing quarter round these shears will keep you from having to go back and forth to the miter saw. Depending on the material you are cutting these may call a small amount of particle dust where you are cutting, but these shears are very easy to use and make very clean cuts.

Large Magnet/ Weight

This is a dual-purpose tool that allows you to “suck up” any staples that may be on the floorboard after you tear out the original carpet. It also serves as a weight that you can place over a seamed carpet edge.

Long Handed Floor Scraper

It is used for scraping stubborn residues from hard surfaces. Fitted with a reversible, sharp-edged steel blade. It is attached with a fiberglass handle with a soft grip for added comfort.

Measuring Tape

It is a necessary tool if you want to be able to quickly and easily measure your carpet. It is a good idea to buy a measuring tape that is as long as or longer than the length of your room so that you do not make any mistakes when measuring. Make sure that you buy a measuring tape that will retract automatically so that you do not have to struggle with winding up your tape each time you are done using it.


Many people do not think about protecting their hands when they are installing carpet, but your hands are in danger of getting cut and burned when you are completing this job. It is important that you can still move your fingers easily and will still have a strong and powerful grip, or you will find that you are very frustrated trying to complete your installation. Look for thinner gloves that fit tightly to your hands so you can continue to freely move your fingers, but still have an added layer of protection.

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